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Note: Okay I know that Christmas trees weren't really around like this back then, but just pretend they were.

Christmas Tree


"Yes, my Lord?"

"What is that?"

"I believe it's a Christmas tree."

Indeed, a fine-looking evergreen coniferous tree* stood proudly in the sitting room of the Phantomhive manor, decked-out in a wide arrangement of lights, ornaments, tinsel and candy canes. The brightness and overall cheeriness seemed rather out of place and, in it's own twisted way, seemed to mock the esteemed Earl.

"Yes, I can see that," Ciel drawled, "But what is it doing here?"

"...To be honest, I don't know."

A disbelieving stare was turned upon the demon butler. "You don't know."

Sebastian could really only give a sort of dignified half shrug in response.

Ciel's sharp mind quickly deduced that that meant Sebastian hadn't been the one to bring in the tree and decorate it. And there were only five other people that could be responsible – though now that he looked at it, it was a bit too plain for Elizabeth to have done. So that meant it must have been–

"Young master, do you like the tree?"

–His incompetent servants.

With a practiced expression of calmness, Ciel turned to face the four essentially useless servants. "Did I give you permission to get a Christmas tree?" he asked them pointedly.

They all shifted their weight in a guilty manner. "No..." they muttered together.

"Then why is it here?"

"We just wanted to make the house a little bit more festive, yes we did!" Mey-Rin said.

It was easy to tell that Ciel wasn't sold on the idea at all. Sebastian, ever the peace-maker, decided to step in. "Really my Lord, they did it for you. Besides, there is really no need to take it down, is there?"

A sigh of defeat escaped Ciel. "No, I suppose there isn't..."

Honestly, his butler had him wrapped around his finger. Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around?

"Alright!" Bard cheered, pumping his fist in the air.

"Just get back to work before I change my mind," Ciel said in dismissal.

The four scampered away, murmuring happily to each other over their victory. Ciel shook his head, though the emotions behind the action were unclear. "Honestly, I didn't even want to celebrate this year..."

That piqued Sebastian's interest. "Oh? And why is that, young master?"

"Christmas is about family, giving, love and, in some cases, religion, right? So why should I celebrate a holiday centered around things I don't have and don't believe in?"

Sebastian smiled slightly. "You're wrong about that, young master. You may no longer have a family, and you may no longer place your faith in God, but you are still a giving person. Would someone who wasn't run a toy company for kids and put on a play for underprivileged orphans?"

Ciel, with a light blush, muttered, "Whatever. Just go make me some tea."

"As you wish, my Lord," Sebastian bowed. He turned, hiding his smirk. Yes, his young master was quite generous... and no matter what the boy thought, Sebastian could see that he still held love in his heart.


*According to Wikipedia, that's the type of tree most Christmas trees are.

Aaargh what kind of ending was that? Bah, whatever. So, anyway, how was it? This is my first Kuro fic, but I sort-of like how it turned out. Y'know, besides the fail ending. So, yeah, happy holidays and all that!