Whispers In The Dark

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Harry Potter yelled. He screamed. He pounded his fists. Nothing seemed to phase the man. Dumbledore seemed to take everything Harry said with a simple nod. Harry didn't want that. He wanted the bastard to yell or get angry at him. Harry had set about destroying the old man's office as best he could. When Dumbledore arrived he simply shook his head and sighed. He than explained to Harry about the prophecy. Harry was quiet at first as the man explained it to him. Than anger overtook him. The bastard knew. He knew all along and did nothing. He even called the old man out on it. If Harry had known about the prophecy it was possible he could have ignored Voldemort's message. He wouldn't have run off and gotten his godfather killed. Now, once again Harry was alone.

Dumbledore tried his best to calm Harry. He explained that as long as Harry had friends that he was not alone. Harry called bullshit on that. While he did care for his friends they had their own lives, their own families. He was stuck every summer in a home with people that wished he was dead every day. The old man paid no attention to this. Harry had to go back because of the wards. Harry seethed with pure anger and hatred at the man. He was tired of people controlling his life. He was tired of the world.

Harry first noticed something different on the train ride home. He was sitting in the compartment with Ron, Hermione, and Neville. The door slid open and Luna Lovegood joined them. The group chatted for awhile until Luna gasped and doubled over. Alarmed the group stood up to check on her. Luna's head snapped back so fast that Harry and Ron stumbled over each other trying to back pedal. Her eyes were seemed to have a far away look to them.

"Luna, are you OK?" Hermione asked hesitantly. Luna turned her gaze first to Hermione than turned it to Harry.

"Fear the Raven Harry, it brings a heavy price. While paying it will be a reward. The end result may be something you will not like." Luna's eyes fluttered and she looked around at her surroundings.

"Why are you all staring at me?" She asked dreamily. The others stared at her for a second before Ron declared that she was probably just having them on. Neville seemed to agree so the others dropped it and began chatting again. Hermione had tried to convince Luna to inform a teacher, but the blond brushed it off. Harry had no idea this was the tip of the spear.

When the train pulled up to stop, everyone gathered their belongings and left the train. Hermione and Ron hugged Harry and promised that they would find a way to get him to the burrow soon. Harry watched as they made their way to their respective families. He jumped slightly as he felt a small hand on his shoulder. He turned to stare into the gaze of Luna Lovegood.

"Luna, aren't you going to meet your father?" Harry asked. He looked around for someone with an odd fashion sense, but didn't spot the man.

"Do not worry about me Harry. I travel by flow." Luna said in her musical voice.

Harry frowned. "There's a flow connection here?" He asked. She nodded and pointed to a three rather large fireplaces far off to the side. "Strange, I never saw them before."

"That's because you never looked Harry Potter." She smiled at him. Harry nodded. He noticed that Ron and Hermione were with their families, but they had not left yet. He was pretty sure they were wondering what the blond witch wanted with him.

"Harry, be careful. Things are not always what they seem. Friends may only be a wolf in sheep's clothing. I will see you soon Harry. Goodbye." Harry's eyes widened as Luna's other hand rested on his other shoulder. She pulled him to her and brought her lips to his. Harry stared wide eyed at the witch for a moment before his eyes closed and he lost himself to the kiss. The world around seemed muffled. He was vaguely aware of two women yelling. One sounded like Ginny, the other Hermione. The kiss ended suddenly and Harry found himself standing once again on platform nine and three quarters. Though he was slightly in a daze.

Luna smiled at him, than turned on her heel and skipped towards the fireplaces. Harry noticed intense looks of displeasure from Molly and Ginny. Harry glanced at Hermione who looked pleasantly surprised. Harry glanced at Ron and was slightly shocked to see pure loathing written on his friends face. Harry shrugged his confusion to his friends and set off to the barrier to meet his god awful relatives, all the while thinking about how Luna's lips tasted like sweet honey.

Things immediately started going south when he arrived at number four privet drive. The first thing his uncle did was slam his head in the doorway. His uncle quickly said it was a mistake, but not before tripping him and stepping on his hand. Harry had cried out in pain, but what good did it do, no one ever came. No one came.

He spent the next two weeks after getting home being the Dursey's punching bag. Duddley and his gang had caught him in the park a few times and proceeded to beat him up. During one incident though, Dudders took things too far.

They had been shoving Harry back and forth when Harry heard one of the boys yell and toss something to Dudley. Harry was shoved at Dudley than. He brought his hands up trying to brace himself. That's when it happened. Harry felt something cold and hard impale him. Dudley's face went from amused to horror. Both boys looked down to see a knife buried to the hilt in Harry's mid-section. With a gasp Harry staggered backwards before collapsing onto the ground. Dudley and his gang panicked. They ran for it. Never caring that they were leaving a person to die.

Things were silent for a moment before Harry began gasping for air. Than a familiar face appeared over his. "Don't worry Harry. I'm going to take care of you OK?" Tonks said. But, Harry didn't care. He welcomed death. He was tired, tired of it all. The wizarding world could find themselves a new hero.

Harry's vision began to darken. As the last of the light drained before him, he saw something that caused him alarm. Above him, perched on a tree, was a Raven. What frightened Harry though, was the Raven appeared to be smiling.

Harry awoke some time later in his bed. He tried to get up, but a pain in his stomach prevented him. He pulled the blankets aside to see his mid-section bandaged thoroughly.

The door opened and Tonks walked in. "Wotcher Harry?" She beamed at him. He gave her a look that spoke volumes. It caused the witch to clamp her mouth shut and advert her gaze.

"How long?" He asked. Tonks turned to him.

"How long what?" She asked.

"How long did you watch them beat me up? Did it really take for my life to be in jeopardy for you to interfere?" He yelled. Anger clouded his vision as he stared at the witch. Why was everyone so prone to do nothing when him being hurt was involved.

"I'm sorry Harry. Dumbledore ordered us not to interfere. But, that is not why I didn't help you Harry." Harry tilted his head to the side slightly awaiting an explanation. "I was running late on my shift. I'm sorry Harry. While the others wouldn't have interfered with the fight, I would have. I'm sorry, I let you down Harry."

Harry stared at her. His anger soon began to fade and he turned to stare out the window. His eyes widened as he saw a familiar Raven perched on a branch watching him. He turned to tell Tonks about the bird. But, before he did he glanced back and it was gone. He shook his head, he must have hit his head or something.

"How long have I been out?" He asked Tonks.

Tonks looked up and Harry could see tears in her eyes. He immediately felt bad. Tonks probably saved his life and he was acting like an ass to her.

"I'm sorry Tonks." He said apologetically. Tonks nodded and sat down on the bed beside him.

"It's OK. I understand that you're angry." Harry nodded and the two lapsed into silence for a moment.

"Three days." Tonks muttered.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Three days Harry, that's how long you were out." She stated. Harry fixed her with a hard stare. Tonks looked away for a moment before sighing.

"There's something you're not telling m isn't there?" Harry asked. Tonks expression gave him the answer.

"What is it?" He asked with a little heat in his voice. Tonks bit her lip.

"Harry, no one knows you were injured. I was taking over for Mundungus when Dudley and his gang attacked you. As it stands, I'm the only one that knows you were injured. I took the last three days off feigning a cold. I wanted to make sure you were safe Harry."

Harry saw the tears in Tonks eyes. The witch blamed herself for Harry's injury. He also realized that her not informing Dumbledore spoke volumes to her character. Tonks was not one to be easily manipulated.

"Tonks, I just want to say thank you. What you did saved my life." Tonks turned her head to him. The tears streamed down her face. Harry had only known the witch for a short while, but he had never seen her like this.

"Tonks, why are you crying?" He asked.

Tonks wiped her face and let out a rather large breath of air. "I should have been there faster, if I had I could have stopped it."

Harry wasn't sure what made him do what he did then. Harry grabbed her face with both hands and turned her face towards him. Harry pulled her into a hug and held her. The witch was hesitant at first before she buried her face into his shoulder. The two sat in silence for what felt like eternity. Tonks had pressed herself into Harry more. The two held each other for a time. Eventually, Tonks pulled back and looked Harry in the eyes. Their faces were barely inches apart. Harry, being a male teenager, acted before thinking. He closed his eyes and leaned in, he pressed his lips against a startled Tonks.

He immediately pulled away and averted his gaze as he half expected to be hexed into oblivion. When nothing happen he turned back to see Tonks giggling. He was going to ask her why she was giggling when she changed the subject.

"I want you to know that I had a little chat with your relatives." Harry's eyes widened comically. Tonks giggled. "Don't worry, I didn't do anything to rash. But, I let it be known that if they ever. I mean ever lay a finger on you again, they are going to have one pissed off witch on their hands. I mean it Harry. I'll protect you no matter what."

"You're getting soft Nymphadora " Mad-Eye grumbled as the pink haired witch jumped slightly. Moody stood at the edge of the driveway of number four privet drive.

"What do you mean Moody?" Tonks asked. Letting it slide just this once about her name. Moody was old after all.

"What I mean, is that you're letting your feelings get in the way of your judgment." He growled out.

Tonks felt anger instantly. Her hair matched her cheeks. "Now you listen here you old man, I never let my personal feelings get in the way."

Moody turned away for a moment and Tonks believed that was the end of it. Moody however, had different ideas.

"Tonks, you are to old for Harry. I'm sure you can find someone else to shag. Now, don't interfere with Harry again."

Tonks was beyond angry. She started to pull out her wand and hex Moody into Oblivion when something caught her eye that gave her paused. She stared up into the trees to see a Raven watching her. The Raven's black eyes stared at her for a moment. Tonks felt a cold shiver up her spine. The Raven jumped off the branch and flew away. Tonks stared a moment longer before shooting Moody one last glare and disappeared with a crack.

She appeared in her apart and quickly flopped herself into a chair. This caused a number of take out boxes and pizza cartons to go flying about. Tonks hated to say it, but she was a slob.

She sighed and closed her eyes. Why did Harry have to kiss her? Now, everyone was going to be thinking she might try to seduce the poor boy. She shook her head and tried to calm her nerves. She really wanted to hex moody, maybe next time she would.

Harry sighed as Tonks left the room. He didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable. The woman had saved his life after all. And yet, he had been a total ass to her. He glanced out his window once more and was relieved to find that the Raven wasn't there again. He was beginning to think that he was going bonkers.

The room was hot and muggy. Unfortunately, his uncle Vernon decided that Harry had to rely on Fans and an open window. Vernon was not about to let the freak run up his electric bill.

So, against Harry's better judgment he opened his window and turned on the fan. Why was this against his better judgment one might ask? It was because of Luna's warning on the train. As much as he wanted to believe that it wasn't real, that Luna was just being her normal self. He somehow felt that it was real.

The group had dismissed her words with a brush of the shoulder. But Harry couldn't help but wondering. As the night deepened, sleep gripped him in its hand, could she have been right?.


The Raven waited for the boy-who-lived to fall asleep. Sure enough, Harry Potter joined the realm of the dreamworld. The Raven's eyes lit up in excitement. Now, was her opportunity. She flew towards the window, she easily passed through the wards that protected the home. The boy believed it was blood wards protecting the house. How wrong he was about to be. The Raven landed on Harry's desk and looked around. Seeing that Harry's owl wasn't there. Probably gone off to stay with the filthy traitor. She hopped into the air and in spin, a Human woman appeared in Harry's bedroom.

She wore a long black cloak that had Raven feathers woven into its folds. She had dark piercing eyes. She barely wore any clothes except for a small bit of cloth to cover her most private area and a small tank top that did nothing to conceal her large bosom. Her hair ran the length of her back and was woven into long intricate braids. Tattoo's of a long dead language, in the pattern a tribal tattoo adorned her face. Her face suggested royalty. Her name.. is Arianna.. She had come for Harry Potter.

She slowly sat down beside him on his bed. She marveled at the boy, or man if you wanted to be picky. Bandages still adorned his mid-section where he had been stabbed. She felt some pity for the boy. He was not meant for this filth. She shuddered as she looked around at the dump of a home. She reached a hand out and slowly stroked his face. Harry mumbled something in his sleep before letting out a deep sigh. She smiled.

She marveled at the boy as she watched him sleep. So young, so filled with wonder. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift into his. His dreams and thoughts were scattered all over the place. Surprisingly though, the purple haired woman from earlier was in his dreams. My.. she was acting in a very intimate manner with Harry. She let herself smile at this dream. To be so young and to be a teenager. She sighed and shifted into his memories. She shifted through his memories, occasionally stopping and watching one play. She stopped all her treks when she noticed something. A blond that he had become friends with. According to Harry's mind the girl was a bit odd. But, he still loved her as a friend. Arianna watched various memories with this girl in it. Luna... Luna was her name she learned. Arianna noticed that Luna often watched Harry when he wasn't looking. Arianna could see the longing in her face. She could see that the blond was falling for the green-eyed boy. But, there was something else as well about the way the blond watched him. Arianna focused on the girl and began sifting through his memories again.

She came suddenly to a gray cloud. Her eyes narrowed. Someone had messed with the boy's memories. She would have to unlock the memories in order to access them. She reached forward with a bit of her magic and pulled at the bindings of the memory. It took a bit of work, than the bindings broke away. A flood of memories began pouring free. She took a sharp intake of breath at the massive amount of memories. Trying to get some control she focused on one memory.

Harry, was laying in the hospital bed with his arm bandaged. He looked to be about twelve years old she guessed. She watched as a white bearded, white headed man made his way over to him. She recognized Albus Dumbledore.

She moved closer and was able to catch some of the conversation.

"Professor, did I kill the Basilisk?" Harry asked. He had worried that it was still alive somehow. Dumbledore smiled. "I'm afraid Harry that the snake is a little Harder to Kill than simple jamming a sword into its mouth.

Harry's eyes widened with worry. "Professor, we have to kill it before it harms anyone else." Dumbledore held up its hand.

"Not to worry Harry. The snake will return to its hibernation. I imagine it will not become active for a very long time."

Harry wasn't having it though. He tried to sit up only to find a wand in his face. "I'm sorry Harry, but this is for the greater good. Obliviate" Dumbledore said. Harry had a glossed over look on his face. "You killed the Basilisk Harry, It is dead and gone." Harry blinked and looked up at the professor. The two began talking of the upcoming year. Harry had never known that Dumbledore had Obliviated him. Arianna sifted through several other memories and finding Dumbledore doing the same. Dumbledore was manipulating Harry to suit his needs.

She withdrew from his memories after finding what she was looking for. She had been told that this boy was put through hardships that most never suffered. She had been told right. And, it was all thinks to the supposedly 'leader of the light'.

It was time for her to help him onto the path that he's destined for. The elders foretold of his greatness. She gave a small smile. He would come to rule the world. Now, it was time for her to begin.

She reached into a pouch and pulled out several stones. The stones were actually runes that were created by one of her ancestors. She placed one on Harry's forehead and another on his chest. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath.

Her eyes opened revealing that they had changed. Her eyes now glowed a fiery red. She smiled revealing a row of sharp fangs. She brought her wrist up and bit down. Blood began to pour from her wrist and drip onto Harry's chest. She let the blood drip onto rune on Harry's chest before moving it to drip onto the rune on his head. She than moved her wrist close to his mouth. Her blood began dripping into his mouth. She watched as Harry's throat began swallowing the liquid. She lifted her wrist up to her mouth and licked the wound sealing it. She leaned down and kissed him. The kiss, while rather pleasant, had another reason to it. She breathed into his mouth. She breathed some of her essence into him. Now, it was time for Harry to claim his rightful place.

Harry's body shuddered for a moment before he stilled. She slowly stood up and stared down at the boy. The world was going to be in for a real shock soon.

She smiled as she took a few steps back. She transformed into a Raven and flew out the window to a tree branch. Now, all she had to do was wait.

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