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Hermione pushed her chocolate brown, curly hair out of her eyes as she ran her wand repeatedly over the bleeding body underneath her.

"C'mon Jerry just hold on a little bit longer." She whispered mostly to herself in between muttering of the countercurse from the jinx her patient was currently suffering from. She heard a low sigh and looked up from her fancy wand work to find Jerry's chest rising and falling in steady breaths. "Yes!" Casting a quick scourgify to clean off his body, Hermione gave herself a small victory leap and turned around to face her two interns who had small beads of sweat sitting on their foreheads.

"How'd you do that?" Her intern, Jessica, asked in an astounded voice. Hermione blushed and looked down at her tiny feet. "Just determination." The witch mumbled out before looking both her interns back in the eyes. She had told Frank not to give her interns. She didn't do well with being admired the way Jessica and Tristan did. They looked at her as if she had solved world hunger when clearly she hadn't.

"But that was the most powerful case of a sectumsempra curse I've ever seen!" Tristan exclaimed while wiping the sweat from his brow, "I was nervous about what to do and I only watched!" Hermione struggled not to roll her eyes at the idolization in front of her.

"Yeah well…good thing you weren't doing it then," she replied while adjusting Jerry so he was more comfortable in the hospital bed, "now let's go. You guys should have gone home an hour ago." Shuffling her interns out of the hospital room and ignoring their compliments, the former Gryffindor allowed herself a long slow breath to let out all the pent up stress from a day's work.

"And then when you did that sanguis curare spell from Germany –"

"Tristan go home." She interrupted her interns' current praise with a gentle pat on the back. "You too Jessica. I will see you after the weekend." And without waiting for an answer Hermione apparated out of St. Mungos and into her cozy London flat. Crookshanks' purr greeted her as she felt the orange cat's tail wrap around her ankle. "Hey Crooks." She cooed while looking around her flat.

It was simple with splashes of color in accessories but otherwise neutral. There were pictures covering her walls; some moving, some not. Her favorite was a picture of Her, Harry and Ron immediately after the war had ended. You could just see the relief in their eyes. Of course that had been four years ago. After the war had ended Hermione had thought that she and Ron would be together and they could actually be happy and carefree. But that hadn't been the case.

"But I don't understand. You kissed me back!" The witch mumbled through a dry sob

"I know but it was just the heat of the moment and everything and I dunno Hermione. It was like kissing my sister. It wasn't right. You understand right?" Ron rubbed Hermione's back slowly before looking up into her deep brown eyes

"No Ronald, I don't understand. If it felt so god damn wrong then why did you keep it going for a good 20 seconds?" She quipped angrily. Ron bowed his head and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Honestly Hermione I don't know ok? But I do know that it was wrong. I'm sorry." She opened her mouth to retort back at him but he turned away from her and walked back towards the castle and the celebrations. And Hermione was left out in the darkness to weep for a love she never had.

She had thought she would never get over Ron but here she was four years later and not a second thought. Looking at the newer pictures on Hermione's side tables would better show the life she lived now. Her current boyfriend, William Rent, could be found scattered through pictures across her flat nowadays. They had been dating for 2 and a half years. Hermione had met him through the Auror program where she frequently visited Harry. They had been set up by The Boy Who Lived and had been inseparable since. William had been in his 3rd year when the trio entered Hogwarts. A proud Ravenclaw, he was organized, smart, and exceptionally polite. Everything Hermione ever needed in a man.

Sighing louder than needed, Hermione scratched Crookshanks behind the ear one last time before changing into pajamas and flopping into bed. She was asleep before the hand on the clock had turned another minute.

Draco Malfoy had never been a particularly happy person, but if his mother didn't get better soon, his life might just topple over into a deep depression. Walking through the miserable halls of the Manor, he stopped in front of Narcissa's double doors. He could hear her wheezing and hacking and felt his heart ache for her. If she didn't get better within the week, Draco was taking her to St. Mungos, whether she liked it or not.

His life had been upheaved 3 days ago when she had suddenly started coughing up blood and holding her stomach as if it were to fall out then and there. Draco had insisted that they floo to St. Mungos immediately but Narcissa refused claiming that this had happened before and she just needed to 'sleep it off.' Draco had complied, ignorantly believing her. He felt a snort make its way up his throat and out his mouth as he laid his forehead against her door. How stupid and emotional he could be when it came to his mother. He would need to get that in check and turn off his feelings with her. Draco was confident he could do it; after all he had already turned them off for everyone else.

"Are you too afraid Draco? Too much of a coward to torture them? It's a simple spell Draco. Maybe I should show you how to do it one more time, Crucio!" Draco's bones were cracking and his blood was fire running through his veins spreading poison through his limbs. He bit his lip and tasted blood, but that was better than giving The Dark Lord the satisfaction of hearing him scream in pain. As soon as it had washed over him the pain was gone. "Aww poor Draco…did that hurt? Yes I'd assume it would but I wouldn't know. I've never been tortured. Get up boy. Do what I say or perhaps we will have to bring your mother in here? Maybe she doesn't know the spell well enough either, huh Draco? What do you think?" His cackle sent a shiver down Draco's spine and made the hair on his arms stand on edge. Slowly he pulled himself up off the dungeon floor and gripped his wand tightly. He looked straight into the muggle's eyes and forced himself to shut off any emotion he could possibly feel. "Crucio-

"NO!" The Slytherin woke suddenly with his silk sheets wrapped around his sweaty legs. His breathing was heavy and his head was pounding violently. "No." Draco repeated quieter this time. These nightmares had to stop. It had been four god damn years for christ's sake. Sighing he lifted his body out of bed and pulled on some pajama pants over his boxers. He wasn't going to get to sleep any time soon after that.

"Cerry!" Draco called into the darkness of his room. With a slight pop a house elf appeared before him wearing a bright clean pillowcase.

"Master Draco called Cerry? What can Cerry get for Master Draco?" Said Cerry in her high chirpy voice.

"Just a shot of firewhisky and some Dreamless sleep potion" Replied Draco.

"Yes Master!" Cerry chirped and popped back out of his room. A second later she reappeared with two glasses in her tiny fragile hands. Draco grabbed them hungrily out of her grip and dismissed her to go back to sleep. He poured the whisky down his throat and relished the burn it provided as it slipped down and settled into his belly. He then turned his attention to the potion in his other hand. He was hesitant to use it. Sleep potions had a reputation for making people have to rely on them in order to get a decent night's sleep. And Merlin knew he didn't want to have to depend on anything to live his life. Cursing, Draco set the cup down on his side table and stood up to go work in his study. If he wasn't going to sleep he may as well get more work done for the company.

"What did you take from my vault you filthy mudblood?" Bellatrix screeched through the Manor.

"I swear we didn't take anything! The sword is a fake!" Hermione screamed as Bellatrix Lestrange threw another torture curse on her. Her vision went black as the pain took over every thought running through her mind at the moment. Suddenly the curse was lifted and Bellatrix was crouched over her.

"I'm gonna ask you one more time you little bitch, what did you take from my vault?" She whispered menacingly into her ear.

"Nothing!" Hermione sobbed.

"Well if that's the way we're gonna do this…" Hermione felt a blade dig into her arm and begin to carve. It felt as though the blade had been dipped in fire and poison and set upon attacking her already weak body. Letting out a blood curdling scream she forced her mind into thinking of anything else.

"Hermione! No!" Distantly she heard Ron yelling far below her, or perhaps she was imagining his yell. She couldn't tell the difference between reality and illusion any longer. Bellatrix leaped off of her and the pain dimmed in her arm, though she could feel blood dripping down her flesh.

"There!" Bellatrix spat, "Now the world will forever know what you are Mudblood, Crucio!"

"AHH!" Hermione screamed as she awoke suddenly. Her sheets were drenched in sweat and Crookshanks was nuzzling her face. "Shh Crooks, I'm ok." She whispered before throwing her feet over the side of her bed and snuggling them into some slippers on the floor. Merlin, would these nightmares ever stop? She had been to four therapists and still Bellatrix invaded her dreams at least twice a week. Sighing Hermione shuffled into her kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. She peeked at the clock and groaned. It was only 2:45 in the morning and she wasn't falling asleep any time soon. Grumbling she set herself down at her kitchen table and summoned some of her notes on healing methods to keep her company until it would be a decent hour to call William.

As the sun grew brighter and brighter in the sky, Hermione sipped her coffee slowly, reading page after page of healing notes. Finally when it was verging on 7:30 in the morning she justified that William wouldn't mind being awoken. Deciding that the floo would be more natural for him to answer than the mobile phone he had recently purchased, Hermione grunted and moseyed her way to the fireplace with the picture of the trio above it. Taking some powder into her dainty hand and chucking it into the fire she called out for William's address before sticking her bushy hair into the emerald flames.

"William! Are you awake?" Somewhere in the distance of William's flat Hermione could hear shuffling of feet and then all of a sudden he came into view.

"Hermione?" he asked sleepily, "Babe what's wrong?"

"Nightmare…" She replied sheepishly. Instantly William's features softened and he reached out to the green flames.
"Come here sweetheart. Let's talk about it ok?" Hermione dipped the rest of her body into the fireplace and tumbled out on to William's rug and into his waiting arms. Immediately Hermione felt the tears slip from her eyes and run down her cheeks, she hated how often she cried these days. "Shh it's gonna be ok. She's not gonna get you Hun. Shh." Williams comforting whispers surrounded her until she sustained her sobs into quiet whimpers.

"I just don't understand why this still affects me." She mumbled into his chest.

"I don't know Hermione." William replied, "Have you thought about another therapist?" Hermione's cheeks reddened and she pulled away from him.

"A therapist isn't gonna fix this! It obviously doesn't work very well!"

William raised his hands up in surrender. "Hey I'm just trying to suggest something. It's better than being like this right?" Hermione rolled her eyes. This was the one problem with William. He didn't understand what she had gone through with the war. He had been out of the country for the entire thing. He didn't see why a therapist wouldn't fix this. To William everything was black and white and everything could be solved by studying and thinking about the problem logically. And at one point Hermione had also thought like that. But not anymore. She now understood that there were shades of grey everywhere and that some problems seemingly had no solution.

Sniffling, Hermione stood up and distanced herself from her boyfriend. "Well I should probably get going. I promised Harry and Ginny I would go see the house." She pecked him on the lips and flooed back home before he had a chance to respond. She didn't know why she even bothered to come to William with her nightmares anymore. He always suggested therapists and researching techniques to rid the mind of bad thoughts before bed. Which just infuriated the witch more. Couldn't he see that his 'cures' were not going to work?

Landing gracefully into her living room, Hermione brushed the ash off of her pajama pants and went into her bedroom to change into jeans and a sweater. Once changed she quickly apparated to 12 Grimmauld place.

"'Mione!" Harry's husky voice called to her as she attempted to stop her head from spinning. A pair of strong arms encircled her waist and pulled her small figure in for a bone crushing hug. "I missed you! It's been weeks!"

"Harry," Hermione attempted to speak but Harry was currently crushing her lungs, "Can't breathe.." Harry's arms let go quickly and righted Hermione's shoulders.

"Sorry." Said Harry with a crooked grin.

"Hermione!" Ginny Weasley came into view from a door off the long entry hallway.

"Hey Gin." Hermione greeted her best girlfriend. "How's the wedding planning going?" Ginny's face lit up at the word 'wedding' and went off on a tangent about how her perfect dress had yet to be found. Hermione found it easy to zone out when Ginny got like this and suddenly felt a snap in front of her face.

"Hermione? You ok?" Ginny's flame red hair was falling over her concerned face.

"Yeah," Hermione knitted a smile onto her face, "I'm fine, just a bad night." Harry's brilliant green eyes darkened. He knew what 'a bad night' stood for. He had had them for 2 and a half years after the war before his nightmares finally ceased. Although Ginny moving in with him may have been a big cause for their sudden disappearance.

"Do you..uh..wanna talk about it?" Harry said awkwardly. Locking his eyes onto Hermione's. She looked down at the floor and blushed in embarrassment.

"No." She said softly. Ginny's arms went around her and held her close.

"Hermione you know you can talk to us." Her hazel eyes looked over Hermione's face swiftly before pulling her head in for a hug. "Did you talk to Will about it?"

"Yes," Hermione sighed, "He wasn't very helpful. Look I don't wanna talk about this right now. I want to see the place! You guys were just raving over the phone how nice the house is looking now!" Pulling a fake smile back onto her face, Hermione took both of Ginny's hands and pulled her up from the couch. Following behind her hesitantly, Ginny began to describe all that her and Harry had done to rid the house of all the dark magic that had festered here for so long.

At half past seven in the morning Draco decided his company was now ahead by several weeks and that a shower was needed desperately. Lifting his tired body out of his office chair and exiting his study, Draco distantly heard his mother's hacking down the hallway. Deciding to ignore it for the time being, he slipped into his room and ripped his pajama pants and boxers off before starting the shower with his wand and warming it with another flick.

As the hot water cascaded down his taut back muscles, Draco let out a low groan and lifted his platinum blond head up towards the shower head. He wasn't sure how long he spent in there before his fingers began to prune over and his lungs felt steamed. He turned off the water and stepped out, wrapping a towel around his waist and casting a drying spell at his sopping wet hair. He summoned some jeans and a button up shirt and boxers and dressed himself quickly. Just as he stepped out into his room a scream tore through the sleepy silence of the Manor.

"Mother?" Draco yelled panicked. He sprinted into her room and burst in. The scene that lay in front of him may of made him sick had he not been running on such adrenaline. Narcissa Malfoy was laying in a pool of her own blood on the wood floor shaking violently. It sounded as though she was gurgeling more blood in her mouth. "Mother!" Draco repeated his previous yell and ran down to her side. "C'mon we're gonna get you to the hospital." He whispered more for his own comfort than hers.

Their surroundings were washed away and St. Mungo's moved into his line of vision. "Help! Somebody! Please!" Draco screamed out in desperation. A group of medi-witches crowded around them and summoned a stretcher and laid Narcissa's convulsing body onto it gently.

"Lucius?" Narcissa whispered while blood trickled out of her mouth.

"Do you know where Lucius is Mr. Malfoy? An old medi-witch was now rubbing his back.

Draco shrugged away from her touch, "He's dead."