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(A/N: I'm going to pretend they weren't fishing in the movie, just having a nice little outing on the lake. Mkay, pretending they didn't listen to that part of the letter. They did get her out on the lake, just didn't take her fishing.. Deal)

Inspirational quote for this chapter: "I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car. He's got a one-hand feel on the steering wheel, the other on my heart. I look around, turn the radio down. He says, "Baby is something wrong?" I say, "Nothing I was just thinking how we don't have a song"

Holly exited the stage, and ran over to William. She jumped in his arms, and the crowd gave a big cheer as he kissed her. Then, he grabbed her hand and they made a hasty exit from the pub to his car.

They sank back into the seats with a laugh, and one more playful peck on the lips. William turned on the car, and revved the engine just a bit. Holly laughed sweetly. Then, she reached to turn on the radio, but a thoughtful look crossed her face, and she leaned back into the seat instead. "What's the matter love?" he questioned. "I dunno. I just realized that we don't have a song, and nothing on the radio lately seems to fit 'us." she said. He shrugged and said," Ah, we'll figure it out some day." Then, after turning on the radio, he began the drive home.

-Back At The House-

"You know Patsy, your boy's got my girl's heart in the palm of his hands, and I don't think either of them are any the wiser." said Patricia. "I do believe so lovely." Patsy agreed. Patricia sighed and shut her suitcase. She and Patsy were leaving for America tomorrow. "Well, I'm sure they'll figure it out while we're gone." she mused. Again, Patsy agreed. Just then, they heard the hustle and bustle of the younger lovers entering the house, and they walked down stairs to meet them.

The young, unwitting lovers were greeted by all-too-knowing smiles from their parents. "Go on, up ta bed with ya. It's late." Patsy and Patricia said in unison. They obeyed without question, for they were both exhausted.

William left Holly to her room, and went to the up-stairs shower.

When Holly was sure William was in the shower, she slipped into a thin, black night-gown, because it was rather warm that night, and slipped down the hallway to his room. When she was just outside of his room, she bumped into her mother, and Patricia almost said something to her. She would have, had her daughter not said," Shh, it's a surprise mom." Patricia nodded, and smiled as her daughter slipped stealthily into William's room.

Once inside his room, Holly lay on top of the thick, cotton comforter, and smiled to herself. She sat up when she heard the shower turned off, and her grin grew even wider. William walked out… stark naked, and obviously not surprised to see his little woman on his bed. He pulled on a pair of briefs, and joined Holly in the bed. He pulled her under the covers with him, and wrapped his arms protectively around her, planting a good-night kiss on her rosy lips. They fell asleep that way, wrapped in each other's arms, with holly snuggled to his chest.

They woke that way too, and rushed down stairs, only to find a note in their parents' stead.

"Dear William and Holly,

You two looked so sweet together; we just didn't want to wake you. So, we left. Will, take the note from her now. The rest, well most of it, is for you. William, we've seen the way you look at her. Take this time by yourselves, and make good use of it boy. Use it to spend time with your little woman and reassure her that you're not going anywhere any time soon. Spend time on things you both enjoy. Make her realize how good you are for her, and how good she is for you. Don't let her slip away son. Now, read her part of the letter to her. Holly, don't worry about William's piece of the letter, just do as he says, no questions. Trust us, it will be fine. He won't let anything happen to you sweetheart. You two best be nice and cozy before we come back. You hear? Have fun kids, we'll see you soon. Now we best be going or we'll be late now.

Love, Patsy and Patricia"

William laughed at Holly's confused look. William picked her up and took her to her room. He searched her bag and picked out a blue flannel shirt, long-sleeved, a pair of older-looking, faded jeans, a pair of long socks, and her tennis shoes. He had the perfect thing in mind for their first adventure, the lake. "C'mon love, get dressed." he said. She did, and in less than 5 minutes, they were both warmly dressed, and, unbeknownst to Holly, on the way to the lake.

Once there, they rented a small boat, and loaded themselves and their gear into it. William had his pole baited, and secured to the side of the boat when he heard a frustrated moan come from his partner. When he looked over to her, he smiled just a bit. She had the can of worms in her hand, and was trying to grab one, but every time she barely touched a worm, she jerked her hand back with an 'ewww.

How cute? Absolutely adorable, it was. He scooted over to her side of the boat, and retrieved the worms from her perilous grip. Gently grasping a worm between his fingers, he placed it in hers, and chuckled when she cringed. Then, he grabbed the hook of her pole with his left hand, and grabbed her hand, the one holding the worm, with his right. Slowly, he maneuvered her fingers to place the worm on the hook. Then, he stood with her, and tossed the line onto the lake.

Holly gasped. She had just cast her first line…