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Boondocks ft. Jamie maddrox-Death of a hater

They would kill the world if they had to. They gave up their souls and morals long ago. The pain burned under the surface, as they dragged the lives they snuffed out to hell.

They were god and angel, never showing mercy, dancing in the crimson glow of blood. They would take anyone's lives to achieve peace.

They had killed many, maybe thousands of people. Pein took the sunshine away demolishing all life, with his angel by his side. They drank blood as if it was wine, sharing a bloody kiss.

They brought carnage where ever they went. Killing for them was just a sport; they shared joined kill lists, grinning in the after math of slaughter. They cherished the fear in people's eyes, the fear of death made them smile.

They killed the wretched, the damned, and the good. They didn't care, sharing care free laughs as the blood rained around them.

The god and his angel embraced the hate., because they killed all those who hated them.

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