Polar Opposites: S Pole

'I hate winter.'

I thought to myself as Natsuki and I trudged through the thick loose snow covering the pavement.

'It's always cold – in the morning; in the afternoon; and especially at night – it's always cold.'

I squinted as specks of falling snow blew into me as a winter breeze past us by – the feeling of the cold weather seeping through even the thickest of wool.

'It's the season that drives everyone into refuge – never to leave the warm and safe confines of their homes.'

"I'm sorry, Shizuru." Natsuki spoke beside me as we trekked through the hazardous and cold terrain – our feet sinking deeply into the snow with every step. "I didn't think all of the shops, along with the cinema, would be closed."

"Well there's nothing we can do about it Natsuki – the storm last night piled up quite a bit of snow – we're barely getting through it ourselves." I replied with a small smile – my cheeks tingling and red from the harsh air.

"Still… It's been so long since we had a date – with my bike and everything, I was hoping to make it up to you with a nice day out." She gave me a sidelong look – an apologetic tweak of her lips to show the regrets she had for all the worries she caused me just days ago.

'Yes there were also the dangers that come with winter – like colds and flu, or black ice and packed snow… I told her to be careful; I told her not to drive that death machine in this horrid weather.'

My hand lashed out to grip Natsuki's arm when my foot fell upon frozen ice and slipped from under me.

'This horrid, horrid weather.'

My hand only gripped at the soft down-filled puffy jacket Natsuki wore while her quick reflexes caught me before it was too late.

"Careful, Shizuru!" Natsuki yelped in distress – her hands gripping my thick winter jacket to keep me up – pulling me and steadying me from my unsteady feet.

She wrapped her arm around my waist to ensure no further repeats but even with this intimate act I could barely feel her with the layers upon layers of clothing between us.

'I really do hate winter.'

My mental scorn to the season persisted even until the threshold of my apartment as we let ourselves in.

Natsuki went off to the kitchen to fix us up a pot of hot tea whilst I went to turn on the heater and peeled off the ice dusted jacket from my form before resting onto the living room couch.

"Man it really is cold today, huh?" Natsuki commented when she returned to my side – placing her cup onto the coffee table and handing me mine which instantly warmed my numbing fingers.

At last, she removed her puffy jacket – settling down while throwing the blanket I keep on the couch around the two of us.

She wrapped her arms around me as she draped the warm fleece blanket around my shoulders and carefully avoided my beverage.

She cuddled close to me while her misty warm breath warmed my neck.

"Mmm. Much better." She cooed.

'I love winter.'

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