"So what do you want to eat?" I saw a very amazing looking burger on the menu, not wanting to take in all of the calories that one holds, I simply asked if I could just have a drink and talk with him.

He gave up much too easily.

"Ya, sure babe, I won't force you," my eyes lingered on the picture of the food for only a moment before I closed the menu and rested my head on my fists and my elbows on the table, "What?" Noah asked softly.

"Just finding the fact that my boyfriend is this sexy hard to believe." I could see the blush on his face but It was covered, as usual, with a smirk and a cocky comment.

"You bet your ass I'm hot, it's the guns." I laughed airily; I could only hold back the floodgate of questions so long before it burst without supervision.

"So… Noah, when did you become suddenly bi, or did you always peak in the locker rooms?" he twisted his hands together and I could see his shoulders tense, I had struck a nerve. His eyebrows were scrunched together and his beautiful hazel eyes darted around only slightly. I pushed my knee on his and rested our shins together, hoping to give him some comfort without making it publicly uncomfortable for him. He chuckled a little.

"I only peaked at you, hon. And I have actually no idea, I just started liking you… just thought you were pretty cool and fun to hang out with. Then I really liked kissing you." He smiled at me. "I was always fascinated with you, you held an air of…. I don't know, you. And you never dropped it, even when those assholes pushed you or knocked you down. You were always better than them, then me, you never stopped fighting." His eyes glistened with more depth than I had ever seen in anyone, I was reminded of my mother's eyes. Not the color but the emotion, I wondered if she would be happy with Noah.

Of course she would. I thought dumbly to myself and smiled at the beautiful boy in front of me.

"I'm glad you 'fell' that your opening up to me, I like it a lot." He then surprised me y reaching acros the table quickly and latching his hand to mine.

"Me too."

After a few minutes of multiple refills while waiting for our food, I excused myself to use the restroom.


As soon as Kurt left, the waitress came to our table and I smiled at the amazing timing. While avoiding her strangely disgusting innuendos I ordered, the regular pasta dish for myself and that burger I saw Kurt discreetly eyeing up along with a milkshake, distinctly asking to make sure it was one that came to the table with two bendy straws.

"Honey, you might give Lady-face the wrong idea, it's sort of a romantic gesture." I couldn't tell if I wanted to laugh or scream. I gestured her closer and whispered lightly.

"I'm hoping that my boyfriend appreciates this romance." Her spine straightened and her face turned an ugly blotchy blush as she wrote down the order and swiftly walked away.

I smirked when Kurt sat down but he dismissed it in favor of talking about how Santana had just drunk texted him explaining every curve of Brittany's body in twelve different messages as she had written so much it wouldn't all fit on one. The laughing that ensued as he read it to me was for two reasons, one- because I totally could see Santana saying this and two- to cover up some of my surprise as I found it severely hot when some of the dirty words from Santana's mind escaped Kurt's innocent lips with an adorable blush that leaked past the collar of his tight shirt.

When the food arrived Kurt looked at like he could kill me, then destroyed the burger in front of him like Finn would have.

"Kurt, if you were hungry, why did you say you weren't?"

"I didn't want to ruin our first date by looking like a pig." Again he blushed but it wasn't for anything but embarrassment.

"Everyone eats, baby, like since the beginning of time. And you should have no worry about gaining weight," his eyes flashed in surprise, like he couldn't believe I had brought it up, "because your body is smokin' hot."

"Thank you Noah" he murmured right as our milkshake arrived, with exactly two straws. I felt euphoric. (That's right, it's a big word!)

"How romantic, my dear." He leaned forward and sipped the chocolate dessert.

"Hay, when we're done, you want to go back to your place, curl up in our pj's and watch some chick-flics?" this might have been the best sentence I have ever decided to utter, because the expression on his face challenged the sun in brightness and his eyes glittered more than Adam Lambert.

"Dad be damned, let's do it!" that's when I remembered his father.

"Should I be worried?"

"I'll protect you." He said with the biggest puppy dog eyes ever. Like ever. And I totally forgot what we were talking about.

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