Mein Land

I'm not dead, nor am I abandoning my stories. I've just had some issues with some health problems and a new job that eats my nights up almost entirely.

Running, that's all he's been doing for the last twenty minutes as his two 'students' have taken him and Lilynette on a seemingly wild goose chase. "And the day started out SO well..." The very second that he and his charges exited the academy, Naruto and Jinx took off. With an almost deliberate tempo, they seemed to be drawing him and Lilynette away from the village proper. The not so merry chase led to the ruins outside of Konoha, the same ruins that the oh so WONDERFULL citizens of Konoha refused to acknowledge, and finally to the tunnels. These tunnels where two narrow to effectively use soinido to get in front of the two so he and his daughter/pain in his ass/student where forced to follow them.

"Starrk! Where the hell are they going?!" Coyote ignored her outburst as he lept over some strange looking debris. The one thought in his mind, besides the fact that he could have avoided ALL of this, if Lilynette had only let him sleep, was the fact that the lower they traveled the less these tunnels looked natural.

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"Is everything prepared?" Jinx gives a sinister giggle at Naruto's monotone. "Yep, the array is set for the very second those two creatures enter. Phasing through a random wall, Naruto growls softly. "We leave at the next corner. Jinx's smile only widens slightly.

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Stumbling slightly on an old pipe, Lilynette caught sight of something that scared her deeply. A grim encrusted window overlooking a dimly lit cavern. "STARRK, WAIT!" Coyote stops mid stride and turns to the now shivering young arrancar. "Lilynette, this is no time to gawk at random junk, we shit." Splayed out in front of him, was the sight of a huge cavern housing a city of all things. But not just any kind of city, a pre-Sage city.

"T-That's...That's not possible..." Loud and slightly insane sounding laughter rung out from everywhere and somehow nowhere. "What's the matter 'Sensei', surprised to see pre-cataclysm ruins in such great shape?" Coyote turns to where the sound seems to be coming from as Lilynette cowers behind his thigh. "What the hell is this?! Why show us this at all?" More laughter rung out as the sound of wings fluttering in the breeze started to arrive. "S-Starrk...L-Look!" Lilynette's hand pointed with a quiver, things where appearing in the gloom. Red eyes staring at them with disdain from in the gloom.

The further into the sinister ruins, the more something seemed to click with Coyote, he was getting weaker like something was missing in the air. "S-Starrk...what's going on? W-What are those things, and why are we so weak?" "I don't know what those things are, but they don't seem hostile." Coyote kneels down to pick up his daughter. "There's something wrong about this place."

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Standing in a dark room, Jinx and Naruto watch the images of their supposed team struggle with the first leg of their 'test'. "Last time someone tried to follow us down here, they started to convulse and bleed at this state." A pale skinned arm shifts out of the ever changing cloak and types a few unseen keys. "Their Arrancar, not Shinobi." Naruto leans closer to the holo-display. "Their bodies are not infected with that poison that everyone else is."

"If they don't have chakra, then...are they like us?" Naruto shakes his head at Jinx's hopeful tone. "No, those two aren't human." Jinx turns to the display with a slight frown. "But...we aren't..." Naruto places his hand onto her head. "I know Jinx, but their different. You, me and Rae-Chan are homo-magi." His cold blue eyes turn back to the screen. "Those things are not even alive." Jinx gasps at this statement. "N-Not alive? T-Then what ARE they?" A small unmarked black book floats down from the shadows to Naruto's hand. "What we got from the archive says they are some kind of tangent soul form that feed on the spiritual energies of the world at large."

Scowling slightly, Jinx kicks the display lightly. "Why the hell would Danzo-ji put us with something like THAT?" "Because the Kage would have put you two with Minato's pet assassin Hatake." Jinx and Naruto turn to the entrance of the room and spy Coyote standing with a calm but wary look on his face, Lilynette in his arms barely conscious.

(Line Break)

{Status Report. The vessel's growth was believed to be kept under control, but now this has come into question. At 0830 hours this morning, the vessel arrived to the academy dressed not in his usual kill me orange, but in a black, almost formless cloak that seemed to shift and flutter as if in a constant breeze. The two kunoichi hopefuls assigned as potential mate material where violently attacked by the vessel and one former member of the Haruno clan codenamed Jinx.

The two, who until now had no visible contact outside of the academy, preformed a flawless combination attack consisting of two unknown types of Jutsu that seemed to use no visible chakra signature. The vessel then used a clone technique that had no hand signs or chakra signature. Same with Subject Jinx.}

The more of this Sarutobi read, the more his blood ran cold. Looking up, he addressed his loyal Jonin. "Has anyone been able to REALLY follow Naruto, or Miss Haruno?" The Jonin in the room shifted and tried to shy away from the Kages cold stare. "W-We where under the impression that the little idiot was no real threat, always going on about wanting to be Hokage and.." The unnamed Jonin's sentence died on the vine as a Kunai lodged itself into the frontal cortex of her brain. "It's obvious that something has been done to the brat, the attitude he displayed in class, and the unknown power he and the girl displayed have me concerned."

He rises from his chair. "I want you all to drill into the heads of the cannon fodder you are training to try and separate those two. Make it seem that the demon is influencing them." Asuma grins sinisterly. "You want us to attack them as well?" Sarutobi shakes a negative. "Not yet, but try and convince the Yamanaka that winning Naruto's heart is for the betterment of the village." "What about the Uchiha? Will they assist us in this?"

Sarutobi scowls at Kakashi. "No, Mikoto Itachi and Satsuki have put their support and the support of the other surviving Uchiha behind Root. Satsuki will be apprenticed by her sister Itachi, her placement on your team is only a formality." The jonin start growling and cursing the traitor Uchiha. "How was this allowed Hokage-sama?" "Danzo pulled two of his favors and got the council members that support him to allow this. I cant overrule this, or the Damiyo will be breathing down my neck. With what's at stake that fat fuck cant find out about this until I have the village under my TOTAL control."

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