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Christmas Eve was always an exciting night for Hermione.

Her mother would usher her into the shower and then present her with a new pair of pajamas when she was done. This year it was a two piece set in periwinkle blue. The top was a long-sleeved thermal with a penguin in a pink and white striped hat on the breast while the pants were covered in many penguins wearing hats in a large assortment of colors. Her hair was pulled back into a tightly woven braid while it was still wet and then tied off in an attempt to make doing the same thing the next day easier.

Then she gathered with her mother and father in the living room to read The Night Before Christmas. Her father would sit down in the large red leather armchair that sat by the fire and she and her mother would perch on the arm rests to look at the illustrations over his shoulder.

Then Hermione would be sent to bed, no matter how much she protested against it. She would wait ten anxious minutes after her light had gone out before tugging out the flashlight she kept tucked under her bed (wrapped in a red ribbon for the holiday season) and retrieving 'A Christmas Treasury' from the shelf. Hermione would settle herself in bed and slide the flashlight through a hole in her bed frame, tilting it so it stayed at the angle she needed it to be at so it would fall on her book without her having to hold it.

Then came the waiting. In her earlier years it had been to try and hear Santa's sleigh bells ring so she could meet him. Now it was habitual, a challenge to stay up until the clock struck one. Around the time the clock struck ten she would hear her mother begin to wrap her presents in the next room. It would take her an hour to get the wrapping paper to cover the books without having the corners rip and to get the clothes to stop sliding out of the wrappings. Then her mother would creep down stairs with the presents to lay them underneath the tree. It had been this tradition of waiting that had led her to discover that Santa wasn't real and it was her mother and father providing her with gifts.

Yet she always fell to slumber before the midnight hour. Hermione blamed it on her propensity for waking at seven every morning. Even the excitement of Christmas and the possibility of greeting it at midnight were not enough to keep her awake.

And she appreciated the sleep the next morning when she awoke at six and had to bounce her parents awake to get started on Christmas. There were only so many hours in which the joy could be had and she didn't want to waste any in slumber.

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