Two years ago I began planning this fic. Six months ago exactly I began publishing it. And today I finish it. Six months, almost 150,000 words, and 600+ reviews later, it is finished. Thank you to everyone who read and everyone to reviewed. I appreciate all your views and comments.

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"I just can't believe it," Leonard said, leaning back and finishing off his coffee. "My mother is in there right now, singing the Element Song to get Savannah to sleep. Penny's asleep, and she looks so relaxed, her parents will be here any minute and…" he trailed off and shook his head.

Gilda grinned across the space between their two chairs. "Enjoy this," she said. "It'll last another six hours until tonight. Then the sleeping will stop. The feedings multiple times a night will start, and don't think you won't get up when she gets up. Then you'll get the colic and the screaming at night. And you'll drag yourself out of bed and then, for some odd reason, not be able to get back to sleep."

"Hmmm," Leonard said, shrugging. "Well, you know, we'll just have to look forward to that part."

"Look forward to it and past it," Gilda said. "Because you'll also have first laughs, first steps, first words, hugs…there's nothing like your baby saying 'I love you', and then of course Savannah will become best friends with Iris, and they'll go off and win some Nobel Prize together."

Leonard smiled. "Iris is two years older than Savannah."

"That doesn't mean they can't be friends," she said. "Amy is two years older than Penny."

"So your daughter is going to develop an obsession with mine?" Leonard asked with a smile.

Gilda smiled. "Well, today I told her that Penny had her baby, and her first question was 'when can she play?', so I guess we're on our way."

Leonard laughed, reaching for her empty cup and dropping it into the trash can next to him. Both of them jumped when Raj, Howard, and Bernadette burst through the doors. "You two! Come quickly! Shamy's getting it on in that closet!"

"What?" Leonard said, jumping up. Gilda followed him. They stopped outside the closet, hesitating for a second, and then Leonard flung it open.

Sheldon and Amy were standing inside, arms crossed, staring back at them and failing to hold back smirks. "Bazinga!" Sheldon said, Amy echoing him less than a syllable behind.

"I knew they'd fall for it!" Raj shouted, punching the air. He and Amy high fived, then she turned to Sheldon. "High five!" their hands hit. "Low five!" they dropped their hands at hip level and hit them. "No five!" they raised their hands and missed each other's.

Howard stared at them. "What?"

"It's their new thing," Bernadette told him.

"Okay," Gilda said, "even with me and my board in the mix, you two are officially the strangest couple in the world."

"Well, you know, it works for us," Amy said, grabbing Sheldon's hand. He smiled.

"See?" Gilda said. "You guys just took hands and didn't even look at each other."

"Well, you know that quote," Bernadette said. "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."

Amy smiled. Leonard smiled. Raj smiled. Howard smiled. Gilda smiled.

Sheldon looked confused. "You are basing the entire meaning behind your quote on the fact that Amy and I were both looking at you in a conversation we were having with you. It's absurd."

There was a short silence, and then Raj's phone buzzed. "It's Missy!" he exclaimed. He began texting, and then stopped, looking up at the Shamy. "You don't mind if I tell her about the high five thing, do you?"

"I…" Amy elbowed Sheldon, and he stopped, cleared his throat, and said in a very automated voice, "Missy can date whoever she wants." He glanced at Amy, who nodded.

"Well, look who wears the pants," Leonard joked to Gilda.

"Who wears them in yours?" she challenged. "Hasn't Penny fought like, multiple people since you've met her?"

"Actually…" Bernadette leaned over and whispered something in Gilda's ear. Her eyes widened and she let out a loud, short laugh.

Leonard looked confused. "What?"

Gilda put a hand to her mouth. "You two share a pair of red pants?"

"Here she is," Leonard said, opening up the door to the room and holding it for Penny's parents. Wyatt and his wife entered the room, smiling as they saw Penny sitting on the edge of the bed, holding their grandchild. "Hey, honey," her mother said, coming over and leaning down to kiss her daughter on the head.

"Hey, mama," she said, smiling up at her.

"And this is little Savannah…" she trailed off. "What's her middle name?"

"Well," Leonard said, "Amy wants it to be Amy, Bernadette wants it to be her name, but she'll settle for the middle name if we'd rather use that, my mom wants it to be her name, Sheldon's mom wants it to be her name, Howard's mother wants hers, Gilda probably wants it to be 'board', and Mrs. Koothrapali wants us to use her name. So we've narrowed it down to…seven."

"I'm no math whiz," Wyatt said, walking over to them, "but…"

"We don't know how to spell Raj's mom's name," Penny said, "so that's out. And 'board' could not be more out, but I assume Mom wants her to be named after her, so we're back to seven."

"I don't care what her middle name is," Penny's mom said. "I just want to hold her."

"Here," Penny said, smiling as she passed her and Leonard's daughter off to her mother. The Nebraskan curled her arms around the newborn and smiled. "She's beautiful, you two." She nodded, biting her lip as her eyes welled up. "Good…good job."

Leonard sank down on the bed next to Penny and put an arm around her. Penny rested her head on his shoulder. "Thanks," he said happily.

"All right," Wyatt said, wiping his eyes. "Give her to me."

"But I just got her," his wife protested.

"Exactly. I haven't had a turn."

"Oh, fine." She turned and handed Savannah to Wyatt, who swallowed hard and looked down at his granddaughter. "Hello, young'un," he said, smiling. "I'm so happy you aren't going to grow up in a house with wheels." He blinked rapidly to stop the tears.

"Hey," Leonard said, looking up at them. "Hey, Wyatt."

Penny's dad looked over at his wife, and then to his daughter and soon – to – be son – in – law. "Yes, Leonard?"

"Guess what?"


Leonard squeezed Penny's arm and then pointed with his free hand to the little baby in her grandfather's arms. "I loved her first."

Hope you all enjoyed it! I tried to have at least some growth in all the characters while still telling the story I wanted to tell with Leonard and Penny. I wanted to give life to Gilda, a character who died along with the original pilot, and I wanted to write a babyfic that was in different circumstances than my first babyfic that I wrote in 2009.

And now that it's over, I go back to what I said in the first chapter, with "At the end of the fic, I'm going to ask a question about it. It's not going to be something you can just go look up. The first person to give me the right answer gets a prize. :D" So here it is. In this fic, a character that appeared in a chapter of this fic (or multiple ones) is a character from another show that I watch(ed). If anyone can tell me who the character is (and all details I gave about the character, description, etc, in this fic are true to the show, at least at the point it ended or the point we're at now if it's a show that's still on) I will write a (at least 5K) fic about the character/pairing of your choice in the fandom of your choice – of the fandoms I've written for so far. I know it's a hard question – it's meant to be! :)

And as always, I appreciate every single review I get. I hope you all enjoyed The Parental Ambition.