"I told you I'm sorry!" America said the same sentence for the third time mow.

"Sorry doesn't cover it!" England's voice was heard from the other side of the line, rather pissed.

"Dude! Chill! Why are you so angry anyway?" Stretching his hand with the phone away from his ear, America scratched his head, puzzled.

"Why? Why?" England was practically shouting at the top of his voice now, "Who wouldn't be angry if he had to wait for someone for 2 hours, only to get a phone call saying that he can't make it?"

"I told you I'm sorry!" That's the fourth time now.

"Stop saying the same bloody thing! Instead of that, why don't you try and be on time for once?" England rubbed his temples, trying hard not to lose it.

"I can't! I'm busy." America sighed.

"Huh…" England paused for a brief second before continuing, "If that's the case, I guess you can't help it either. Did your boss give you a lot of work?" His voice was a lot softer now and sounded just a little bit concerned.

"Nope," America replied without thinking, "I was playing video games."

What? Heroes cannot lie.

"-snap-" England lost it after all.

"… England?" Puzzled by the sudden quietness, America called testily.

"DAMN YOU BLOODY IDIOT! DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TRY AND TALK TO ME EVER AGAIN!" England shouted, almost bursting America's eardrum. With that, he ended the call.

"…" Looking at the phone's black screen blankly, America sighed and kept his phone. Guess he's just made things worst. Maybe he should go apologise in person. But it wasn't his fault! No one said anything about not playing the video games; England's just being annoying and demanding.

Besides, it was just another one of those shopping and sightseeing trips after the world conference; they were just going to wander around and see Japan's tourist attractions, this and that. No big deal.

"Ahh~ if England's not gonna loosen up and stop being so uptight, who knows how much thicker his eyebrows will get?" America tossed his phone to a side, lie down on his bed and did a stretch. "What game should I play next?" He muttered to himself as he stared at the room's white celling.

"America kun, did you have a quarrel with England san again?" Japan approached America right after the second conference at his (Japan) house.

"Huh? What makes you think so? Hahaha, Japan! You can be so silly at times!" America laughed awkwardly and scratched his head, trying hard to seem natural.

"… So the two of you did have another disagreement after all." Japan sighed.

"…Was it that easy to notice?" America stopped his actions at once and asked.

"I am afraid so. The only times England san would be quiet and not comment on your ideas would be when he was angry at you." Japan pointed the symptoms out. "What is it this time?" Either way, he had to fix it fast. A meeting where England's particularly quiet is as good as a not having one.

"It's no big deal. England's just being picky and selfish."

"How is that so?"

"He got mad at me because I was too busy to go sightseeing with him."

"May I know what's keeping you busy?" Japan had a feeling where this was going.

"The video games you lent me." America answered honestly.

"…"Japan grabbed America's hand and marched in the direction of America's hotel room.

"Why are we in my room again?" America asked as Japan rummaged through the disk racks in the room.

"I am just here to collect some things." Japan replied calmly and took several disks out of the rack.

"Huh- Hey, what are you going to do with those?" A bad feeling started growing in America as he stared at the neat pile of game CDs in Japan's hands.

"I am very sorry America kun, but I will be taking the game CDs back until you and England make up." Japan bowed and turned to leave the room.

"No! The hero needs his games to survive!" America leaped up and hugged Japan's waist from the back, refusing to let Japan leave.

"I will return them to you as soon as you apologise to England san." Japan stood his stand firmly.

"It's useless!" America whined, "I've already apologized through the phone, but he's just way to stubborn to care!"

"Then may I ask you to try apologizing to him in person?" Japan suggested, "Everyone will be staying in the hotel until the next meeting, it would be a good chance for you."

"Can't I do it a few days later?" Knowing England's temper, approaching him now was as good as suicide.

"It is all up to you, America kun. However, I will only return the game CDs after England san forgives you." Japan gave America the professional smile as America let go of him and sat on the ground.

"…" America just look at Japan in disbelieve as he waved goodbye and walked out of the room. Who'd know that japan could be so evil and deprive the hero of his entertainment? Sighing, he stood up and grabbed his phone, then left his room. If he wasn't wrong, England's room was on the 18th floor.

For his games, the hero can do a lot of things.

"England! Hey England, are you in there? England~" America spammed the doorbell for almost forever before there was finally some movement heard from the other side of the door.

"What do you want?" The door was opened to reveal a small gap, showing England's gloomy face.

"GAH! England! Don't glare at me like that! It's scary" America almost jumped, England looked like he was going to kill someone.

"If you are here to spin more of your bloody lies and excuses, I don't want to hear it." England hissed and was about to slam the door shut when America stopped it just in time, barely managing a small gap.

"Wait! I-"

"What now?" he hissed.

"…" America was short of words, he did that out of instinct, and now he's regretting.

I want to apologize to you and admit that I shouldn't have put games as a top priority. I want to tell you that… There's no way I can say it, it's not something I would do! Ahh... Why can't this be like a game? Choosing an option and doing it without hesitation would totally easier…


"Can I come in first?" America looked left and right to make sure that the walkway was empty, and asked.

Both England and America were stunned by that.

"…" England kept quiet and started pondering over this, while America started panicking.

Wh-what the hell? That wasn't me! I didn't say that! But no one was around! Could this hotel be haunted? Damn it! What's England going to think of me now? I'm just messing things up and making things worse!

"Fine." England decided and unwillingly opened the door to let him in.

! He agreed?

"Thanks dude!" America grinned and hopped into his room as England closed the door behind him.

"So you took all the games away from him?" Germany watched as Japan sorted the CDs out into three different stacks according to the genre.

"Hai. Knowing America kun, not gaming is a rather painful thing." Japan nodded and looked at the description of one of the CDs in his hand; some games were so old that its content's escaped his memory.

"I see." Germany, being free for once, sat down on the carpeted floor and helped with the sorting of CDs. The CDs all had interesting covers on them and were mainly about shooting and crazy car driving. Maybe he should try one out someday.

"Ah, Germany san, please wait a minute." Japan suddenly said as he motioned for Germany to stop whatever he was doing.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Germany asked, holding a CD in each hand.

"Could you please pass me that CD in your left hand?" Japan asked and pointed to the CD with a surprisingly plain cover compared to the others.

"You mean this?" Germany waved the CD a little. It had a white cover with nothing on it but the word 'Select' printed in capital letters. "What's wrong with this?" He turned the CD container over to read the description, only to find it empty.

"Nothing of great importance, actually." Japan received the CD and opened the container, revealing a plain white CD. "It is just the prototype of a game that I have been developing. However, I could not recall lending this to America kun." He looked up at Germany and replied in a calm manner.

"A prototype?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, there would not be a completed version. I have stopped all work on this project." Japan put the CD on the floor, alone and beside the other piles.

"Hmm? Why did you stop it?" Germany continued the sorting of CDs.

"Well, there seems to be a glitch in the program. Though, unlike any other bugs or errors, the glitch does not affect the game itself." Japan explained.

"Then what's wrong? As long as the glitch doesn't harm the game, it is fine right?" Germany did not quite understand this; Japan was the technology know-it-all, not him.

"What you have said is right, but the glitch somehow modifies the programme, creating a side effect that brings the game to life."

"To life?" Germany was so shocked that his mouth could fit an apple. "Wouldn't it be dangerous if that happens?"

"Hai, in normal cases, it would. But it just so happens that SELECT is an interaction game that possess no harm and violence at all. In this game, you select different options to interact with other characters and with different options, you get different results." Japan explained. Could he have given it to America by mistake?

"Will the side effect ever wear off?" Germany had a bad feeling about this.

"Fortunately, yes. As long as the subject fulfils the objective of the game, the side effect will be lifted, since it is equivalent to completing the game." Japan managed a smile.

"…And what is the objective of the game?" Germany raised an eyebrow as he placed the last CD on a neat pile.

Japan's smile widened as he grinned from ear to ear. If America really did play this game, then whatever happens next should be rather interesting. It was still quite disappointing that he would be missing all the action. How regretful.


"Oh yes, the objective of the game is to…"

"Well? Hurry up and spill your thoughts." England crossed his arms and glared at America, who was sitting on his bed, looking quite uneasy.


"About that," America's uneasiness was suddenly replaced by an apologetic smile, "Japan's talked to me, and I am really sorry about ditching you today. If there's any way I can make it up to you, say it."

Crap, there it is again! Why is my body moving on its own? My mouth is talking by itself too. Is this place haunted? Am I being possessed? Why can't I control my body?

"Hpmh." England snorted and sat beside America on the bed, his hands in his pockets. "It's not that much of a big deal. You are always like that anyway."

America could feel that his body was going to move on its own again and started trembling as he struggled to regain control.

"Bloody hell. If you are going to apologize in the end, then you shouldn't have done it in the first-" England noticed America's strange behaviour and became concerned, "He-hey, are you alright? I am not really that angry, so you don't have to feel so guilty."

Shit, if this goes on, who knows what I will do or say? I better leave while I still can.

With that in mind, America stood up, followed by England, who was getting worried.

"About that… Sorry England, I suddenly remember that I have something on." He said as he scratched his head.

Maybe I will come and apologise next time, when everything returns to normal.


America suddenly stopped all his action and froze for a second while England move a step back, a little shocked by America' s sudden reaction.

"What I really want to say is," America suddenly lunged forward and hugged England tightly as they fell back on the bed.


"De- ACK! What the heck?" England was caught off guard, "Are you trying to scare me to death?"

I got shocked too…

"England! I am really, really sorry!" America wasn't showing any signs of letting go and instead, tightened his hug.


"Like I've said, I shouldn't have neglected you." America looked up and England, "I've learnt my lesson now, so could you please forgive me?"

"I-I got it!" England struggled a little, but soon gave up. He was dealing with someone who was strong enough to pull a car around for a whole hour. "Can't you let go of me first?"

"Not unless you forgive me!"

"WHA-? Are you threatening me here?"

"But you are still angry at me right?" America pouted, "I won't let go unless you forgive me!"

"Al-Alright! I got it! I just have to forgive you right?" England gave up. If this goes on, he's probably going to suffocate and faint any moment. "I forgive you!"

"Really?" America's voice was full of joy and hope.

"Yes! Now let go of me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I promise." He sighed.

"That's great!" America finally broke into a huge grin as he let go of England and sat up, he was now sitting on top of England, who was still lying on the bed and couldn't get up thanks to the weight on him.

"…" Looking up at America's elated face, England stopped and thought of some things. "Hey America, is there… Something wrong with you today?"

Yes! You finally noticed it! England! Hurry up and realize that this isn't me! I wouldn't do that!

"Huh? What do you mean?" America tilted his head a little and asked.

"…How should I put this?" England lifted his hand to his chin, "You are not acting like your normal self. I don't really get it, but your actions are really suspicious and the way you talk is different too." He looked up at the ceiling, "You are being straighter forward than your usual beat-around-the-bushes style… I-It's not like I am saying that you are close to being as cute as you were last time, but…"

Basically, the normal me is the exact opposite, huh?



"Does England, hate the straight forward me?"

"Huh? … Not really."

"So you like it?"

"…" England could not help but blush a little, "Oii, are you here to tease me? If you are, I'm going to get mad at you-"

"I am not teasing you." America interrupted him, "It's just that, if you like it, I would be really happy." He smiled gently.

"…" England was stunned and for a moment, did not know how to react to this. Just what exactly, should he say?

Damn it! Now's not the time to hesitate! England! Look closer! That's not me! Why can't you discover the difference? This is so uncool!

Al-alright! I must stay calm and think of a solution before I say something even more embarrassing!



"If I tell you how I really feel, will you tell me yours then?" Sensing England' hesitation, America asked as he leaned closer.


"You may think that it's strange for me to be so straight forward, but they are my true feelings."

Ahh! Ge-get a grip of yourself! This is not going to work!

"So, isn't it only fair, for me to know your true feelings as well?" he bent down slowly, getting close to England.

No! Snap out of this!

"Please believe me,"

Damn it! Don't say it!

"I…" He held England's left hand gently.

Please! Just that sentence!

"I really…" America's face was leaning so close to England's now that it was just a few more cm before their lips meet.

I want to tell him with my own words!


"…" America paused, and blinked. He could feel it. He's back and in control.

On the other hand, England noticed a spark in America's eyes, a spark that wasn't there before.

"…" America just straightened up and sat back on the bed as a very puzzled England sat up from the awkward position too.

"I really think that your scones taste horrible, and you have horrible tempers." America's continuation was like a bucket of cold water on England. "You have no taste when it comes to new stuff and you still talk to imaginary friends even though you are already an adult."

"Oii." England was smiling like Russia as he tightened his first, ready to give this idiot who can't read the atmosphere a knuckle sandwich.

"But." America turned around and look and England, "I am addicted to you scones, and you tempers are what makes you interesting. You may not like new stuff, but I don't mind. As for your imaginary friends, if you really want me to believe that they are real, I will." He leaned closer and while England was still processing what he had said, kissed England full on the lips.

"Because I really love you." He smiled nervously as he pulled back, blushing wildly. He knew that there was the chance of England pushing him away in disgust and hating him forever. But he has to do it while he's still himself. Who knows when that thing, whatever it was, will take over again?

"Idiot." England muttered and looked the other way. "It took you long enough to be honest." He looked up at America and smiled.

"I wasn't going to say it any sooner, but since you've really pushed yourself to do this," he took the initiative this time and leaned over to give America a quick kiss, "I love you too, you bloody git." He smiled and messed up America's hair lovingly.

"In the original game, the player must win the kiss of his crush. However, " Japan paused and tried hard not to chuckle, "in real life, the player must learn to be honest with himself, then earn his kiss."

10 days later:

"Ve~ Fratello~ I am back from the meeting." Feliciano said as he gave his unwilling brother a hug.

"Damn it, can't you say hi like a normal person?" Romano, however annoyed, did not push his brother away. Mainly because he was a little guilty of having his brother attends every single meeting while he slack at home.

"But I miss you!" The meeting lasted for a whole month and he stayed at a hotel in Japan's house the whole time.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Just let go already." Romano pinched Feliciano's cheek out of annoyance.

"Oh! That reminds me, " Feliciano ran to his bag on the sofa and pulled a box of CD out of it.

"Huh? What's this?" Romano asked as he examined the box of CD Feliciano passed him.

"Ve~ Japan told me to give it to you." Feliciano had the usual smile on his face, "he said something about it being a game CD and was sure that you would like it."

"Har? A game CD?" Romano stared at the cover suspiciously. The plain cover did not suggest anything interesting.

"Um! Oh, he specified that you have to play it." Feliciano replied sternly.

"Tch, how bossy can him be? I will do what I want to do." Romano snorted and threw the CD on the dining table, "Come on, you're hungry right?"

"Ve~Um!" Feliciano nodded as Romano walked into the kitchen.

"I happened to cook too much, so you can have some." He said as he came out of the kitchen with a plate of pasta and placed it on the dining table, in front of Feliciano.

"Uwaa! Really? Thank you fratello!" he smiled brightly.

"Just shut up and eat." He sat down beside Feliciano and watched as the happy Italian digs in.

Game huh? If it's from Japan, then it should be good in some sense. Maybe he will try it later.

I was reading some old doujin i bought and this particular one gave me some inspirations. So I wrote a fanfiction according to the doujin and the story line is around the same. However, I made several changes here and there.

For one, I included Germany, i don't know why, i just included him.Second, England and America did not kiss in the doujin. America snapped out of it and started celebrating, then England thought the who thing was just another trick, and started chasing America around with a sword.

Third, the Italy brothers part is really just bonus. I would really love to write about Spain and Romano after Romano's played the game though. We all know that Romano is the king when it comes to being a tsundere in Hetalia.