Broken Bridges

By: Lepine

Fan fiction: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

4 Years Ago...

City lights were easily confused like stars from the distance and it was hard to tell the difference between the real sky and Domino. The only thing that gave a clue was how pollution accumulated in the air and obscured the real sky above. The night was silent for a change, and not even the sirens of Sector Security were heard on the streets, which gave everything a peaceful surrounding. However, inside Yusei's mind everything was shaking violently with the force of a Tsunami. Not even the surrounding of his favorite spot was able to soothe his troubled mind.

Yusei's forehead rested on the palm of his hand and his eyes were hidden under his fingers trying to endure the painful headache. The night was cold and the only source of warmth came from the heat escaping from his duel runner just behind him. He didn't even know how long he had been there lost in thought.

The taste in his mouth still lingered, even after mixing with the bile that formed during his way uphill. The memories of just a few hours ago were now cloudy, and he wasn't sure what happened exactly. Yusei wet his dry lips making them worse with the cold but the mark that was left there burned him with the same intensity.

A very soft noise was heard through the air and nothing escape Yusei's keen ears. It was becoming repetitive and sounded like a harsh breathing. Yusei turn around and noticed his best friend Rally running in his direction even faster than before as soon as the Little one spotted someone at the end of the road. He was trilled that he had finally found his best friend after his sudden disappearance.

"Yusei!" he yelled but it was more like a whisper since he had not enough air in his small lungs to raise his voice. Yusei was surprised to see him there and he ran to meet him, but he only gave a few steps before the exhausted boy collapsed into his arms.

"Rally, what's wrong? And why are you here?" he gave a few minutes for the tired kid to get his breath back. His face was flushed and a thin sheet of sweat covered his skin making his clothes humid, but he was still happy.

"We were looking everywhere for you. I was worried when you just suddenly took off without reason. We thought you were just going for a ride but then you didn't came back so…" Rally wasn't able to finish and regret crawled into Yusei, making a knot on his throat.

"I'm sorry Rally, I… needed some time to think is all." Rally was no fool and he wasn't convinced by his friend's answer. He knew him far better than anyone from the gang and something terrible must have happened for Yusei to suddenly run off.

"Listen Yusei, I don't know what happened and I won't ask either, but…next time something is bothering you, just let us know ok? I mean that is what friends are for. We are always there for you pal." He said and suddenly Yusei's eyes turned softer and a small smile crept into his usual serious face.

"Thank you Rally." He said while putting a comforting hand over his shoulder. The kid smiled happily and he was glad that Yusei had turned back to normal, even if it was just a little bit. "Come on, let's go back."


He had finally gathered the courage to tell him everything. His answer? A fucking punch and a kick in the gut. He didn't know which was worse, his swollen cheek or the painful stab in the chest. Jack was too proud to feel sorry for himself and also to blame himself for what had happened. After coming back to his friend's side only one reason had led him to go and meet him. Even when he hadn't even come to fetch him or convince him to go back, he still fought his pride and went anyways. Now he knew what his true feelings were and Jack had no reason to keep staying at his side.

"Well, well, nice place." A raspy voice was heard from the shadows and Jack quickly turned to look at the intruder. He must have been really pissed or distracted for someone to break into his domain without him noticing.

"Who are you?" Jack simply asked, with great confidence and an absolute serenity.

"I am Lazar, director of Sector Security. I have come to you with a very appealing proposal, Jack Atlas." His voice had an annoying pitch to it and he was dressed in the most ridiculous garments Jack had ever seen, but he still kept his temper on the line. "Wouldn't you like to become a real King and leave Satellite?"

Jack's eyes quickly gave a hint of interest and he sat straighter in his fake throne at the stage. The devil had finally come with an interesting proposal in exchange of his soul. Destiny sure was a funny thing and Jack was willing to leave this place for good. Including leaving that person buried along with his past.

"I'm listening." Jack answered with no emotion in his voice. Lazar gave a mischievous but confident smile.