Hi! So this is my first shot at writing fanfic, kind of nervous about it but i really hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it. :) Also, the title of this story is a song by Adele off her album 19.

New York City – Upper East Side

The alarm clock blares throughout the room and a hand shoots out of the jumble of sheets and blankets and swiftly turns it off. Finn groans and stretches, deciding whether or not to sneak in a few more minutes of shut eye but he's scared of accidentally falling asleep for another hour like last week. He definitely did not need another scolding from his mom. But why does he even need to get up so early? 7am? That's just crazy; he didn't even get up that early for classes in college, always making sure his schedule started well after ten in the morning. Because god knows he never fully functioned before that. But leave it to his mom to instill a ridiculously strict new schedule now that he was a "full-fledged "college graduated adult. Which feels pretty damn good actually, but he was hoping to enjoy a few months of blissful relaxation after graduation before he started this new chapter in his life. And so far, it had been great. He went to nearly every party that occurred Thursday-Sunday nights and used the remaining three days to recuperate his energy just to start up again. And in New York City there was never a shortage of parties, and last night's bash was especially good. Especially since it was on his rooftop and it was full of friends and ridiculously hot girls and one of his favorite bands played right on said roof top, when usually they refused to play private party performances. Sometimes it sure doesn't hurt to be the heir of a publishing company. Well, more like publishing powerhouse. His family owned Hudson Publishing, a company that owned all of the major magazines in the country and was worth millions of dollars. And growing up in this family was a privilege in itself. Finn had gone to the best private schools as a child and attended the best prep school in the city as a teenager. He was well known around Manhattan and had enough money to pretty much get whatever he wanted. His college education was also influenced by his father's legacy, one look at his name and he was accepted to Columbia University, it probably also helped that his father had donated a pretty hefty amount of money to the school and the Columbia Student Library was now the "Christopher W. Hudson Student Library". His family also lived in a grand penthouse apartment right across the street from Central Park and all of them had a town car at their beck in call, which so happened to be one of his step brother Kurt's favorite things after him and his dad moved in, who had the energy to walk back to the apartment two blocks carrying shopping bags? Not Kurt. Finn's friends also reaped the benefits of his glamorous life, always having the best parties and access to the best events of the year around the city. So, to say that Finn led a privileged life was putting it lightly. Being New York City's unofficial golden boy was pretty fucking awesome.

"Finn! Your alarm went off twenty minutes ago; you have to get ready and eat breakfast and be at the meeting in an hour." Carole shuffled through the room and ripped off the sheets that covered her giant son.

"Moooom, it's fuckin' freezing!" he groaned.

"LANGUAGE, Finn. Serves you right anyway, who throws a party the day before his first day of work? Now go to the kitchen and pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and get something in that stomach of yours, Burt is making omelets and bacon. The last thing you need is to go into the conference room looking like you have the world biggest hangover. That's not gonna win any of them over." She scurried over to his walk in closet and picked out a suit and a tie. "I'll set your clothes on the bed for after you're done eating, ok?"

Finn walked over to his mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks mom. Seriously." Call him a momma's boy but he admits it. That's exactly what he is, him and his mom were super close and he has no idea what he would do without her. His father died in a tragic car accident twelve years ago and it had nearly ruined Carole Hudson. For quite a while it was just the two of them trying to move on and her trying to keep control of this giant company, the company that has kept them afloat and at the top of New York society ever since Finn can remember and they were very appreciative of it. The only negative thing he has ever confronted about being behind Hudson Publishing was all the media attention. When his dad died all he remembers was a slew of flashing cameras in his face, a bunch of interviews and seeing pictures of his family in countless amounts of newspapers and magazines. It was really weird seeing tons of people he'd never met before offer their condolences for a man they'd never met. All just because of who his dad was and the company he owned. For years after that it was just him and his mom, the board kept control of HP until Finn graduated college, and then he would inherit everything. His father specifically wrote in his will that he had to graduate from college; he didn't want an irresponsible eighteen year old to take control fresh out of high school. And that's where he was now, 22 years old and about to take over his father's company worth millions of dollars…in approximately an hour and a half. No pressure.

Finn exited his bedroom and took the stairs down to the kitchen and found Burt finishing a couple of omelets with extra cheese, just the way he liked it.

"Mornin' Burt. How's it goin'?" He poured himself a mug of coffee and leaned against the counter drinking in the bitter liquid.

"Mornin' party boy. I'm doing well, how are you? Hangover kicking your ass?" He laughed.

"Eh, kind of. Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, thank god. Mom would have had my head on a platter." Finn dug into the breakfast Burt had placed for him on the counter.

"Finish that up and you'll be good as new. How was…For the People? Or whatever they're called. They sure sounded pretty lively from down here."

Finn chuckled at the mistake. "Foster, Burt. They're called Foster the People. And yeah they kicked ass. I'm hoping they'll play here again for my New Year's Eve party. Sorry about the noise though, I hope it didn't keep you guys up too late."

"Nah, I was beat after the long day of work. I passed out pretty quickly. Speaking of work, I gotta get going I'm meeting with all the managers of my shops in a bit. You should hurry up too, you got 45 minutes. Good luck with your meeting Finn, I'm proud of you son." He reached over and ruffled his hair as if he was a child and walked out of the kitchen, Finn grinned at the affection.

"Thanks Burt! And thanks for the breakfast!" Burt was a godsend for Finn and his mom. When Finn was sixteen his mom met Burt Hummel, an extremely kindhearted man. He owned a small chain of auto shops around the city and loved his mother to death. Burt caught Carole's eye at a charity auction event that she helps put together every year, he was there to auction off a year's worth of car services which Carole managed to outbid everyone despite the fact that she didn't own a car interestingly enough. After the event he began to pass by the apartment time and time again and managed to sweep her off her feet after she had thought she'd never find love again. What made it a little easier was the fact that Burt was also a widow and had a son of his own about the same age as Finn and slowly but surely both little families started to merge and a year after their meeting Carole and Burt became Mr. and Mrs. Hummel. Finn had a bit of a tough time accepting him at first but hating Burt was about as hard as hating a puppy, he became the father figure Finn needed at his age always making it clear he wasn't trying to replace his dad. They quickly bonded over sports and cars, often going to Rangers, Yankees, and Jets games. Burt's son Kurt on the other hand was a whole other animal. It took Finn about a year to get used to him, not because he was gay, he wasn't a homophobe or anything, but Kurt was needless to say…a little intense. The first time Kurt went to their penthouse apartment for one of their first "family" dinners he instantly started brainstorming interior decorating ideas for when they moved in (Kurt knew early on that both of their parents would get married) and almost threw a fit that Finn didn't have a color scheme in his bedroom stating that "having an incredible view of Central Park in front of your bed is a privilege that deserves a damn color scheme." But despite their very different personalities he was proud to call him his brother and have become close since then. Of course the media went a bit crazy the day of his moms wedding seeing as she was quite high up in the New York social circles, having pictures of the ceremony and reception on Page Six wasn't exactly weird since it wasn't the first time whatsoever, it was the pictures in People magazine and countless other tabloid magazines that weirded Finn out a little bit. Kurt was on cloud nine at first with all the media attention, getting a brief taste at what being part of the Hudson family was like but when he saw that the paparazzi took pictures of him wearing a two year old Marc Jacob sweater while grocery shopping he almost had a heart attack and grew to despise the photographers and threw out half of his wardrobe to make sure that never happened again.

Finn's thoughts were interrupted when suddenly the elevator that led to the apartment opened and said step brother stepped through the threshold.

"Kurt! 'Sup man. What are you doing here? It's like 8 in the morning?"

Kurt walked around Finn and reached up into a cabinet and grabbed a mug to pour himself a cup of much needed coffee.

"I'm now officially on vacation for three weeks so I wanted to drop by and say hi to my dad and take Carole out for brunch later before I leave to stay at the house in the Hamptons on Friday. But most importantly why are YOU here? Shouldn't you be in a conference room right now meeting with the HP board members? I mean, you do remember that you're taking over right? It's kind of a big deal, Finn."

Finn put his dishes in the sink and ran his hand through his disheveled hair. "I know, Kurt. Meeting's not until 9 though, I got time. "

"Ok, whatever you say. Just take it seriously Finn. This isn't something that can be done for you, you're the head of the company now and everyone in that big, tall building with YOUR last name on it is going to expect you to make decisions and to take charge. I'm not trying to stress you out or anything, you know I love you, I just want you to be the man that you're expected to be right now."

Finn chuckled a bit. "Wow, no pressure. I just have a giant company on my shoulders and my father's legacy to honor, no big deal. But don't worry man, I got this. I'm not 18 or anything, I can handle this."

Kurt raised an eyebrow and threw that mornings issue of The New York Post on the counter, already flipped to a page. "Care to explain that then?"

Finn picked it up and started reading the headline of the article out loud, "Hudson Heir Throws Big Bash Before Taking the Throne. Shit, how'd they find out about it? I didn't even invite that many people this time."

"Really? Finn, there were a hundred people on your roof last night plus a fairly famous band. One person was bound to blab to the paper, wasn't there some actors or actresses here too?"

"Oh, yeah. Jessica Szohr and her friends were here, what are their names? Blake and Leighton? And Emma. Oh and Miley, I don't know who the hell invited her but she was here for a bit but at least she left as soon as the band ended their set."

Kurt's mouth hung open.

"What are their names? Are you kidding me Finn? Blake is one of the best dressed women in the country right now and Leighton is gorgeous. Their faces are plastered over magazines all over America. Learn their names! And you mean Emma ROBERTS? You still hang out with her? I thought you guys were done with that thing you had going on?"

Finn leaned against the counter flipping through the rest of the newspaper.

"We are done. It was just a short 'no strings' thing while she filmed a movie here. She wasn't my girlfriend or anything. Plus we have some mutual friends so we see each other every once in a while. No big deal."

"Ugh, your penchant for 'no strings' flings disgust me. There are such things called RELATIONSHIPS, dear brother of mine. It's a wonderful thing. You should try it sometime."

Finn laughed and threw the paper at his brother. "Now why would I want to do that when I can have any girl in New York City, bro? That's an opportunity I just can't pass up. Besides, relationships are a drag. They're just another opportunity for someone to screw you over."

And Finn Hudson was certainly screwed over by the one and only serious girlfriend he'd ever had in High School. Getting cheated on by someone that claimed to love you had emotionally scarred him, especially since his girlfriend cheated on him with none other than his very own best friend, Noah Puckerman. He actually managed to forgive Puck after some time and to this day their friendship was still solid despite that dark incident. However, since then he bid relationships goodbye and was more than happy to just have fun hooking up with the most beautiful girls in the city and even some hot actresses that he met at parties.

Kurt washed up his mug and gave Finn a serious look.

"You do know not all girls are like Quinn, right? They're not all cheaters and some even are interested in staying more than one night with you. I'm sure there is some beautiful girl out there right now walking around Fifth Avenue who is completely meant for you that will love you and cherish you forever."

Immediately after finished speaking Finn began to gag and playfully pretend to throw up then proceeded to start laughing once a look of annoyance took over Kurt's face.

"I'm sorry man, but that has got to be one of the cheesiest things you've ever said to me and we've had a lot of cheesy heart to hearts before." He clapped a hand on his brother's thin shoulder. "But I do appreciate the "open your heart to love" speech. Buuuut, I'll pass for now. The girl can keep window shopping on Fifth Avenue, meanwhile I gotta go throw on my suit before mom comes and finds me still in my sweats, she might kill me." He runs upstairs leaving Kurt drinking his coffee and munching on a croissant.

Finn runs back in ten minutes later looking sharp in a tailored navy blue suit and matching skinny tie with his hair well styled, almost like he actually spent time getting ready.

"Wow, you clean up quickly. And in the Tom Ford suit I got you for your birthday. Bravo." Kurt applauded lightly, feeling proud that his brother was wearing one of his gifts on such a monumental day.

"Yeah, well, gotta pull out all the stops right? Oh, and my mom may have set it out for me." Finn grinned.

"Of course she did. Well, you gotta get going, Bill already buzzed in while you were getting ready saying the town car is waiting for you downstairs."

"Ok, cool. Oh, can you do me a favor, if you see Rosa later when she comes in can you ask if she can make some of those really good muffins? The poppy seed ones? She knows they're my favorite."

Kurt quirks his eyebrow. "Rosa's still the housekeeper? I thought she was going to move back to Mexico?"

Finn gathered his things and started walking out of the kitchen. "Nah, you know Mom, she loves her too much so she offered her a huge ass raise and convinced her to stay. Oh! One more thing!" He presses the button for the elevator. "Can you tell Rosa that she doesn't have to wash and fold the bras and panties she finds under my bed? She can just throw them out." The elevator door opens and Finn grins as he steps in.

"You disgust me!"

"Love you too bro! See you later!" He yells as the door shut.

Finn Hudson loves his life.

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