This challenge belongs to the awesome WishingDreamer5, fifty pieces, involving the world Radiant Garden, also known as Hollow Bastion. I own nothing, all Kingdom Hearts characters belong to Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix.

Author's Note: I know, I'm starting another when I haven't even gotten halfway in my others. My only excuse is that I loved the idea, and if it wasn't for MonMonCandie, I wouldn't have known of its existence. So, thanks, MonMon! Anyway: How it must have felt for the characters to come home for the first time in years and see it destroyed.

1. Restoration

The ex-residents of Traverse Town were shocked at the sight of their once beautiful home world, Radiant Garden had been reduced to a smoldering ruin, darkness and Heartless lingered over the world like glowing coals at the edges of a fire pit.

Yuffie had been the first to disembark from the Gummi Ship, beaming broadly at the thought of being home. Slowly, the horror dawned on her, taking in the dark sky overhead and the ocean of Heartless that surrounded Villain's Vale. The ninja dropped to her knees, a amalgamation of grief for the people she had lost and the deadening feeling of hopelessness making her chest tighten and ache in a rather painful way.

Aerith was behind her bouncy friend, instantly at the ninja's side, a hand around her shoulder. "It's okay. She's gone now." The brunette soothed, her voice calming and gentle.

Leon stepped out, gloved hand tightening around his Gunblade, the only indication of emotions stirring beneath his stoic exterior. "Sora and the King gave us another chance. Now it's up to us to start the restoration. Merlin's waiting for us."

And with characteristic solemnity, he strode down the pathway, the ever-present leader of their wayward gang. Without meaning to, he gave his friends hope, just by standing and moving forward.