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What was this feeling?

This indescribable feeling causing for her heart to pitter patter against her chest, and make her face feel as though the invisible sun in the pale lit sky had decided to grace her skin with its sheer warmth.

She's never felt it before; a complete happiness that made her smile brighten constantly, and just by having a certain presence near hers. One whose masculine beauty was that beyond any compare whether it be demon or human. A body molded by the gods and a face carved by the angels. Those eyes that wield the color of gold, hair as white as the snow shinning like a silver blade, and skin as fair as the pale white sky. Beautiful, he was absolutely beautiful in every shape way and form.

To see the way he kept his silver white head straight, and fixated on the road ahead of him instead of letting nature's little distraction throw him off.

The sweet music she could hear whenever his long glossy hair would dance in a slow rhythmic pace.

The graceful way he walked where he kept every foot positioned evenly and body straight to reveal a stance that executed both his power and pride in one single strode. She could even feel her own stance begin to glow more gracefully just by being near him.

It was nothing like she's ever felt before, but she could not match the word to the feeling.

When she grew up in Kaede's village she was always given glimpses of boys holding girl's hands and as she grew older those same little couples turned into the elder generation of younger men kissing their new found loves on the forehead. Rin remembered seeing how happy each woman looked; from their hands being held to having their faces graced with a kiss by the person they deemed 'the one'.

In the beginning, she thought herself to feel envy for all those pretty girls, and even a tiny cringe of jealousy. Kagome and Sango explained that it was a natural human emotion that could neither be avoided nor accepted, but it's up to the person themselves to make the decision on how far it will go. It was not big surprise to Rin when both women admitted to taking their jealousy too far in the past, but now it was settled since they each had their men with them.

To think that one as grateful as her could ever feel the bitter emotion of jealousy, especially when Rin thought of every panel of her life as something to be thankful for. However, it wasn't what the other girls had that made her feel empty.

As she grew up with Kaede she's had her hand held before; not as much as others but it was still with a kind boy who offered to share his rice ball at the end of the day. As she got a little older the closest she's ever gotten to a man's lips was by a peck made on her hand from a young man who thanked her in her assistance when she aided Kaede in bringing the young man's fiancé back to health.

Like any normal village girl she's had her fair share of flowers given to her, and Kohaku has always offered to take her on strolls; most at which she accepted and it always ended with a friendly smile and nothing more.

She was given chances to have what they did, but still she felt empty. It was what they found that made her envy them; they found something that she hadn't.

That is…until now.

Every smile made her way, every gesture given to her by other boys, and still nothing could match the feeling that concealed her heart when her brown eyes locked on to gold embedded ones.

It was those eyes; they enchanted her, mesmerized her, and made her feel like she had struck treasure every time she got lost in those ember depths.

Those markings; she hoped they would forever decorate his body. Marked since birth and now presented upon his porcelain skin ranking him in status and showering him in perfection. She wondered if he had any other treasured markings.

The eye markings that she first mistook for eye powder, the magenta colored stripes gliding across his cheeks, wrists, and other areas which she only guessed were covered by white silk.

Last but certainly not least how can she forget his signature blue quarter moon bestowed proudly on his forehead. For so long that marked fascinated her.

Did he have it because dogs like to howl at the moon?

Was it a family symbol?

If so than why didn't Inuyasha have one?

Is his mother the only other one that has it to?

How far back did it go?

She didn't know any answers, but just like her lord himself sometimes things are more magical the little you know about them.

For the longest time she simply gazed at him. He was a sight to look at, a pleasure to hear, and his mere presence alone made her face compliment the colors of pink roses. It was never like this when she gazed at him as a child. Back then he was looked upon with admiration and fascination; the kinds of feelings any child would have especially when they are at the age of being prone to hero worship.

He was and will forever be her 'hero', but looking at him now was so much different. Did her age affect her feelings for the demon prince that much? From just simply smiling at him to smiling and bringing his body so close to hers she could feel his so called nonexistent heart. From every embrace she ever gave him to the quick yet gentle peck she gave to his cheek.

She wondered many nights if perhaps she was too bold, too forward with her previous actions. It was out of impulse; a moment that practically screamed for her to claim his cheek just like the many times she's wanted to put her lips in the center of his blue moon. She thought him to be angry; such an unexpected occurrence that she almost thought he would have found shameful.

Her, a simple human peasant who would have barely been able to afford her own cloths much less shoes had it not been for Sesshomaru, a demon lord whose status and pride built the walls to house his reputation and power.

Fortunately for her he was not angry with anything as far as she could tell, but the rest of the night he seemed quieter than usual. She decided then it was best not to give him any unexpected pecks ever again no matter how much she wanted to. It saddened her to make that decision; her gesture would have made the goodbyes a little easier, or maybe it would make it all the more harder; she didn't really know.

Winter is almost over….he will be leaving soon to go on patrols again.

"Rin," suddenly spoke the deep baritone voice that immediately broke the young woman of all her thoughts. She blinked once to recapture her attention with that same golden glare. "Sorry my lord," she smiled, "Lost in thought is all."

She saw his gaze linger on her for a mere second longer till he turned to look beyond the hill they were standing on. "We have arrived."

"Where to?" she chirped as her dark wood sandals walked the rest of the way up the snowy hill. She was almost too excited. When he told her there was someplace he wanted to take her she broke out into a brilliant smile she would have jumped to hug him if she could. After being stuck in her hut for days filled with coughs and sneezes to get over her cold, what more could she ask for then spending the last remaining days of winter with him.

She walked all the way up until her head was directly to his shoulders. She looked down the hill till the sight of clear white ice glistened off her chocolate brown eyes. "Lord Sesshomaru?" she asked; wondering why he would take her to a place that did not contain the best memories for her.

Below her sparkled a large frozen lake that took up a majority of the once green meadow. It was a very large water supply for the village; the main watering area was right in front of her but she knew the lake extended into the forest river and even led into the village ponds.

Rin remembered taking walks with Kohaku along the lake during the summer, and kicking her feet in the cold refreshing liquid to ease her sweaty head. She remembered bathing in the water with Saki and Kagome or Sango, and at times even found a few fishes to catch every once in a while.

However, she also remembered her last encounter with this lake, and the demon hounds that chased her during the snow storm. She remembered hearing the ice beneath her crack, and the dreaded feel of her lungs straining at the loss of oxygen and the increase of water breaching her nose and mouth. Her body felt like ice had punctured her on both the inside and out; maybe being bitten by the demons would have felt less painful.

Of course she was saved from another near death experience, and her savior stood right beside her but why would he take her back to this spot.

"Let's go," he said with his boots crunching their way down the hill. Rin's confusion did nothing to faze him, and she obediently followed after him trying her best not to think about how the last time she went down this hill she rolled with the stain of her own blood marking a crimson red trail down the very path they now walked on.

The ice was smooth and clear, and as far as Sesshomaru could tell newly made since the last time he was near here he crushed all the ice from the weight of his true demon form. The storm must have refrozen the water, and not it looked like a portrait found in a painting with all the dark leafless trees hanging off to the side and the snowy mountains giving the scene a nice background view.

"You are familiar with this place," he stated knowing full well that she had yet to look at it since they made it to the edge of the ice. He saw her slowly nod her head.

"It makes you uncomfortable," he then stated; he did not need to ask, he knew by the way she averted her eyes from the scene that she did not want to look at it.

And he knew why, which was why he brought her out here in the first place.

At his comment Rin brought her head up to give him a look that looked almost apologetic. "You fear?" he, this time, asked. Her look of apology turned into one of confusion and uncertainty, "I-I….uh…"

She saw him move forward without even giving her a second glance, "Once again I do not understand broken sentences Rin."

She brought her head down; the thought that perhaps she upset him in some way was unsettling, and almost made her want to ask if they could just return to the village. "I'm sorry," she whispered just barely above a whisper; she was sure it was not meant to be said out loud.

"Come," he instructed calmly causing Rin to bring her head up immediately to see a clawed hand held out for her. Her eyes widened when she saw her lord standing on the ice; his white reflection barely visible, and the slippery surface doing nothing to deteriorate his perfect posture.

What's he doing?

"M-my Lord?" she asked, "What-"

"You fear," he stated quickly as he extended his hand out more, "The only way to be rid of it, is to face it," he said in his usual stoic tone, but Rin was shocked to hear what he said.

He was going to help her. Go out of his way to make sure that she had one less fear to face in her life. "If you are not comfortable with this, then we will cease to go any further," he mentioned making sure that she kept eye contact with him so that she understood the situation to every detail.

After a few seconds of contemplation on her part Sesshomaru felt a slender, smaller hand slip into his perfectly. She put on a brave smile as she lifted one leg to place her right foot on the ice. The hand gripping hers tightened when she lifted her other leg, and just as Sesshomaru expected she used to much weight on one leg it caused her to slip on that said leg and lost her balance.

Rin couldn't believe herself; one step and already her whole body was tipping over. Had it not been for the other clawed hand catching her shoulder her face would have met the hard cold ice below. She caught her breath and brought both feet to stand on the ice evenly as to not trip again. "Thank you," she sighed in relief as Sesshomaru kept her still till she found her balance.

When he let go of her shoulder panic began to set in as her hand quickly latched on to his spiked armor; not yet ready to let go of him yet. Sesshomaru almost found the scene amusing; what was most amusing was her facial expression, like some helpless creature clinging on to his body for dear life.

Rin's face held a look of uneasy concentration; as if she knew what to do just didn't know how to execute it. She hardly realized hot clingy she was, her mind only set on not having her body hit that ice for she knew what may become of that occurrence. When she felt the armor in her left hand slip away she tightened her grip on the hand connected to hers; the gesture would have brought out her blush had it not been for her other issue in not slipping.

She raised her head and gasped on how one simple push of his leg had him sliding back a few inches; his right leg gliding across the ice while the toe of his left boot navigated him to sliding to his side and stop.

How did he do it, she thought, how did he make it look as easy as walking when obviously it was hard enough for her just to keep her balance?

Their hands were still connected, but only by the limit of their outstretched arms. He supposed he could have just left her in the center of the lake to learn for herself, but he was not that cruel of a person to ever do something like that to her. If it had been anyone else, then he would have thought differently.

He felt the hand within his shake, and gripped her hand tighter to sooth her uneasiness. "Don't put all your weight on one leg," he instructed flatly. "Huh?" she mumbled; looking down at her legs so she could get a sense of what to do. "Use one leg to slide, and the other to navigate," he then added.

"R-Right," she shook, her mind knew that he was not going to repeat himself, and her body knew that the moment her foot lifted it was either sink or swim. She gripped his hand, and noticed that his gaze was on her and only her.

What if I mess up?

Her mind began to head toward the more vacant part of her mind that housed much of her negative thoughts and ideas.

What if I were to make a complete fool of myself, and in front of him of all people?

What if I just simply cannot-

"You don't have to do this if you do not want to," he said. Rin let out the breath she didn't even know she was holding. She felt ashamed for how weak she was acting; it was not as though he sent her out to go kill bandits, or go and slice down a pack of wolfs all on her own.

It was merely ice, and he was here with her.

He was here with her.

Brown eyes looked up to ember gold. That's right, she smiled, he was here with her and since when did he allow anything to happen to her.

With that settled she moved her right foot against the ice, and pushed off with her left. Just as soon as she slid she held her other arm out for balance while using his hand for leverage. She didn't slide in perfect poise like he did; if anything she would say she felt like a duck just wobbling around on the ice with both her legs straight stiff taking turns sliding against the ice.

Just as she was a mere inch away from grabbing his armor for support she saw him slide away till he was yet again far enough from her with their hands still connected through their outstretched arms.


"Come," he instructed at which she obediently followed. Again the process repeated, though this time she knew the ice a little better. Instead of wobbling like a duck with stiff legs she was able to slide each of her legs along the ice a little more gracefully. She still had to use her arm for balance, and had it not been for his hand she was sure she would have fallen somewhere along the way.

She felt like she achieved a little more this time, but again he slid away just as she got close. She did not question him like she did before, and just continued to follow him while feeling her legs loosen up and her feet glide more smoothly the more comfortable she became with the slippery ice.

Soon she was no longer expecting him to stop and wait till she got close enough to move again. Before she knew it he was sliding backwards just as she was sliding forwards. Their hands were still connected, and the pace was a little slower than she would have liked, but she was finally able to understand what he meant by navigating with her feet. (AN: I'm not really sure it's possible to skate against the ice like that without skates, but they didn't have any way back then and its magical so plz work with me here lol XD)

She kept her eyes on his feet; every time he would use a leg to push away she would push her leg forward. Soon she didn't have to rely on her arm for balance, but she kept it up just in the case that she started to stumble. It would be a lie to say that she no longer needed the help from his hand; it helped her in maintaining her balance, gave her some leverage when he went a little too fast for her, and most of all gave her the sense that he was still there.

She could hear the sounds of her wood sandals scraping against the ice, and the sounds of his hair twirling with the wind. She could see how intense his eyes were when she gazed at his face; his expression as dull as always but she knew there was more to those ember specks then just a cold glare.

They watched her, inspected her, and gazed at every move she made so that his next move could keep their rhythm steady. He saw her smile begin to widen when she felt the cold wind blow harder against her face; he knew she didn't want to stop. He heard her sweet laughter fill his sensitive ears; he knew she was enjoying this.

Finally after he felt that she was able to get the hang of this on her own he released her hand completely, but kept his eyes locked on to hers so that she didn't panic.

Rin gasped when she felt his hand release hers, and felt unsettled when she saw him slide further away from her. "Lord Sesshomaru," she called out; not even realizing she was gliding against the ice all by herself. Her thoughts were only on catching him, feeling his presence close to hers once again.

Her feet began to move faster and faster without her noticing. Each movement her leg made the closer she got to him. "Lord Sesshomaru," she called out again when she stretched her hand out to meet his, but she made the mistake of having the tip of her sandal hit the ice. The stumble threw her off balance, but the moment she realized that was the moment she realized that he stopped.

Rin pushed her leg once more to gain a greater momentum, and slide the rest of the way into his awaiting arms. Her body hit his soft fur, and the spike of his armor punctured her shoulder, but only a little.

The weight of her impact pushed him back a little, which even surprised him, and he felt his silver tresses tangle with her dark locks. He could hear her deep pants as she breathed into his fur, and felt the hands on his sleeve and armor tighten. His own hands rested on her shoulders to keep her steady.

"I did it," she breathed through a warm smile, all the while turned her head up to meet his eyes which looked down at her. "You did well," he whispered back, barely enough for her to hear. He did not lie in his statement. She did much better than he would have expected; her first attempt was…odd, but she progressed a lot faster and for that she deserved his words of encouragement.

Rin's smile was complimented with her new forming blush tainting her cheeks.

What was thing feeling, she thought. "It's all thanks to you," she answered sweetly.

"Hmm," he grunted; allowing her to catch the rest of her breath. Her hands still clung to his body, but he didn't complain considering he had yet to let go of her shoulders. Had anyone asked why, they would have met their death.

"Look," he said. Rin turned her head to look in the direction he was looking at, and she was in shock to see how far they were from the edge of the lake. They stood directly in the middle of the large lake, like two specks in the middle of a large circle.

"We're so far," she stated while squinting her eyes until she turned back to face him. "Not that I do not appreciate what you did for me my lord," she started off, "but why did you bring me out here to do this?"

At first he simply said nothing as the gaze in his eyes shifted to house a warmer expression. She felt him move the hands that were on her shoulders to grasp both her hands tightly. Confusion overtook her as she saw him begin to glide across the ice with her situated right in front of his chest.

"Why not," he answered against her head

She barely comprehended his word when she felt their bodies begin to move simultaneously; for every step he took she did the same, for every push he made she followed soot.

With every turn he made Rin felt him bring her body closer for they both knew she did not know how to turn yet. Her gaze shifted from his beautiful eyes to his very talented legs which navigated and glided them across this winter wonderland it put one of her most happiest smiles on her face.

To be able to have this experience with him blocked out ever other memory she had near this lake. This will, by far, be the most thought about, the most memorable, and the most cherished.

Because it's with him…

It nearly put her in a trance to see their reflection so close together in the ice it almost looked like they were one being. She saw the way his feet moved against the ice like as if he's done this more times that either of them could count. He knew what position to make in order to turn perfectly just by performing an angled slide with both his feet, or slow down the pace just by curving his ankles.

He slid to the side, and held both her hands in his as to slide her along with him. He was mindful of his armor, and went at a good enough pace to allow the wind to blow against their hair, but not too fast to make her loss her balance. Together they slid and glided against the ice hand in hand both knowing she could not accomplish half of what she has done on this ice without him.

It was almost like a dance.

A poetic rhythm they both created through trust and worship on her part, and protective guidance through his.

There was something else though, she thought, something else that was added to the mix that made this experience glow all the brighter within her heart.

What was it?

Finally, after a fit of giggles and laughter emitting from her joyous face, Rin felt Sesshomaru stop in the exact same spot as they stopped at before. She laughed some while trying to catch her breath, and felt the fingers entwined with hers sag yet he did not let go.

"You are much better at this then I am," she stated through her smile. "How did you ever learn to do this?"

"…Training," he answered simply. Of course he should have known by now that one word answers was just not enough for the talkative female in front of him. "Oh I see, for balance I presume?" she then asked clinging to his arm when she felt her sandal slip some.

"In a matter of speaking," he countered, not wanted to go into full detain of the rigorous training he was put through as a youngen by enduring the harshest storms and having to slide across slippery ice on his bare feet alone. It was to maintain his balance; if he could do so on ice then it would improve his foot work on ground level combat. It was also meant to improve his training when it came to his body withstanding harsh weather conditions, such as snow storms in the mountains or heat near the volcanoes.

A few moments passed, and the young lord had yet to realize that he allowed his mind to drift off to past times. It wasn't until he felt warm lips run over the knuckles he felt himself jump back into reality in time to look down and see Rin nuzzling her face against his right hand.

"Thank you," she said softly while nuzzling her nose against his fingers, "Thank you for everything you did today."

By mere looks alone one would think that the girl's kind gesture did nothing to faze his facial expression, but if you could feel the pulse in his wrist quicken, and the way his eyes turning into hearted gold at Rin's gentle touch than one would think differently to say that he wasn't affected.

"You are comfortable with this now?" he asked, after his hand was given her loving attention.

"Of course," she beamed happily, "Especially since I know that in the case that I fall you will always be there to catch me."

"Hmm," he hummed softly, "Don't say such silly things," he added with his hand moving from her grasp to brush over her pink cheek. His finger glided against her smooth skin just as his feet slide across the ice.

Rin's smile warmed at his kind gesture, her face turning that heated ice melting red color. In return she put her hand over the one currently on her cheek. Her warm tender chocolate eyes met his cold golden ones. Her happy expression countered by his non excitant expression.

She was so different from him; he thought as her eyes closed at the gentle contact he was giving her.

A weak human being…

A weak human; that's all she was, a simply happy soul lying within a mortal body. A face that shined with cheerfulness every other time he looked at her. The way she never took anything for granted, and glowed with pure happiness, she even slept happy. Sometimes he wondered if she even had the ability to scowl. Curse her happy expressions…

Her kind, gentle heart that made sure no one suffered the cruelty life had to offer so long as she could help. The way she aided every elder man and woman in the village even though she was informed beforehand that aiding them was futile, and their time was soon up. The way she made every outcast in the village feel welcomed, even the ones that didn't deserve to feel the presence of belonging anywhere. The way she invited him to every friendly gathering all in the hopes that he would not feel left out even when they both knew he had no desire to join in any human activities. Curse her kind gentle heart….

Those eyes of hers; the same eyes housing so much trust and devotion had he told her to jump off a cliff she would have done so in a heartbeat. The way she believes that she was safe so long as he was near, that she had nothing to fear because she believed him to always protect her. Was he just that obvious in his actions? What possessed that devoted young woman to perform tasks such as staying put when he said so, and to wait patiently for his return? That unbreakable trust; that unbendable devotion of hers; even after he let her down once before, she still put ever last ounce of trust and devotion into his abilities.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" said Rin when she found her master to be in very deep thought judging by the way he gazed at her. His eyes were so intense she felt them puncturing holes into her chest, but the gentle way his cold eyes suddenly changed to warm and gently patched up the nonexistent wound. She looked up to give him those same sweet brown eyes he was just thinking about.

Curse her devoted, trusting eyes…

Rin could tell he was troubled by something, and with not knowing what to do, she merely smiled that sweet smile in hopes that his gaze would cool down.

That smile; that sweet colorful smile that housed her tuneful laugh, and was given to every creature Rin happen to come in contact with. Her childhood was not an easy one, and yet she still found the heart to smile…and to him of all people. She had been kidnapped and even brought to death all just by traveling with him, and yet she still gave him her most happiest of smiled every time he looked her way. He left her in the village against her will in the beginning, and she still smiled the very next time she saw him. He left to war for a longer amount of time than either of them anticipated, and to this day she still smiled at him every other moment they locked eyes with each other. He has left time after time to go on patrols, and he left to see the same smile he left behind welcome him home…each and every time.

Curse her radiant smile…..

"What is this feeling?" he heard her ask. Sesshomaru blinked once to allow himself to catch on to what she was saying, and look down to see her facing his chest. "What is this feeling that warms a certain place," she explained as she put her hand over his armor covered chest, "right here?"

"…Pain?" he answered; not knowing the answer to her question and arched his brow when he heard her soft giggle.

"No, it does not hurt," she explained further, "It feels warm and wonderful; like falling into a field of fresh flowers."

"…" He did not know the right response to give to that, especially when he would rather avoid falling into a patch of flowers.

"Do you not feel it?" she then asked as she looked up to meet him face to face.

"I do not know," he admitted; those four words were not normally part of his vocabulary, but he spoke nothing but the truth.

"You do not feel it within your heart?" she then asked, her sweet smile never once leaving her face.

"A heart is insignificant," he countered, "It is nothing more than a bodily organ used to pump blood through our systems."

Rin wasn't even about to ask how he knew that. Instead she merely chuckled, "I am not talking about a body part my lord."

"Then explain," he said; watching carefully on how she brought both her hands to his chest. "I mean right here," she said. "Right there is where body part lies, but right here is where you heart is," she smiled, "My mother told me that."

"Hmm," he responded, "Such a heart like that holds no purpose to me."

"Yet my lord has one," she stated.

"You seem so sure?"

"Mm-hmm," she smiled with her eye lids dropping closed.

"Why is that?"

Rin's eyes opened revealing those same glistening eyes he only thought about not long ago. "If you did not have a heart, then you would have not bothered to bring me out here, you would not have bothered to save me in that winter storm. You would not have bothered to visit me when your patrols are over, or even return to me after the war was over. You would not have left me in such wonderful care, and would have just let me die every time I got myself into trouble. You would not have given a second thought towards me nor would you have rescued me with the tenseiga. You even asked me about my wounds…not even the humans cared about me that much to even ask."

Rin gripped the silk covering his chest, "My lord has a heat, I know you do," she whispered as she leaned her head in till the tip of her scalp touched his armor, "No matter what anyone says."

She believed him to have a heart did she?

This simple mortal believed him to have a heart. Since when did he dare allow himself to possess any human emotions such as happiness and sorrow? Since when did he allow himself to feel fear for another, or regret his course of action all for the sake of another being? Since when did he go through great lengths that made him do things outside his character all just to make sure a simple mortal's pathetic fears were laid to rest?


"Don't be foolish," he whispered back; his hands finding their way to her face. Rin blushed immediately when she felt his palms cover her cheeks till she had no choice but to gaze into those enchanting ember orbs of his.

When have I allowed myself…

"You're right," Rin said as she tried her best to look down had it not been for the hands palming her cheeks and thumbs caressing her face.

To let these weak emotions into my soul.

"I just wanted to know what this feeling was." Rin smiled; leaning into the warm gentle touch that was given to her face. Golden eyes continued to stare on.

It's her…

She's the reason for all this.


His chin rested against the top of her head; Rin closing her eyes not questioning his methods rather just enjoying the closeness she was receiving from him.


The chin on her head began to move down till his nose touched her creamy forehead.


Rin opened her eyes to look up at him; his eyes no longer hold such an intense stare. Now she only saw that familiar soft gaze that made her weak in the knees, and tickle in her belly.


What matter of sorcery allowed this beautiful being to manage her way through his soul, and leave behind feelings and emotions far beyond his comprehension?

"Magic," he whispered; bringing his lips down to her forehead.

When the next move was made Rin heard herself gasp, and sensed all of time stood still when she felt warm soft lips touch her forehead gently. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers, and mouth open in utter complete shock. Unlike her little peck, his kiss was slower and gentle.

She felt like feathers were on her forehead, never had she imagined a male's lips could ever be so soft and warm. He did not smack his lips against her skin, but she did hear a tiny noise emit from his mouth when he brought his lips together and pulled away; having never performed such an act to anyone ever before.

Never having the…heart to give another female such a kind gesture before, and from the look on Rin's face he would say he carried out the will correctly.

After a moment longer Rin finally blinked her eyes, and hoped that whatever water was gathering was not going to spill.

Happiness; tears of pure happiness formed when she finally comprehended that her beautiful Lord Sesshomaru had actually kissed her on the forehead. This was no dream, and no sounds of Kagome's voice had yet to come her way stating that it was time to wake up and do chores.

This was beyond anything she ever thought would happen that day.

This was real.

This was enchanting.

This was…

"Magic," Rin repeated when she smiled; the few tears falling for her eyes were soon whipped off by a clawed hand that still had yet to let go of her face.

Rin's teary smiling face gazed deeply into a content emotionless one; both knew this was just the first kiss of the many that will soon be shared.

Winter was indeed the most magical time of the year.

The End

AN: Hope I got Sesshomaru's character right on this one. His inner thoughts couldn't be mushy and lovey dovey like Rin's could so when he curses out all her best qualities that actually the qualities he loves best about her but I'm sure you all picked up on that or I hope you did lol Of course his actions spoke for himself.

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Hope none of you think a kiss to the forehead is too childish, I certainly don't I think so, in fact I think it can be even cuter than a kiss to the cheek and I could just picture him going for the forehead first lol

I already have the next story planned out and I am really excited about it so please stay alert to see what I mean. It will be more humorous than anything else. Imagine Sesshomaru's thought when Rin has to get Kohaku a gift XD just got to wait a little while though.

Review are welcomed if you like I always appreciate them, and thanks a lot again to every single one of you who read this story I hope you had as much joy reading it as I had writing it. Hope to see you next time, but right now it's late and someone has early class to get to so thanks a lot till next time!