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Dani met Dash at his house Sunday afternoon at about two. They had his work spread across the floor, each subject in its own section.

"Okay, which subject is the most difficult for you?", she asked the jock.

"English, mainly because we're reading Shakespeare's The Tempest. I just don't understand it.", Dash replied, holding up the book.

Dani saw the type of book he had and understood his problem.

"I'll be back in about ten minutes.", she said before going ghost and flying off.

When she returned, she had a copy of the book, but not like the one Dash bought.

"Shakespeare Made Easy: The Tempest.", Dash read the title aloud.

"It has modern text on one side and the Shakespearean on the other.

"That's cool.", Dash said, flipping through the book.

"I had time on my hands when I was on the run from Vlad, so I spent time in book stores reading. I actually read Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream using this type of book.", Dani replied, a smile gracing her face.

Dash smiled back at her and started reading. Dani turned away and began to organize Dash's binders. As she finished the English binder, now in a dark blue colored binder, Dash asked a question.

"Dani, what does Prospero mean when he says he's lost his daughter?", he asked.

"What Prospero means, is that since she fell in love with Ferdinand, he will soon give Miranda away. It's been the two of them since she was three years old. She is all he has, so in a sense, he has lost his daughter. However, this loss is not permanent. More than likely, she would visit her father a few times a year, or he would visit her. If you look at it, he's not loosing her at all.", Dani explained, her smile warm and bright.

Dash smiled back. As he continued reading, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it. I need a break anyway. The words are starting to become blurred.", he told Dani, marking his place in his book.

As Dash opened the door to reveal Paulina, Dani replied called out to him.

"Okay, but we still have a lot to do."

"Dash, who was that?", Paulina questioned.

"My new tutor. If my grades can be brought up, I can take you out more, remember?", he told the Latina.

"Okay, so can we go somewhere now?", Paulina asked.

"No, I have to finish my book, then I have homework. Later on, I have basketball practice, so I'm busy today. I'm sorry, Paulina.", Dash replied, shutting the door.

"She isn't used to being told 'No', is she?", Dani said with a laugh.

"No, she- Wait! I just told Paulina 'No', and I'm not dead. Oops.", he said, looking over at the halfa.

"I don't consider the word 'dead' an insult. I'm proud to be a halfa.", Dani replied, a soft giggle escaping her lips.

"Really?", Dash asked.

"Yeah, but not all ghosts, or half ghosts, take it the way I do. Some do find it offensive and would kill you if you ask how they died.", Dani replied, going back to the binders in front of her.

Dash caught on and dropped the subject. A few minutes later, he was finished with the book.

"You told Paulina you had homework. What subject is it in?", Dani asked, placing the book in the inside pocket of the blue binder.

"Math, but that is the one subject I am actually good at. Well, that is, if you don't count gym.", Dash replied, making Dani laugh out right.

"What?", he asked.

"You're a really funny guy, you know.", she told him, passing him the dark green binder.

Dash smiled at the girl, then continuing on to his math homework.

Ten minutes before Dash's father was to return home, Dani had managed to organize all of Dash's notebooks, Dash had completed his homework, and they had watched the movie version of The Tempest.

Dash turned to Dani, the moment slightly awkward.

"Uh, thanks for helping me with all of this.", he told the female halfa.

"No problem, Dash. However, if you ever think about hurting my brother again, don't think I'll play nice.", Dani replied with a smirk.

"I wouldn't dream of it. See you around?", he asked.

"Probably. Bye, Dash.", she said, flying home.

The next day in class, Mr. Lancer, who had been given a single sophomore class due to the old 10th grade English teacher having a major ghost phobia and leaving after the Fenton Portal went into operation, asked a question Dash was familiar with.

"Can anyone tell me what Prospero means when he tells King Alonso that he knows what he feels like because he has recently lost his daughter?"

Dash's head shot up, as did his hand. Mr. Lancer looked shocked, but called on Dash none the less.

"Mr. Baxter, explain the line to us.", he told the blonde.

"What Prospero means, is that since she fell in love with Ferdinand, he will soon give Miranda away. It's been the two of them since she was three years old. She is all he has, so in a sense, he has lost his daughter. But he hasn't really lost her. More than likely, she would visit her father a few times a year, or he would visit her. So, if you look at it, he's not loosing her at all.", Dash said, trying to match Dani's quote as closely as possible.

"Yes, Dash, that's correct.", Mr. Lancer said in a surprised tone.

"Where did you learn that?", Kwan asked.

"I have a very good tutor.", he whispered back.

"Can I meet him?", Kwan asked.

"I'll see if SHE is willing to tutor you. But we can't even call Fenton names anymore if she agrees.", Dash replied.

"It isn't Jazz is it?", Kwan asked.

"No, and it's not Manson. I met his younger sister, Danielle, at Star's party. She and Luna are best friends. Dani's smarter than most of the sophmores.", Dash whispered back quickly, making a mental note to talk to Dani later on.

"All right, no more talking. I'm passing out the tests, which are multiple choice. If you can do this without talking, then I will grade them and give you your grades before class is over. Begin!", Mr. Lancer said a few moments later, placing the final test on Dash's desk.

Fifteen minutes before the bell was set to ring, Mr. Lancer gave the tests back, worst grade, coughPaulinacough, to the highest grade.

"I'm am surprised to say this, but the highest two grades in the class were Ms. Manson's, of course, and Mr. Baxter's. 100%, both of you. Congratulations, Mr. Baxter. I hope this new tutor doesn't quit on you.", Mr. Lancer said, smiling at the quarterback.

That afternoon, Dash didn't get on the bus. He nearly ran to Dani's school and got her attention before she flew home.

"Dani!", he cried out.

"Hey, Dash.", she said cheerfully as she landed beside him, reverting to her human form.

Without warning, Dash hugged her.

"What was that for?", she asked.

"I got a 100% on my test on The Tempest.", he told her.

"Really?", she asked excitedly.

"Yep, and I thought my tutor would like to know that she was successful. Kwan asked me to ask you if you would consider tutoring him in English.", Dash replied with a laugh.

"Isn't he dating Star?", Dani asked.

"Yeah.", Dash replied.

"Hey, LUNA!", Dani called to her best friend.

"What's up, Dani?", the blonde asked as she got closer.

"Would you consider tutoring your sister's boyfriend in English. I'm helping Dash out as a friend, but Kwan needs help, bad apparently.", the halfa said.

"Dash, have Kwan call me. I already help Star, so I could help him too. I offered to help Paulina, but she said it was too geeky for her to do better than barely passing. She only works hard enough to stay on the cheerleading squad.", Luna replied, taking her navy blue headband off and letting her braid out.

"Dash, could you hold my books for a second?", Dani asked.

Dash nodded and took the middle school books from her. Dani reached up and did the same thing Luna had done. They both had soft waves in their hair.

"Thanks, Dash.", Dani replied softly, placing her headband and ponytail in her small purse and taking her books back, well, attempting to take her books back.

"Oh no. You two missed the bus, and I haven't even told you the best part about my class with Lancer today! Let me walk you girls home.", Dash replied, taking Luna's books as well.

"Fine, but only because you insist.", Luna replied.

"What else happened?", Dani asked.

"Lancer asked the class to explain what Prospero meant when he said he was loosing Miranda. I tried my best to quote what you said, but I think I messed up on one sentence.", Dash replied.

"But you got it right though, didn't you?", Dani asked, giving him a 'tell me the truth, or else" look.

"Yes, and I even surprised Mr. Lancer by doing that.", Dash replied, pretending to pout at Dani's questioning whether or not he got the question right.

"Good for you. That proves you don't have air between your ears.", Dani joked.

Dash rolled his eyes. For some reason, he did not mind Dani making jokes about him.

Tuesday, Dash told Kwan what Luna and Dani had told him.

"That would make sense. I still can't believe Fenton's little sister is your tutor.", he whispered in Algebra I the next day.

"Mr. Baxter, since you like talking so much, answer the problem on the board.", the teacher called out.

Dash looked up. The problem was a word problem: If a= 5cm, and c= 25cm, what is the length of the remaining side of the triangle? Round to the nearest tenth.

"24.5, or 24 and a half.", Dash answered, solving it in his head.

The teacher looked down at her book with the answers in it and blinked.

"That's correct.", she said in shock.

"It's not like he has air between his ears!", he heard Paulina mutter to Star, which he thought he heard Dani say.

A moment later, he noticed his girlfriend's aqua eyes were neon green. Paulina seemed to come out of a trance like state a few moments later. As the bell rang, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Dani, why aren't you in class?", he asked with a smile.

"You told me this was your best academic subject, and when I noticed what time it was, when I was fighting a ghost of course, I thought I'd see if you were right.", the ghost girl said smiling.

"Well, was I?", Dash asked.

"I guess, but I won't pass final judgment until report cards come out.", she replied with a smirk.

"Why didn't you just wait until then anyway?", the blonde asked.

"Okay, maybe I thought about it, but I just wanted to posses Paulina anyway for the heck of it.", Dani said, rolling her eyes.

"You should probably work on mimicking voices. I knew it was you when you spoke. Seeing your eyes only made my case stronger.

"What case? The other A-Listers aren't smart enough, and Paulina won't remember it. Plus, you know how she'd act. 'Wait, you think Dani Fenton is cuter than me, don't you!'", Dani said with a laugh.

"How did you just parrot her perfectly then, but failed at it a few minutes ago?", Dash asked through his laughter.

"I wasn't really trying then. I was ticked off that people act surprised that you're intelligent. True you may be more brawn than brain, but you are far from being an idiot.", Dani replied, shrugging.

Before Dash could reply, Dani waved to him and flew off. Smiling to himself, Dash went to his locker and was confronted by Paulina, who was dressed in a pair of hot pink Sofee shorts, a light pink tank top, and her white cheer shoes.

"We have a problema grande!", she shrieked.

"Slow down, speak English, and tell me what's wrong.", he said slowly, feeling as though the intelligence level had dropped.

"Well, first, the new cheer uniforms won't be in until the day before the game. Second, my mother planned a family reunion with my abuela on the same day as homecoming.", she said, acting as if the end of the world had just been announced.

"It's okay. I know you'll probably miss homecoming, but it isn't the end of the world. There's still another two homecoming dances ahead of you. Go to your practice, and don't worry about the uniforms. It will make the new ones a surprise for the rest of us.", Dash said in a calm voice, swearing he heard a snort behind him.

"Okay.", Paulina said, hurrying off.

"She needs to sort out her priorities."

"DANI!", Dash exclaimed, turning to mock glare at the girl.

"Sorry, couldn't resist. Oops, now I've really got to go. See you later then?", she asked.

"Sure, I guess.", Dash said, seeing Danny floating by the exit door.

"Here, it's my cell phone number. If you need anything, just call.", she whispered before flying off.

"So, why were you talking to Dash?", Danny asked his little sister.

"You were talking to who?", Jazz asked coming in the room.

"I'm the one who helped him pass the English test, so I figured if he needed more help, than I should let him know he can always ask me.", Dani said, not telling either of her siblings she was actually having a conversation that had nothing to do with helping Dash with his school work when Danny saw her.

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