As soon as Austin had made the challenge he knew, that I couldn't disagree to it. In fact he had started to smirk when, my mouth twitched down into a firm line, I was biting my tongue. Literally. "Fine! C'mon." I said heaving open the car door, and walking up the porch steps. Not far from behind me, I heard a low but soft 'yes!' I rolled my eyes at Austin such eagerness to me being challenged and him winning.

After unlocking the front door, I was about the step over the threshold, when I was attacked or well grabbed from behind to say the least. I turned so that, I was facing Austin. I noticed the door was shut, I arched in eyebrow in confusion. "When did you come in, I didn't hear you." I said wondering aloud. He just shrugged took off his jacket and through it on the back of the couch. Just then he took my hand, and led me into the kitchen.

"So watchya wanna do?" I asked, as I hoped up onto the counter. Austin leaned against the fridge thinking. "Well seems how it's only like 11:30" he paused to look at his watch "want some pancakes?" he asked me glancing briefly in my direction. I scrunched my face up, "You know I don't like pancakes." I told him matter-of-factly. He snorted, "Have you ever tried my pancakes?" I was about to answer when he spoke again. "Nope didn't think so!" And with that he went in fetched the pancake mix. But what didn't occur to me, is that he knew where everything was.

After Austin had whipped up the batter, he asked if I had anything sweet, which I did. Marshmallows, along with some chocolate chips. "Sweet!" Austin exclaimed, with his eyes wide he took the sweet-tasting food from me eagerly. I chuckled, at his enthusiasm of making pancakes. He then added in the chocolate and the marshmallows and within a few minutes they were finished.

Grabbing our plates off the dinning room table, I sat them in the sink. "Thanks, Aus-" I said turning around but only to come face to face with Austin. A blush overpowered my cheeks, when I realized how close we were. And that I was also trapped between him and the counter! Don't chew on your hair! Don't. I thought quickly, and instantly started to chew on my lower lip.

Feeling a hand creep up, and rest on my hip I looked up briefly to see Austin's eyes staring at me. My face heated up more than what it already was! "What are you looking at?" I asked shyly. He gave me a small smile, "Well right now, I'm looking at a very beautiful girl." I looked down, trying to avoid him seeing me blush even harder. And then there was a gentle hand pulling my chin, while also pulling me to him. Not long after his lips found mine, slowly I wrapped an arm in his hair and the other cupped his cheek.

Austin moved forward slightly pushing me into the sink, so that are bodies were close as close could be. Not that I didn't mind. Taking advantage of being up against the counter, I pushed myself onto the countertop, pulling Austin to me.

Austin's Pov

To say Ally was a bad kisser would be a lie, in fact if I could, I'd kiss her all day. But since her dad's out of town, and could come back at any time I wasn't gonna risk it. Without any notice, Ally pushed herself up onto the counter, and pulled me to her. Eh who am I kidding? I'd kiss her even when her dad was around! I thought, kissing her back passionately with urgency. My hands came to reset on her hip, and the other on the small of her back. I could feel her hands trace up my chest and then weaving themselves into my hair.

Hearing Ally sigh against my lips, the corners of my mouth tipped up into a crooked smile. I pulled away slightly, thinking that if I can get a sigh from her when we kiss then maybe I could get something else from when I kiss her other places. Thinking that I mentally smacked myself. Why in the hell would I think that? I thought, silently.

Placing sloppy, passionate kisses along her jaw, she squirmed under my touch. "Austin…" I heard her murmur softly. Point 1 Austin! I smirked against her skin, kissing collarbone, then over to her shoulders. All the while I hadn't notice Ally was clutching my shirt, pulling herself as close to as possible. And that was pretty close. Like chest to chest close. It's not like I didn't mind it anyway…

Scooping her up in my arms, I returned to kissing soft lips. Her legs tightened around my waist, as well as her hands in my hair. She pulled back then looking me in the eyes, I saw love and another emotion I couldn't put my finger on. Just then she crushed her lips to mine, gripping me tighter and tighter! I chuckled against her lips, at her urgency. With the way she kissed me, the only thing I could so was kiss her back, then an idea came to me. Walking past the living room, and into the den I made my way up the stairs

Entering Ally's room I kicked the door shut with my foot. Just then Ally pulled away, "Austin, I think I should get a reward, for breaking my dad's rules." Ally said. I looked at her eyes, then to her swollen lips and smirked "I think you already got a few, but what do you want?" I told her, expecting some like pickles. She just simply rolled her eyes, smiled and took a step closer to me. "I want y-" she was cut off by her phone ringing. She sighed angrily, taking her phone she answered the call.

What was she going to say? Man, it's gonna kill me if I don't find out! Did she mean me to get her something? Or did she just mean me in general! My mind raced with thoughts about Ally's interrupted sentence. "Yeah dad, OK I understand. Stay away from Austin, don't text or call Austin. I get it!" Ally told her father into the receiver. After a short while she hung up, walking behind her I wrapped my arms around her waist. Resting my chin on her shoulder, I asked; "What'd you dad want?" "Nothing really, he just wanted to remind me of the rules to stay away from you." she said. I chuckled, "That's kind of hard since we're dating, plus you're my song writer." letting go of her, she went and laid on her bed.

Ally's Pov

"I know, which he doesn't understand. But at least, I now know that I like pancakes!" I said smiling looking over to Austin. He smiled in return, walked over and laying down beside me. Shifting to my side, so that I was facing Austin I sighed peacefully. Austin took my hand, and started to rub small circles into it. Raising my hand I laid it on his chest. Then suddenly it was like a quilt of darkness infolded me, tucking in around my body and mind, drifting me off to sleep.