I was sitting on the counter, at my father's store Sonic Boon, listening to Trish ramble on and on about how she got fired from her latest job. "Yeah, and the thing is…" she stated walking around, "That I don't even know what I did wrong, I mean yeah I'd start my breaks a few hours late but really!" Trish finished, as Austin and Dez walked into the store.

'Dear diary,

Austin still doesn't see it! He's just so blind and he most likely will never like me back… Ugh, he can be so annoying sometimes, but others really sweet, and I love that about him. Oh! And I have a date with Dallas, tomorrow, I'm so excited because I've never really been on a date before so…But anyways, I hope I can get my first kiss. And, Austin keeps bugging me about his new song, and if I've started on it. That boy just doesn't know when to stop bugging the crap out of me!'

"Hey, Ally have you started on a new song yet?" Austin asked, coming over to me, trying to peer over my journal. Quickly I snapped it shut, "Yeah, I have. It should be done in a few days." I told him a bit to quickly, because he gave me a weird look, then he hoped up onto the counter, sitting next to me. "So writing about anything important?" he asked, smiling. "No." 'Yes, just that I have a date with the person you hate, but other than that it's all good!'

"Hey, Ally don't you have a date tomorrow, with that Dallas guy?" my dad asked, coming out of the practice room. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping no one else heard. "Yeah, I do…Why do you need me to stay here after hours? I'll be more than happy too." 'Another lie!' . My dad shook his head, laughing "No, honey. I'll be fine on my own." he said before going into the practice room once more. "Do you not want to go on your date with him?" Trish asked, coming to stand in front of Austin and I.

"No, I do… It's just…" picking up my song book I should what I had written earlier, watching her eyes scan the page, I grew anxious of what she'd think. She looked up at me, "Um…Ally can I talk to you for a moment." she asked, walking away. I looked at Austin, he was just as confused as I was.

Before, I could get over to were Trish was, she blurted out "Do you know that, in your book you wrote that you love Austin, and that he's blind to not see that you like him?" she whisper/screamed. "What no I-" I was cut off as she held the book in front of my face, quickly my eyes scanned over the page once more. Sure enough there were the words 'Austin still doesn't see it! He's just so blind and he most likely will never like me back…'

"Oh my gosh! I wasn't thinking…It…He was talking to me and… Oh my gosh!" I said babbling. Trish placed her hands on my shoulders, shaking me lightly. "Ally, calm yourself, woman!" she said a little to loud, as I noticed Dez's and Austin's eyes on us. "Would you keep it down, I don't want anyone to know!" I said walking back over to the counter, where Austin was still sitting, texting away on his phone. Trish followed, "Don't want anyone to know? You're the one who wrote it!" she argued back. I looked at her, glaring, "Yeah but I didn't know I wrote. I wasn't paying attention!" I told her, she sighed. "What didn't you not know that you wrote?" Austin asked, "Nothing!" Trish and I both said as fast as possible, Austin eyed us- or well me, for a few moments. "Okay…" he said, walking away.

The next day

"Would you calm down, you look fine!" Trish said, shushing me every time I would make a comment on how I looked. Sighing in defeat, I trusted Trish's judgment. "Ally, Dallas is here." my dad, said as he poked his head in through the door. "Okay, I'll be right down." I said back, looking over my shoulder briefly, as the door shut. "Okay, tonight's the night. Go get 'em baby!" Trish said pushing my towards the door.

Dallas and I were walking along side the boardwalk, "I thought your dad was going to kill me back there, with all those questions." Dallas said, breaking the silence. I laughed, "Yeah, well I am his only daughter so, I would be too." I told him smiling. He chuckled, "I guess. Hey do you want to go see a movie?" he asked, me. "Sure!" I nodded.

"I'm sorry we couldn't see what you wanted, Ally." he said taking my hand in his, as he walked me home. Yup, instead of watching a nice romantic comedy, I had to sit through 'Eat, Pray, Kill' and it was disgustingly gross! "It's okay!" I said, 'No it aint!' I thought to myself. Reaching the doors to Sonic Boom, Dallas let go of my hand, and pulled me into a hug. The hug was nice, but not what I expected…It felt like dead weight, like it didn't belong.

Pulling away, I turned to go inside, but a wrist grabbed my arm, pulling me backwards. I was spun around, and then there were nasty chapped lips on mine. Trying to turn away, hands grabbed my wrists pinning them to my sides, as I was pushed against the glass door. "Don't fight. I know this is what you've wanted!" Dallas' voice came, hot on my face. He kept trying to kiss me, over and over. And over and over I would turn my head. He dropped my arms, backing away he simply said: "I had a wonderful time, Ally. I hope we can do this again!" before he left.

Rushing inside the store, I locked the doors behind me. Going over to the counter, I saw a note left from my father saying that he had to go to another Accordion convention. And that he wont be back for a few days. Crumpling the note, I went to toss it into the trashcan, and that's when I noticed the pain in both my wrists! Looking down, I saw bright red fingerprints, that were slowly fading into what looked like nasty bruises.

A few minutes later, I started to watch T.V. Flipping through the channels I finally stopped, and watched the news, seeing as I had nothing better to do! '" As you can see we will be expecting rapid winds, and heavy rain these next few days! These said showers, and thunderstorms are not to start until late tonight…"' Said the weather reporter, looking up from the T.V. I saw the reporter was terribly wrong, as it was storming outside, now. Looking back to the T.V. '"Well never mind folks. It seems like the storms are starting now! I'm Daniel Maxwell, and this is channel 9 news, saying good night, Miami!"' "That was terribly inaccurate!" I said as lighting and thunder, sounded, and flashed brightly in the charcoal sky.

Leaning over my journal, I wrote about how the date had gone, and what had happened afterwards. "I should probably, tell someone…" I told myself, picking up my phone, and dialing Trish's number.

'Hey! It's Trish, please leave a message, and I might get back to you if I'm not being fired!' Getting her voicemail, I clamped my phone shut, just as the lights started to flicker, and the wind picked up! "Great, just my luck!" I muttered, grabbing the flashlight that we kept under the counter, incase of emergencies, like theses!

Yeah, so that didn't go very well, as I thought it would. The lights had gone out, and after many failed attempts to get the back-up generator to work, I grabbed a duffel bag of clothes, my phone along with the charger, and I headed out the door.

"I really hope he's awake!" I said under my breath, as I parked along side the road. Walking across the empty street, I saw his bedroom light on. Knocking lightly, on the front door. It swung open moments later, to reveal Austin wearing nothing but cotton pajama bottoms. "Help me!" I whispered, he stepped aside immediately, allowing me inside his house. He looked briefly into the living room, to see his mother passed out on the couch, he rushed me up to his room.

Once in the room I dropped my duffel onto the floor, looking over my shoulder I saw Austin staring at me, lowering my head, I could feel a deep blush appearing on my face. "Ally…What's wrong?" he asked walking towards me. I looked up at him, then down to my wrists, yup like I though nasty bruises! I could feel his eyes on me. "Did he do this?" he asked roughly, I nodded quickly, before I was taken into toe-tingling hug, from Austin.

"I…H-he, kept k-kissing me a-and he was so rough, and he it h-hurt!" I said as tears ran freely down my cheeks, and onto Austin's bare chest. "Shh! He's gone, he can't hurt, as long as you're with me." he said pulling away, so that he could look at me. Taking my chin, in his hand he lifted my face slightly so that I had to look at him. "I mean it Ally. I'll be there for you. Always." he whispered, I looked into his light brown, eyes and I knew that he really cared about me. 'Do it! Do it, already.' I thought quietly. Austin's hand came up and brushed away the leftover tears that were still silently flowing, with his thumb. 'Now's your chance!' And with that I stood on my tip-toes, reaching up, I cupped his left cheek, bring his face down to mine, his lips skimmed over mine !