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Project Dark Jade Proudly Presents:

The Jade Dragon

Created by Nocturne no Kitsune

Written by Eduard Kassel


What in the Name of…?

Jackie Chan rolled to his feet on the cobbles of the courtyard, his eyes looking up to the demon on the raised segment before the palace, the burning portal before it. He couldn't help but appreciate the palace from what he could see. His profession was to reconstruct the past, and here it had come to life before him.

Be careful what you wish for is a very wise proverb, he decided, making his move towards better cover.

"Jackie Chan, right on cue," the demon spoke in a light teasing tone, the hiss lingering in the wake of the sentence. He froze, before rising into a stance as the demon glanced at him with blazing red eyes. He had expected rage, but the amusement he could swear he saw there was even worse.

"Yes, I knew you would be here, I dropped my name for just that reason. I imagine the captain and your uncle are lurking about in the hills somewhere," she chuckled, shaking her head. His expression grew grim at the veiled threat, and then his attention snapped to the portal as a dragon's head emerged, roaring.

The demoness stepped forward and to his shock stroked the dragon's jaw with one hand while scratching about its horns with the other. He couldn't make out her whispers, but the soothing tones were unmistakable. Like a man soothing his horse, he recalled from experience.

The dragon pulled back calmed, and the demon turned to regard him, fully frowning slightly. Turning away, she walked behind the portal, obscured from his sight for a moment.

She didn't emerge, a woman did. No, it was still her he realized on the heels of his thoughts.

She had shrunk to stand only two heads over him now, and her skin seemed unblemished by anything but scales. Her hair was unchanged, but her green sorcerer gown was replaced by a classical dress adorned with a pattern of green and gold he recognized as imitating her true hide. Her face did not match, too tanned and the features – while pretty – were not the stunning or horrifying visage one would expect. The eyes were red… no, brown!

He frowned at that, a mocking trick leaving a clue only for it to fall apart under inspection.

"I trust this form makes you more comfortable. Lo Pei was fond of it, though I never was able to get him to act on it. Why are the good ones the hard to get?

"Anyway, I know you wouldn't have just come here to die, your wizard gave you something you think can be used to stop me. But that is just a shred of hope you're packing, yes?" the disguised demoness asked.

"What is this?" Jackie demanded, watching her carefully.

"You caused me some trouble. I was afraid I would never escape my prison. I would sooner have that power at my side than in opposition," she explained, crossing her silk covered arms.

"Wah? You ask this as you get ready to destroy Asia?" Jackie asked, not believing what he was hearing.

"Oh, is that what they say these days? I want to rule Asia, not destroy it. Even with dragons, don't you think that would be more trouble than it's worth? Which isn't to say I won't set a whole lot of people on fire and break a couple dozen cities.

"But Hong Kong doesn't need to be one. Join me, and I spare that city and bring it into my new Empire with minimal violence, and give it to you to rule in my name.

"A man of your talents should have your fellows at your feet, not be henpecked by the world around you! Serve me and stand down now, and you will rule Hong Kong and be a Warlord of my court," she declared, sweeping out her arms.

"Not even a little interested," he deadpanned. Pulling out a bottle, he poured its contents onto his hands, setting them aglow.

"Oh, not even for that price? It shouldn't be a surprise I guess, some things… they are just meant to be!" the Jade Dragon roared, her eyes flashing red as her clothes melted into her, returning to her true form.


"Hey now, you're probably wandering who left the gas on, or even more inappropriate phrases. Chiefly, you are wondering why me, your favorite supporting hero (I don't do sidekick!) is sporting scales and serious demon mojo. What's more, why is this set in a time you true blue fans now well, but all freaky wrong?

"And some are no doubt wondering where old demon breath is in this entire freaky mirror world thing you seem to be seeing. Well, funny it should be worded that way-

"But, I'm getting ahead of myself. So before we get into this warped take of an already bizarre New Year, let's go back to the beginning, or perhaps I should say the end?

"Hopefully it will make sense to you, because honestly it's still a bit confusing to me.

"It all started…"


Bet you never thought this would show up eh? Me neither as a matter of fact. The first arc of this story has a big problem that I think is solved, but it was still the only story we considered seriously abandoning.

This is posted now as a gauntlet thrown down for myself to write more. Don't expect prompt updates with my other commitments. If you are watching out there Nocturne, I hope this meets your approval.