Hand of Doom

Parings Naruto/Harem. Main girls are NOT Naru-universe, Hinata will NOT BE PART OF THE PARINGS!

Bashing's aplenty along with some interesting crossovers.

This will be a 'Fem-Kyuubi' story, BUT it wont be one of those beach ball chested red heads that throw themselves at Naruto.

Naruto will NOT be the happy go lucky idiot that forgives everything, nor will he be a psychopathic killer. Kinda going for the middle ground on this one.

Hi (Naruto)

Hi (Demon)

Hi (Narrator/Author break)

"To the left! Quickly!" A hoarse whisper sounds in the head of a small blond haired bundle running thru the streets. "GET HIM!" "Kill the demon!" A ranting and frothing mob of sub-human garbage screamed as they ran after the small boy.

"FUCK! God damn Inu-teme!" The small boy curses the man who told him the lie that had him in this current predicament. "I should not have listened to him.." "You can beat your self up later, NOW MOVE!"

A faint whipping sound can be heard before metal hits flesh and bone. "AHH!" As the small boy tumbles to the ground, the Animals in human skin swarm him. Bottles, knives, bats, and fists crash down on the poor boy, who can only curl into a ball.

Normally when someone has an upbringing like Naruto, their mind takes the shape of a dank sewer. But the...spirit that was sealed into him by the fourth, or the bastard as Naruto calls him, changed it. The small underfed boy wandered through strange area's that seemed to emphasize his memory's.

The empty room (The apartment that the monkey gave him,) The Korovo Milk Bar (His lair, the underground room that he found in the ruins.) (Parts of Konoha that have been abandoned since the Kyuubi attack) The hall of masks (His view on the people that have tried to 'befriend' him) (Naruto long ago realized that Konoha will NEVER be a home to him) And finally the area that actively try's to keep him out.

The void. This area holds a great sense of sadness and regret. Standing at the edge of the void, Naruto sighs softly. "HEY! It looks like I might be here awhile, seeing that Inu-teme was on watch tonight..." "...I'm sorry Naruto-kun..."

Naruto sits down in one of the booths and sighs again. "It's not your fault, I should have guessed that he was one of the haters." Naruto looks into the star filled void. "Please...You are the only friend I have in this shithole." Tears start to fall from his dull almost lifeless blue eyes. "I swear to you...what ever your afraid of...I wont hate you..."

(Line break)

"Sarutobi, you cant keep doing this to the boy!" An old man with half his face covered in bandages growls angerly to another old man wearing a wide brimmed hat with the kanji for fire emblazoned onto it. "Danzo, you and I both know his role in the village, The child soldier program worked with Itachi-chan, did it not?"

Danzo growled at his former friend. "Naruto is the son of MINATO for fucks sake! You cant do this to him!" As Danzo takes a step towards Sarutobi, a thin chock-to blade appears on his neck, said blade held by a silver haired Anbu. "Know your place Danzo, Naruto WILL be a weapon for his village. With Kushina dead, and Tsunade off drinking her once great family's fortune away...Their is no one to stop me."

Shaking in rage, Danzo watches as the monster that wears his once friends skin walks into Naruto's hospital room to play the 'grandfather' role. "Your plans wont succeed you bastard. Mark my words!" Danzo storms out of the hospital and into a dark alleyway. "I swear Naruto-kun, I will help you as much as I can."

A blank masked ninja appears into view next to Danzo. "I have news from Orochimaru-sama." Danzo nods. "Report." The nin kneels. "Orochimaru-sama has managed to stableize Kushina-dono, she will awaken soon." Danzo grips his cane tightly. "And Itachi-chan?" "Her wounds where severe, but she will pull through."

Danzo growls angrily. "Damn that Fugaku..."

(Line break)

A stone pathway floats into view after Naruto's heart felt speech. Slowly walking the path, Naruto starts to notice strange raven like creatures fluttering around him, like they are following his journey. "Naruto!" "...Naruto..." The ravens repeat his name over and over again. Each time, a soft and kind whisper.

As he comes to the end of the path, Naruto notices a small quivering bundle wrapped in a purple cloak. "K-K-Kyuubi?" Naruto whispers in concern at the strange sight, but as he try's to reach out to the bundle, it shirks back in alarm. "Sniff...p-please...don't hate me..." Naruto gulps slightly. "Why would I hate you?"

"Y-Your...l-life is..." Naruto plops down onto the floating rock. "What? Bad?" The bundle lets out a shuddering sob. "Life sucks in general, I don't blame you for this! If anyone's to blame it would be my BASTARD parents! Leaving me in this hell hole with that manipulative cockroach Sarutobi." Naruto smiles softly as he spots a ruby red eye peaking out at him from the shadowed area of the cloak.

"if anything you're the only friend I have here, so...please don't cry.." The little bundle unravels slightly showing a beautiful young woman with ash gray skin and ruby red eyes looking up to him. "Don't take this the wrong way...but your really beautiful." The young girls face turns a darker gray. "Th-Thanks, I guess..." She gives him a small smile as she positions herself in a similar seating position. (Inadvertently giving Naruto a better view of her body. 5Ft4in, a solid 100lbs, her breasts, while not huge are a nice and firm c-cup. Her outfit is slightly odd, even for ninja, a long but skin tight black dress and a purple cape and cowl. Kind of a mix of her outfits from DC-Comics and DCAU.)

Blushing slightly, Naruto looks away. "Um...C-Could you...tell me your name?" The gray skinned teen giggles softly at his flustered tone. "It's Raven."