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Standing outside the balcony stood shito with his eyes close, he like the feeling of the cold wind brushing against his face. Opening his brown eyes he looks up to the full moon in the sky losing himself inside his thoughts. Finally he was free from his own despair, he felt like a weight that he didn't knew he was holding was suddenly lifted off. To think that just a few months ago he used to thought that he was a monster, Well that was until he came into his life and shown me that all that matter was of who he was and not of what he was. It's kind of confusing when you heard it the first time, but when you think about it, it makes so much sense about everything. Shito sometimes wonder what would had happened to him if Chika have never been on his live. 'probably something bad that's for sure." Shito thought to himself when suddenly he felt two pair of warm arms wrap around his waist from the back.

"I knew that I would be able to find you moon gazing here." Chika said as he tight his arms around Shito. "brrrrrrrrrr…your skin is cold. How long have you been standing outside?"

"Just about two hours now." Shito said while leaning against Chika's warm.

"Two hours? No wonder your skin look whiter than usual." Chika said grabbing Shito's hand and started to drag him inside the apartment. "Seriously Shito, how many times must I have to remind you to never stay outside in the cold for so long and especially without jacket." He said feeling a headache was about to start.

"What's the problem with that? Is not like I'm going to get sick or anything." Shito said not seen the reason why Chika was so bother by it.

"No you can't, but still that doesn't stop me from worrying about you and I don't want anything to happened to you even if it is just cold." Chika said as he wraps again his arms around Shito, pulling him into a sweet passionate kiss. "You know I love you right shito?" he ask as they parted from their kiss.

"I know how many times must you keep reminded me that?" Shito ask between their little kisses.

"As many times as you like." Chika responded slowly unbutting shito's shirt while he press gently kisses against Shito's neck, Earning deep moans coming from shito.

Throwing their last clothes on the floor they resume with their love passion. Gently laying shito on the floor Chika tease him by kissing over his weak spot. "A-AH! C-Chika stop t-teasing me." Shito wine as Chika slowly suck his nipples he chuckle a little at how cute Shito sounded when he was despaired. Looking up to see shito's face. "Beg for me shito, I want you to scream to me what do you want me to do." Chika said moving his right hand closer to his erect member causing shito to moan deeply by the action. "Please! Chika I need you right now! Stop fooling around and fuck me already." Shito scream at chika causing the silver-hair guy to grin in return. "Of course my lovely shito, I couldn't have it either way." He said as he put shito into another passionate kiss. (Skipping the love session, you know cause is graded T so I can't write about it. Sorry!)

After their rough passionate love making they both lay on the bed tired, Chika had his hands around Shito while he rested his head on his chest. They both had their eyes close slowly drifting to the land of dreams when Chika spoke and break the silence. "Shito, you know I love you right?" Chika ask causing Shito to chuckle a little. "yes I do and I love you to." Shito responded, the both them stay like that until they finally fall asleep.

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