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"Mary Jane Watson! You're not supposed to be out of bed, go back inside your room before you catch a chill." Aunt May scolded the red haired beauty. Mary Jane stood in the activity center of the hospital with her I.V. pulling beside her. Her hospital gown was tied back with a blue sash to keep the breezes away. She wore pink fuzzy slippers on her feet, as she would shuffle by the linoleum floor. She laughed as she looked over at Aunt May and abided by her heading back towards her hospital room. It had been a week since she had finally woken up. Cops had bombarded her in the last few days with questions that she couldn't even begin to answer. She had no idea where she had been; she didn't know what happened to her or why she was even attacked in the first place. All she knew was that she had woken up in a hospital, alone. Mary Jane settled underneath the icy sheets of her bed and blinked through the darkness. It was nine forty-five p.m. on a Saturday night and the only person who had come to visit her that she knew of was Aunt May, Felicia Hardy and her Aunt Anna. Her parents didn't bother to come see her, Harry hadn't been seen lately and Peter never did show up. She sighed thinking about Peter. Perhaps it was time she gave up on him, it felt like he wasn't doing anything but playing silly mind games with her. It was tearing her apart; she could no longer take it.

Felicia had come to see Mary Jane on the third day of her recovery bearing well wishes. Mary Jane was beyond shocked to see the new look of Felicia. The two began to bond oddly enough, wishing to start over. Felicia said that they could start over, they'd have their little rivalries going but it would be nothing more than an innocent competition. Meaning both modeling and acting, and then Peter. Felicia made it very clear that she had a slight interest in peter that she wasn't willing to give up on. With that, the two women shook hands and agreed.

Mary Jane took one last look at the digital clock sitting on the stand near her side and then closed her eyes. She was a little tired from a day full of questioning, tests, and mere exercises to get her muscles active again. Oh Peter.where are you when I really need you by my side? You said you'd always be there for me.was that just a lie? A chill ran along her spine and she opened her eyes flipping over onto her other side, spotting a few of the other citizens that had been swept up into Mysterio's attack. Why did he try to kill everyone in New York anyways? Why did he go after her first as well? It seemed like there was always a never-ending mystery that would plague her brain. Boy oh boy did she love her life. Just as she began to slip off to sleep she heard a thump against the window across the room. She furrowed her brows worriedly as she glanced across the room in the direction of the sound. She gripped the sheet in her hands nervously. It couldn't possibly be anyone else that would want to start trouble now would it? Why me? Why me? I wasn't horrible to other people in high school, I never tried to kill anybody or harm them in anyway.why does it seem like trouble always seeks me out? She asked herself with a hint of fear. The window slid up and a shadowed face popped in just under the curtains.

"Wakey, wakey." Came a familiar muffled voice.

A smile etched its way onto Mary Jane's soft lips. Spider-man. At this time of night? Yeah.duh, when else would he stop by. In the morning?

"Hello, Spider-man." Mary Jane said tiredly with a pleasant smile on her face. The hidden super-hero leapt into the room under the casted glow of the moon and slid the window shut to keep the cold out. With a jut of his wrist his webbing shot out and shut the door with a soft click. He smiled from under the mask as he watched Mary Jane sitting there.

She could see the corners of his mouth from under the mask upturn. 'Yo, Mary Jane! He saved your life! Again! Can you say anything other than sitting here like a idiot with a dreamy smile plastered on your face?!' She told herself. She cleared her throat and sat up in the bed promptly.

"Thank you, Spider-man, for saving my life again. I don't know what this city would do without you. I am very grateful." She said as politely as she could trying to hide the scarlet blush that was finding its way along her skin.

"You're welcome, just anything your friendly neigh-"

"Neighborhood Spider-man would do." Mary Jane finished the sentence for him with an innocent smirk. With a nervous chuckle, Spider-man rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah.perhaps I say that too much. I am really glad to see that you're doing better though. I made sure I stopped by every night when there was a slack period." He said in a bashful tone.

Mary Jane was shocked. So perhaps she did have a guardian angel that watched over her in her sleep and made sure she was all right. Spider-man seemed like he had wanted to distance himself from Mary Jane for her protection but as it turned out he wanted to always keep a safe eye on her no matter what.

"Thank you, I-" She began as she tried to sit closer to him.

"There's something I need to tell you." Spider-man said at the exact time that Mary Jane spoke. Silence overtook them both and no one spoke. She stared intently at him, trying to see through his mask, and he could feel her burning eyes on him, making his stomach turn in thousands of flips. It was hard to hide from a look of such passion from someone you had desired since you were six years old.

"Okay, I'm listening." She said politely as she sat up straight with the covers about her. Spider-man began to go through the many ways to start on what he wanted to say. How could he just tell her "Underneath this mask I am really the nerd next door Peter Parker. 'Yeah, remember how you said you loved me and I said that I couldn't? Well this is the reason why, SURPRISE!' He chuckled nervously again and leaped on the side of the wall and sat there trying to make himself comfortable.

"You see, the thing is.after the fact that I almost lost you again.even though I kept my distance.I can't go on being distanced from you. It's just too hard and it seems that no matter what I do, everyone I love either is hurt or pays for my own mistakes." He said trying to keep his voice steady.

Mary Jane's eyes went extremely wide with surprise, joy and shock. "Y-you love me? Wait a minute. you haven't made any mistakes. Anything and everything that has happened happened out of normal circumstances. It would have happened whether you would have been to blame or not. We can't control what life has planned out no matter how much we would like to. And as I've tried to tell you before, what happen to people are their own destinies. So just stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong."

Somehow her words finally hit him effectively. He stood there in complete shock, his mind slowly taking everything in and thinking it over. She was right, she was always right about him and he had been too stubborn to even listen to her. His breaths came out raggedly as he thought about his next move. He loved her, she loved him, something that had always plagued his mind and he actually achieved his most desired dream. 'Will I be able to keep her though?' He asked himself.

"But I want to tell you."

"So, tell me."

"I.not here. I'll take you where I know no one else can hear or see. Will you come with me?" He requested as he held out his gloved hand. She gave and awkward giggle as she pointed to her hospital gown.

"Ahh.sorry but I need something to wear first. I don't think a hospital gown would be a good choice for a nice swing about the city at this time of night." She grinned.

"Oops.had forgotten about that. I'll hop outside real quick while you change, then you can let me know when you're ready. Ok?" He offered as he crawled across the walls over towards the sill. As he moved outside and slid the sill down Mary Jane climbed out of bed wondering what he wanted to tell her. Would he finally tell her who he really was?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

Quentin Beck scrunched up his nose in disgust as the heavy smell of sweat infiltrated his nose. He looked around himself in the thin hallway with the gray cement walls and barred doors. He walked behind a tall thin officer, another one behind him with a nightstick making sure that he didn't try to escape. How could he? His hands were handcuffed and he was in a gray jumper suit with all his tricks taken away. He felt humiliated that a man like he would be shoved away into a pitiful jail like this. They stopped in front of a specific cell and unlocked the barred door.

"There you go, Beck. This will be your pleasant home for the next.what was it Rob? 40 years?" The thin officer chuckled.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they stuck him here for life. After all the people he tried to kill. We're lucky that we had Spider-man on our side to catch this ass." The second cop said glaring at Beck. Quentin Beck clenched his fists in anger, white tightening over his skin. He tightened his lips into a scowl as his hatred washed over him again.

"Just get this over with, pig!" Quentin hissed whirling on the second cop. The man stumbled back, and then raising the nightstick he swung it down on Quentin's left shoulder. Beck fell onto one knee with a painful yelp. The first cop unlocked his cuffs and shoved him inside of the jail cell, locking the door behind him. Beck grunted as he fell onto his hands and knees choking on the dust that stirred out. He got to his feet cursing the cops' existence as they walked away laughing. He turned around staring at the twin bunk cots on each side of the cell. One prisoner was already asleep on the top of the right one lying in plain vision under the sun. On the other side the other cot was in the shadows where he felt another person's presence which caused the tiny hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.

"Hello, Beck." He heard a voice behind him on the other side of the jail cell. Beck turned around to find himself looking face to face with Harry Osborn, his so-called partner.

"You! You were supposed to bail me out at the trial!" Beck yelled as he charged at the bars. Harry stepped back with a cool expression.

"I knew you were using me so I repaid he favor. Why should I dirty my name to help you out? After all you were the one who failed to kill Spider-man, you almost killed the woman I love and you were going to give my name to the cops anyways. So, I hope you rot in here Beck. You disgust me." He said furrowing his brows darkly. At that moment the un- experienced kid that Quentin had met seemed more dangerous than he had before. Beck felt the words evaporate in his throat as Harry straightened his suit and walked away.

"Haha, so you were the one who tried to take on the wall-crawler. Huh?" A raspy voice said from the shadows with crisp laughter.

"Who the hell are you? Show yourself!" Beck yelled as he clenched his fists, ready to get into a fight.

"I ain't ready to show myself just yet. All ya need to know is that I go by 'Shultz' right now. Y'know you probably could have done so much better against him if you didn't have that kid hanging onto your cape the whole way." The man said, smoke emerging from the shadows, most likely from a cigarette.

"I needed the money. The kid had enough to supply my whole bankroll," Beck defended himself, scrunching his nose in disgust as the smoke came past his face heating up his skin. "What are you in here for? For how long?"

"I'm s'posed to be in here for arson but that ain't what I got in trouble for. I was a sort of scientist, created a lot of gadgets for the government. They didn't pay me what they owed me so I took them and ran. I soon found myself caught and put in here. I'm supposed to be here for life as far as I know but we all know how the Penitentiary system works here. I'll be out sooner than I know it." He laughed. "Why did you kidnap that red girl anyways?" Shultz said gruffly.

Beck frowned at being asked this. "Not that I see it's any of your business but it was something relating to my past." He said not really wanting to explain further than that.

"If you want to work together someday then you need to be more straight forward than that. Explain the whole story if you gotta."

Beck leaned against the cot and ran a shaky hand through his blonde hair. It was so long ago it seemed, even though it wasn't, and it hurt to remember. "I used to be a special effects man, I worked on sets of movies. My last one was the one they were filming on the Queensboro Bridge some time ago, the one starring Miranda Wilson." He began in a low voice.

"Ah yeah, that female action star that disappeared awhile ago. Go on."

"Miranda and I.behind their backs we were together. We had one of those "flings" going on, I wasn't allowed to tell anyone. They all blame me.for what happened to her on the bridge, the explosion and how her car went off the side of the bridge. The truth is I'd never do anything to hurt Miranda, but the director and those phony Hollywood producers on the other hand should have died instead of her. With that, I, of course was caught by Spider-man and sent to jail. Why did I kidnap that young girl? She was an actress, looked and acted a lot like Miranda. She reminded me of her. At first I felt like I had taken her to replace Miranda and keep her for my own but when I figured out how many were attached to her and loved her I had gotten an idea. They should all suffer! Like I did when I lost Miranda. I wanted them to feel dead inside like I did, I didn't care who the hell I was hurting; I sure as hell didn't care about that red haired girl either. What was even better was that Spider-man seemed to have a soft spot for this girl as well, so why couldn't I use this to my own advantage. They all deserved what had been coming to them and I was just the person to do it. In the end I wouldn't have helped her no matter what promises I made. In the end if that kid hadn't backstabbed me I would have backstabbed him first. All I can say though is that it's not over. No one stabs Mysterio in the back and assume it's over." Beck growled, his blue eyes trained over on the figure in the dark that called himself "Shultz", the man hadn't said a word since he spoke about his past. Why did he trust this man enough to tell him about this?

"Hmm.that's good. I needed to finally talk to someone that actually would do things instead of being all talk. Looks like you and I will get along just fine. Perhaps I'll let you in on the big scheme that'll be going on here soon. You can finally repay all that wronged you with my help." He dropped his cigarette onto the ground and used a black boot to smash it into the hard floor.

"And how in the hell are we going to get out of here. All of my devices were taken away from me." Beck demanded angrily.

"They weren't able to take everything away from me. I had one thing hidden and then delivered in disguise of something very innocent." He turned around in the shadows and bent down onto one knee, digging underneath the cot on the other side. Within moments he stood back up with something in his hands. Beck heard a soft metal clinking sound along with a click. Shultz stuck out his wrists into the light; they were covered by two thick metal gauntlets, a quick charge emanated from them in a soft sizzle.

Beck immediately jumped back as an electric volt shot into the cots beside him with a loud ping. "Who the hell are you really?!" Beck yelled in panic as he backed up into the bars. He was answered by a deep, raspy laugh that sounded demented. "Well, well, well. Meet your new partner, The Shocker!"

* * * *

Gently Spider-man landed on top of the concrete statue that laid out from one of the buildings above the jeweled city. He had brought her to the place to go cry after his Uncle Ben had been murdered and he found the hijacker that he had let go in the wrestling arena due to a petty grudge against the owner. This was a sacred, personal place for him but Mary Jane would be the only person he would want with him here. He removed the last of the webbing from his wrist and gently let go of Mary Jane to let her get hear bearings at such a height. She stepped out near the edge and glanced out at the city beneath her.

"Oh, it's so beautiful." She spoke softly in awe of the sight before her. She glanced back over her shoulder. "Thank you for taking me here, this seems like this would be an important place for you to share this with me." She glanced back out and stepped forward again, almost losing her balance. As if in reflex he was right there behind her. An arm wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling and holding her back onto the statuette. It felt good to be this close to her, to feel her near him, even if it would to be held by one arm. As if reading his mind she spun around and nestled into both his arms against his chest, the events of the past few weeks breaking her down and making her shiver. He shut his eyes as he held her close. 'Just let it out, Mary Jane. That's the best thing for you right now. No party-girl personality, not in front of me.' He thought as he rubbed her back gently. She pulled away for a minute looking embarrassed. "Sorry about that, everything just kind of hit me at once and it was hard to deal." He nodded in agreement to her reassuring that everything was okay. "What was it that you wanted to tell me?" She asked, changing the subject.

Putting real thought into it, Peter lifted his chin looking up into the sky. 'How shall I start this?' He wondered. 'Am I doing the right thing?' "Mary Jane.words can't.really be said in this situation. All I can do is show you. But I need you to close her eyes first, please." He said, placing a finger underneath her chin. She nodded in response and slowly lowered the lids of her eyes. Once he was sure she wasn't peeking he grabbed the bottom folds of his mask and began to lift up. Slowly he removed his mask, feeling the icy cold wind against his face. It ruffled his brown locks of hair and with a deep exhale he told her to go ahead and look. Her bluish-green orbs were once again revealed as she looked upon his face. Her first reaction was of shock, widened eyes, raised brows, and a mouth gaped open. But then after a few moments the gaped mouth curved upward in a pleased smile, no not pleased, overjoyed smile. She gave a shriek and leapt into his arms hugging him tightly. Her mouth closed about his neck delivering several quick kisses showing her happiness. After her excitement calmed down she looked up at him with tearful eyes.

"I had wondered. I had hoped. Could Peter Parker be Spider-man? It seemed impossible at first but a part of me always seemed to know that it was you. My heart could never truly love more than one man, it was impossible." She spoke quickly, her fingers curling his brown hair about them. "This is why.you were afraid to get close to me?" She asked as a pout came to her ruby lips. Peter's heart began to beat fast as his eyes focused on her full red lips, he hungered to lower his own lips on her own and devour them in deep kisses. On impulse he bent his head down and covered her mouth with his, kissing deeply. His hands wrapped around her waist as he pulled her against him. After a few moments he pulled away, his head swimming in a joyous ecstasy as he licked his lips. It was the best kiss he had ever shared with her, even better than the passionate kiss they had shared in the rain that one night. 'Oh man, she tastes good.' He thought with a dopey grin.

"I would do anything to keep you safe, Mary Jane. I would gladly die for you. I love you so much. I would gladly sacrifice my own happiness to keep you safe; I would die if anything happened to you. I have almost lost you so many times." As he said that he loved her Mary Jane's eyes closed in a look of relief and released weight of her shoulders.

"You don't know how much I have wanted to hear you say that since the cemetery. My heart was just aching since you told me that day that you couldn't be more than just my friend. Peter, don't waste your happiness. We can be happy together if you will risk it. Anything can happen at anytime, you just can't prevent it like I told you. With you distancing yourself it harms both of us. Please don't leave me this time." Her voice ended in a whimper as she hugged him near.

"I.I promise that I'll do everything within my power to keep you safe from now on. I won't leave you." He whispered into her ear as he lowered his face near her neck.

"Where do we go from here, Peter?" She asked in curiosity. He smiled and took both of her hands in his as he looked down at her with cherish in his eyes.

"Beginning of any new relationship will do, don't you think? All I know is that I'm your spider and you are my angel."

* * * *

"I've got it! I've got them!" Marc Shino ran down the hallways of the studio jumping over the smart carts littering his way. He reached the meeting room and slapped down a manila envelope onto the table. Snithe looked up from the table in annoyance of the director that busted into his room.

"You've got what, Shino." He growled as he sat down a folder, the rest of his employees glancing at Shino with little care.

"The selection of actresses that have been interviewed and had a background check to take Miranda Wilson's part of the upcoming movie that we plan to shoot a year from now." Shino said while flashing a bright smile. Snithe snorted and opened his large palm. Shino slid the envelope over to him. Opening the envelope he removed five pictures from inside with small photocopied resumes. "There's Lilly Marstoue, Mary Jane Watson, Bonnie Jackson, Amelia Johnson, and Eric Wilson. All five are very qualified for the part and three of them have looks that resemble the late Miss Wilson." Shino said with all respect trying to contain his excitement.

"That bird looks most like Wilson," He said tossing a photograph of Mary Jane at Shino. "However, bring them all back for screen-testing. She could be a complete failure in front of the camera and we'll have to go for a second choice." He said half-assed. Shino nodded with a grin and left the meeting room.

"Hey Snithe, are you really going to fund this project?" One of the older men smoking a thick cigar asked. Snithe looked up and smiled evilly as he litted up his own cigar and placed it against his chapped lips.

"They have a certain amount of time to be worth my effort, and if I'm not impressed then I'll pull my funding and sue the hell out of Mr. Marc Shino." He laughed.

* * * * "Aunt Anna! Guess what?! I got a callback for a movie!"

* * * * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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