Well, a really quick sorry to you guys. I had messed up on some of the scenes and their progression, so I'm going to put it on hiatus really quick (maybe a week or two) just so I can fix up the chapters. Seriously, it only chapter 4 and 5 I messed up, though, and I hope you guys forgive me!

On another note, I have to redo Shadows, because my computer got a virus and messed up that document. Opposing Forces is probably going to be on hiatus for a while longer (sorry to those who enjoy it and FantomoDrako). When I finish up a few school projects I have left, I'll get to them immediately. During the summer, there probably will be many more uploaded chapters and maybe even (sparkly eyes) A NEW STORY.

Yeah, umm... Don't count on it much though. Some stories I do are really confusing and require a lot of thought. I like to do the whole "what-would-happen-if-this-happened?" thing.

FINALLY (Bahamut this note is long) I was putting a lot of thought into a "if-Zack-lived" thing. It's really planned out and everything and I was going to put a kind of summary thing in here so I can get some feedback from my fellow hardcore FF gamers who could help me flesh this out for real. Its also going to be a AGSZC pairing where it follows the canon story (up until AD, because I haven't played DoC yet, only seen the cutscenes). But they LIVE, because I know how a lot of people were both disappointed and happy at the end of this story. And maybe make it into a sort of sequel for this story?

Sephiroth was kicked out of the Lifestream because he had the J cells, and Cloud had been indirectly implied that he ALSO had J cells from the whole tested-on-for-four-years thing. So, that might mean that Zack was tested on for it as well. I was thinking that maybe it applies to the G and S cells as well, so that means that Angeal and Genesis would be okay as well (even though he's live anyway; as shown on DoC). The G cells were made using the same technology, and the S cells are descended from the J cells. That means that the mako and the S/J/G cells may have fused, and so its a bit on the impossible side to actually KILL them (as made known by Sephiroth who doesn't DIE). Maybe that could mean that AGSZC pairing from this story (or another, if we don't want a sequel) could be reborn, but the plot could be about them finding each other, with Aeris (bless her heart, I love this girl) guiding them to each other where they live happily ever after.

How does that sound as either a separate story or a sequel? Review your thoughts, comments, feedback, et cetera, et cetera. I'd really like to start working on this story, too, and I hope for the best!