Winter Wonderland

Soft snowflakes fell amongst the pines, landing softly on the ground already thick with snow. The night was cold, and the chill sharpened in the thin Alaskan air. The patrol was out guarding the small makeshift camp, but there was no fire to warm the bones of the soldiers camped here.

Stepping out of her tent, Lady Jaye rubbed her hands together to create friction, as if it was enough to keep her hands warm. Ducking back inside her tent, she swore softly, grabbing her fur-lined mittens.

"Frostbite," she muttered, emerging once again into the cold night air. She glanced over at the soldier talking to their other snow jockey, Snow Job. "Suits him."

With a slight harrumph, Lady Jaye scanned the perimeter, then walked over to the pot of coffee simmering on a small cook stove.

The remote outpost was a precautionary measure, as their latest intelligence pointed to activity in the northern regions of the U.S. The Soviets certainly weren't interested enough to keep watch on the shipping lines, so it was up to this small band of G.I. Joe to keep tabs on any aberrant activity. They'd been here a few days now, with no indication of Cobra, not even a silent slither on the snowy ground. How long they stayed depended on any detection of such activity.

Lady Jaye clutched her coffee tightly in her mittened hands, brining it up so the surely visible steam could warm the exterior of her face. Taking a small sip, she glanced up into the sky at the Aurora Borealis and chuckled softly at the thought of Santa Claus and his eight reindeer coursing across the sky.

"Do you see Rudolph?"

Lady Jaye turned at the husky voice in her ear, a slight smile toying at her lips. "Well," she said, "your nose is a little red."

Flint chuckled softly, his breath coming out in short puffs of visible air. He glanced at Lady Jaye's hands holding the cup of coffee and gently took the warm mug from her. "It'd be better if it was hot cocoa," he said, taking a sip.

"See anything, Flint?" Snow Job called over to the two.

Flint turned his attention to their comrade. "Nah," he called back. "Rest a spell. We'll take watch."

Snow Job raised his hand in thanks, and trudged off to his tent.

Frostbite took it as his invitation to walk over to Flint and Lady Jaye. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" he asked, looking toward the sky and the northern lights above.

"Mmhm," Lady Jaye offered, taking her mug back from Flint.

"Well," Frostbite said, slapping Flint on the arm. "Guess I'll turn in too. Wake me if you need anything."

Flint nodded as Frostbite walked away. Turning back to Lady Jaye, he flashed her a lopsided grin. "Now it's just you and me in this winter wonderland," he said softly.

"Uh huh," Lady Jaye responded with a laugh. "And the five greenshirts on the perimeter."

With a small smile, Flint glanced around him. Confident no one was looking, he leaned in and stole a quick but intent kiss. "Merry Christmas, Alison."

Lady Jaye smiled demurely into her coffee cup. "Merry Christmas, Dash," she responded, catching his eye shyly.

He gently wiped a snowflake off her nose before returning to walk the perimeter, checking in with each soldier, wishing them all a "Merry Christmas."

A/N: Just a very quick burst of inspiration for a small holiday story. Happy holidays to all.

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