Heather has moved in with Tad. But things don't stay normal with our protagonist for long when she finds her dad dead or murdered as she believes. With the police and her boyfriend not believing her, she turns to Cooper. Will Heather be able to catch her dad's murderer and be able to handle some hidden secrets revealed? And most importantly will cooper finally be able to tell Heather how he feels.


They say in death everything becomes clear.

I find no solace in this fact. Not only was nothing clear to me I didn't even in fact know why I was dying In the first place.

In spite of all this I had no regrets. Sure there were millions of things that I wanted to do. Like well... have a girlfriend, get married and the likes. I would have liked to have kids someday, someday soon. Apparently life had other plans. But like I said I had absolutely no qualms. If ending my life meant that she could live, it was acceptable to me. Heck I was quiet willing there for a second. I mean why prolong the misery. Let somebody other finish off the job, right?

Although before my demise I wanted to see her, for one last time, bear my heart out to her. At this moment I didn't care that she already had a boyfriend, that she didn't love me. Tell her that I loved her, breathed and practically lived for here. But that wasn't the deal. Me for her. So I simply wait for my approaching death. I don't struggle or anything, just wait patiently until my last moment.

At this odd moment the paradox of it makes me smile. This wasn't how I imagined I'd die. From a broken heart maybe or a possible heart attack due to my uncontrollable junk consumption. But never like this.

I think about the reaction of most of the people. I knew the response of everyone.

My mom and dad would mourn for me a day or two, week tops. It didn't bother them that their eldest son had hit rock bottom. I was the black sheep after all. My brother wouldn't even bother. Most of my friends wouldn't even find out about it. I'd cut contact with almost everyone this past year, what with my continual depression.

But there was one person who would care. Mourn my loss and shed tears for me. She wouldn't rest until she found out what happened to me which was the last thing that I wanted. She had to kept away from all this all and I had made sure that she was protected at all time.

As I close my eyes, her face comes to me vividly. Her large hypnotic eyes, her perfect face and that's the last thing I remember before I black out.