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Chapter 3: Finales

The shadow realm pocket was already dissipating, the gangster were still crying, Yami glanced to them then to Yugi and, moving briskly forward, took his hand to lead him from the scene of the crime. There would be police later with lots of question for the newly broken criminals off to the loony bin. Yugi didn't know how many times Yami had run back home, or casually strolled, after assaulting some of his classmates in their first six months together.

Finally they were on a quiet back street with Yugi's upper arm in Atem- Yami's hand.

"Is it you?" Yugi demanded feebly.

"Sort of," he shrugged his Japanese distinctly fluent in contrast with Atemu's beautiful slurring, "I remember everything but I'm not really the Pharaoh so to speak. I suppose I must be the part of Atemu that clearly recalls our time."

"So…" he didn't know whether to believe him but it was hard not to. Yami knew he was struggling, he just smiled, took Yugi's hand in his and kept walking from the spot of the shadow game.

"How long have you been up?" Yugi muttered.

"Only since we arrived in Japan."

"You didn't tell me." He felt almost accusing but he didn't sound it. He just wanted to understand.

"I did," Yami answered stubbornly slipping his arm around Yugi's shoulders as they made it to the park, "you were tired Aiboubut I told you."

"No you-" Yugi paused, "oh… yeah you did. I remember. I guess I thought I was dreaming."

"You knew, not consciously, but you've know." Yami chuckled. "You didn't let Atemu kiss you till after I told you."

"No, I didn't." He blushed furiously at the realization.

"I think he's rather mad for you." The Pharaoh sighed a little reluctantly in the semi darkness of the park lights.

"You nearly sound jealous," Yugi chuckled weakly, "no one could replace you in my heart."

"I know." He swore with another tiny smile squeezing Yugi closer. They should've been rambling intensely about the details of how and why but that was relatively irrelevant. Yugi had Yami. What else did he need to know when he knew the most important thing?

"So he's you. Is Heba real too then? I had a dream about him."

"Yes," Yami nodded, "it's a good thing too."


"Heba never let me protect him, never let anyone protect him, this time we get a turn to look after you."

"Are you staying this time for your turn?"

"Of course," Yami was adamant about that, "Atemu remembers in the back of his mind, so I'm here, and I don't want to go anywhere. I didn't get all the time I wanted with Heba or with you. So you might be stuck with me again."

"Good!" Yugi was amazed with the passionate quality of his voice, he found his arms wrapped tightly around Yami's side, squeezing him closer. His head lay stubbornly on the taller man's shoulder and there was a very satisfied smile creeping into Yami's face.

"You've had a good time with him," the Pharaoh muttered as they walked in the darkest corners of the park, away from prying eyes. "He's been a gentleman at least."

"Yeah," he giggled lightly, "it's been nice. Best dates I've had ever."

"I always did everything to live up to your expectations, to surpass them was an honour," Yami leant just a tiny bit closer, "you deserve the best Aibou."

"I missed you." Yugi found himself gushing.

"I missed you too." He promised pulling him tight.

"Did…" the smaller shook his head.

"Yes?" Yami prodded as Yugi turned scarlet before he chuckled knowingly. "Were the Pharaoh and Heba really lovers?"

He nodded. He was afraid if he spoke he might squeak.

"For a little while," he elaborated, "at the end of my life. Not that I died very old."

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" Yugi whispered bemusedly. He wasn't sure what to think, or to feel, with this clarification. Atemu had complicated his perfectly safe relationship with Yami irrevocably.

"I didn't remember until after the Memory World." Yami sighed. "Then I had to leave. It was either that or stay for another thousand years, most of them alone. Besides how would that have been fair on you? I didn't have a body, or anything, to offer you aside from a lifetime of nights sleeping in an empty bed. I couldn't do that to you. I always loved you Yugi." He stressed reverently as they came to a stiff halt in the darkness between two low street lamps. "From the day you woke me up. You and I never needed a specific title. It wouldn't suffice. The Memory World didn't change that, or make me love you anymore completely, it just added a different dimension to it. It wouldn't have added anything to our time together, however, to know about what we couldn't have then. I just wanted to leave with you prepared and knowing full well how much I adored you. You knew that so I was happy."

"So you didn't know about Atemu?"

"I had no idea," Yami swore almost to his own amazement, "if I'd known…I don't know."

"So you're here but…the afterlife?"

"I'm still there too." He shook his head ponderously. "It's complicated."

"When was it ever not?" Yugi answered with a weak little laugh and Yami smiled down at him.

"I didn't want to leave you, I knew we had very good friends to love you at least, but I'm very glad I don't have to again."

"What about Atemu?"

"He's here," Yami muttered, "we're just fractionally divided so to speak. You, nor he and I, really see each other as the same person yet. Call it a mental wall."

Yugi nodded. He didn't really think, not anything, the only thing passing his recognition was Yami's words and his own which came reflexively. He knew Yami would never lie to him, after all, and the truth always felt like the truth in Yugi's experience. Nothing really needed consideration. Yugi couldn't argue with anything the Pharaoh said. Yami was, of course, his protector. He would've taken the position and dangers to Yugi's heart into the utmost consideration when debating whether or not to tell him. Yugi didn't notice because the Pharaoh's mind was so shielded from him in preparation for their duel. He certainly couldn't find a way to be angry.

"I think I'll miss not sharing a head." Yugi half laughed. That was the only thing that bothered him.

"The price of having a body," Yami shrugged a gambler who knew well enough how to cut his losses or weigh the odds, "you'll always know what's going on in my mind regardless."

"What if Atemu wants to leave Japan?"

"He doesn't. He won't. I wouldn't let him."

Yugi did laugh at that though his heart was a little too scrambled to put all his voice into it. Yami smiled so deeply, with his eyes, and Yugi was lost in that too much to care. It was Yami, his Yami, and he felt different to Atemu somehow. Yami shifted him a little, his other arm wrapping securely around Yugi so he could rest his head on Yami's chest and be held for a moment. He'd never wanted to be able to touch Yami, he'd never felt like he needed to or as though he was distanced from Yami or lonely in some way physical contact would mend but feeling it now was incredibly strange. Having Yami tactile and tangible was insane.

Yami nudged Yugi's forehead with his nose delicately and butting his head up so, pushing on to tiptoes, Yugi just moved up into that smile. Yugi didn't think when he ran his hands over Yami's cheeks into his locks, tangling in them, he just kissed him hard and unsurprisingly Yami kissed back. He even kissed different to Atemu. Atemu gave heavenly kisses but Yami's were… Yami's kisses just knew him, not that that made any sense, in a way Atemu did not. Yami held him fast up against him as Yugi clutched his neck, his jaw, his scalp until Yugi was sure they could melt back together again any second.

"Yami," he found himself whispering when they stopped in a desperate, lost, and needy little voice. Yami meet his eyes with that all knowing, all capable, seriousness and was kissing him again just like he needed. Then came air for another second. "I love you too."

"I know," he assured him, as he lowered his head to brush their foreheads. "It's cold, I should take you back to the room."

"You'll keep kissing me."

"Couldn't stop me if you tried."

They glided past hotel staff. Yugi was floating. Yami's smile utterly shattered the stern face of the midnight to dawn security clerk who had to supervise their coming and going. The desk girl who'd seen Atemu earlier that day, and had smiled back sweetly, turned brilliant scarlet for Yami's radiance. Yugi frankly didn't see anyone else and he had the content satisfaction of knowing, utterly, that no one else was so much as a blip on Yami's radar. They were passing phantoms to the Pharaoh and Yugi was his everything. Everything was fine with the world.

They were in the bed in what felt like a moment so Yami could hold him tightly, his face buried in Yugi's hair inhaling his scent while Yugi kept his face in the bay of the Pharaoh's clavicle. Yugi's whole body was curled up in Yami's, settled, his heart almost seemed to think it didn't need to beat so much with the Pharaoh there to handle everything. Gods…he had forgotten the true depth of this feeling of being totally safe. He'd missed the sensation of knowing he had a God looking over his shoulder who'd made it his personal mission to see Yugi happy.

Yami rubbed his back and Yugi almost fell asleep. He didn't want to. He wanted to stay up with Mou Hitori No Boku

He sounded sixteen again.

He started kissing Yami before he really noticed he was doing it. His lips just brushed against every little patch of skin they could reach under the Pharaoh's perfect chin. It was come and go from there on out. Yugi peppered the length of his neck and Yami emblazoned his forehead with equally languid kisses. Yugi had never been rough, in anything, but there was a distinct undertone of desperation when his hands started wandering over skin tugging up the Pharaoh's shirt.

Yami kissed him harder for that, a tiny scarce of moisture slipping between those lips so they could slide over each other wetly. Yugi's hands weren't bold, rather, they were just accustomed to Yami somehow. Yugi felt his navel, his wing like ribs, up his firm back to rest between two bent shoulder blades and hook his fingers over the rim of where his front met his back to squeeze Yami closer. Yami was cooler than Atemu impossibly, almost liquid like, smooth with an intangible sort of electricity that pulsed through Yugi. Every tiny nerve receptor set up to establish Yugi cells from foreign bodies failed to function and called it a day. Yami was still part of him, body or not, and Yugi wanted to fold them back together.

Yami didn't lead, didn't push, it was only when Yugi's curious, needy, little tongue slipped between those confident lips Yami's came into play and stole the show. Yami let him start, let Yugi show him where he wanted him or what he wanted and then he took over. A minuscule prod and Yami knew precisely what Yugi wanted and how he wanted it. No girl, no lover, not even Atemu, had been so keen or acutely aware of his every motion. When Yugi hiked his outside leg up over Yami's pointed hip, nails digging against the flesh of the Pharaoh's back, Yami's hand was along his flank instantaneously. Yami's weight shifted to his knees so, without separating a molecule of them, he could splay Yugi onto his back and grind his hips down into the other's. Yami didn't tease, or tarry, he held Yugi's thigh in his hand so the smaller could keep it cocked around his waist lips, pursuing down the pale column of Yugi's neck. Yami… he provided with perfect synchronisation and Yugi was struggling to recall why he'd hesitated to let this same body touch his earlier that evening.

Would Atemu ever know how to hold him like this? Yugi struggled to contemplate sewing the two fractions of the Pharaoh together as well as Yami was currently melding their two bodies. There was still some impassable distance between Atemu and Yami, his Yami, his Mou Hitori No Boku.

When, or how, did Yami get his shoes off without Yugi noticing? Did he care anymore?

"How did you…?" he giggled, coming up for air.

"Magic," Yami chuckled playfully.

"Got to teach me that one."

"It's only really effective in two or three situations I'll warn you."

"Meh," Yugi laughed, "all bad guys wear heels. It's compulsory. With that I could save the world."

Yami laughed heartily against the alcove where Yugi's jaw and neck intersected, just behind his earlobe, sending unconscious spasms down Yugi's limbs. At the little sound Yugi made Yami restrained himself kissing away the injustice.

"We'll make the world saving a joint effort then," Yami clarified softly, "I'll do the shoe stripping."

"Hmm," that sounded good, normal too, for them anyway. "Love you."

"I know Little One," he whispered, "and you?"

"I know."

He checked himself for any lingering doubt or displeasure like the wave that had descended upon him during his time with Atemu but there was none. It was obliterated by confessions of love and certainties Yugi wished he could bottle for rainy days. So he lay there and gave himself up to the proper care of Yami, let it go, because nothing could go wrong under the Pharaoh's careful eye. He was more guarded than a maximum security prison.

The Pharaoh settled back between Yugi's entangled legs, holding him close. The hand stroking Yugi's thigh began a little quest skirting his inner thigh, up over his covered navel to join its twin, and assist it in removing Yugi's two-day t-shirt. Yugi didn't especially care about how much it did or didn't smell when Yami, rather reverently put it to one side and returned to Yugi's now exposed upper body. He inhaled slowly, eyes darkening at the sight of the hands splayed by Yugi's cheeks and the soft cooing blush over his cheek bones.

"You're perfect," He assured Yugi, slipping his fingers between the smaller boy's as he dove back down into the heat for another wet lipped kiss, making Yugi's back arch up into him.

"You're magnificent," Yugi grinned cheekily.

"Stunning," Yami smirked back.

"Dazzling." He shot seriously.

"Oh!" Yami gasped, as though he were impressed, before countering: "marvellous."



"Heavenly," Yugi shot back unable to restrain a tiny giggle even as he bit his lip, "I can keep up the adjectives all night Pharaoh. I'll warn you've I've got a minor in English!"

"Truly the rightful King of Games," Yami chuckled, "I imagine that comes in handy when heroic speeches are necessary."

"Oh it's invaluable."

"Your stunning grasp of the English language simply makes me mad for you."

Yugi collapsed into giggles, full blown, and content with his victory Yami peppered kisses along his cheek bones. He didn't know right now why he'd been content to accept Yami's departure especially not when Yami kissed him hard, rapturously, like Yugi was the most precious thing in the universe and shook him down to his bones.

Yami's fingers were released from Yugi's as soon as they twitched, albeit a little reluctantly, requesting permission to roam. His fingertips mapped the groves of Yugi's clavicle followed by a hearty set of lips eager to explore on their own. Yugi cooed, tilting his head back, savouring the nibble of Yami's teeth and the careful slip of his hands. One palm slid over the groves of Yugi's ribs to settle in along his waist, while the other traced the skin of Yugi's pebbled nipple. The duelist found himself moaning softly, long before Yami's hot tongue ran over it, wrenching a needy string of sounds from him. He didn't know he could make half those noises. Was his voice supposed to creep that high and airy?

Yami's entire body felt as though it was shifting down Yugi's leaving a burning, marked, trail. Yugi didn't so much as register the sting of teeth and wet suction from the first love bite that left a dull ache on the thinnest skin of his neck. The nip of Yami's teeth around his already pampered bud called his attention acutely however. When Yami's hands fell into the tender curves of his hips, squeezing, Yami's knees parting to take his weight forcing Yugi's further apart he was surprised at how pained his own voice sounded.

Yami's eyes rose to scan Yugi's flushed face: eye's half lidded, lips parted, panting heavily and smiling. Contented the Pharaoh sent him that smile that filled his eyes more than his lips and the smaller boy all but fell apart.

He resumed his trail of kisses along the tender flesh leading to Yugi's navel, where Yami buried himself happily, tongue thrusting out harshly before vanishing entirely as he sat back once again. Yugi raised his hips half hopeful, half knowing, to let Yami resume undressing him without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Yami had both his knees over one shoulder to tug off Yugi's pants, and underwear, in one easy motion.

He drew his knees in to his chest, spreading them as he stretched them to the toes around Yami's hips with a squeeze.

Yami purred.

The sound was utterly unexpected sending a pulse down Yugi's legs from hip to toe but the glide of Yami's palms against his inner thighs made him restless.

Brow twitching Yugi shuffled himself up by his elbows till he was sitting, leaning into the tension of his arms, and with a few peppered kisses to his shoulders Yami took the hint to lean back so Yugi could gain a better pose. Yugi smiled gratefully, shuffling his legs to something easier to maintain as he sat. As he regained his balance he threaded his arms round Yami's perfect honey sheen shoulders. That put more strain into his legs which had trouble holding him, so far apart, until Yami's hands settled against the small of his back to help. Yami's lips ran over his temples, as Yugi's cheek brushed his, his face slipping into the cove of Yami's neck.

The Pharaoh didn't ask. As always he seemed to comprehend what Yugi was feeling as the boy attempted to map it out for himself. Instead Yami took the time to secure one arm tightly round the small waist and stroke the tense line of Yugi's pale spine.

"I feel bipolar," he muttered half chuckling, "I'm sorry."

"It's fine." Yami swore with the utmost sincerity. "I understand."

"Hmm," Yugi wished he did but chose to keep his face against that warm, soft, neck lips moving instinctively against it in tiny half-kisses. He exhaled and he felt his muscles ease as Yami held him, with a flex of strength that almost made him swoon, with heady feelings of security. He wanted Yami back. He wanted order in the universe.

If it wasn't for his damn bleeding heart…

He kissed Yami hard. Need, nearly desperate, till there was a clinking brush of teeth from clumsiness. Yami pressed Yugi's bottom lip between both of his and twisting Yugi kissed the corner of his mouth. The contact was one long series of brisk kisses they both seemed uneasy to end. Yugi inhaled sharply, twisting his head just an inch, to try and ease his heart. He remembered the first time he kissed a girl and forgot to breathe during the process amongst his pounding heartbeats. Kissing Yami was like that. The Pharaoh spent that moment he took, filling his lungs, to run his tongue along Yugi's jaw, nibbling a taunt earlobe.

Yugi clutched him and Yami opened his lips till the touch was wetter, his tongue pulsing against the hotspot just behind the curve of the other's ear, till Yugi gave another little sound.

He felt a new surge of heat bubble up within him, burning between his tensed thighs, and then just as rapidly it withdrew in guilt. The whiplash was sickening.

"What is it?" Yami pressed his lips over Yugi's ear. The sound was rich, deep, and the molten breath sent a ripple that made Yugi weak.

"I just feel bad," he admitted, "I don't like taking advantage of Atemu's body. If we're going to… I'd feel like I was betraying his trust. I'm a hypocrite if I deny him but use him to have you. I do want you, though, a fuck of a lot."

Yami smiled tilting his chin close.

"Let us share?"

It all sort of clicked to Yugi. He could have both of them. They both wanted him, he wanted both of them and frankly, it wasn't like it had been, Yami and Atemu were one and the same in a way Yami and Yugi hadn't been. It was harder to tell them apart for one thing, less opposites and more gooey weak-knee inducing powers on both sides.

"Please?" He whispered pressing his fresh, naked, body up closer into Yami as if giving the Pharaoh permission to consume him. "This isn't going to be right without all of you."

Yami smiled brilliantly and then Atemu appeared to break loose, fingers tangling harshly in Yugi's hair for a bruising kiss which lessened as Yugi returned it with his own feverish pressing. When the arm around him tightened like a vice, Yugi's hands weakened about the Pharaoh's shoulders slipping to cup his still kissing cheeks. It was as if the Pharaoh, now both Atemu and Yami, felt he finally had permission to take charge without worrying Yugi would ease back in a moment of cold feet.

Yugi knew his control was slipping, there'd be a lot less asking from Yami but it was no longer necessary. He'd stopped thinking of them as Atemu or Yami, the idea all swirled up, and he trusted his Pharaoh to know what to do with him. Yami's hands grasped at the undersides of Yugi's thighs grinding them up together, deepening the kiss so tightly Yugi forgot to breath again and had to throw his head back with a giggle.

"I fucking love you," Yami or Atemu rasped, though technically it was both and Yugi laughed harder his fingers slinking from his cheeks into the Pharaoh's hair as those dusty lips fell against his neck like a starving man.

Yugi cooed weakly, digging his fingers into the Pharaoh's hair as, with amazing force, he ground them together again with a bruising grip into Yugi's thighs. The little coo turned into a fuller moan and pushing his heels into the mattress, fingers locked in Yami's hair, he pulled the other down atop him. What followed next was a mess of skin on skin generating sweat till eventually the Pharaoh rose on his elbows and began fumbling along the bedside table.

"Hmm?" Yugi whined inquisitively. The fumbling was one thing but when the kissing stopped Yugi wanted to know why.

"Lube," the Pharaoh mumbled forcing more weight onto his knees so he could lift himself higher in his quest. "Hold on."

Yugi very quickly resembled a baby koala.

"Let me guess," he smirked, "the floor is made of lava?"

"Yeah," Yugi snorted, "It's too dangerous to go alone."

"Sadly the lube's in my bag and you're heavier than you used to be."

"Saliva?" He prompted hopefully stirring a few more chuckles. Yami was way too hot to be allowed out of arm's length he'd decided because apparently Egyptian skin absorbed twice as much sunlight as regular human skin. That at least was Yugi's current working theory. Though in Yugi's mind Egyptians fit on the list somewhere just after Kyrptonians and Vampires.

"Definitely a virgin." Yami chuckled. "I'd rather not leave blood stains all over the thousand thread count sheets."

"It'd be a great souvenir."

"Well we can prove to the commons the union was consummated if nothing else. You're certainly thinking ahead." The Pharaoh quirked sarcastically, "seriously though Aibou you need to let me go for just a second."

"Alright," he sighed easing his grip, "I'll time you."

"I better run then." He chuckled with a parting kiss.

Yugi released him, slumming back into his elbows to watch Yami's retreating back. The chocolaty line of the man's spine, the proud shoulder blades, the general artistry of the lines of skin… yeah, Yugi drifted on a little happy thought for a moment watching the Pharaoh fumble through his organised chaos for man's original best friend (move over canines). Eventually he came ambling back, flexing the little bottle in his fingers with a pointed wink, unbuckling his pants as he approached.

"Hold on now," Yugi called with soft, trilling, amusement. "You seem to assume you're getting laid. Whatever gave you that impression?"

"Oh I'm sorry," the Pharaoh chuckled drawing his knee up onto the mattress, "somewhere between the come-hither eyes and our souvenir discussion I just sort of assumed."

"That was before you spent an eternity questing."

"That was a very short window of opportunity."

"I'm a short guy," Yugi giggled.

"That's low," Atemu cackled, and Yugi fell back against the sheets in another fit of giggles.

"You know," he laughed opening his arms to welcome the Pharaoh back into them, fingers trailing up the handsome forearms, "this wasn't the swoony mess I imagined my first time to be."

"You try for that the first time and it just feels ridiculous," his partner assured him, "mine was a disaster for almost that reason. Something lighter, more unassuming, has more endurance through all the hesitating and uncertainty. I prefer it when you're making me laugh and melt at the same time."

Yugi cooed grasping the Pharaoh's upper arms so he could pull himself up to pepper kisses along his jaw in a way that made the taller man purr gently. He became aware, slowly, of the way the Pharaoh's knuckles brushed against his inner thighs as the man ran his hands over each other curiously. Yugi watched his face and, with a little smile, the Pharaoh planted a tender kiss on his nose. The line between Atemu's cheeky confidence, Yami's swoon-inducing control and the Pharaoh's noble bearing had become so blurred any name felt appropriate now. It was nice for this to be all new and yet totally, eerily, familiar.

His toes curled, fingers locked around the Pharaoh's shoulders as the older man left a few softer kisses against his cheeks and, on Yugi's cautious inhale, ran a slick finger tip against him. It was totally teasing, brief, and Yugi jumped his cheeks tinging immediately despite his valiant efforts not to blush. Yami's fingers ran over a deliriously sensitive trail of skin between his arousal and his entrance before falling back against him with a fleeting sense of pressure.

Yugi gasped.

"That feels so weird…" He shivered as Yami stroked the tender skin in slow, natural, circles. It was embarrassing and heart racing all at once. It wasn't immediately pleasant but somehow the weirdness of it intensified the level of tickling heat between Yugi's thighs.

"Ten thousand nerve endings." His partner informed him knowingly. "Very sensitive."

"I can tell," Yugi murmured, squirming with twitching knees and curling toes.

"There's a reason people do it this way," he swore with a grin, kissing Yugi's vermillion cheekbones as he remained poised over him.

"It's…" Yugi bit his lip as Yami's slick touch pressed firmly, back and forth, without ever attempting to slip his index finger inside. Yugi's body was quickly losing its initial tension. The feeling was somehow perversely pleasant and the silent assurance he had that Yami would acclimatise him slowly made the whole experience less diving in and more easing in.

"Yes," the Pharaoh whispered in agreement, grasping Yugi's lips with his to free the boy's pouting bottom lip from his teeth.

"Ah!" Speaking became very difficult as, holding his gaze nose-to-nose, Yami sunk a testing fingertip past Yugi's wavering resistance.

Yugi felt his muscles flex, his tendons tighten, but with a practiced, smooth, and deliriously slow motion Yami eased the rest of his slickened index finger inside. Yugi found himself gasping. His heart fluttered and at once all ten thousand of those nerve endings seemed acutely aware of every motion. Yami remained poised, still, trespassing into virgin territory as Yugi caught his breath. It was beyond odd. Totally unnatural but yet the feeling of being invaded had a disturbingly pronounced effect on him. The very idea that any part of Yami was inside him was so, so, so good… even if it wasn't completely comfortable. Yugi suddenly had a profound respect for women.

Yugi sighed and eased his spine, resting his head into the pillow so, smiling, the Pharaoh knew he had adjusted. The digit slid slicking out, almost completely, and then sunk back in one deep thrust.

"Oh!" Yugi gasped oddly. There was a rush at that motion that made his entire body tighten as the sensation bottomed out. Then Yami curled the damn finger, like he was beckoning, and Yugi found himself making a strangled little coo, eyes wide. He was damn sure that was what it felt like to have an alien trying to eat your intestines but it was fucking incredible.

Yami chuckled but the tenor of his voice was much deeper. While Yugi could only manage a cursory glance, thoroughly distracted by his own moans when the Pharaoh resumed short even thrusts, he could see how tightly strung the older man had become. His lover was thoroughly enjoying the show.

The Pharaoh held his hip gently as, without warning, a second finger tip joined the first in the fluid motion. The pair sunk into him together before Yugi had time to tense in anticipation of the newest sensation. It was so skilfully done he gave a little torn purr, knees twitching open further, heart pounding steadily. Between the mounting sweat and artificial slickness the whole length of Yugi's inner thighs were becoming wet. He kinda loved it. It took only three long, languid, thrusts before Yami was working to fingers into him quickly. He drew back, thrust forward and curled so perfectly Yugi's conscious mind had a little smoke break. When the Pharaoh sunk back on his knees so he could grasp a pebbled nipple between his teeth however Yugi's mind threw up its hands and declared a public holiday.

Three fingers was a tight fit, the way the digits had to press together had to be painful, and forcing them in wasn't easy for Yami but Yugi loved it. The stretch added to the already furious sensation of slick skin and intrusion that made him want to die there and then in a happy little bubble. The only downside was that, as tight as the fit was, Yami couldn't sink as deeply into Yugi as he'd become quickly accustomed to with the two, better proportioned, fingers.

Yugi felt his hips rock with the readily leant assistance of his feet and calves, back arching, trying to work Yami's fingers deeper. His cheeks had lost their colour, flushed, and Yugi was pretty sure if he got any hotter his skin might just peel off.

When Atemu, Yami, the Pharaoh, whatever-the-hell he was calling his Lover right now withdrew his digits Yugi slumped as though he'd just had his puppet strings cut. In an odd turn of strength Yugi grabbed at the man, desperate, taking care to trace every tendon and vein of muscle in the tender neck as he bit wetly at his lips. The Pharaoh's arms secured around him, squeezing him close, very dearly, and releasing him gently back into the sheets after a moment. They exhaled heartily as if they were both sharing the same pocket of air, which Yugi supposed was true, and then the Pharaoh sat back.

"Ready to try the real deal?" He asked gently.

"Hell yes." Yugi answered as though it were the stupidest question uttered in five thousand years of human history because, frankly, it was.

"We'll take it easy," the Pharaoh warned him, "if you don't like it or it gets too much we'll stop. We've got all the time in the world."

"That's nice dear," the smaller quipped cheekily, letting it waft over him.

"It's harder than it looks the first time."

"I bet it is." Yugi grinned and Atemu's straight face fell into chuckles.

"You're supposed to take this seriously."

"You said it was more fun if we didn't."

"True, darn," he sighed, "got me on a technicality. Alright, fine, have it your way."

"That's my favourite! How'd you know?"

The Pharaoh fell onto his palms, shaking his head with a beaming smirk plastered across his face. The very sight of it spread a smile as sweet as honey onto Yugi's features, with a corresponding warm glow of pride in his stomach.

"You're incorrigible." The Pharaoh tutted patting his hip. "On your knees for me please little one, it's easier that way."

"Argh, effort on my part…" Yugi groaned forcing himself onto his elbows under Yami's caging limbs.

"Well," the elder whispered pressing his lips very close to Yugi's earlobe, "it also means I can thrust deeper. Better angle."

"Why didn't you say so." He giggled with a shivering blush he did his best to mask when he crawled, hunched under Yami, onto his knees.

When the Pharaoh sat back onto his knees, hands gliding into the groves of Yugi's hips, lips brushing the small of his back with loving tenderness the little one found himself quaking on his straining elbows to bury his face in the pillows.

Yugi inhaled and he wasn't scared, not at all, he didn't have any reason to be. Not as far gone as he was. He had that confidence that only came with trust. He knew, not hoped knew, that the Pharaoh would take every possible care and then some with him. He wasn't afraid in a moment of selfish passion his comfort would be forgotten which, again, gave him a profound respect for the women who allowed nonsense like this regularly from stupider males. He the entire Pharaoh too: Atemu and Yami, which meant all guilt and all hesitation were gone too. He was not going to regret this.

Yugi gasped but the sound tumbled into a little moan, fingers curling, when the Pharaoh ran one damp hand over his back side and then teasing rubbed the tip of his arousal against his terribly oversensitive entrance. That was just evil. Atemu need to do it again.

"Oh…" Yugi purred when his prayers were answer. It was enough to make him ache for his newest addiction to penetration. When Yami fell forward and nipped his neck, suckling, and he could smell all that nutmeg he let his eyes roll back. "You… tease me anymore and I am so not responsible for my actions…" he panted.

"Duly noted," the Pharaoh promised but not without chuckling into the keen skin.

"You're so…"


"Fucking evil was mine," Yugi scoffed breathlessly, "but yeah, we'll go with that, why not?"

"You're beautiful." The Pharaoh swore with dire intent, kissing the little alcove behind Yugi's ear with bruising force.

In that half a second of swoon induced distraction his dangerously talented lover tightened his grasp on Yugi's hips and thrust. It wasn't much before Yugi noticed, gasping and tensing, but was enough of a lapse for the Pharaoh to work the hot, blunt, tip inside him. Yugi's fingers dug tighter into his palm and while it wasn't painful, it was disarming in the yummy wrongness of the sensation. He recovered quickly enough though. Once he got over the initial shock he found his upper body sinking lower into the bed to force his arse up higher for more. He wanted that depth. He wanted that feeling of bottoming out in a thrust Yami's finger's had inspired and he had an inkling of how good it might feel with a bit more to dole out.

He guessed Yami was big, he wasn't small at any rate, but more importantly Yugi didn't care. The Pharaoh could've been a god, which he technically was, and Yugi would've given a rat's right now so long as he rutted him.

"Holy sweet…Jesus-fucking-Christ mother of Mary…"

"I don't think that's quite how it goes," Atemu laughed breathlessly and all Yugi could do was moan. "You okay?"

"More." He pleaded. "Yesterday."

"Breathe," the Pharaoh ordered hotly, the very emphasis made Yugi want to roll over from the way it made his thighs tingle. "You're too tight…"

"That's bad?" Yugi scoffed.

"Fuck no."

He shuddered and Yami inched slickly in, the motion of it was better than when the Pharaoh was stationary and, in another flicker of shock, Yugi forced himself to push back moaning so the motion could continue. The hands around his hips became arms and in a few haggard breaths he had the Pharaoh, all of the Pharaoh, or rather he had Yugi? Who cared! Yugi was too busy making this high little sound that was unsure of whether it wanted to be a moan, a groan, a purr, strangled sigh or a hiccup. Yami's hips bumped into his, even though he couldn't go any further, and suddenly the sound was definitely a forced hiccup. The Pharaoh seemed to love it from the rapturous moan he gave in response.

"Fuck fuck fuck…" Yugi whispered. Not his most charming or coherent moment. His palms were burning from the way he was digging his nails into them but it felt so good in contrast he hardly noticed.

Oh every God above. Yami thrust. It was barely half and inch but Yugi nearly screamed. So did Yami actually. It was awesome. Yugi's hips bumped back into Yami as he slid forward, desperate for that feeling, and then the Pharaoh did it again and everything was blissfully right with the world. Yugi was even starting to like that strangled hiccup noise he was making as if he were a baby bird.

Atemu rocked, he held him and he moved. The tightness was almost suffocating but every thrust became longer, smoother, better. The short, fast, pounding was one thing. It made Yugi feel like the air was being punched out of him but when Yami drew back and sunk in, the same way you dug teeth languidly into an apple, it was all too much. It was so conquering.


Yugi bit his lip.

"Don't stop," Atemu pleaded raggedly, "you sound so good."

That was all the command Yugi needed to forget he sounded like a wounded animal. Yami drove into him hard and Yugi had to brace himself as he lost air. He loved this. He'd been a virgin for twenty-two years why? People hated anal because? What the fuck was wrong with the world?

His hips were shortly in sync with Atemu's and he found himself frustratingly close but unable to totally scratch that itch. He moved awkwardly, leaning all his weight onto his forehead and one lone, brave, elbow as he slipped his second arm between his legs to stroke with dire urgency. It was gooey, so good, his hips seemed to need no help of their own to balance and work into Yami's motion but that coupled with his own fumbling touches felt deep and molten in a way touching himself alone never had. That was very safe to say.

Yami contrastly didn't need any help to get there, Yugi's body was taking care of that but when he climaxed and those thrusts became unpredictable it was all the push Yugi needed to cross over the edge.

"Uh-ah!" It sounded tortured, broken, and Yugi was bucking, purring, flexing.

The Pharaoh seemed to reach his heights all over again, moaning so loud it almost constituted a scream. He held Yugi as he contracted in spasms, easing off their motions with a final set of languid thrusts into the smaller body as it milked him. While they slowed Yugi's panting, desperate, sounds fell into a pathetic little patter of cooing sighs.

His heart was pounding in his ears when Yami withdrew and gave him permission to splatter boneless onto the mattress. The Pharaoh, panting, shifted Yugi gently to his back to make room for his own body which was quaking with the effort of staying aloft. When he slumped down beside him it was all Yugi could manage, with his weak fingers, to drag him close and all Atemu could do to wrap his arms around him before they gave up all semblance of life. The Pharaoh didn't hold him, rather he lay around him, while Yugi caught his breath in his chest. It was delicious though, comforting, and perfect even if Yami was still wearing his damn jeans after all the chaos.

That stupid, dwindling, thing called consciousness came back to them slowly but even then Yugi was exhausted. Still, it made Yami squeeze him close and that was worth a swooning coo. Anything outside that would have to take a rain check.

"I love you," Atemu repeated tenderly, fingers carding through Yugi's damp hair.

"Love you too," he mumbled. "Welcome back."

Eventually Yugi giggled.

"Does sex get any better than that?" He asked.

"If you remember anything from Heba it'll get a hell of a lot kinkier," Atemu cackled weakly.

"Sign me up."

"In the morning," the Pharaoh promised.

"Good," Yugi sighed happily, "I'm exhausted..."

"You've no idea."

"Sleep?" He proposed hopefully.

"Definitely." Atemu concluded, kissing his forehead.

Yugi didn't worry. Not about Heba or the puzzle or technicalities or anything outside Atemu-Yami's perfect arms and the fact he got to sleep curled in them. It was completing. All the security of being coddled by a parent and all the joy of being adored by a lover, another person, that made Yugi squeeze the other man tighter and not ever want to move.

"Well that was Marik," Atemu laughed laying Yugi's cell back on the bedside table in the morning, "he found plenty on Heba in the Pharaoh's tomb. It was still untranslated because the Ishtars only recently found it, thanks to your Grandfather's account. Half of it's in Greek though."

"That's a relief. I gather, from how long you spent on there, that he got the gist of who you were too?" Yugi grinned against his palms curled with them cradling his cheek.

"He's insatiable for details," the Pharaoh chuckled collapsing back against the mattress and drawing Yugi too him, "he doesn't know how we expect to keep it from the others but he demands to know exactly how it pans out. Oh and apparently you and I have to visit them immediately."

"Oh immediately?" Yugi parroted to the Pharaoh's equally mischievous grin while their noses brushed, "so we'll take our time I suspect?"

"Well, I for one am not leaving this bed for the rest of the day, at least, the week if I can keep you away from your pants."

"We've got to tell Jou." Yugi murmured thoughtfully passing over the teasing though he allowed the Pharaoh to jostle him properly into his arms. "In person too, Grandpa has to know ASAP, then Otogi and Honda when they come back to town next week, we'll trick Kaiba into meeting us-"

"Devious," Atemu snorted, "I still can't believe he hired Jou full time…"

"-Got to use the webcam for Anzu, Marik will tell Ishizu and Rishid…" He paled distinctly as he trailed off forcing himself up upon his elbows, the sheets pooling about his still very bare hips, "Pharaoh, if you're here, is there any chance…?"

Atemu frowned at him curiously until recognition seeped through that ghost of a mind link and he too turned a rather sickly shade.

"No…" he muttered firmly though he seemed to be staring right through Yugi. "There's absolutely now way…"

"I should call Ryou," Yugi concluded to the very unconvincing ramblings of his other half.

"That's probably for the best yes."

The Pharaoh leant back against the headboard stiffly during Yugi's dialling, his arms snug low around the smaller's hips, holding him in his lap half for comfort and half for ease dropping.


"Ryou?" Yugi snapped urgently. "Are-"

"Yugi?" The melodious voice cried pleasantly. "Oh thank goodness you called! I haven't had credit or a moment to call you all week! Listen-"

"Are you safe?" Yugi rushed ahead without giving his companion much chance to respond. "Cause listen, Ryou, I don't know how to start here so you'll have to forgive me for not being gentler but I'll just come flat out with you. The Pharaoh's back and-"

He sounded so demanding that Ryou started to laugh across the line, shrugging off Yugi's genuine concern gently.

"He is? I suspected so! That's actually what I wanted to call you about funnily." Ryou began with such cordial serenity Yugi didn't know how he did it. "See this lovely chap called Akefia showed up just a few days ago and, well, I've had plenty of suspicions. You just know don't you? How'd they manage it this time though?"

"He's there?" Yugi balked. "Are you alright?"

"Oh yes! I'm fine!" Ryou seemed a little like he didn't believe if himself. "He's really rather sweet amazingly! Such a mama's boy, I can't stop him when he gets to yammering about his family, he adores them. As he should all things considered."

"You sure?"

"Yes, don't worry about me at all," he swore casually, "he's harmless. I've seen a glimmer or two that…passionate violence but it's hardly a ghost of our Bakura."

"I'm stunned…" Yugi snorted bemusedly, "well… the details are a little complicated but I'm just relieved you're alright honestly."

"Well email me the nitty gritty. Unless there's something dangerous I desperately need to know?" Ryou suggested. "You sound tired."

"I'm…" Yugi laughed. "You're too sweet for your own good. I'll send you everything I know okay? Look after yourself. Get some credit too in case you have an emergency!"

"I will," he promised lightly, "you are my emergency contact person on everything Yugi. If I wind up in hospital you'll be the very first to know. Now don't stress and go get some more sleep."

"Okay," he conceded, "I'm interested to meet your new friend soon."

"Oh you will I think. When he's not possessing me, or turning friends into game pieces, or raising evil pagan gods you can appreciate his charismatic personality and dashing good looks unabated. Besides…" Ryou began with a conspiratorial cackle. "He doesn't have the foggiest idea how to play Duel Monsters!"

"Well…" Yugi found himself giggling a moment later. "Ryou sounds like he's on top of the whole thing."

"That's a little concerning."

"You kidding? It's hilarious. We beat the bad out of Bakura with that last duel! I think you broke him!"


Yugi had always loved Spring in Domino. When every side street was peppered with scraggly cherry blossoms and the park was heavy with new foliage and dopey tourists. He'd loved it at six with his mother, at sixteen with his first real friends, at eighteen after the flight home from Egypt, at twenty-two with Atemu and now at twenty-six waiting for the Pharaoh to hurry up.

More than anything, whether it was all the adventure, or the romance, or the mystery, Yugi especially loved meeting up with old friends. Even if they did go running off right away. There was a very subtle certainty instilled in him now that people always ended up drifting back together.

"Who was that?" Atemu asked as he reappeared with two hefty ice creams, watching the fleeing boy disappear amongst the crowded civilians.

"Did you know Kiaba's Duel Academy opens today?" Yugi diverted carefully taking the ice cream in hand from under the Pharaoh's suspicious gaze.

"You're stirring trouble aren't you?"

"Avoiding it actually," Yugi promised a cheeky grin seeping past his straight-faced defences, "nothing to worry about Atemu."

"I wonder if it's dangerous for kids to get involved with Duel Monsters sometimes."

"Why? Afraid all the video games are going to rot their brains?" The smaller boy laughed mildly.

"More concerned with the inter-dimensional evil forces actually." Atemu snorted. "That and, of course, the rap music."

"Well Duel Monsters has been the preferred form of supernatural combat in this dimension for what, ten thousand years? Even Dartz knew how to play. I'd think it's important that we've got good Duelists for tomorrow's big baddies."

"You just want more time off," Atemu accused saucily.

"Colour me guilty of leaning to a nine-to-five."

"You'd snap after a week of mundane stability."

"Is that a challenge~?"

"Under a few conditions," Atemu smirked, "and if I win you have to take that overseas vacation with me."

"Argh, we just got back from thrashing that cult in Venice…" Yugi sighed in consideration. Atemu didn't really understand the meaning of 'vacation' in the traditional sense, "but I can't very well let you win a dare…"

"Well then." Atemu had such a smug little grin plastered over his face Yugi was determined to wipe it off. He wanted three more peaceful university attending, face stuffing, sex having weeks in Domino before the next little disaster.

"It's on," he decided swiping at his ice cream, "by the way, do you remember that duel against Paradox? Cause Jaden's looking great today."

The look on Atemu's face was priceless.

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