A/N: This is a Christmas fic for Yasmin (fullmetalshrimp on Tumblr). She just finished watching FMA: Brotherhood and she seems to like RoyAi quite a lot so she told me to write a humor!fic...and this is the result, haha. I haven't written FMA in a while, so I thank her quite a lot =)

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"Lieutenant!" Yelled Mustang inside his office, his feet on the table and a newspaper in hand. "Lieutenant Hawkeye!" He yelled again, this time looking at the door in front of him, all of his subordinates looking at him. Roy got up from his chair, put the newspaper down and walked to his subordinates all playing cards. "Have you seen Hawkeye?" He asked them.

"Riza?" Asked Hughes from behind, pulling his glasses up, and Roy nodded. "She stepped out… I think she went to talk to Sheska." He told his friend with a smile and he nodded as thank you and walked out of the large office.

Walking to the hallway, he heard Sheska talking to Rebecca and Roy sprinted towards the two ladies who stopped their conversations. "Colonel Mustang?" Asked Sheska, Rebecca waving bye at her with a smile and she waved back.

"Have you seen Lieutenant Hawkeye anywhere?" He inquired and she nodded her head with a bright smile.

"She told me she was heading to the bathroom to…change?" She said, cocking her head to the side in confusion herself. "Why?"

"I was going to ask her to…bring me some of her special tea," he said truthfully and Sheska patted his shoulder.

"I have to go, Colonel, I hope you get your tea soon enough," she said with a good-bye wave and walked off to do paperwork.

Roy let out a sigh and began to walk to the nearest lady bathroom that had a changing room and knocked on the door loudly. Once. Twice. Thrice, until he heard Riza on the other side yelling at him to stop knocking on the door. Roy kept knocking furiously until Riza opened the door to reveal that she was wearing one of the miniskirts Roy has fantasized about for God knows how long. Riza smirked up at him and his breath hitched.

"Colonel, what are you looking at?" She joked, smiling at him teasingly.

He choked on his spit as he tried to swallow and then composed himself, smirking. "Nothing, Lieutenant Hawkeye…" he muttered. "I wanted to ask you for…" he trailed off, looking at her legs he brushed against each other seductively. "Would you mind making me your infamous tea?" He finally asked, and she grabbed him by the collar of his army shirt and took him to his office and began to prepare the tea, everyone inside the large room gawking at Riza's attire.

Whispers such as, "Wow! Who knew she would ever use something like that!" Could be heard around the room and Roy began to get impatient and Riza finished making the tea. She pushed her breast together and grabbed a tea cup, all of the men staring at her cleavage.

Roy looked at her with a longing and lustful look as she gave him the cup filled with tea and he dropped the cup on his pants, Riza yelling out his name, "Colonel Mustang!"

"Colonel Mustang!" Yelled Riza at the sleeping man.

He was drooling all over his paperwork and there stood Riza Hawkeye with a stern look and she let out a laugh when she looked down at his pant and covered her mouth, holding her side. Mustang woke up slowly, blinking, and looked at Hawkeye in question.

Why is she… He thought and looked down at his trousers and his eyes went wide as saucers. He grabbed a folder on his desk and covered himself, yelling, "Lieutenant Hawkeye, could you please not laugh at my misfortune?" He said with a blush adorning his cheeks.

She kept laughing and finally coughed, and went stern again. "I hope you had nice dreams, Colonel."