This is my particular christmas gift to everyone in this fandom and what I think is Toto's story. Its divided in three chapters. The next two I will publish soon enough.

Dedicated to: ChocolateSunshine500, Catsafari, vikkie, Maict, KathySacuba, WhiteDemoness11, aznchocoholic and najedia. Sorry if I forgot anyone, but you know who you are! Thanks for all the support and thanks for encouraging me to keep on trying!

The Cat Returns is not mine, but to compensate it, here is a little list of italian words I'll be using in the story:

Creazione: creation (creationi, creations)

Mio figlio: my son (piccolo, small)

Naturalmente: of course

Che vita meravigliosa!: what a wonderful life!

Padre: father

Non essere stupido fratello: don't be stupid brother (mio fratello, my brother)

Cielo: sky

Fidati di me: Trust me

Magico: magical

Wings to fly

Chapter 1: Past

He stretched his wings to all their span "It's a good thing to be alive" he tought, not for the first time in his life. He still smiled from the memory of his creator jumping two feet in the air because of the scare the crow gargoyle gave him when he became flesh in front of his eyes. -Dio!- he swore just before wiping his brow to come nearer the recently transformed bird -so this is a Creazione- the old man said, remembering the words of his master, just before the man died.

-A creazione?- asked a voice at the side of the crow gargoyle and the bird turned to see a fellow stone-to-flesh creature changing slowly, hair by hair, casting a soft blue glow.

-Yes, he said that when someone create something, with all their heart and hopes, the object is given life, and I just have the proof of it in front of me- the smile in the face of the man looked a little forced, but neither of them noticed, enthusiastic as they were at the perspective of being alive. -But... I should give you names...- the man put a hand to the back of his head, the gesture the bird-like gargoyle knew was the one of concentration and frowned deeply. -Eureka!- the man shouted and caressed softly the feathers of the black bird -You should be named Toto, mio figlio, because you are all I dreamed and hoped-

-And me?- the other one asked and the old man walked near him, laughing hard.

-Naturalmente, mio figlio piccolo, you shall be named Muta, because I changed for you- and it was obvious by watching the both of them that the man had changed significantly to create them: while Toto was a crow in all the extension of the word, the smaller detail carved carefully on the stone, Muta was a little more... free in its design... a chimera, with the body of a pig and a cat (AN: Muta fans... I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist... don't kill me!) and small dove wings in its back and the entire body covered with soft white fur.

-Che vita meravigliosa!- the crow shouted to the top of his lungs, since he didn't have anything to fear. It was sad, but shortly after being created, he had to be separated from his "human", his padre, being taken, along with his little brother, to the main tower of the church, where his "place" was.

-And what is so wonderful about it?- asked the gruff voice of his brother from his side and Toto couldn't help but to hide the smile that was already forming on his beak. It was another thing that was so radically different between them; while Toto was all happiness and optimism, Muta was... always watching the glass half empty.

-We are alive, mio fratello, I think that's e...nough...- and Toto's sight and speech was suddenly lost in the contemplation of the birds in the air, traveling, spiraling... flying.

-Why don't you try it, birdbrain?- the younger brother asked, knowing Toto's weakness.

-Non essere stupido fratello, you know I'm not a real bird, I can't fly- the bird said with a tone of uncharacteristic melancholy in his voice and every single discussion was cut short for the day.


-What are you, anyway?- Muta was awoken one day by a female voice. A very sweet, silvery female voice. He turned to flesh in record time to see his brother shrinking in fright in a corner, while a female crow towered over him -So... can't you tell me?-

-What'cha doing?- Muta asked, standing on his hind legs in front of his brother to protect him. Maybe he didn't know what was going on, but it wasn't normal for his brother to be this afraid. Never.

-Nothing with you- she answered in a defensive manner, watching a weird animal in front of her. -My name is Cielo, by the way- she said before winking to the bird and flying away to the setting sun.

-What was that?- Muta asked once he made sure his brother was once again on his pedestal and breathing normally, but got no answer all that day, until almost sunrise when a small voice answered, in the growing light of the tower.

-She asked me why I don't fly...-


-You know, the wings are for flying- Cielo said to him that summer afternoon, just after the sun passed the noon, when no one was watching the tower, in the lunch time. -We are supposed to be free and the wings give us the ability to do it.-

-Do what?- Toto asked, interested and not only in what she was saying. Muta wasn't there, because both of his aversion to the female bird and the love he knew his brother felt fo the same girl.

-Fly... escape... travel...- she said with her dreamiest voice and Toto didn't feel anything for the next seconds, just enough for her to pull him near the edge of the rail where his claws were resting.

-No... no!- he said, pulling his wings back, but it was too late, and he was so near the edge his body plummeted to the abyss.

-Open your wings and let the air take you!- Cielo's voice spoke from his side but he was far too afraid to even open his eyes, feeling the void under him. -Fidati di me!- was the last he heard before opening his eyes and his wing to their maximum span and suddenly he could see the blue of the sky and feel the wind moving every single feather on his body. He was flying. -You are doing it!- Cielo's voice cheered at his side and he couldn't help but smile, his voice lost in the happiness of the moment. He was free... he was flying... he was alive.


-How was it, birdbrain?- Muta's gruff voice greeted him from a corner of the tower when Toto returned, alone, to his place.

-It was... magico- he said, and not only referring to the flight, but to the time spent with the beautiful female crow.

-You can't do that!- Muta snapped and Toto jumped in his place, moving his wings a little as reflex.

-What do you mean?- the bird asked.

-To go away, to... go and fly!- Muta yelled.

-Well, I'm a bird, remember? You tell me everyday... birdbrain, isn't it? I'm supposed to fly!- Toto shouted back, not reigning on his temper.

-You are a GARGOYLE! You are supposed to be in the same place!-

-Just because you can't move don't mean I can't be free!- Toto answered before he could stop himself and threw a wing over his beak. -I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean...-

-Good night, Toto...- Muta's hurt voice answered him from his place, just before turning back to stone.


-...So I want to be strong enough to lift him from the ground so he can enjoy the freedom like I can- Toto's tone didn't let Cielo understand the half of whatever he was saying, but by what she could catch, it was a really bad idea.

-They would notice...- she tried to put sense back into him, but it seemed like a lost cause.

-No, it wouldn't, because it would be after the sunset. There are no people outside and the ones who are, won't tell anything! It's a great idea!-

-All right, we can train you to lift him- she said with a resigned voice -but what do you want to get?-

-I want him to be free as I am now, thanks to you...- he said, a little calmer and Cielo couldn't help but feel like everything they did together was worth the try.


It was January 11, 1693, according to the gregorian calendar when Toto experimented for the first time in his long life a strange feeling, similar to a premonition. -Don't go out today Toto, please...- Muta talked to him for the first time in two weeks, that sunset, but the bird just brushed off the feeling before preparing to fly.

-I'll be back before midnight. I promise, mio fratello- Toto said before flying away and that would be the last time he saw his brother in his life.


-We are almost there- Cielo cheered him while he lifted a really big heap of branches from one tree to the other, at the other side of the city. And true, they were almost there when an electric shock went though both of them at the same time, causing the male crow to let go of his cargo -Land!- was all Cielo could order before they were tossed from one side to the other and part of the forest fell on them.


When Cielo opened her eyes, she found herself inside a dome made of black stone, completely safe from the falling things around her and the moving ground under her, but the ground wasn't moving anymore and she couldn't see a way to get out of the dome -Toto?- she asked experimentally and she felt a shudder coming from the stone pressed to her side and a moment later, Toto's wing was closing to his side, after protecting her from falling branches and small stones.

-You're alright!- he exclaimed happily, embracing her with his wings, just before looking back to the sky -It's past midnight... Muta's going to kill me!- he said just before flying away, leaving her all alone in the middle of the clearing made by his own body ion the heart of the destruction around her.

But she wasn't going to stay and wait. She followed him, slowly, thanks to both the shock of seeing his transformation from so close and the movement of the earth. She hadn't felt anything like that before. And she found him in the middle of another devastation, his forehead against the forehead of a stone figure she recognized as Muta, only this Muta was lacking legs... and tail... and half a body... even to a simple bird like she was, who couldn't understand magic as well as Toto could, Muta was evidently dead.

-I... I promised- Toto said, just before his voice broke and fell to the ground crying like Cielo didn't knew birds could cry. But Creazioni had to be different and she said nothing while the male cried all he could and hid all he could find of his brother in an improvised hole in the ground, at the side of their creator whose tomb was curiously still on one piece, so they could rest together until the three of them could be together again.

The earthquake did happen, in the south of Italy in the day and year I said in the story, at 9:00 pm (aproximately). I know its sad, but deal with me a little longer, next is the story of how he found the "Refuge for Creations", the creation of the Cat Office and the movie. I know the chapter looks broken, but its like a recolection of memories. If you find it very confusing, tell me so I can rewrite it.

Oh, by the way... ChocolateSunshine500, I think they sound weird too, especially Muta and Natoru (or its Natori?), when I watched it the first time, I had to put it on pause because I was laughing so hard, I wasn't watching it anymore.

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