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5. Eyes

The eyes were the windows to the soul; Aqua recalled reading such a passage in one of the Master's tomes of philosophy, dusty and unused hidden deep in the recesses of the castle's library. Throughout her travels, trailing Terra, searching for Ventus, the mage had encountered handfuls of people, with difference experiences, thoughts and worldviews. As she grew and evolved, shaped by the effects the more important people had given her, Aqua had come to consider herself a decent judge of character.

Within a first introduction, she could see one's intentions and wishes through their eyes, whether they were blue, green, hazel or the startling gold she had seen bleeding over Terra's clear blue.

That, along with Ventus' empty, glazed over eyes stayed with her the most, filling her nightmares, until she could not sleep for more than an hour at a time, not that the Realm of Darkness was conducive to a good night's rest.

When Ansem the Wise relayed the news of a new Keyblade wielder however, Aqua felt a glimmer of hope stir in her heart, thinking of the new Keyblade wielders, responsible for the fate of the worlds, she couldn't help but think of new sets of eyes. Sora, so cheerful and sweet, Riku, teal eyes filled with protection and care.

Lastly, framed by the castles of Radiant Garden, were the strong, warmhearted eyes of little Kairi, giving Aqua the strength she needed to keep going, waiting for the fateful day when she would be free from the darkness.