Chapter 6

In the morning you find yourself sitting up in Kats bed, her arms wrapped around your waist like a

stuffed animal. You try to pry yourself away, but she holds tight. As you look around the bed, you find

a pillow thats just as fluffy and squishy as you are. Strange, you think, why is this here? You pull it

over to you and start to wedge it in between where you and Kat are. Finally, she accepts the pillow and

lets you go.

As you slide out of bed, you wonder where your clothes are, but you dont remember taking them off.

As you rummage around in the closet, you find them, hung up and clean. Puzzled, you take them down

and put them on.

When you're headed back to your room, you decide to go through the kitchen to see if breakfast is

being made yet. As you walk through the door, you notice a stench of wine, and a dark stain on the

floor by the door, and a bag with wine bottle pieces in it. You walk back to your room to find the door

slightly ajar.

As you slowly open the door, you tip-toe over to the window and pull up the shades.

"Ugh! Keith! Get offa me!" Natani says when she wakes up. Struggling, she manages to throw Kieth

onto the floor with a silent thud.

Natani hops out of bed and throws her robes on. Keith groans. "Cmon, Keith, get up before the others

get up." she says, nudging him with her foot. "No, mom. I'm not ready to go to the Academy yet." he

says, rolling around on the floor.

Natani bends over him and grabs hold of his shoulders. "WAKE UP KEITH!" She says, shaking him

violently. His eyes pop open and he shoves Natani off of him and picks up his sword. "STAY BACK,

OR I'll... I'll. Hey, Natani..." He says, lowering the sword.

"Gods, Keith! I was just trying to wake you up!" She says, up against the closed door, panting. "Sorry,

I... I don't know what got to me. I guess I was having a bad dream..." He says, sitting down on the bed,

head resting on hand.

"Keith, are you ok?" Natani says, as she walks over and sits down next to him. "Yeah, I just need some

water." He says as he gets up.

You stand there staring at the unbelievable sight that is in your bed. You look around the floor to see

wine and milk bottles on the floor around the bed, and in it, are Evals, whos upper body is visible,

hands under head, a look of satisfaction on his face, and cuddled up next to him, is, wait... no...


You stand there and look at a female Mike and Evals sleeping in your bed. Michelle starts to move, so

you bolt out of the room, running back to Kats room, only to find her not there. As you wander around

the ship trying to get that image out of your head, you hear talking coming from Erics cabin.

You lean up to the door and try to listen in on the conversation. "Kat, I already told you, as soon as we

get to Edinmire, we will be dropping off Trace and the others, and that includes Daniel, too. We cannot

have him with us the entire trip back." Eric says, sounding annoyed. "But you don't understand!" Kat

half-shouts. "Yes I do." Says Eric, angrily, half cutting her off. "You just love him because he's a

change-up from seeing m-" "I'M PREGNANT!" Kat shouts.

You just stand there with a blank look on your face when you hear Eric stammer "But we never-I

thought-" "It wasn't you." She says angrily. "I LOVE him and you can't change that." She says, almost

sounding on the verge of tears. Eric sounds speechless as you her heavy footsteps coming towards the


You scurry away and dive into the bathroom just as the door flies open and Kat storms out. "Wait,

where are you going?" Eric says, half chasing her out the door. "Away from you" She says, running

down the hall, right next to your hide-a-way. You hear her storm down the stairs into the store room and

slam the door shut. You crack the door open just in time to see Eric rub his head and say "I guess I can't

keep her mine forever..." as he slowly walks back into his cabin.

Michelle yawns. "Gods, why is it so light in here?" She says, shielding her eyes from the outpouring of

light from the porthole. She sits up and takes a look around. There is a soft "Noooo..." To Michelle's

left as she is pulled closer to the mid-dream and shirtless Evals.

"AHHH! GET OFF!" She screams, thrashing around, hitting Evals in the nose relatively hard in the

process. As Evals thrashes around trying to comfort his nose, and somehow manages to shove Michelle

off onto the floor in the process.

"Ouch, Mike! What the hell was that for?" Evals complains as Michelle is getting up of the floor with a

sore back. "You, you grabbed me and and like pulled me towards you" "Whoa, whoa. I didn't do

anything to you. All I remember is bringing the extra milk and wine here, and then you punching me in

the nose!"

"Hold on, which room are we-"

"Hey, Mike."


"Where are our clothes?"

After your ordeal with the depressed Eric, you head to the galley [lol sailor terms] to see whats for

breakfast. As you walk by the door to the kitchen, you look through the crack in the door to see Kat

cooking. When you turn around to head to the table, you hear running and "Gogogogo!" from around

the corner.

You scratch your ear and be sure it wasn't schizophrenia setting in, then go to the table where Keith is

sitting, staring at the place mat, and Natani is playing with the forks and knives. Then a few minutes

later, Flora shows up, as usual, wearing no pants. A short while after, Trace shows up and takes his

usual spot next to her.

After a little while of staring at each other, Trace breaks the ice, harshly. "So, Keith. That was some

party, wasn't it?" He says with a fake smile. "Yeah. Sure." Keith replies, resting his head in hands to

help relieve his headache.

After a few more minutes, Eric comes out in his bathrobe and sits down at the end of the table.

"Wheres Mike and Evals?" he says, looking around the table. "I have NO idea." Keith says, lifting his

head off the table. "Can I have some water?" he adds, looking at Eric. He sets his head back down.

"Um, sure Keith." Eric replies, questioning Keiths current state of sanity. "I'll go get it for him" Natani

says quickly. "He has a hard-Imean had a hard night last night. All that part-ay-ing heheh." She quickly

gets up and goes into the kitchen.

"No, Mike. These are your pants. They dont fit me." Evals says as he stumbles around the cabin. "Then

this is your shirt" "Ok, hand it over, here are you're pants" "Ok, wait, your pants are backwards"

"Thanks. You got everything?" "Yeah. Lets hurry!"

Mike and Evals run down the hall towards the doors to the table, but skit to a halt right in front of the

doors, fixing up each others shirts and hair. "MIKE! Your womanliness is showing!" "Oh gods!

Thanks" she says, adjusting her womanliness to a discrete level. "You good?" "Yeah, lets go."

"Hey everyone! How's breakfast so far?" Says Mike, pushing through the doors. "Yeah, hey everyone!"

Evals says, following suit to Mike. Everyone stares at them. Even Keith mustered up the energy to lift

his head and look. Eric looks the most annoyed. "Mike. Evals. Where were you two? You were

supposed to help Kat with breakfast." Says Eric, looking into the souls of Mike and Evals. Just then,

Kat comes through the door carrying 2 huge plates of scrambled eggs and hash-browns.

She stares at Mike and Evals. "Thanks for the help." She proceeds to set the plates down on the table.

"Well, could you use any help? Mike asks. "Sure, Mike. Thanks for asking. Follow me. Theres still

more stuff to bring out. Evals, you can wash the dishes." She turns around to go back to the kitchen,

with Mike and Evals.

"Ugh. I can't believe you two! I had to do all of this by my self. Mike, take these out." She says,

handing him a plate of sausage. "Evals, wash last nights snack plates before the mice get to them."

"What are you going to be doing" he complains. "I'll be in the washroom cleaning sheets and shirts that

got wine spilled on them." She says as she walks out of the kitchen.

You're just starting to eat when Kat pokes her head into the door. "Heeeeyyyy, Daniel. I need to talk to

you for a minute." After looking around the table real fast, and realizing all the attention you're getting,

you comply and meet her out in the hall, but she insists that you two go somewhere more private than

the hallway. You follow her back to your room, where she and you sit on the bed.

"You know how we've known each other for quite some time now, and we've done some pretty weird

things? Well, I really don't know how to say this, but I was talking to Eric earlier this morning, and he

says that we shouldn't be together anymore." She says, looking at the ground.

"Wh-why? Did you askhim why?" You reply, slightly confused, but knowing what might happen.

"Well, after he started to basically yell at me, I just lost it and started to yell back, and then, well, I

guess you'd have to find out one way or another, but I told him I was pregnant and I just ran out, not

knowing what he'll do." "I-I don't know what to say." You reply, now realizing the full story.

"I think when we get to Edin-wherever we're dropping off the others, we should leave and follow

them to [town] where we'll be safe from him and the Templar trying to get us." Kat says, sounding

eager. "But, I just have one question, how did you find out that you're... pregnant?" You ask, slightly

embarrassed. "Well, I just noticed one day that my shirt felt a little tighter than usual, and, well, I

looked in the mirror, at my side, and thats what I presume, because I don't eat that much to gain weight

that fast." She replies, still exited for your journey away from Eric's ship.

"I-I best be getting back to the table now." You reply, slowly edging your way away. "Ok, sweetie!"

She hugs you and gives you a big kiss and sends you on your way.

When you go back in and sit down at the table, redfaced, Natani notices and asks "Why do you look

like you've just seen someone naked taking a shower?" "It-Its nothing.." you reply, trying to contain

your confusion, excitement and wonder. Natani sets down her fork. "You sure you don't want to talk

about it?" "Yeah. I'm pretty sure." "Ok then." She says as she continues eating. 'That was a close one.'

You say to yourself as you continue to eat. 'What if I told Natani what we were planning on doing?

What would she have done? Would she have told Eric?'

Eric stands up. "Everyone, I have an announcement to make. I have discussed with Trace and Kat about

setting Mike and Evals free. We have come to the conclusion that the trade will happen when we land

at Edinmire, and we will all go our separate ways from there on out. Any questions?" "Yeah," says

Keith. "How long 'till we get there?" "Thats a good question, Keith. Probably another day or two." Eric


After breakfast, you head back to your room to find the shade back over the window and the lamp

missing. When you head towards the window to open it, someone grabs your shoulder and says "I

know what you and Kat have been up to. Don't deny it. The plan won't go through." The person grabs

you and holds your mouth shut as you are thrown onto the bed.

End Chapter 6, part 1