TwoKinds: Sub-Story

By: Theguywithcheez & Szmeszek & Grapsimo

Name: Daniel of the Coastal Fox Tribe

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Species: Keidran

Origin: Coastal Fox Tribe

Sexual orientation: Straight

You wake up in the middle of a street in, what looks like, a city. You get up, head throbbing. Just then a small mob of people come around the street corner in front of you. A guy with a sword says "Theres one! Lets use his hide for coats!" The mob cheers and starts chasing after you. You turn and run down the street a ways and sharply turn a corner into an alleyway.

You go around the corner, when a door flies open and you get pulled inside. You see the whole TwoKinds gang standing there inside a store that Trace pulled you inside of.

Gasping for breath, you say "Thanks!"

"What were you doing out there?" Says Trace, looking out the window as the mob runs by. "I woke up in the middle of the street and these people started chasing me."

"Do you have any where to go?"

"Not that I can remember. My head's hurting like I've been hit or something."

Trace says "Wait here for a minute" and goes off into the corner to discuss something that you can't hear. He comes back and ask you "Do you want to travel with us?"


"Why should you?"

"I'm an open-minded person and you can talk with me whenever you like."

Trace says has a thoughtful look on his face for a little bit, but then says"Welcome aboard!" He then helps you up, and goes over to comfort Flora, who just keeps staring at you with huge bug-eyes like you're a ghost. Keith gives you an annoyed look. Trace then says "We're going back to the boat now. Finish looking around and lets get the hell outta here." After you finish getting supplies, you all then run down to the docks to the ship and board it. Eric pops up out of nowhere, walks up to you and says, in that creepy voice of his, "Why hello there! Whats your name?" He starts to extend his hand towards you, but you back away a little bit and say "Ack! Don't touch me you freak!"

You run around and around on the boat shouting "Don't touch me! Don't touch me! AHHH!" as it slowly pulls away from the dock. Flora then grabs you and says "SNAP OUT OF IT!" and slaps you. Eric comes up to you and says "I was just trying to say Hello. Why did you freak out like that?" "You said it all creepy-like! It freaked me out!" Frighted; you hug Flora.

Trace glares at you for hugging Flora. Eric says "Why don't I get one of my crew members to give you a tour of the boat?" Trace replies somewhat angry "That would be a good idea"

Eric says "Mike come here! We have someone that needs a tour!"

You then get a tour of the boat, with Mike and you becoming better friends along the way, with him showing you all the nooks-and-crannies of the ship.

After the tour, you see Kathrin washing the dishes in the kitchen. You slowly walk by, and she turns around and smiles at you. You blush and hurry to catch up with the others at the dining table. Its nearly lunch time.

Later in the day, after dinner, you see Kathrin again, but this time shes walking to the shower room, and whats this? She's naked! You force yourself to look away, but you cant help it. As she closes the door to the room, you both lock eyes for a few seconds.

Later in the night, you get up to get some water and Katrin is in the kitchen too. You force yourself to introduce yourself to her. "Hello, I-I'm Daniel. What's your name?" She replies in a soothing and sexy voice, "That's for me to know, and for you to find out, Fox boy." She winks at you and leaves the room.

As you chase after her through the dark hallways of the ship, you become lost. You then see her poke her head around the corner in front of you and you race towards her. But when you get there, shes gone. You look around and notice light coming from under the door down the hall. You go up to it. When you slowly open the door, Kathrin is sitting on her bed, back facing you. She turns around and says in a seducing voice; "What are you doing here, Fox boy?"

She gets up and walks towards you when you're about to speak, puts her finger over your lips. "Shhh." she says. She whispers in your ear, "My names Kathrin. But call me Kat." She pushes you gently aside and walks out the door, turns around and says in a quiet voice, "Follow me..."

You follow a little behind her and notice that she is taking off her robes. Slowly, but she is. You follow her up on deck to the rear of the ship where she takes them completely off and whispers to you "Kiss me, fox boy..."

As you and her lock lips, a surge of emotions flow through you. After what seems like an hour, she breaks the seal that is your lips, opens a chest, and pulls out a wine bottle and 2 glasses.

"Want a drink?" She says, while pouring some into the glasses. She hands you one and gulps hers down in one go. You look at her with a little bit of shock on your face, think to your self 'Whats the worst thing that could happen?' and drink yours too.

You and Kat have a pleasurable night, filled with lots of "activities". You wake up early in the morning on the floor in the middle of the hallway leading to your room. You stand up and realize you are naked. You quickly look around and notice you are by the dining room table, where there's a few empty wine bottles and numerous glasses. You think to yourself 'Oh gods! What happened last night!' You quietly run back to your room where you find Kat in your bed.

You try to not make any sound while trying to find your clothes, but Kat is already awake.

She says "Hey, fox boy. Had a wonderful time last night? Me too. Hope we can get to know each other a little more." She winks at you. She gets up and grabs her robes, kisses you and walks out the door, back to her cabin.

You fall against the wall, in a mist of love and confusion, and slide to the floor, and fall back asleep.

A short while later, Mike walks in and wakes you up for breakfast, and has a confused look on his face of why you fell asleep on the floor. But, he doesn't ask and leads you to the table. As you sit down, you notice that Kat isn't at the table.

"Where's Kathrin?" You say. Eric says "She's in the kitchen making our breakfast with Evals. Why do you want to know, Daniel?"

"Oh, I just wanted to know if I could help with something."

Eric says: "You can go in there and see if they need any help, if you want."

"Ok" You go into the kitchen and see Evals making fried eggs on the stove and Kat making a fruit salad.

You ask "Do you need help with anything?" and Kat whips around with a startled look on her face, and says "Oh, Daniel, you scared me. I think me and Evals have everything covered. Thanks for asking, though."

"Ok, Ill go back to the table now, it looks like you almost have breakfast ready."

Just when you're about to leave, Kat says "Hold on a second; do you think you could help me with the dishes after breakfast? Evals and Mike need to repair one of the sails, so I don't have any help."

"Sure. I can help."

"Ok, good." She smiles at you and says "You better go sit down now, breakfast is ready." As you sit down at the table, Keith asks, in a sarcastic voice, with a tat of annoyance; "So what did you 'help' her with?" After he said that, Natani, Flora, and Trace chuckle a little. Eric quickly says "Now Keith, lets not invade on others social life, ok? I'm sure he helped Kat with the fruit salad. You were in there long enough." He chuckles a little.

Kat and Evals start to bring out the food, and set it on the table. As you and the others are eating, Natani, who is sitting next to you, leans over a little bit and asks you "So what DID you help her with, and do you know what all of that noise was last night coming from the kitchen?"

"Nothing right now. I'm helping her with the dishes after breakfast."

She says "Ok. What do you think those noises were last night? I think it was Trace and Flora getting it on again, if ya know what I mean." You nervously chuckle while she laughs heartily.


You and Natani had a good chat about her Assasin job and her brother, but you don't know, yet, that she is a woman.

You say to everyone: "I'm done now. I think Ill help Kat out with the dishes." As you walk out the door you hear someone whisper and then Trace and Flora start giggling. As you walk into the kitchen, you see Kat already starting on the dishes. You set your dishes down next to the wash basin and ask Kat what you can do. She hands you a towel and says "Dry." not in a harsh way, but in a smooth but demanding voice, like she was being controlled by something. Then you remember from your times being a slave, the owners put a control spell on their slaves to prevent them from doing what they are not supposed to do. As you two are cleaning, you notice a tear running down Kats face.

You say to her "Is everything ok?"

She quickly wipes the tear from her face, straitens up and replies in what seems like a scared voice "Ever since you came aboard, during the day, *sniff* Master Eric has been putting t-this spell on me that makes it so that I cant do anything that I want to do, until-" She stops suddenly. You reply "Whats wrong?" She replies in that smooth, demanding voice, with a little bit of a quiver, like she was scared, "We have to get the dishes done."

When you both are done, you go up on deck, where Mike and Evals are trying to repair the sail that got ripped by the storm the day before you left. You go to the front of the ship and stand there, looking out on to the ocean, when someone behind you says "I know what happened last night."

You turn around and find Keith standing there. You say "How do you know?" He replies "Us Basitins can go for days on end with out sleep, so naturally, I wasn't tired, so I got up was on my way to get a drink, when I saw you two run down the hall. I followed you and saw you go into Miss Kathrins room. When I was about to open the door to see what's going on, right before I stepped out around the corner, the door flew open and Kat came walking out and you followed. My curiosity got the best of me, and I followed you two up on deck. You two then kissed for the longest time, and had a few drinks of Erics wine, then I regret following you around after that. You're just lucky you didn't get too far last night. She was in heat just two weeks ago." (And then you remember that female Keidran can only get pregnant the week AFTER heat) "I won't tell anyone as long as you be more careful from now on, ok?"

He then turned around and went back down below deck. You're standing there with an embarrassed look on your face when a storm quickly forms. Evals and Mike finish repairing the sail and Eric has you go around and make sure everyone was inside before the storm hit.

End Chapter 1.