"The Price of Freedom"! (Unoriginal, I know, but whatever.) My first crack at real romance and all. No flaming, no hating, but a lot of enjoying is required!

Blue and violet glanced at each other, one easily shifting away as the other still stared. The blonde blushed, finding it hard to keep eye contact with the other when he was staring as predatorily as he was. The sable-haired boy got up from his table; the other three didn't notice until they saw where he sat.

The blonde was alone in a table at the corner, easily distancing himself from the rest of the cadets. The SOLDIER noticed, and being the man he was (on a normal day or not), he couldn't stand seeing such a person by themself. "Hi, I'm Zack!" he announced, waving his arms at his sides. He noticed the blonde looking down, as if bowing and his shoulders were stiff. "H-hello sir," the cadet mumbled, glancing up through his bangs. The boy's eyes were already a bright blue, almost as if he already had the Mako injections. Zack crossed his arms, "And?"

"I'm cadet Cloud Strife, sir." He visibly stood straighter, almost looking proud at the fact he was even in Shin-Ra. "Okay, since you're going formal… I'm Second Class SOLDIER, Commander Zack Fair!" He stretched out his hand and watched as Cloud's own shakily took his.

"Do you want to come over to my table, Spike?" Zack smiled, dragging him up by his arm and crossing the distance in a few short strides. Most of the cadets stopped eating to look at the quiet blond infantryman being taken by a SOLDIER to a table of other SOLDIERs. Specifically two Commanders and a General. Cloud was shoved in front of the small table, and he shuddered a bit before looking down and saluting. "Permission to speak, sirs?" Cloud asked quietly. Angeal held his head on his hand, Genesis looked up from his LOVELESS book and smirked quietly, Sephiroth being the only one that didn't leave the infantryman's question ignored. "Permission granted cadet."

"I'm really sorry, sir. But I was taken here by Commander Fair, sir. I-I'll leave now." Cloud looked up, saluted, and turned, attempting to flee. Zack grabbed him by his arm and twirled him around, now holding him in an awkward side-hug. "Not today, Chocobo-head!" He smiled and pushed his tray to the side, setting them both on the strangely mismatched benches. Genesis sat his book down, sifting his fingers through his hair. "My friend, do you fly away now?" he started. "To a world that abhors you and I? All that waits you is a somber morrow, no matter where the winds may blow."

"LOVELESS Act III." Angeal supplied, seeing Cloud's confused look as well as out of habit. "Strangely fitting for the pup and cadet right now." Sephiroth nodded and glanced once more at the confused and timid cadet. Genesis extended his hand, smiling. "I'm First Class, Commander Genesis Rhapsodos. It's a… pleasure to meet you," he purred. Cloud took it, his grip light. He remembered Genesis from teaching his class, and trading for Zack and Angeal when he was on a mission.

"You aren't doing it right!" Zack whined. He instantly brightened and stared at Genesis' and Cloud's locked hands before grabbing it, a pout tearing at his face. Taking Cloud's hand, he stared at the redhead, his bright violet eyes watery and lower lip trembling. "Mine. Anyway!" he continued before Cloud could interfere. "Anyway! That's Gen, and that's one's 'Geal, and that one way over there being all quiet is Sephy!" Each one raised a hand at their appointed time and smiled, in their own strange way.

So far Cloud liked Angeal best personally, but still looked to Sephiroth as his hero. Genesis seemed… fruity. His classes were the same.

"So, you can come over here during lunch time now! We're going to be friends!" Zack said, raising his voice at the end. The other SOLDIERs' eyebrows all arched, and Cloud caught on that Zack made it a question.

He didn't question it, because he never dared to question his superiors.

The bell rung, signaling that lunch was over, and they needed to get to their stations. Zack groaned, still wanting to stay behind. He glanced around, then dashed to the bathroom, attempting escape. Cloud watched as he dashed off, barely seeing the massive blur of black before seeing another, much larger this time, chasing after him, stopping the door from closing and Zack from locking himself in. The commander dragged the poor 'pup' outside the Mess Hall doors, Sephiroth and Genesis watching in amusement. Cloud glanced at them, saluted then made his way up the stairs to his classroom.

The room automatically hushed when Cloud came in that time; normally the silence was welcomed unless he was the cause of it. One of the bigger kids grinned lopsidedly before waving at him. Cloud walked into the room and took his seat in the fourth row, closest to the window. Another kid, this time smaller, walked up to him and showed a toothy smile. "So, Strife… I saw you and the SOLDIERs talking. Working your way up, huh?"

Cloud glanced up at him, his eyebrow arching in confusion. "How am I supposed to do that?"

"You know. Getting on your knees. We know what's going on."

"Commander Fair just took me to introduce me to his superiors. I couldn't 'work my way up' like that, considering he has no authority over me."

The other looked disgruntled for a moment before showing his toothy grin again. "But we saw you with the general and the commanders. You could always get your promotion like that."

"I believe I'd rather work hard and get there slowly, than 'work it up' with my superiors, and not be trained correctly so that I just die when the time comes that I go into battle," Cloud replied monotonously and opened his book, leaving the class quiet except for the occasional snicker. By the time Cloud had finished the paragraph, the teenage male had left, grumbling. Cloud continued his entire focus on the history of the wars under the plate. He glanced up, not a bit surprised when the commander walked in, but very much so when he saw the smaller version of the said person behind him, his spikes visibly drooping, almost as if they had a mind of their own.

The Second Class looked up, his watery eyes brightening when they spotted Cloud trying desperately to hide behind his book. Bounding, and dropping several times on the stairs, Zack made his way up to the fourth row and sat next to Cloud, sitting too close for the blonde infantryman's liking. "Class is boring, huh?"

"Not really," Cloud supplied, copying down notes quickly. Angeal had already started class, and was elaborating on points. Cloud copied down the elaborations on the margins of the paper. Feeling Zack's eyes on him, he glanced at him from the corner of his eye, seeing said person staring at him predatorily. He shivered, marking it up to the cold air, even if he was used to the cold, liked it rather, and it was the middle of spring. Or at least, under the plate it was.

Working double-time in writing his notes, he forgot about the SOLDIER for almost an entire minute, until Angeal had paused and Cloud had time to cradle his hand. He wrung his wrist and twisted it, then cracked his fingers, readying for the next onslaught of notes as the dark-haired commander wiped the eraser board clean of the earlier notes.

He sighed then smacked his head and focused on the board. "Hey, Cloud?" the Second Class asked, finally speaking. The dark-haired SOLDIER had watched as the blonde took his notes, in wonder as the other took them without looking down, and even making little side notes. The blonde's hand writing was chicken-scratch, but he knew that wasn't the cadet's actual writing. "Cloud?"

"Yeah?" Cloud mumbled, forgetting momentarily he was talking to someone of a higher position than he. Zack sputtered, and finally asked, "What would you say about Sephy?"

"He's a very amazing person. Has his own fan group, named 'Silver Elite'. Very loved amongst cadets. General of the Shin-Ra army." Cloud replied, keeping his eyes on the board. The SOLDIER pouted, then straightened himself. "What about Gen?"

"Genesis? A very well-loved SOLDIER, has two fan groups. One is named 'Study Group', which interprets his favorite work LOVELESS, and the other is 'Red Leather' which is based solely on Genesis himself. Highly valued Commander."

Zack pouted again, this time his eyebrows furrowed and he groaned. The Second Class glanced at the Commander up front from the corner of his eye, and he nodded. "What about 'Geal?"

"Commander of Shin Ra army, highly valued. Fan club's name is 'Keepers of Honor' which is a knock-off of his need to 'keep his honor'. Very good at it, actually."

Zack smiled and Cloud waited again for the notes to be erased and replaced. The darker of the two grinned and tapped on his shoulder. "What do you think of them as people?"

"I think they are all very nice people. General Sephiroth is an… aggressive person, but is otherwise nice to be around. Rhapsodos has his strange tendencies but is otherwise a great person to talk with about classic literature, even if his classes are filled more with LOVELESS than every other literate piece combined. Commander Hewley is a kind person, very honorable, and I would not have minded a few of him back in my hometown." Cloud finished, starting his last few pages of notes.

If the First and Second Classes had exchanged secret glances, Cloud hadn't caught it. "So, have you heard?"

"Heard what?" Cloud asked, absent-mindedly.

"About Sephy, 'Geal, and Gen?" the SOLDIER continued. "I heard they were all in a relationship with each other. What do you think about it?"

"That's nice. As long as they love each other, I guess. To each man his own," the cadet replied truthfully, looking up at Zack. "What do you think about it?"

Zack grinned wildly, his happiness showing. "I think it's pretty hot. Have to say I would love to join that." Cloud stared at him. "You're gay?" he asked, turning. His notes had stopped, and the students had the next twenty minutes for studying and relaxing, until their next, and last, period. The SOLDIER grinned, leaning his head on his downturned hand. "What would you say if I was?"

Cloud groaned and turned around, hiding his blush in his hand. He glanced at Angeal, who seemed to glance at him from the corner of his eye. "…" he mumbled. "What was that?" Zack asked, grin broadening. "I said… It might be… kind of hot… I guess…" The cadet's head thumped against the desk in an attempt to hide his blush that was quickly spreading across his nose, showing his freckles, and across his cheekbones to his ears.

"See, 'Geal? Told ya he would like it!" Zack cried from across the room. Everyone had turned their heads in an attempt to find out what was going on. Angeal smiled, clapped his hands to rid of the chalk dust and signaled Cloud to follow him. Removing his papers and pen from the table, he followed with his head bowed, the SOLDIER jumping behind him.

As soon as they hit the hallway, the commander turned and asked the Second Class, "What did he say?"

"You know what he said, 'Geal! You're a SOLDIER, you could hear him even if he was whispering!" he replied.

Cloud just stood in the background awkwardly waiting for anything. His mind drowned out the conversation with thoughts.

What do they want with you?

Why was Commander Fair asking you those strange questions? And Commander Hewley allowed it?

Is Commander Hewley, General Sephiroth, and Rhapsodos really together?

How does that even work?

"Hey, Spike? Hello? I think we killed his brain, 'Geal."

"I really hate doing this, but for some odd reason, it's the only way. Strife, attention!"

Cloud automatically stood at attention, his back straight, saluting, and legs pressed tightly together. He heard Zack snicker before Angeal shouted, "At ease, cadet." The blonde dropped his hand but still stood firm. He looked straight ahead even as he spotted the smaller dark-haired man from the corner of his eye covering his mouth. "H-He… That's the only… only way? This kid's… a trooper!"

And suddenly the dam burst and Zack was thrown into hysterics. Angeal glanced at him before turning his complete attention back on the rigid cadet. His gray-green eyes scanned over the cadet before patting the smaller one's shoulder. "So… Has pup told you what's going on?"

"I've only been asked what I thought of you, General Sephiroth, and Commander Genesis Rhapsodos, sir. And he's told me of your relationship. That's all, sir." Cloud said monotonously, still standing straight.

He could actually kind of feel his calves cramping.

He saw Angeal sigh and turn toward Zack who was still giggling, albeit slightly. "Why didn't you tell him everything, pup?" Cloud heard the taller whisper quietly, almost like he didn't want Cloud to hear.

"Well, it was hard just talking to him, and you're better at this stuff. Besides, it was you who started the thing!"

Angeal sighed and looked back at the small cadet, who still stood rigid. "At ease, cadet. Relax." Cloud visibly relaxed and rolled his shoulders. "Is everything all right, sir?" he asked quietly, fiddling with the hem of his uniform shirt. He glanced up at Angel through his bangs and looked down, turning his head to the side, the earlier blush intensifying. "I mean, if it's not meddling too much, sir."

Zack launched himself at the blonde, who tensed. "Isn't he just the cutest thing, 'Geal?" Cloud turned his head to glance at Zack but soon his eyes rolled to the back of his head and the world turned dark.

"Was it too fast to kiss him, 'Geal?"


Cloud woke up and instantly grabbed the hand that had landed on his hair. He opened his eyes and stared groggily forward before blinking and turning his head, seeing a hand flexing by his head. He let it go and sat up, glancing at the four men in front of him. Sephiroth stood next to Genesis in the back, and Angeal was currently staring at him in an amused fashion before he glanced over at Zack, who was cradling his hand. "You have a strong grip there, cadet." Angeal said, tearing away his gaze to drop it onto Cloud's form. "I-I'm sorry, Commander Fair." Cloud whispered, frantically waving his hands around Zack's own. The other grinned, "It's okay, Spike. I guess I was too fast, so I kind of deserved that."

And suddenly everything that happened fell back into the blonde's mind and he blushed intensely. Zack groaned and smashed his head into the wall next to the bed – That's not in the infirmary. Where am I?

Angeal caught Cloud glancing around and filled him in. "You're currently in my room. It was the only place where Genesis and Sephiroth could get without drawing unneeded attention to anyone."

Cloud merely nodded then gulped. "Permission to speak, sir?" Sephiroth nodded from his place behind Genesis. Cloud bit his lip then glanced at Zack through his bangs, quickly lowering his sapphire orbs when he realized Zack was staring at him intently. "Commander Fair, sir. What was… that?" He gestured wildly with one of his hands.

Zack grinned. "That was me telling you that I like you!"

"That was him on behalf of all of us telling you that we are attracted to you." Sephiroth added, nodding, his eyes still burning into the side of Cloud's head. Cloud twitched one eyebrow up, the only sign of confusion he showed.

"How…? Er, why? I mean, I'm not anything really… special. I don't stand out like you do, sirs." Cloud huddled in on himself, watching the group exchange curious glances. Genesis spoke up first. "It seems we're going to have to get…"

"Mushy!" Zack supplied, grinning wildly. "Well!"

"You're going last, pup. You're reasons are all pretty much ours compiled into one person." Angeal stated, grimacing. Probably from the sheer amount of happiness the pup exudes.

"May I start?" Sephiroth stepped forward, followed closely by Genesis, who was probably attempting to list his reasons afterward. Or just loved stepping into Sephiroth's space.

"The reasons I've always been attracted to you, since the day I first saw you in fact, in short, since its rather long, so I would like to list only a few." Sephiroth cleared his throat, and stepped even closer to Cloud, lifting his head from the blonde's hiding spot between his knees with a finger. "There's the way you carry yourself, almost graceful, but lingering on modest. It's very nice to watch from the back, as discussed quite often between us." He smirked and watched as the cadet's eyes flickered to the rest of the small group before looking at the general once more. "The way you act is also mesmerizing. Strangely shy, yes, but also outgoing in a way." Sephiroth leaned in closer now, his breath – which smelled oddly minty, like he just brushed his teeth – lingered on his eyelids, and Cloud closed his eyes, trembling from how close he was to the taller silver-haired man. "And your eyes are beautiful. Like the cleansed sea." And Cloud almost melted when he felt Sephiroth's thin – soft – lips brush against his eyelids, one after the other.

He felt Sephiroth drop his chin, almost hesitantly, and step away. He was quickly replaced with Genesis. The other flew in with a twirl of his trench coat, and Cloud was mildly amused, especially seeing Zack and Angeal's disgruntled faces as the wind whipped at their hair. Genesis bowed, his hair falling in front of his face and looked up at Cloud's newly-blushing form. Cloud looked away, realizing he had been staring. "When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end, the goddess descends from the sky. Wings of light and dark spread afar. She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting." He glanced up, straightening himself and flicked his hair away from his eyes. "Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess. We seek it thus, and take to the sky. Ripples form on the water's surface, the wandering soul knowing no rest." The redhead watched as Cloud closed his eyes again, this time listening intently to Genesis. "There is no hate, only love, for you are the beloved goddess. Hero of the dawn, healer of wounds." He watched as Cloud furrowed his eyebrows, seemingly in concentration. "My friend, your desire is the bringer of life. Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return." Cloud calmed himself again, and Genesis sighed, feeling lightness in his chest. He bowed again, waiting for Cloud to say anything.

"You changed it," Cloud finally whispered. Genesis was almost taken aback before he realized what the small teenager was talking about. "It's nice. Did you rewrite it as a variation or an interpretation, maybe?"

"I rewrote it for you," Genesis said, moving his fingers toward the blonde. He watched as Cloud's breath hitched. His fingers finally met with the small cadet's face, and he stroked the soft flesh, fingers weaving over soft downy hair. Cloud sighed into the hand, letting out a breathy chuckle when one finger scoped over his earring and to the shell of his ear.

Genesis' other hand grabbed Cloud's own and brought them to his lips – soft and plush – and kissed the knuckles. He bowed down and turned, once again in a dramatic twirl to move back beside Sephiroth, who curled his lip at the show. Angeal watched as he walked away, and walked forward, standing stiffly. "Commander Hewley, sir. Ummm… At ease?"

Angeal visibly relaxed and sighed, looking down at Cloud. "I'll have to start with I hope this doesn't put pressure on you."

"Well, if you say that, more often than not, it's going to increase it." Sephiroth said, chuckling as Angeal turned and made a face. He turned back around to Cloud looking out the window. "I… didn't really mean you had to do this big speech about what you… like about me, you know. So if it makes you uncomfortable, sir, you don't really have to."

"It wouldn't be right if I didn't. If I just stood back and let these guys-" He idly flicked his thumb over his shoulder, and happened to point at Genesis, who looked angry at that fact. "-It's almost like saying I don't adore you as much as they do. I just don't have a big speech prepared for this, since I really didn't think this would happen."

"You wouldn't have to do one anyway. Commander Hewley, sir, I really do like you all. A little more than I should, and so I didn't say anything about it."

"You should have said something before. We were all perfectly content with you. You're mature for your age. It's… appealing, to say the least. But that doesn't keep you from having fun. It's strange how you act so mature, but you seem like you're having a good time. And your laugh when you're with the cadets who realize your inner beauty, it's beautiful. It's like the chime of bells, that's how I can only describe them. It makes me feel… like everything's going to be alright, just because you're laughing. I feel so immature and like a love-struck teenage girl just slapped me with her purse." Angeal buried his face in his hands and smacked himself a few times before looking up again.

Cloud smiled and laughed quietly, much to Angeal's chagrin. He groaned and leaned down, holding Cloud's gaze before kissing his forehead, the blonde barely holding back a laugh as soft stubble brushed across his eyelids. Angeal's lips – chapped, wind-worn, loving – lingered on the small cadet before falling back, stepped to the side before the over-energetic young 'pup' barreled him over. Sephiroth had been watching Cloud's reactions quietly, studying him as Genesis patted Angeal, who was now scoping his hand through his hair. Angeal just looked embarrassed and kept glancing between the SOLDIER and the cadet.

"It's my turn now!" Zack jumped up to Cloud, quickly grabbing his hand and holding it in both of his. "Well, since those meanies over there stole most of my reasons, that I pointed out anyway, I think I'll start with…"

"Please not too much Zack. The poor boy looks like he's about to blow up," Angeal supplied from the back, glancing over at Cloud whose face was burning, a blush covering its entirety.

"Fine! I like your eyes, as Sephy pointed out, but they're better than any cleansed sea. They change so many shades with your mood; it's like the sky really. When you're happy, it's so bright, but so dark at the same time. And they sparkle, like little stars. Like twilight!" Zack squeezed Cloud's hands and leaned over the railing. The three men in the back took their time meeting Cloud and Zack's faces again, seemingly occupied with the sight laid before – and below – them. "And your laugh isn't just like everything's going to be okay for me. It feels like the world's going to explode with Golds running around pooping rainbows because suddenly there isn't anything wrong. Your nose is cute, too, and I love how when you blush, your freckles suddenly show. Kind of like now!" He poked Cloud's nose, watching as Cloud suddenly jumped at the touch before relaxing again, and chuckling. "Even your chuckles are cute! They're all breathy and light. It's really soft, and it's just the cutest thing ever."

"Zack, you're going to make Cadet Strife faint again." Sephiroth stated, sounds of jealousy in his tone. Cloud looked over curiously before reconnecting with Zack's violet gaze and losing himself to the depths. Almost blue, almost violet, hints of green, so deep, yet so shallow.

Cloud knew he liked Zack the moment his eyes locked with the other's so long ago.

"And you're especially adorable when you're spacing out. Your thinking face is cuter though, and your concentration face-"

"You've seen that?" Cloud asked, snapping from his daze.

"The cutest thing in the world. Actually, I got a picture of it!" Zack pulled out his cellphone – his own, not the company-standard PHS – and walked to Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis, who had barely disguised impatient looks on their faces.

"No! Not that one!" Cloud was ready to get ready to get out of the bed if he hadn't caught the look from Sephiroth. The one that spoke, You get up, and you'll wish you would've stayed down in that bed for the rest of your life.

Cloud eventually listened to the look and watched as Angeal laughed, Sephiroth looked amused, and Genesis had his jaw drop. Drool might've been dripping there, Cloud wasn't sure. He drowned himself in his thoughts again, distractedly listening and waiting for 'blonde', 'Spike', 'cadet', or 'Cloud' to come up.

Why me?

How would they even know my face?

Should I really consider it?

Pros and cons of being in a relationship with four of the biggest SOLDIER operatives are… a lot. Better start a list, Cloud, because you're going to be here a while.

Cloud jumped a little at his last thought. It seemed his conscience – one he rarely listened to and he doesn't wonder why – wanted him to. What would they think? Is it a joke among the upper-classed SOLDIERs? He felt the hot burn of tears at that thought. Would he have just been used as an extra for their entertainment or would he really be loved?

He felt warm pressure – sure, chapped, soft, plush, wind-worn, minty, tastes like – on his lips and it took a moment to realize they were covered with Zack's. He opened his eyes and stared at the raven's own, closed tightly. His thoughts weren't centered around, He's kissing me. Zack is kissing me. What should I do? Floating into his head first was, This feels better than I thought.

And suddenly he didn't care. He dug into Zack's on lips with such a need, he terrified himself. But he didn't care enough to show that he was scared from the ferocity of a simple kiss, he didn't care that there were three First Classes behind him, and he didn't care that they were definitely staring at him and Zack with hunger.

They broke apart, the air and thoughts rushing back into Cloud's head. He sat, gasping for a minute, flushed, and waited for his sight to befall him once more. Gazing around, he realized Zack was fingering his lip, glancing at Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis. Sephiroth looked mildly amused, Angeal had a blank stare, and Genesis was smirking demonically almost like there was a scheme brewing behind his lavender-blue gaze. The situation finally landed on Cloud and he squeaked, hiding his face in his hands. "I-I'm sorry, Commander Fair, sir."

"For what?" Zack asked, stroking the soft hair of Cloud. Said person looked up, glancing at Zack before the trio on the wall, and finally glancing at Angeal, who was looking away. "For doing what I did, sir."

"Whatever! That was the best thing ever! I get enough on the commanding thing. But with you, that was pretty hot!" he grinned.

"Indeed. The show was… excellent, to say the least." Sephiroth commented. Genesis stepped forward, grinning. "Best thing I think I've ever seen besides the mirror, Seph, me, and Angeal." He nudged Angeal in the side, stopping him from his trance, and the dark-haired SOLDIER wiped away a string of drool. He looked up questioningly, and crookedly smirked, looking like he would deny any thoughts on his obvious distraction.

"But back to the original question: would you date all of us?" Genesis asked from his corner. Cloud looked up at him but darted his eyes back down, flushing again. "…"

"You gotta speak up, Chocobo-head!" Zack laughed. "Sure… I mean if you guys…"

"We don't mind, Cloud." Angeal smiled. "In fact, we don't ask anyone unless we're all up for it. Only happened once before. You're the second, and hopefully last. Nights aren't fun if you lose track of limbs and the feelings in them."

"Agreed," Genesis and Sephiroth spoke in unison. They chuckled together also as they watched Cloud's pink face rapidly turn red and his ears turn purple. Angeal glanced at them, then at Zack and finally at Cloud who was staring at him with bright blue eyes. He opened his mouth, glanced at Zack, traveled his gaze back toward Angeal and nodded.

Angeal didn't think his heart could stop as fast as it did.

Zack cheered, grinning and saying, "I told you so! I told you he had a thing for us!" He did his normal pelvic-thrust-combined-yes and smiled before smacking himself in the face. Cloud looked incredulous as Sephiroth actually smiled and Genesis looked near tears.

Zack stopped and turned toward Cloud, "First date tomorrow!" He then bolted out the door and into the bathroom. "No!" Genesis screamed, running out after him. "Shower's mine first! You take forever!"

"And you don't?" Angeal asked. He cocked an eyebrow as Genesis actually looked like he was about to say no. "I'll go to the barracks now, sirs." Cloud got up and saluted before heading to the door. Zack appeared in front of it, a towel only wrapped around his waist and grinned. "Hey, Chocobo-head. I knew you were going to try running if I left you with 'Geal and Sephy. You do realize tomorrow's Sunday, right? Means no classes. Which means you're staying here all day." During the entire speech, Cloud only realized he was being led to a room.

A white room.

Their bathroom.

"Commander Fair, sir-!" Cloud choked out, already seeing the misty Genesis body outline.

"My name is Zack, Spike!" he replied back. "Come on! The shower's a lot bigger than it looks! Or you can do the bath! We even have bubbles!"

As mature as Cloud was, growing up as a misfit in a small country town, and being as poor as he had been, his face lit up at the mention of bubbles. "What kind?" he asked quietly.

"Every kind! The one that smells like bubble gum, and cotton candy, and there are even ones that change color!" Zack seemed as delighted by the mention of the circular soapy objects. He laughed as he watched Cloud pull his shirt over his head, jumping simultaneously with one – really, really nicely shaped, Zack's mind supplied and he grinned – leg already out of his pants. He watched, almost in slow motion as Cloud slipped on a puddle of water by the shower and into it. He heard two screams – one girly, and one… still rather girly.

Cloud looked up only to see Genesis and his erect member. He blushed, his face alighting. "I'm sorry!" he squeaked, covering his face with his hands. Genesis' eyes were half-mast, and his mouth was twisted into a lusty smirk. "It's alright, Cloud," he purred. "I think…" Genesis glanced up at Zack who was laughing, stripped down to his puppy boxers. "I need someone to help me with this problem."

Zack stopped laughing, turned his head, and glanced at Genesis' member before looking a little farther down to see Cloud, his pants long gone, and wearing sky blue boxers that were currently soaked. He smiled. "Only if Cloudy gets to play."

And suddenly Cloud found himself in a hot bathtub-turned-Jacuzzi, watching as two of the most amazing SOLDIERs in Shin-Ra stuck their tongues down each other's throats. His groin burned with desire and he moaned quietly, sticking one hand's thumb in his mouth and biting it, and the other sneaking down his flat stomach. "Ahhh… Ahnnn…" he moaned quietly into the air, failing to notice the arms wrap around his waist, swatting away his hand affectionately.

"The whole point of a relationship, Spike…" Zack breathed into his ear, his eyes glazed and glowing, "Is to make each other feel on top of the world. That's what I'm going to make you feel."

Cloud groaned and wiggled his hip, trying to make Zack's wandering hands reach his member. "Please Zack…" he whined, looking over his shoulder. His cheeks burned from the heat and the shame and the lust, his eyes dilated and foggy blue. "Please…" he breathed again.

And Zack almost blew his load then. Genesis was in the tub now, squeezed between Zack and the wall. His fingers practically danced down the dark-haired SOLDIER's spine, landing at the crest of his ass. Zack nearly melted, and started sucking on Cloud's neck, milking every sound he could before he moved on. Cloud suddenly felt ticklish as Zack lapped at his neck like a dog, healing the nonexistent wound. He chuckled as Zack licked up to his ear, but groaned again as he bit down on the shell.

Genesis watched from the back, taking in as much as he could from Cloud's face and his sounds. Definitely sensitive. Virgin. Never been in a relationship, probably. He reached across Zack's shoulder, bending his arm around Cloud's shoulder and flicked at a dusty pink pert nipple. The groan almost made him lose it and pound into the boy, but he already promised Zack he wouldn't touch unless Zack did first.

Zack's fingers crawled down between Cloud's legs, teasing, before circling the ring of muscle. He felt the blonde tense before gasping. "How can that… even w-work? I'm a guy-" His voice raised, and Zack grinned lustfully before tweaking the head of the blonde's cock again. "So I d-don't even have… those parts." He sighed as Zack let up, letting Genesis keep on his exploration of the boy's body before tipping up the boy's head and kissing him. He swirled his tongue around Cloud's cavern before dipping back out, smiling wistfully. "Do you trust me?" he asked.

Cloud smiled, still disoriented, and nodded. "I always trust you… Zack."

Zack almost blew up from the sheer cute that radiated from Cloud, but kept from for fear of terrifying the blonde. And maybe dying, but that was easily overlooked. "Good. It might hurt, but only if you tense. Don't tense and just let me do the rest, okay, Chocobo-head?" Cloud nodded and Genesis caught it before moving to the side and watching, a smirk pulling at his lips.

Zack watched Cloud's face before turning him around, leaning him against the single stair in the tub, just near the surface. Cloud shivered from the sudden cold and watched Zack lick his lips nervously. Zack laughed and kissed Cloud, plunging the wet appendage in and out, leaving static shocks. He whimpered when Zack's first circling finger pushed through the ring of muscle. Zack sighed into Cloud's quivering mouth and prodded the soft tissues inside of him, looking for the small blonde's prostate. He brushed against something, just his fingertip and pulled partially out, sticking in his middle finger next.

"Ahh! Ahnnn…" Cloud gasped and moaned, seeing stars and Genesis' hand ducked under the water. He could faintly see Zack grinning wildly before he felt the two stretching, leaving a burning feeling. Cloud whined and he could feel Zack latch onto his chest, biting and nipping, then licking his nipples in apology. Cloud gasped when Zack entered a third finger, stretching his virgin entrance. He could feel the burning pain of being stretched and of tears.

Zack kissed away the salty tracks that were making their way down, and trailed kisses to the shell of Cloud's ear down to his jugular. Sucking softly, he panted, "Do you still trust me, Cloud?"

Cloud was mildly put off by the question, both the use of his real name and the fact that Zack had so little faith in him. Through the haze of pain and pleasure, he whispered, "Always."

Zack smiled down at him, his eyes alight and kissed Cloud's chest again before saying, "This will probably hurt for a little bit, but it'll get better soon, okay?"

Cloud choked on his question when Zack started, the head of his cock disappearing inside of the small cadet, and started inching in. Cloud was only mildly distracted when Zack pushed his tongue into Cloud's quivering mouth, sucking on his own. Inch after agonizing inch kept disappearing into Cloud, who sighed when Zack was all the way inside, relaxing himself when Zack started massaging his breastbone. He gasped when Zack pulled out, nearly all the way, after a few moments and slammed back in. The friction still caused a slight burn, but he had grown used to it, and gasped when Zack brushed against… something. His head dropped back against the floor, behind the tub. Confused, Cloud lifted his head and breathed, "What… was that…?"

Zack laughed, pressed against Cloud's neck. "It's called your prostate, Chocobo. The pleasure in the pain, pretty much." He pressed against Cloud's neck, smiling, then thrust inside once more.

"Ah!" Cloud moaned, wiggling his hips. The SOLDIER dragged leaving Cloud's body before snapping his hips forward again and again, going faster every time. Cloud felt his body bounce upwards, brushing against the floor, muttering, "Zack… Zack… Zack…" He clenched as Zack pounded into his prostate, "Gaia!" And suddenly Zack was rearranged now, not missing a beat, and still going as hard as he could. "Cloud… Cloud… Cloud…" he murmured repeatedly, losing his rhythm as Cloud clenched around him, feeling the pleasure and seeing the cadet's pleasure-filled face. "Please Zack… Please…" he whined. Zack registered his hand wrapped around Cloud's cock, keeping him from coming and watched the weeping head bob, just above the surface of the water. He let go and rammed one last time, watching as Cloud's cum spurted on his chest, and the underside of Zack's jaw. He rode out the last of his own orgasm and fell forward onto Cloud.

"Did you really… really mean it?" Cloud asked quietly.

Zack thought back on their session and realized that at the end he had grunted something, pressing his eyes tight together and releasing into Cloud's ass.

"Eh heh… About that… What'd I say?"

"You said that… that you loved me. Really?" Cloud asked, looking over at Genesis, then blushed, realizing that the redhead had seen everything. Zack looked at Cloud then tipped his head up, capturing his already kiss-bruised lips. "Always. Always have, always will." He smirked when Cloud stuttered a response then smiled shyly.

The rest of the hour was spent in the shower, with Cloud washing Zack and himself, and Zack just staring half-lidded at the cadet.

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