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Spending almost like an hour spilling his guts out on the toilet Shito finally heads over the kitchen where his lover was making breakfast for the both of them.

"Good Morning Shito are you feeling better now." Greeted Chika as Shito step into the kitchen.

"I have better days than this one." Responded Shito as he started to prepare himself some tea to get rid of the vomit taste that he still had on his mouth.

"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" ask Chika hugging him from behind.

"Yeah can you please make this tea for me? Is becoming hard to stand still with everything spinning around." Shito said as he quickly was lifted up bride style by Chika.

"It would be my pleasures put first let's get you back to bed so you can rest and let your body relax." Chika said to Shito as he walk him back into their room and gently put him on the bed. "Thank you" Shito said as he brought the bed covers over his head wrapping himself into a big cocoon.

Chika head back into the kitchen to finish breakfast and to also make that tea that Shito have ask him to make. Actually Chika was starting to really worry about Shito's health during this week. Some mornings Shito had wake up sweating because of a fever put not so high that could be so dangerous other mornings he was left out without any energy to move his body and doesn't wake up at all. It was worrying Chika a lot especially how pale has Shito's skin become during the week. He seriously tried to get Shito into going to the hospital put each time he made up a fight about it.

And as usual Shito end up winning their argument by locking himself inside the bathroom for 2 hours until he got tired and went to bed giving the silent treatment to Chika until the next morning. It was becoming very frustrating to Chika, who wouldn't get frustrated when they saw the one they loved getting sick and be able to do nothing? Well he was.

So Chika has made up his mind to bring up the big guns. If Shito decided he didn't wanted to go to the hospital then he have to bring the hospital to him. 'Well without him knowing until HE gett here this afternoon.' Chika thought as he fishing making breakfast and the tea that Shito ask for him to do.

Walking into the bedroom with Shito's tea Chika sat beside the from where Shito was and shake him a little to wake him up. "Shito love wake up, I brought that the tea that you wanted." Said Chika as Shito Slowly sat up on the bed and slowly drink up the tea that Chika had giving him. They stay up like that listening to the silence sipping from Shito drinking his tea and the tick tock sound that was coming from their alarm clock. But all that silence was interrupted when Shito suddenly began to speak.

"Chika I'm really tired could you please lie down next to me and keep me some company?" Shito ask tiredly as Chika nodded and move to lie down on the other side of the bed. Moving closer to Chika Shito wrap his arms around him as he lay down his head against Chika's chest and quickly felling back to sleep.

Chika move his hands to put it against Shito's forehead to notice that he was starting to have another fever again. 'Oh Shito what I'm going to do with you, your stubborn fool?' Chika thought to himself as he wrap his arms around Shito bringing the pale man closer to his body. 'Just hang in there Shito help is on the way here.'

Ok I'm stopping it there! I know this chapter may be short but this scene seem like the perfect part to end it for now. So what the heck is happening to Shito? and will this bring any risk on Shito's pregnancy? And will the other are ever going to find out about Shito's pregnancy? All this question would be answer on the next chapter. =D