AN: This takes place between chapters 17 and 18 of Haunted, which you have to read for this to make any sense.



That bitch. How dare she? How dare she? That awful woman kills Harry and then runs off and marries her? Married my girl? She's crazy. They're both mad. You could've had me, Hermione. I could've given you everything but you threw me aside for that monster. I loved you, dammit. Can she love you like I did? No. She'll kill you. She already has. Look at what she's done to you, Hermione? But it's too late, far too late for you. She tortured you and you ran to her. I could've kept you safe. It's your loss. I loved you.


Do my eyes deceive me or is my Bella happy with a mudblood? Did you have to marry her, Bella? Was that necessary? Still, to be a queen must be lovely. I must confess that I am a bit jealous, not that I would ever leave my Lucius and lower myself to marry such filth for power… But she makes you happy. I've never seen you smile so much, never seen such light in your eyes. I knew that day changed you but I never imagined this. Is this what you really want, Bella? Does she truly make you happy?


I told them all. I could tell that there was something with her, that something had changed. They were so terrible caught up in their war that if they had taken the time to look then they would have seen it plain as anything. Her eyes were far away and her mind was clearly with another. Insanity, they called it. Love, I called it. I was invited to the royal wedding, you know. Not many were there but I knew what was between them and they knew it. Can you all see it now? It's called love, what they have.


Well, this is unexpected. My dear sister, champion of Pureblood supremacy, marries a Muggle-born. How does it feel, Bella? Does it feel good, realizing you were wrong? You don't need to say it, I know it does. Hold on tight to her, Bella. Don't let anything happen to her. Don't lose her like I lost my Teddy. Tell her that you love her, I know you do. Be kind to her, treat her well. I now you will, I know how much you love her. Despite everything else, Bella, I'm proud of you. Long live the Queen, and the Empress.


England has been destroyed, and all at the hands of my greatest students. I took great pride in your work, so long ago. What have you done? Gone are the laws that governed the country, now you have absolute control. And then your daughter, and her children, and their children. It is blasphemy to say it but I feel that I must do so anyways. You two cannot rule forever. Sooner or later, you must die and it would be best if it is sooner. Before your daughter can rule, get these Blacks off the throne and tear it down.