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~19 years later~

"Come on Cassie! You can't miss the train for your very last year!" Hermione whipped around to find Leo pointing his brand new wand at Ara. "Leo! Don't! You haven't even learned how to use it yet!" Draco laughed heartily from his spot on the couch.

"I think we have another Slytherin on the way!" He grinned proudly at his youngest son. "But I don't think Scorpius will be the same…he's so into reading and learning." The blonde tilted his head to look over at the twin of Leo, who was curled up on the couch with a book, oblivious to the chaos going on in the Manor. Scorpius was the only child of theirs that looked exactly like a replica of Draco. But then again, he only had two sons to go by. Leo had Hermione's curly brown hair and her button nose, but Draco's grey eyes. For twins, the boys looked nothing alike.

"Mum! I can't find my favorite dress!" Cassie leaned her head over the railing, her curly blonde hair falling into her face.

"It's in my room sweetheart," Hermione called up, "I washed it for you." She looked around, 'And grab Lyra while you're up there! I can't find her anywhere!"

"I'm right here mum," Lyra turned her brown eyes onto her mother, "I was trying to get Leo away from Ara."

"I can handle myself just fine thank you very much!" Ara snapped, "I wasn't put into Gryffindor for nothing!"

Lyra rolled her eyes, "Whatever. It usually helps if you know the jinx." She smirked identically to her father.

"Oh you think just because you were made a prefect this year that you're so special…" Ara grumbled. "I bet when I'm a fifth year I will be prefect as well."

"Not unless McGonagall loses her mind." Lyra mumbled under her breath.

"Both of you stop fighting," Draco rubbed the bridge of his nose, "You know your mother and I were so excited when we found out that we were having another girl so close in age…we thought you would get along." Both girls snorted. They were complete opposites. Lyra had sleek, straight blonde hair and brown eyes that shimmered with pointy features all around. Ara had curly brown hair like her mothers with fiery grey eyes that sparked with excitement at the mention of danger. She had her mother's plump lips, but her father's thin, pointed nose.

"Cassie I swear to Merlin if you don't get your arse down here-"

"I'm coming!" The eldest Malfoy child stomped down the stairs and levitated her trunk down with her. She was already in her Slytherin uniform, but the skirt was pulled much higher than Hermione remembered them ever being. She sighed and headed towards the apparation point.

"Alright, Cassie you take Lyra and Ara. I'll take Scorp, and Draco sweetheart can you take Leo? He's currently trying to hex the plant over there." The entire family turned towards the youngest who was mumbling nonsense to himself. Scorpius stood from his spot on the couch and grabbed his brother's collar.

"You don't even know any spells yet…" He plopped Leo down next to Draco and grabbed onto his mother's hand. With a loud crack, the entire family was whisked away onto Platform 9 3/4 .

"We have to find Harry and Ginny. They said James was going to come along to see you all off!" Hermione looked around eagerly for her best friend.

"What about Ron and Pansy?" Cassie looked up from her nails, "Are they coming?"

"Yes…why?" Hermione raised a suspicious brow.

"I haven't seen Josh in weeks!"

"You are not dating a Weasley!" Draco roared.

"Whatever." Cassie rolled her eyes and perked up, "there they are!" Across the sea of people, red and black heads were bobbing along. Ron and Pansy were surrounded by their five kids. Josh, Ella, Melody, Stephanie, and Amanda. "Josh!" Cassie squealed and ran ahead of her family to embrace the eldest Weasley and the only Slytherin.

"I'm gonna be sick." Draco muttered into a giggling Hermione's ear.

"'Mione!" Ron called out. "It's good to see you!" He gave her a good hug and shook Draco's hand swiftly. "Have you seen Harry yet?"

"Right here!" Harry called out from behind them. James was just a bit taller than his father and Lily and Albus were close behind their mother.

"Harry!" Hermione hugged both Harry and Ginny and then James. "I swear James, you get taller every day."

"Well the auror department said it was good to be tall so I'll take it." He smiled proudly at his brand new job.

"Where's Teddy?" Hermione looked back at Harry.

"He and Victoire decided to take a random vacation to France…I swear that boy is crazy."

Hermione chuckled, "No, just in love." All of their kids were now chatting about their houses and Leo and Scorpius now looked incredibly nervous. They were the last of the group of kids to go to Hogwarts. Hermione watched out of the corner of her eye as Draco pulled both boys away from the pack.

"Now listen boys, there is no need to be nervous." Draco's knees were already protesting at his kneeling. How he hated growing old. "Your mother and I will love you no matter what house you're put in to."

"Even Hufflepuff?" Leo asked earnestly.

Draco laughed softly, "Yes even Hufflepuff…although you both don't seem like Hufflepuff material." He assessed both of their faces and was taken aback by how frightened Scorpius looked. "What's wrong son?"

"I just…I don't think I fit into Gryffindor or Slytherin…everyone in the family has been sorted into one of them already." He looked down in shame.

"That's okay son…you can be in whatever house you want. I will still be incredibly proud of you. And if you're put into Gryffindor, you've got Ara to look after you and in Slytherin Lyra and Cassie with keep an eye on you. I promise you will both be just fine." Both boys looked slightly reassured and nodded slowly. Draco patted their backs, "Alright let's get back before someone realizes we are missing-"

"CASSIOPEIA NARCISSA MALFOY!" Hermione barked over at her daughter, "If I catch you snogging someone like that ever again, I will personally hex all your hair off!" Josh looked extremely embarrassed and his ears began to turn red. Draco felt his jaw tense as he glared over at the blushing Weasley boy. He came up behind his wife and put a hand on her lower back.

"I could just hex his balls off." He whispered into her ear. A small smile pulled at the corner of her lips as the train whistled in the background.

"Alright kids! Time to go!" Hermione turned around to her two youngest sons and kissed both their heads. "Don't forget to write as soon as you get to your dormitories! I wanna know what houses you get into! And we will all be so proud of you no matter what!"

"We're here!" Blaise Zabini tore his way through the crowd with his daughter, Aspen, hanging onto his hand for dear life. She was already in her Ravenclaw uniform with a shiny Prefect badge sitting proudly on her chest. Luna came up behind him with their son Gavin in his Slytherin wear.

"I was so sure we would be late." Luna giggled as if that wasn't a big deal in any way.

"Alright everyone onto the train!" Ginny shouted above everyone else. She was like her mother in that way. Kid after kid piled onto the Hogwarts express, all looking incredibly excited to go back for another year. "And don't forget to tell Neville hello! He told us all about his new Herbology lessons!" Nearly all of the kids groaned and put their heads into their hands. They weren't huge fans of Herbology. Leo and Scorpius were the last to climb up the big steps.

"We love you." Hermione patted both their heads, "No matter what!"

Draco leaned down to Scorpius, "Good luck son. You'll make me proud, I just know it." The blonde boy smiled up at his father and nodded excitedly. Draco stood up and put his arm around Hermione. Harry and Ginny stood from one side and waved at their two little Gryffindor's that were waving enthusiastically from their compartment.

"Remember to say hello to the Grey Lady!" Luna shouted after Aspen. Her daughter looked identical to her in every way, and was just as dreamlike.

The train gave one last whistle and slowly began to move away. All six of the parents watched with pride as their little babies sped off to school, reminiscing on the days they had spent inside those magical walls. Once it disappeared around the bend, they all said their goodbyes, promising to see each other soon, and apparated home.

"Hermione! The boys' letters just came!" Draco nearly jumped up out his seat in the library. Hermione leapt from her spot on the couch and ran over to read the letter.

Mum and Dad,

I got Gryffindor! The hat took a while to decide…nearly put me in Slytherin but then had a change of heart. I don't even care cause Gryffindor is amazing!

"Wow I really thought he would be in Slytherin." Draco mused.

Ara showed me all around the tower and it's beautiful! Much better than those stinky dungeons. (Sorry dad) Well I have to go, I'm exhausted. Just wait till you get Scorp's letter. He had a pretty eventful night.

Love, Leo.

"Aww my little Gryffindor boy!" Hermione sang. She pulled Scorpius' letter out of her husband's hands and opened it up eagerly.

Mum and Dad,

Well I don't know how to say this but…I'm in Ravenclaw! I always kind of felt that I belonged in this house and I'm so excited! Aspen showed me all around and man is it beautiful! I almost feel bad neither of you got to ever see it! I hope you're both alright with having one Ravenclaw in the family. Well I've got to go, I'm having a chess tournament with my new friend Nathan. I'll write you both soon! Love you!

Love, Scorpius.

"Wow…I guess I should have seen that one coming." Draco rubbed his head, at a loss for words.

"I kind of did see it coming."

Draco scoffed, "Oh of course you did dear."

"I did!"

"Uh huh, okay." He wrapped his hands around her middle and kissed his way up her neck. "You know this is the first night we have all the kids out of the house?" He held her tighter to him, "I had some ideas about how we could spend it…"

Hermione leaned her head back and moaned, "Great minds think alike." Draco picked her up into his arms and whisked her off to their master bedroom. Neither had had nightmares for almost twenty years now. Their scars were long gone and now just a distant memory. They were healed.

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