Title: Moments Between the Lion and the Lamb

Summary: Let's take Tamaki out of the equation, and you get a couple stronger that any other, with some unusual factors mixed in. Future-fic, many one-shots.

Disclaimer: No, I do NOT own Ouran. If I did, then Kyoya's future arranged marriage would be already put in place. *wink, wink*

Chapter 1

It was a rainy night, but thankfully no thunderstorms were forming in the sky. Haruhi had always liked the rain and its soft patterings, but she was never able to really appreciate due to the interruptions of the ferocious thunder and the flashes of murderous lightning. Even though she wouldn't admit it out loud, she particularly liked this night, because she was snuggled up comfortably on the couch with her boyfriend, Kyoya. The raven-haired boy had his arms protectively around her, worried that a storm might occur sometime in the night, and the two were on the verge of drifting to sleep. Kyoya had worked a long day, that was obvious to Haruhi as the first thing he did once he got home was grab the brunette and pull her onto the couch without any warning. Haruhi didn't object; she did like Kyoya's possessive side, even though it drove her crazy at times.

Everything in the house was silent, except for the soft, delicate sounds of the minuscule water droplets hitting the roof. Yes, the rain was very soothing, and if she listened closely, a pattern seemed to form out of the millions of droplets of rain.

Pit-pat, pit-pit pat.

She listened again, closing her eyes.

Pit-pat, pit-pit pat.

Haruhi changed her position so she could fall asleep more comfortably, being careful not to interfere too much with Kyoya's tightening grip on her, and she continued to listen to the rain.

Pit-pat, pit-pit pat.

The rain was lulling her to sleep, and she was just about to drift off...


Haruhi snapped awake with a jolt. Was that thunder? No, thunder doesn't-


The surprised girl looked down at her boyfriend, who looked as calm as ever, his handsome features glowing in the darkness.


Chuckling, Haruhi came to a realization that Kyoya was snoring. Yes, that's right. THE Shadow King. Snoring. He must've been really tired to pull that off.

Kyoya heard the small girl chuckling, and woke up, still feeling extremely sleepy, and, not to mention, annoyed. "What do you want, Haruhi?" he grumbled.

Haruhi's musical laugh filled the air. "I never thought, such a boy like Kyoya Ootori, would be the type to snore, that's all," she managed between chuckles.

"Go back to sleep, Haruhi," Kyoya grumpily replied, putting a hand over her mouth. Haruhi grinned and listened to the rain once again.

...Along with the new sound of Kyoya's snoring.

A/N: Okay, so I couldn't think of a better title, so any suggestions on that would be great! And I'm REALLY sorry if I made Kyoya sound totally un-sexy with his "snoring" thing! It's always funny how people come up with story ideas right before they sleep…. Also, I'm thinking of making this a series of one-shots depends on this story's popularity, just a heads up! Constructive criticism always greatly appreciated, no flaming!