Chapter 3

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Fleur was sitting with Molly at the table of number 12 Grimmauld Place. Fleur glanced at the witch as she went back and forth from the stove to the table. The elder witch was cooking up a feast to feed 200. Fleur knew in reality, that the witch was keeping herself busy. Fleur watched as Molly would stop occasionally to pep herself up before attending to the various pots and pans.

As much as she wanted to. Bill would not allow her to go with the order to Harry's house. She was incensed with the man. He may be her betrothed but he sure as hell did not tell her what to do. She wanted to help the boy. He saved her sister after all. And she would have went to. If it had not been for the look of total fear in Bill's eyes. A look that shook her to her very core.

She had conceded defeat than. That did not stop her from worrying however. She glanced out the window again in hopes of catching a glimpse of her betrothed.

"Stupid, Stupid boy. He acts too much like his father." Molly grumbled as she slammed a coffee pot down on the table. Fleur jumped slightly. She had been lost in her thoughts. She was about to ask who Molly was referring to when a loud crack caused them both to jump. Fleur glanced out the window to see several order members making their way to the house. Several appeared to be injured.

The door opened before Molly or Fleur could reach it. Dumbledore strode forth with Alastor and Bill behind him. Fleur immediately launched herself into the arms of Bill. Her lips crushed against his as she showed how much she was worried about him.

"Where's Harry?" Molly asked, looking past the others as they trugged in. She glanced back at Albus to see that his expression was impassive.

Albus turned to Moody. "Alastor, set the pensive up. We have much to discuss."

Fleur watched as Albus strode through the doors towards the den. She turned to Bill.

"Bill, what is going on? Where's Harry?" She asked.

Bill looked torn. Finally, he spoke. "Fleur, he is gone. Some woman took him. We think it was a dark witch. Tonks was taken as well."

Fleur gasped. Her hand covering her mouth. "One of Voldemort's people?" She asked.

Bill shook his head. "It was some witch." Bill paused for a moment. "What is it Bill?" Fleur pressed on. He was obviously disturbed. "She was strange. She wore a cloak that looked like it was covered in Raven feathers. She had strange tattoo's adorning her face." Bill paused at the look of horror on Fleur's face.

"What is it? Do you know who she is?" Bill asked quickly.

"We must go to the headmaster at once." She grabbed Bill's arm and headed towards the den. She silently prayed that Harry and Tonks were still alive.

Harry opened his eyes and looked around. Only darkness greeted him.

"Where are we? Why's it so dark?" He asked. He shifted slightly, adjusting Tonks's weight in his arms.

"In a cave silly. Give me a moment." Arianna said. Several torches began igniting themselves in a row. The cave brightened and Harry was able to look around for the first time. It was huge. Large enough to encompass Hogwarts it seems.

He turned to Arianna. "Why are we here? Tonks is hurt. I need to get her help right now!" He urged.

"Lay her on the ground Harry. Let me have a look at her." Arianna said. Harry nodded and laid Tonks gently on the ground. He stared at her unmoving frame and could not help but worry about the woman. She was one that truly cared about him.

Arianna knelt down next to Tonks. She held her hand over Tonks and a yellow glow appeared. Harry's eyes widened at the display of wandless magic. He noticed Arianna's eyes were closed in concentration.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity. She sat back on her knees and sighed. "I can do nothing for her. She is to far gone."

"What!" Harry screamed. "There has to be something, anything. I cannot let her die." He dropped to his knees by her head. He ran a hand through her hair as the tears began to fall from his eyes.

Arianna stared at him for a moment. "Are you in love with this woman?" She asked.

Harry glanced at her. What could he say? How could he say he loved someone that he had only known for a short while. But something about Tonks seemed to call to his soul. It was the same with Luna. He felt a pull there was well. Finally, he turned his attention fully to Arianna.

"Yes, I do." His voice was barely a whisper.

"I know of a way to save her Harry. But... It would bond her to you for life. Are you willing to do that for her?" She asked.

Harry stared at the still form of Tonks. He could feel the extremely faint pulse of her heart through his fingers on her neck. He nodded his understanding.

"Very well. Hold out your arm." Harry raised an eyebrow but she urged him to hand her his arm. He did as asked.

A quick slash caused him to cry out in pain. She had slit his wrist. "Why?" He gasped. The pain was unbearable.

"Place your wrist against her mouth." Harry did not ask about how strange this sounded but did as asked.

Blood began to pour into Tonks mouth. Suddenly she gasped and her mouth latched onto Harry's wrist. He gasped as he felt the pull of his blood pouring into Tonks mouth. His eyes widened in horror as he watched the witch drink.

A moment latter she fell back against the ground gasping, blood covering her mouth. She turned to Harry.

"Harry... what happened? Where am I?" She asked weakly.

"She needs to rest Harry. Come, I will show you where you can sleep." Arianna said.

Harry picked Tonks up. Who surprisingly did not protest and followed Arianna farther into the cave.

As Harry followed Arianna deeper into the cave he turned to Tonks. Who had a nervous smile on her face.

"Harry... I.. I could not stop thinking about the kiss." She said weakly.

"Shhh Tonks. It's OK. We can talk about it when you feel better." Harry said to her.

Tears started to well up in Tonks eyes. "Harry... I.." Harry placed a finger to her lips. Tonks stared at him as he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Tonks felt her heart skip a beat as his lips touched hers. She knew then that what she felt before was no joke. She was in love with Harry Potter.


Fleur rushed into the room to see Alastor setting up the pensive. Albus had cast a spell on the wall to create a white backdrop. Before she could speak Albus spoke.

"I have cast a spell that will broadcast the pensive memory onto the wall here. This should help us in finding out the identity of the woman who took Harry. It will also show us Voldemort's method of retreat.

Several order members nodded. Albus waved his wand and the images began to play. Fleur watched along with the others, as the forces of Voldemort and the Order battled one another. It all came to a head by the explosion of the upper half of Privet Drive. Fleur had watched as Tonks was struck by a curse and went down. She gasped when Harry appeared. Only, she was shocked at the woman who placed her hands on his shoulders. The images changed to show Voldemort sneering at Albus before apparating away. His death eaters soon followed.

The images over, Albus turned to the assembled order. "Now, our first priority is to find out whatever information we can about this woman. We need to find Harry Potter and quickly."

Fleur saw her chance. "Albus.. I think I can help you." She stepped forward as all eyes fell on her.

"Yes Miss Delacour. What information can you provide us?" Albus asked. His eyes twinkling like mad.

"While I do not know who she is exactly. I do know what she is." Fleur began. Several murmurs were heard as the various people began whispering. Albus nodded for her to continue.

"While you know that Veela's often walk among wizards and witches, that is true. However, my race holds a deep secret that is rarely heard about." She paused as the surprised look of several people, including Albus. "About 2000 years ago my race experienced a massive change. Veela began as one single race, before something caused a small number to branch off. No one is sure what caused this change, but it changed our whole race entirely. What you see of Veela now is only a half of what my race was once formerly. What you see in that image... is the other half."

People immediately jumped to their feet in yells. Albus immediately held up his wand to get everyone's attention. He turned back to Fleur. "Please continue."

"The last reported sighting of one by the Veela elders was nearly 300 years ago. We had thought they long died out." Seeing several confused looks she elaborated. "For our race to survive we have often bred with muggles and as you are aware, wizards. It was said that these Veela. Who we call Dark Veela only mate with truly powerful wizards to extend their bloodline."

Suddenly, something seemed to snap inside Molly Weasley's mind. "Are you telling me she kidnapped that poor boy to mate with him?" She shrieked.

"Now, Now, Molly. We do not know that for sure. Perhaps Miss Delacour is mistaken?" Albus asked, trying to play the part of the peacemaker before Molly went off again.

Fleur, recognizing Dumbledore wanted it dropped until Molly was not around, nodded her head. Molly let out a sigh of relief before turning to Albus.

"I trust you will find Harry. After all, I am sure Ginny and his friends are missing him terribly." And with that Molly Weasley headed back to the kitchen. Fleur watched her go before turning to Bill.

"I swear Bill if your mother acts like that about our children we are moving to France for good." Fleur turned on her heel and left the room. She had to think. The reemergence of a Dark Veela brought many questions. The main one being why she was interested in Harry Potter. She deliberately left out several key things though. She did not want the headmaster to know that a Dark Veela could open one's mind for them. To show them their lost memories. No, Fleur kept this to her self for now. Bigger things were at play at the moment.

Fleur opened a hallway door and nearly collided with Hermione. With an apology she stepped to the side. Hermione however, quickly grabbed her arm.

"Fleur wait." Fleur turned to the young girl. "What is it Hermione?" Fleur asked.

Hermione, as a habit, nibbled on her bottom lip. "I.. is Harry OK? We have heard some things." The girl began.

Fleur could see the girl trembling. Fleur was not sure what made her do it but she held open her arms and was hit by a bushy-haired missile as Hermione launched herself into her arms and began to cry hysterically.


Ron sat on the stairs watching the scene unfolding below him. His face was nearly as red as his hair. 'Of course, she would mourn over Potter. It would not matter. If what they say is true. He shall be dead soon and all his fortune, will belong to us.'

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Molly looking past him. She leaned in close. "Be careful Ron. Dumbledore does not want us to give away our hand to quickly. He has worked a long time on setting this up. We do not have to wait much longer." Ron started to speak but Molly shushed him.

"Listen to me and listen to me good Ronald. Our family has been working on this to long. Do not screw it up." Molly turned and ascended the stairs. Ron turned back to Fleur and Hermione. He shook his head and turned to leave as well.

'Damn you Harry, Damn you Harry Potter'


The cave seemed to be getting warmer as they progressed deeper in. Harry glanced at Tonks who was asleep but had a content smile on her face. He noticed how her hair framed her face. How her lips seemed so plump and kissable.

Harry shook his head. 'Kissable? Where did that come from?'

"I see you are already experiencing it. Your feelings will only increase until you've mated with her." Arianna said. She had stopped to stare at the boy with the woman in his arms. She had to smile at his actions.

Harry looked at her horrified. "M..Mate? What are you talking about?" He asked. His heart started to pound. To his surprise, a gentle hand was cupped his face. He turned to stare into the intense eyes of Tonks.

"Would that really be so bad Harry?" Tonks asked. Harry noticed there was something about her eyes that were pulling him in. Before he realized it. Their lips met.

Harry felt like lightning had hit him. The intense feeling of this kiss was like nothing before. The kiss they shared earlier was tender compared to the one now. The kiss with Cho was different, innocent. This... was completely different. It was as if everything came together perfectly.

"Put me down Harry..." Tonks said breaking the kiss. Harry did as she asked and was taken by surprise as she pushed him to the ground. Tonks quickly straddled his waist and locked her lips with him again.

Arianna had stood off to the side as the to embraced one another. She watched as the two dueled with their tongues. She was getting turned on seriously. She had to put a stop to this soon. She was Veela after all. It was effecting her more than those two. She could feel their arousal, it was driving her nuts. She was half tempted to say screw it and let both of them have their way with her, but she could not be delayed.

"You two can play later. We need to keep moving." She said, her voice betraying her arousal.

Tonks and Harry's heads spun to look at her. Both had forgot that the raven haired woman was there.

Both quickly comprised themselves and turned to her. "Sorry..." Harry said blushing.

Arianna nodded and turned to head deeper. She noticed however, that the two were now holding hands. She let a small smile grace her face before turning her focus back to her mission.


Harry was getting tired. The affects of earlier were finally wearing off. He turned to Tonks who was resting her head on his shoulder as they walked. A smile on her face as she held onto his arm. He smiled. Tonks was his now, he would not let anyone take her away from him. His mind paused for a moment. Since when did see Tonks as his? He looked at her out of the corner of his eye and the question dissolved. He was right, she was his and he would not let anyone near her. His mind paused again as something occurred to him. What about Luna?

As the trio walked deeper into the cave Harry began reflecting on everything that had to do with one Luna Lovegood. As Harry's mind worked he realized more and more that he cared about Luna as well. The question and task he had to think about now was how was Tonks going to react?

Harry was broke out of his thoughts by a loud rumbling noise.


A pair of steel blue eyes opened and looked around. The room was dark, except for the moonlight shinning through the window.

The figure slowly sat up and turned to the window, her long blond locks falling down her back like the water coming down a waterfall. She slid off the bed until her bare feet touched the floor. She stood and slowly made her way towards the window.

She had heard him call her name. He thought about her, no... maybe.. she was not sure. Her head hurt slightly just thinking about it. She started to turn back towards the bed when she paused. She glanced at the moon.

"Harry, I do not know if you can hear me. But, stay safe, promise me this please." She began quietly. She than turned and slipped back under the covers of her bed. It would be hours before sleep gripped her.


Harry paused as he heard the rumbling sound. He was about to speak when he turned sharply. He looked around wildly. He was sure he had just heard Luna speak.

"Harry, stay focused." Arianna hissed. Harry turned his attention back to her just as the ground started to shake slightly.

"What's going on?" Tonks asked. She had her wand out and prepared for an attack.

"Put your wand away foolish girl." Arianna said to Tonks.

Harry was about to protest the fact of Tonks putting her wand away when something moved into the light that caused him to loose all rational thought. The massive beast looked like it could not possibly fit into this cave.

"WE FINALLY MEET HARRY POTTER"- A voice spoke in Harry's mind.

Harry stared incredibly up at the massive black dragon. What did he do now?

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