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Marleene's Point of View

Waves of pain shoot through me. This is my first baby. Augest is hoping for a girl.

"Okay Marlene one more push," the doctor said.

The baby slid out of me.

"Congratulations," the doctor announced, "It's a girl"

Augest was thrilled. I was excited too. My last thought before falling asleep was she's so beautiful


3 years later we took Little Sara to the circus. She loves the circus. We let her ride the circus Elphant Rosie. She laughed with glee. I waved to her. She waved back. Augest was glowing with pride and then... then it happened. Rosie stood up on her hind legs. Sara slid off the elephant as fast as she slid down the birth cannel. Augest screamed. I screamed. Sara was dead. She died hitting the floor. Augest and I held onto each other as if we would never let go. He promised me everything would be okay. Sara would wake up. This was just a dream. He promised me we would not lose our baby. But it was too late. It wasn't a dream. Nothing would be the same again.


Aguest slipped into a depression. It turned from sadness to rage. He hated everyone around him. He lived to punish people... and elephants. I just want my little girl back. I want to die. I want to wake up in heaven. I want to say goodbye to this cruel world. I find my solace in horse. One horse in particular I love. Then one day I know the time has come to say goodbye to that horse. He has some kind of disease that has him in pain. A nice man named Jacob puts him out of his pain. Who will put me out of mine?