So Lunarwing and I are both writing this story, I do my point of view, POV, and she does hers

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I was in English with my best friend Alison. We were doing work on a book, which in my opinion, was really boring. I could tell that Alison agreed with me.

"I have always wanted to be called Hawk," she randomly said in the middle of her work.

I let out a laugh and said, "I have always wanted to be called Lunar."

"Cordy, I don't think I'll ever understand you," Alison said shaking her head, making her short brown hair bounce around.

"No one will ever understand you," I teased.

"Probably not," Alison said, playfully hitting me. I elbowed her back. We giggled.

"Alison and Cordelia get back to work," Miss Booth, our English teacher yelled at us from where she was sitting at her desk.

"If only we were warriors," Alison whispered. "Then I could beat Miss Booth with my awesome cat fighting skills."

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the fact that we are sort of obsessed with warriors. Sort of. Sort of as in completely and utterly obsessed. "I would beat you with my awesome super speed," I declared, raising my clenched fist in the air.

"Cordelia," Miss Booth scolded, getting up from her desk. "Show me how much work you have done."

I obediently held up my book. Miss Booth examined it for a second, then nodded and stalked off to another part of our class.

"Alison," I hissed under my breath. "I am going to eat you after school."

Alison put on a face that said 'I'm so scared'. I opened my mouth to reply when the bell rang. "Yes," I exclaimed, shoving my stuff in my bag and barging my way through the door. I was never really the tidy organised one.

I began to walk out of English and down the hall. I was free from school, as English was the last class I had today.

"Hey, Cordy," Alison called out, running down the hall to catch up to me. I had left her behind in my mad rush out the door.

"Hey Al," I replied, slowing my pace so she could catch up.

I watched her race down the remaining space between us. She stopped in front of me, put her hands on her knees and breathed deeply. "Have you got the book?" Alison asked once she had caught her breath.

"Yes, I do. Here you can have it," I said happily, getting the next Warriors book out of my bag and handing it to her. I knew she would take good care of it for the night. Yes, it took her only a night to read a book. She would give it back sadly the next day saying, "I shouldn't have read it so quick."

"Thanks Cordy," Alison said, putting it carefully in her neatly packed bag. She hoisted her bag back on her shoulders and we weaved through the crowd. Since we were walking around and between so many people, there was almost no chance for any conversation.

We walked to the road, where our mums were waiting on the other side. Alison was sleeping over at my place tonight and her mum was dropping her stuff in our car.

"Geez," Alison said as we waited to cross the road. "Year 7 is hard."

"Tell me about it," I agreed, watching each car go past.

"Hey, next year will be so fun," Alison said sarcastically.

I knew exactly what she meant. Her brother was coming to our school next year. Alison's brother was the definition of annoying.

"To the middle," I said, snapping myself out of my daydream.

I looked again, for one can't be too safe and we started crossing. But as we began to cross, a bright red car came speeding through. Alison sprinted out and started to push me out of the way when the car struck us both. It sent us sprawling to the side of the road.

"Owww," we both moaned.

I looked down. Blood was pouring out a gash around my ribs, pooling on the black road. I was in so much pain. I suspected the car had broken a few ribs and maybe sprained my wrist. Even if I got out of this alive, it would take forever for me to heal properly.

I looked over at Alison, who was lying on the grass beside the road. She had suffered somewhat the same injuries, probably even more because she was running when the car hit her. The only difference was that her leg was at an awkward angle and she was wiping blood out of her eyes.

Our eyes met. I nodded. "Good knowing you," I rasped, pain shooting through my ribs at every word.

Alison nodded back. "You're the best friend anyone could ever have," she whispered weakly, closing her eyes.

I noticed my Mum run over with Alison's mum and her brother. They looked down in disbelief at our mangled bodies.

"Alison," her mum said under her breath, falling to her knees and burying her face in Alison's bloodstained school uniform. Her brother stood beside them, his hand on his mother's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

"Cordelia," Mum said disbelievingly, walking over to me, phone in hand.

"Mum," I said weakly.

"Oh Cordelia," Mum exclaimed, pocketing her phone. "You'll be fine, I've called the ambulance, and they'll be here in no time."

I could hear the sirens in the distance slowly coming closer, but I knew in my heart, that it was too late. "I love you," I whispered before closing my eyes for what could probably be, the last time.

As I closed my eyes, it felt as if I was soaring through the clouds, surrounded by warm air. I could almost feel Alison beside me. I really hoped that it was really Alison because we were leaving this world together.

To my surprise, I opened my eyes. I was lying on my back in a shaded mossy clearing. I could see a mouse nibbling a nut under a nearby tree.

"Ahh," I said, confused and because I hate mice.

"Cordy, if that's you, where are you?" the familiar voice of Alison asked puzzled.

"Alison, where are you?" I looked around and saw a brown she-cat with yellow paws and muzzle. Its fur was still a little fluffy, so it wasn't much over a few months of age. "AHH, there's this huge cat!" I said panicking. Wait, why was I panicking? It's only a kitten. But then again, it was huge!

"There's one with me too," Alison cried. In that moment, I noticed that the cat was moving its mouth at the same time as Alison was speaking.

"Alison, you're a cat!" I yelled.

"Cordy, that must mean that you're a cat too," she exclaimed.

I looked down and I had sleek silver blue fur. It glistened as I moved through the sun in the dappled clearing. I stretched out my legs. It felt different. I realized that I had complete control over my tail so I swished it through a bush.

I glanced over at Alison and she was already trotting around, trying to get used to having four legs.

I scrambled to my paws. I walked, lifting my right forepaw and my left back leg. Then my left forepaw and my right back leg. It was tricky, but eventually I fell into the rhythm of walking like a cat.

"Hey, I wonder why we're cats," Alison thought out loud.

"More importantly, where are we?" I asked, even though Alison was as confused as I was.

"Quiet Cloudtail, they're here. I can hear them," a new voice said.

Hang on a minute. Did that random voice just say Cloudtail? But Cloudtail is a ThunderClan ca . . . realisation struck me. "We're in the forest."

"Duh," Alison said. "You just realised."

"Not any forest, the forest," I said, realizing that Alison mustn't have heard that voice, "their forest."

"ThunderClan's forest," Alison joked. "That would be so awesome!"

Then, into the clearing walked a snow white tom with sparkling blue eyes, a golden tom with thick fur, a smaller fluffy gray she-cat also with blue eyes and an orange tom whose pelt shone like fire.

Alison's bright yellow eyes widened in amazement. "No way. This can't be happening." She squeezed her eyes shut, then opened them again. "This is happening."

"Oh my god," I said, realizing who the cats were.

"Who are you and what do you want on ThunderClan territory?" The white tom boomed.

"AHHH," we both squealed, shocked by his sudden demand.

"Cloudtail, you're scaring them. They look like they're fresh out of the nursery," the flame coloured tom said sternly.

"Who are you? Are you alright?" the gray she-cat asked.

Faster than I'd ever heard Alison say "We want to join ThunderClan!"

"What are you doing here?" the golden tom asked.

"We told you," I said.

"What are your names?" the flame coloured tom asked us.

We looked at each other. I smiled faintly and Alison flicked her ears in response.

"Hawk," Alison said.

"Lunar," I said.

"Follow us," the orange tom said.

We followed the cats into the forest. The gray she-cat dropped back to chat to us. "Hi, I'm Dovepaw. The flame coloured cat is out Clan leader Firestar. The golden one is my mentor Lionblaze. You met Cloudtail earlier."

Firestar squeezed his muscled body underneath a thorn bush. Cloudtail and Lionblaze followed. "Go on," Dovewing invited.

Alison didn't look too happy about squeezing under the bush, because she was claustrophobic. I flattened my body to the ground and walked under the bush. There was a lot more room once you got through the first little bit.

I continued through the tunnel and emerged in a place I have imagined every day since I had discovered the Warriors series. The ThunderClan camp.

My mouth dropped open. This was exactly as I imagined it. The walls of the stone hollow were a dusky brown and it was surrounded by dry thorn bushes. One side of the hollow sloped up in a rocky hill which looked very precarious to walk on, if you had the courage to walk on it. A few trees lined the top of the hollow, casting shadows down into the camp. I could see why these cats chose this as their camp.

Along the wall of the hollow, a large rock protruded. Behind that rock I could see an opening, leading to a den which I knew from the books, belonged to Firestar. Across the clearing from that was a small den made from interwoven twigs and grass to keep the heat in. It housed the kits and the queens.

There was a path leading elsewhere, I couldn't see where it led to, but I guessed to the medicine den which Jayfeather used to store his medicinal herbs.

There was a den made out of a bracken bush. The warriors den, and beside that was the apprentices den. The apprentices den was slightly smaller than the warriors den because it didn't have to support so many cats. I would be sleeping in there with Hawk.

There was also a den beside the warriors den which I assumed was the elders den. Hawk stumbled through the tunnel and stood beside me, mouth gaping as she took in her surroundings.

There were cats sitting around the clearing, eating, sharing tongues and just chatting. It was late in the afternoon so everyone was lazing around after a long day of work. Some of the cats were gazing at us curiously.

"Hey Al," I said nervously, knowing full well that these cats could attack us at any time.

I looked around and Firestar was deep in conversation with a brown tabby. It looked like they were arguing about something. Firestar eventually bowed his head to the other cat and made his way to the hanging rock, which I suspected was Highledge.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather under the Highledge for a Clan meeting," Firestar called out, seating himself on the edge of the rock.

Cats began to meet in the clearing, muttering about us and why we were here. I noticed a group of younger cats nearby, a pure white cat, a cream she cat, a black and white tom and a red tom. They were whispering about something. The red tom's gaze kept flicking to Hawk.

A fluffy gray tabby padded from the direction of the medicine den. Could it be? "Hey Hawk, it's Jayfeather."

She looked over and nodded, clearly excited about meeting the legendary medicine cat.

Once all the cats were assembled, Firestar announced, "I have decided to let these two kits join ThunderClan. Their names are Hawk and Lunar."

The clearing erupted into outrageous caterwauls. Jayfeather's blue eyes widened.

"But, they're loners," some cat called out over the noise.

"So, we are, but we lived by the clan codes all our life. Our mother taught them to us," Hawk shouted back.

"Quiet!" Firestar boomed. He had a louder meow than I expected. He ran down the rock fall and walking over to where Hawk was sitting nervously beside me.

"Hawk, you are new to ThunderClan and Brambleclaw and I agree that you may be apprenticed. From this day on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Hawkpaw. Your mentor will be Cloudtail. I hope Cloudtail will pass down all he knows to you.

"Cloudtail, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You have received excellent training from myself and you have shown yourself to be a loyal and patient warrior and you will be the mentor of this apprentice, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Hawkpaw.

Cloudtail bounded over, eyes shining, and placed his pink nose on Hawkpaw's head. She licked his shoulder.

"Lunar, you are also new to ThunderClan, along with Hawkpaw you will be training under the supervision of an experienced warrior. From this day forward, until you get your warrior name, you will be known as Lunarpaw."

Jayfeather stepped forward, interrupting Firestar. "Cats of ThunderClan, as you know, I will not be around forever. So it is time I took an apprentice."

Firestar looked at him strangely, "Jayfeather, what are you doing?"

"I have chosen a cat who may be new, but shows great potential. Your next medicine cat apprentice will be Lunarpaw," Jayfeather announced, ignoring Firestar.

"What?" I shouted. "But I want to have kits and a life outside herbs and StarClan."

"I'm sorry Lunarpaw, StarClan has told me to look for the cat with the name of the moon," Jayfeather said.

"Lunarpaw, do you accept the post of apprentice to Jayfeather?" Firestar asked.

"I do," I said, tail swishing and ears flicking in excitement. Even if it wasn't the position I'd hoped for, medicine cat apprentice was better than nothing.

"Then at the half-moon, you must travel to the Moonpool to be accepted by StarClann before the other medicine cats," Jayfeather mewed proudly.

"The good wishes of all ThunderClan go with you," Firestar concluded.

"Hawkpaw, Lunarpaw," the red tom I noticed earlier called out, beginning the chant. Soon the whole Clan was cheering for us, whether reluctant or not, they were still cheering.

The cheering died down and the cats began to go back to their former duties. "Hi Hawkpaw," I said, trying out her new name.

"Lunarpaw," she replied, eyes shining with happiness. "I still can't believe this is happening. Cloudtail is my mentor."

"Jayfeather is my mentor," I said. I was surprised to find that I was proud of the position I had been given. "You're lucky to be training as a warrior.

"You'll find out some cool stuff though," Hawkpaw replied positively. "Watch what you dream."

"Thanks," I said. "But it's not really that easy."

"Oh, I got to go. You know, training," Hawkpaw said awkwardly.

I walked into the medicine den. I lay down on the cool stone floor and went to sleep.

I looked around and I was in a green mossy clearing, similar to the one Hawkpaw and I had awoken in. This must be StarClan, I thought in awe.

"Jayfeather, if you're there it's not nice to snoop," I yelled into the peaceful forest.

Suddenly a silver blue she-cat walked into the clearing, followed by a huge golden tom. Her fur shone the exact same way mine did.

"Greetings, I am Bluestar, former leader of ThunderClan and this is Lionheart. You're probably wondering what happened to you and your friend," she said.

"Yes," I replied, grateful for an answer at last.

"You both killed in the accident so we gave you a different life and another chance. You were too young to be taken like that twoleg," Bluestar explained.

"A jay and a dove will soar with the hawk and the lion will watch them dance with the moon," Lionheart whispered.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

The two StarClan cats turned and walked out of the quickly fading clearing.

I jolted awake and noticed Jayfeather do the same in his nest. My lip curled in a snarl. "Stay out of my dreams!"

"Sorry," he said. "How do you know about my abilities? You were a Twoleg?"

"I just know, okay, sorry," I yelled, a little stressed. "Please don't tell."

"I won't, but you had better tell Hawkpaw what happened," Jayfeather instructed. "Also there's some moss by the pool over there. You can use some to make a nest, but don't use it all though."

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