Chapter 19:

All the members of the host club were casually thrown throughout all the silk couches, relaxing after their day's worth of hosting. The normal eccentric Tamaki had worked twenty times harder than normal, for his grandmother had stopped in to see what he was doing with his life halfway through the hosting session. This explained why the normally bouncing pronce was now leaning against his best friend in exhaustion. Kyoya had forgotten his laptop, so he had his raven eyes set out on the window with his hand elegantly framing the bottom of his face as he thought of whatever demon spawns thought about (probably elaborate plans for world domination, simple stuff like that). On the other end of the room, Mori and Honey sat on a small, one person couch, with Hunny propped up on top of the silent man's lap, Mori staring into space as Honey chewed on a small lollipop. Hikaru and Kaoru were on one long silk couch, sitting with Haruhi smashed in between them, taking turns in poking her cheeks as the young girl attempted to read a novel her boyfriend bought her.

This general pattern of actions were generally followed for a few silent minutes, the entire day seemingly dragging though time.

That was, until a curious Hikaru decided to peek over Haruhi's shoulder to take a look at what she was reading. His eyes flickered with a hint of mischievousness as he opened his mouth. "Wow, Haruhi, I didn't know you were into romance novels, eh?"

The other Hitachiin raised an eyebrow as he leaned down to see what his brother was talking about. "Ah, she must be lovesick, ne?" He nudged her, earning a chuckle from Hikaru.

Okay, let's get this straight before we get any further into this chapter of The-Hitachiins-Annoy-Haruhi-After-Host-Club-Hours. Yes, the book was indeed a romance novel; a gift from Kyoya to be exact. The occasion for the gift? Her 16th birthday. Kyoya was normally very inactive when it came to gift giving, but his inner romantic side pushed him to give her something with a meaning. Yeah, yeah, "awww" all you want, just make sure to never mention it in front of the calculating devil, or else consequences are guaranteed to happen. No one was to know about Kyoya's romantic side. Ever.

Of course, the redheaded twins weren't yet informed of the origination of the gift, so they continued to dance on the edge of their lifeline as they bugged Haruhi about her romance novel in front of the rest of the host club.

"That's so adorable, our little sister Haruhi reading a book about a prince saving the life of his beloved princess," Hikaru exclaimed with obvious sarcasm as he skimmed through the pages.

"'He leaned over to me and kissed me on the edge of the cliff, and I knew that the world had been righted once again; I could be floating on clouds with him for the rest of my existence and maintain happiness,'" Kaoru quoted from the story with a high pitched voice, making a face after he was finished. "Bleh, since when did you have an interest in liquid sugary fluff?"

At this point, Haruhi gave up on all attempts to continue reading, sighing.

Honey sat up from out from Mori's lap, taking his candy out of his mouth before talking. "Guys, let her read, if she dreams about doing these things with Kyo Chan, then let her." He smiled and leaned back into his cousin, sticking the lollipop back into his mouth.

The room grew silent. No one even noticed the blush clearly pigmenting Haruhi's face as everyone stared at the frozen-eyed Kyoya. And the Hitachiins seemed to throw away the opportunity for poking more fun at their toy because even they were afraid of what the Shadow King had to unleash. Tamaki, who was still half asleep on Kyoya, slowly started breaking the silence, "Honey, since when did you start calling Kyoya...Kyo Chan?"

All eyes turned to the blond haired boy, oblivious to the sudden tension in the room. "Well, I've noticed how adorable Kyo chan's been acting towards Haru chan, especially when he gave that romance novel to Haruhi for her birthday, ne?" He innocently looked over to the only girl in the room for an answer.

Haruhi's eyes widened as she realized the focus of the room was on her. "Uh…" she started. She was interrupted by the newly refueled blast of yet another bothersome blond.

"Wait WHAT? I missed my own daughter's birthday? What kind of daughter are you, to not tell her father when her own birthday is?" Tamaki wailed, tears overflowing from his blue eyes as he pointed at Haruhi, all traces of his previous fatigue flying out the window.

"Well what kind of father are you to forget his own daughter's birthday?" Kaoru snickered, raising an eyebrow.

Tamaki leaped out of his seat to grab the smirking twin, who ran out of the room the moment he knew he'd be attacked. "Hey! That was uncalled for!" he screamed as the two ran out of the room.

"KAAAAAORRRRRRUUUU~" Hikaru jumped up to follow his twin, because obviously, if one Hitachiin ran, the other HAD to follow.

Mori grunted and placed his cousin down on the couch to settle the current issue, and Haruhi speechlessly watched the senior leave the room. How the hell did this happen? She was just reading the book…

The girl averted her attention back to Kyoya and where Honey was supposed to be. She could've sworn that she didn't see the small blond leave the room...

"Um, Kyoya, where did Honey Sempai go…?" His seat was vacant with only a lollipop as evidence of him sitting there.

Kyoya's glasses flashed. "I took care of him, don't worry." The raven haired boy settled himself more comfortably in his seat and pushed his glasses up with his middle finger.

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