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Chapter 17

Clark stared at Lois, "Are you sure? I mean really sure?" he asked. "This is a crazy family you would be marrying into." He said with a smirk

Lois smiled. "Clark in the grand scheme of things I'm a recently fired waitress/news gopher who days ago was living in a slum. People are going to look at you and then at me and wonder what's wrong with you." She said.

Clark crossed over to her and pulled her into his arms. "This is the best investment I have ever made." He said staring at her lips. "One that I can't wait to dive headfirst into." He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Lois moaned allowing his tongue entrance into her mouth, she would never tire of this man's kisses as her whole body felt the waves of tingles passing through her. Suddenly she froze and pulled back. "Clark where are we going to live? I mean you just bought my apartment but you have yours here." She was silenced by his mouth.

"I'm letting this place go, it's just been a place to rest my head and offer escape from the mansion. But you have only been in your apartment for a short time and already it feels like a home. I want to live and share that with you." Clark said.

Lois didn't expect that kind of reflection from him, she pulled him down and kissed him hungrily. Her body was crying out for relief that only he could give her. He maneuvered her back and they fell onto the couch a tangle of arms and legs. Lois wiggled until she could get her legs free and she wrapped them around his waist. Her skirt rode up and she was suddenly very glad she had worn her skirt suit to the meeting earlier. She cradled his body in hers and their middles settled tight against one another and she let out a moan. Their kisses were becoming frantic now but just as searing as before. She pulled his dress shirt from his pants and struggled with the buttons she needed to feel his skin she thought she might die if she didn't. Frustration gave way and she yanked the shirt and buttons shot out and scattered as the fabric gave way. Clark pulled his mouth from hers and looked at his torn clothing and back at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Off" she ordered trying to push the fabric off his shoulders. Clark gave her a wicked grin and pulled the shirt off. Lois sighed in relief as she trailed her hands across his bare chest, his bare chest that looked like it had been sculpted by Michelangelo himself. His skin was warm to the touch. When her hands got to his nipples she gently touched them with her fingertips and he breathed in. She lifted herself up onto her elbows and took a nipple into her mouth, licking and teasing. Clark groaned and pressed her center harder into the couch.

"Lois," he said finding it hard to speak. "Lois we have to stop."

Lois pulled her mouth from him and looked at him as if he had just told her he was an axe murderer.

"What?" she asked.

"I made a promise to you, about waiting until we are married and if this keeps going I'm not going to be able to stop." He said trying to catch his breath and regain control of his body.

"I release you from your promise." Lois said, she normally would find his chivalry charming but at the moment she was not amused by it. She gripped his head to take his mouth again.

"Lois, I'm serious." Clark said trying to wiggle from her grip. This had to be the hardest thing he had ever done to himself.

"Clark, if you don't be quiet and get back over here I swear I will end you." She huffed.

He chuckled at her threat, "Marry me Lois."

"I already told you I would, not get back here." Lois said pulling on his shoulders.

"I mean right now, lets go to the courthouse right now. We can be married and back here in an hour." He said pulling away from her and sitting up on the edge of the couch.

Lois placed a shaking hand over her eyes and she tried to control her breathing. "Seriously? You want to put the brakes on what was about to become the passion train to go get married right now? Clark it still takes time to get a marriage certificate."

"Lois, I'm a Luthor, one phone call and I can have the certificate waiting for us when we arrive." He said with a cocky grin.

Lois stared at him, "Fine, make love to me now and I will marry you right after." She couldn't believe her own tenacity but damn if he hadn't gotten her engines revving.

Clark stared at her, "Marry me and I will make love to you. Think how good it will be Lois when our first time will be as husband and wife."

Lois moaned. "Clark you're a guy this should be a no brainer." She said.

"And you are a special person, the most special I've ever met and you deserve the best including our first time being when we are married." He said his eyes full of affection.

"How can I argue with you when you say things like that?" she threw up her hands in frustration, "Did we change genders or something? I'm trying my hardest to get you out of your clothes and you keep talking about marriage." She said. Clark grinned and stroked her cheek. Her eyes lit up and he looked at her with wary. She scooted up and straddled his lap facing him. "So your argument is you want to be legally married right?"

"Yes." Clark said suspiciously it was hard to think and to not agree with everything she said while she was settled in his lap.

"So if I say I will wait until we are married which better be in the next hour like you promised because you got me all hot and bothered , we will make love once we are married?"

"Nothing could stop me." He said.

"So once the papers are signed and the 'I do's' said I can drag you into the nearest supply closet and have my way with you?" Lois asked.

Clark frowned, "Lois I do have super speed I can get you home in seconds we don't need a supply closet."

"Listen buddy you got me all hot and bothered to the point I don't know if I can even make it through the ceremony let alone the trip back here. I'm going to need a quickie to take the edge off to even make back here and even last. Then when we get back we can make love properly and make it last." Lois said matter of fact.

"So your demands are in order for you to agree to marry me, I have to have a quickie with you somewhere in the courthouse?" Clark said skeptically.

"Yes." Lois said. "Look Clark you need to know something, I'm a passionate woman I like sex, I like sex a lot. And I know recently I've been more of a victim than anything but I have a very healthy libido and never found a man who could appreciate it." She said. She stared at him and then blushed. "I can't believe I just said that and I can't believe this conversation is even happening."

"Are you kidding me I'm loving this," Clark said. "You should know I like sex a lot too." He grinned. "I'm also thinking I'm very lucky that your previous boyfriends have been dumbasses to have ever let you go."

"There was only one." She said and he looked at her questioningly. "I mean I've only been with one man, I didn't want my previous speech to leave you with the impression that I was a raging slut." She blushed. "Things were good at the beginning but as time went on we fizzled out, when I wanted to be with him he was too busy, when he wanted it I was usually too exhausted from working all the time to trying to support him."

Clark stared at her, "That will never be a problem for us Lois, hell I haven't even made love to you yet but I can tell it's something we are going to do a lot and often.

Lois stared at him and the climbed off his lap. "Ok, you make your phone calls and I'm going to go back to my place and change cause I'm not getting married in this. By the time I get to my place and changed I should be ready in 20 minutes." She yelped when Clark got up and scooped her into his arms. Seconds later she was in her apartment. "Holy hell!" she exclaimed.

"Now how much time do you need?" he asked putting her down, looking awfully proud of himself.

"You better be back in ten minutes pal." she whimpered as he kissed her deeply and suddenly he was gone. She turned and hurried to her closet she had a wedding outfit to throw together.

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