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Warning, I'm re-doing and adding on to the ending of P.S, I Love You. Sort of.

Holly had realized on her second trip to Ireland that she hadn't really gone there to see her mother laugh again. Well, that may have been a good bit of it, but really, it was just an excuse to see William again. She was going crazy thinking about him, and had decided that she just couldn't wait a minute longer to see him. So, realizing this, Holly had immediately bout one round trip ticket, for her mother, and a one-way ticket for herself. You may ask why she bought herself a one-way ticket. But the reason should be quite obvious, at least for you romantics. Holly just had a crazy feeling that she would be staying for more than a little while.

And so, our adventure begins.

They hopped out of the little cab, paid the driver, and began walking toward Gerry's parents' house when Holly heard a familiar Irish Brogue from behind them. "Aye, what are a couple o' pretty lasses like you doin' out here?" Holly whipped around, Patricia following in a slower fashion, and gasped," William!" Patricia stood, smiled and watched in silence as the young man, apparently named William, wrapped Holly in his arms, burying his face in her hair. "Oi, Holly. I've missed ya." She laughed, the first real smile Patricia had seen on her face since Gerry, and said, "Me too." She pulled away and he questioned," Staying at the Kennedy's huh?" Holly nodded, but, at the hurt look on his face, she added, "Though, we could stay at your place if you'd like." "Aye, I'd like tha' very much. Follow me."he quipped in his deep voice, smiling, and with a twinkle in his dark eyes. Holly grabbed her mother by the arm and obediently followed him the short distance to a cozy looking home. "What! Why are we here?" asked a stunned Patricia. Holly said nothing, but waited patiently as William knocked on the door and waited. A tall, fit-looking man in his early to mid-fifties answered the door. He gave William a questioning look, no doubt about the strangers on their doorstep, with luggage in hand. William was quick to answer," Patsy, this is Holly, a friend, and her mother Patricia." "Ahh, this is the girl you've been moping about. Please, Holly, come in stay as long as you want. It keeps him happy, and he's not a pleasant one when he's upset." The old man said, inviting them in. Holly smiled at the blush on William's face. Obviously the old man was telling them the truth. She and Patricia followed them inside, and set their bags down by the door. William took Holly by the hand, and Holly took Patricia's as William led them into a dining room that had a table, already set for dinner. "I imagine you ladies are hungry after the flight," William said, gesturing towards the roast and potatoes on the table, "Wouldn't want to be in-hospitable, especially after inviting you to stay. Can't have ya thinkin' I'm a bad host, now can we? Sit. Eat." He said. He pulled out Holly's chair for her as Patsy pulled out Patricia's chair for her, ever the gentleman. They sat there, in companionable silence, enjoying the delicious food, that is, until Holly caught William staring at her. She smiled back, and the smile soon turned into an un-controllable fit of giggles, for everyone. When they all managed to catch their breaths, they cleared their plates and paired off, Patsy showing Patricia off to her room before he made his way to his. He looked at William and Holly," You lot behave yerselves now. I'm a light sleeper." He warned. At this, Holly and William laughed, and watched the old man shuffle off to bed. After the solid click of his door being closed, they let loose a breath that they did not know they had been holding in. Holly giggled as William pecked her lips lightly and scolded her,"Alright off to bed with you. It's late and you need rest." "I will, but only if you carry me." He agreed, and swung her into his arms, carrying her bridal style up the stairs and into her room. He set her on her feet at the edge of her bed, facing away from him. Holly sighed and leaned into his solid chest as he reached around to unbutton her shirt and gently push it off her shoulders. She sighed at the warmth of his hands on her bare shoulders, and gasped audibly as he moved to pull her silk camisole over her head. "R'lax love, I won't bite." he coaxed. "You know, this isn't fair. I'm half naked and you're fully clothed." She quipped. "Well, you'll just 'ave t' change that now won't ya?" he smirked.