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my content warnings are being teen for philosophical cultural clash misinterpreted by all, non explicit nakedness and undetailed implied reading if this offends you.


"This sweet na fairy ass about,damn straight sweet ass it is! Only thing straight, baby;twisted get it don't!

Kiss it you can't,jealous bitches all you are is...this about,hate me 'cause you want needs!"

Fairies amazed na man;fine fairy ass thing pretended!

Fairies about;each other fine fairy ass checked—than pretty na human's,mo far fine fairy ass real thing na human set straight must be!

Follow iron's wheeled na deathtrap;fairies must.

Fairies caught up sooner would have;smelly na sweat attractive point make zenith time it was? Moon zenith time it was; when leaving bar it was—most certain!

Matters not.

Faux na fairy ass about;sunlight in proof expose best would!

Thusly,mostly,nakedly;pretty na human Lafayette bed from front yard until carried—then dropped!He up inventory did: fine hitobito ass checked, Lafayette fine hito ass checked;everybody naked was—this about,sukushi sex dream was!It with,roll he would—sweeto!

Sun's light lit;posing of naked watched, Lafayette did. Lafayette happy was!

Then talking nakeds made!

Nightmare was this!

Crazy talking about,they were;theirs only fine fairy ass be insisted did. Lafayette faux na fairy,insisted!

Then,strange na,the nakeds sex on Lafayette's lawn had—proof about,most fairyest they were,they insisted.

Said nakeds, Lafayette fairy never could be-Lafayette very pretty human man,but never a fairy man be.

Said nakeds, Lafayette fairy heritige false;therefore, Lafayette brag stop must!

Dazed na Lefayette;blinked Lefayette did,popping na sound heard was-nakeds gone!

About Lafayette :One thought consumed—Strangest na gaybashing ever!