A/N: An impromptu oneshot I suddenly felt like whipping up for the Mai-Multiverse Christmas competition. Overall I think I only spent 1-2hrs so it's a bit rough and abstract-y but that's how I like it XP

Melting Snow


I was hit with the blunt of the blow. The force cause my feet to slip from under me as my world turned to the skies.

I hit the ground with a thud – my raven blue hair sprayed across and contrasted against the pure white snow as the cold of winter seeped into my being.

Just like the hate of the world.

Just like the pains of my life.

Just like everything does when I am down and hurt.

The cold enveloped me and my skin beneath all the feeble layers of clothing began to accept it; began to accommodate it – and never truly fighting it to stay warm.

Just like me.

Like the layers of clothes I wore, I put up a front; I acted strong and vengeful for my mother but inside I had accepted it – I accepted the tragedy that is my life; I took it in and used it to fuel my hatred and never truly fought to find happiness…

Every birthday, every Christmas, every holiday and every day – I've felt nothing but the cold harsh world that I had to weathered against; that I learned to cope with. I accepted my solitude as families and friends laughed and celebrated together and never seeking out my own.

That is until you came along.

"Natsuki? Are you okay? I'm so sorry." I heard your soothing and concerned voice speak in the cold winter air as I stared up at your warm red eyes.

I lay there, upon the snow, after the impact of your unexpected snowball took me from my feet with specks of ice that shattered from your frozen missile melting upon my cheek.

You offered your hand along with an apologetic smile. And I took it with a smirk.

Pulling you down with all my might – drawing out a squeal of shock and delight from your lips. Saddling your hips, I held you down as I gathered the snow from around us and covered you in a white flurry of ice.

"No! No, Natsuki! Stop! Stop, I surrender! I surrender!" You gasped between laughter and snow – sprinkles of white littered in your caramel tresses and upon your ivory skin.

"Don't start a fight you can't finish, Shizuru." I told her with a grin – triumph and mirth evident in my eyes, erasing away the shock and indignity from your initial and unprovoked attack.

"But Natsuki was so vulnerable, I couldn't resist." You replied with a teasing grin provoking me to gather more snow in one hand in warning.

"Okay, okay Natsuki. I won't do it again." You pleaded with nervous smile yet eyes still twinkling with mischief.

I returned the smile and let the snow fall from the grasp of my hand, bringing it down to cup your rose-tinted cheeks.

My thumb, unconsciously, brushed away the half melted flecks of snow from your cold skin.

I stared into your eyes that warmed my chest, and as my face drew closer, yours gaze melted even my heart and soul.

This Christmas, and hopefully for the many holidays and years to come, I will continue to feel this warmth. This warmth that melts.

A/N: I'm still a little uncertain if I should have kept that last line... "This warmth that melts" seems broken/unfinished now that I look at it again... Hmm... Should I take it out?

P.S. Merry Christmas everyone!