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The blue-eyed ninja stared at Tsunade, who had mentioned getting rid of the Akatsuki once and for all. He could not believe his ears, for all he knew she could be tricking them. Finally the pinkette of the group spoke up. "Lady Tsunade, what are you talking about?"

Tsunade stared surprised they did not understand. "We have found a way to rid us of the Akatsuki." More staring, Tsunade finally had enough. "WE HAVE AN EXPERIMENTAL JUTSU THAT SHOULD RID US OF THE AKATSUKI!"

At the sudden yelling the teams jumped back, Naruto grinned insanley. "Really! That is great!" Everyone stared at him. He looked around confused. "Uh, what?"

Hatake, Kakashi, the copy cat ninja of the leaf sighed. "It is experimental," Naruto still looked confused. "As in it may work, but then it may not."

Uzumaki, Naruto slowly nodded as Nara, Shikamaru turned towards the hokage. "So we may have a chance of getting rid of them." After she nodded he added. "But also a chance of it not working and having to fight them. With that there would be a high chance that some of us would die."

As this fact sunk into everyones mind a silence filled the room. Naruto seemed to be the only one to be able to break it. "Well what are we waiting for teach us the jutsu and lets go!"

Tsunade couldn't help, but smile. He was always full of energy even when it could mean death. So she did teach them the jutsu which only took a few minutes. All of them were such quick learners.

Kakashi and Might, Gai stared at the group of Akatsuki members they were suppose to use the justu on. Uchiha, Itachi, and Hoshigaki, Kisame. Nodding at one another they found it to be the perfect time. Jumping out from their hiding spots they faced these to members. Neither seemed surprised, they had sensed their charka a while ago. Though Kisame glared at Gai, who raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you glaring at me?" He asked calmly as though speaking to a comrade.

Kisame glared in said in his usual deep voice. "You kicked me."

Gai simply looked surprised. "I do not remember that."

Before Kisame could reply though Kakashi yelled it was time, and both made hands signs. There was smoke a puff sound and both Akatsuki members were gone.

Sakura and Naruto stared at Deidara, and Akasuna no Sasori. Deidara wasmolding some of his clay into another one of his materpeices while fighting with Sasori over what true out was. They didn't even glance at the two young shinobi. Finally both ninja seemed to be fed up with this. If neither were going to look at them they might as well cast the jutsu which they did. Once both ninja were gone they left to find Kakashi and Gai.

Inuzaka, Kiba, and Aburame, Shino stared Hidan, and Kakuzu. Hidan was ranting about some one named Jashin, God knows why, and Kakuzu was threating to sew his lips shut. The younger ninja never really thought this is what they would be going againest. Sighing both quickly made the hand signs and left to find their sensi.

Sarutobi, Asuma, and Yuhi, Kurenai glared back at Pein, and Konan. None of them seemed surprised of the other. Before either Akatsuki member could make a move, the ninja from Kohana made the hand signs and both Akatsuki members were gone.

Hyuga Neji, and Hyuga, Hinata stared at the half plant man, Zetsu, and then at Tobi. This was very strange for both of them. Not knowing what else to do they made their hand signs and prayed that the members would be gone when they opened them. Once they saw they were gone, both nodded and went to find their sensies.

The akatsuki stood in the kenal, as dogs. This was not a fun thing to them. For what reason were they dogs, and in such a strange world none the less. They had seen many people come in though at one glance at them they screamed and ran away. Soon it was getting late and a family of six walked in. There was a little boy, three teenage girls, and their parents. As the walked around, the teen with jet black hair caught sight of the Akatsuki and nudged her sister who had brown hair. Both walked over grins spreading across their faces.

"My, T-chan what do you suppose this is?" The one who noticed them first asked.

"Why, M-chan I think they are the cutest things ever!" The sister replied staring intently at them.

The other sister came by and rolled her eyes. "You two are freaks!"

The black haired girl glared. "Hn"

The dogs all stared in shock. Did that girl just use the signature 'hn' of Uchihas? Tobi voiced the question for all of them. "Did she just use Itachi's word?"

Everyone nodded, and stared at her. The older girl was glaring back now. Finally the younger on pipped up. "Stop being bakas! We are getting these dogs!" With that she pointed at the Akatsuki. Their parents glanced at one another and sighed in defeat. With those two it was get it or we will do it ourselves. So they filled out the paper work and got the dogs in their mini van. (A/N: Fuck yea for mini vans!)

None of the Akatsuki found this fun at all. In the cages they began to slid and could hardly use their charka to hold them in place. Once they got to the two story house of these people they kinda just stared in awe. How could these people live in such a nice house. Once they were inside and let out they looked around. The parents then begain yelling at the burnette and black haired teens to take the dogs into their bed rooms. They split them into two.

'T-chan' took Tobi, Kisame, Itachi, Hidan, and Kakuzu. 'M-chan' took Deidara, Sasori, Pein, Konan, and Zetsu. As soon as the older girl took them to her room they just stood by her door. it was nothing shocking, just Japanese writing on the purple walls. Several band posters, and a bed with a black bed spread. The other group were shocked though when they walked into the younger girl's room. Her room had blue walls filled with poster of the Akatsuki from Naruto. Plusihes of each Akatsuki member, and a bed with a plain blue bed spread.

Hidan stared in shock and uttered the words everyone was thinking. "What the fuck? Is this bitch stalking us?"

Kisame answered. "If she is then we should ran and hide"

After five minutes Pein's group learned the black haired teen's name was Maranda, she was sixteen, and was pretty laid back. Itachi's group learned the burnette's name was Topanga, she was fifteen, and seemed to always have energy. Finally Maranda looked down at the group of dogs who were just staring at her.

"Well, I guess you all need names." The dogs looked ready to kill the girl. "Ugh, I may artisticly inclined, but not with names." Pointing at Sasori. "You are now known as, um, well Bob." Pointing at Deidara she grinned. "Blonde." Pointing at Pein. "Scene" Pointing at Konan. "Flower" and then Zetsu. "Twin!"

Deidara twitched. "BLONDE! ?"

Zetsu cat-smirked "I think. It fits you."

As soon as the dogs started fighting Maranda threw a shoe at them and glared at her computer screen, muttering about dumb dogs. Putting in her earbuds she stared listening to her favorite song. She started singing even though she didn't mean to. "Scene girl, back it up. Put your booty in the air and shake your butt."

THe akatsuki sat listened to her singing and Deidara founded this so funny.

Topanga sat on her floor petting Itachi while thinking of something, finally she spoke. She pointed to Itachi. "Nick." She pointed to Tobi. "Lollipop' Pointing to Hidan she smirked. "Phsyco." Then Kisame. "Fishy" Finally Kakuzu. "Stitch."

After that she went to her bookshelf and started to read a Naruto manga, lucky for her it was the first one.

The Akatsuki had been here for a week now, and the girls parents and two siblings were leaving on a buisness trip. The two sisters waited until after they left then both came in the house grinning like crazy. Maranda pulled out her Iphone and Topanga went to the kitchen. Maranda turned a song on then grabbed the house phone. Of course the song was her favorite. After dailing a number she smirked.

"Yo, come over!" She waited for a reply. "Mum and dad aren't here." Pause. "Yea, call Shawny, I'll call Missy!" After that she hung up and called another one of her friends. "Yo," THere was a pause. "Love ya too, bitch. Just come over!"

After that she started setting up the T. V so they could watch movies. About ten minutes later, her friends were here and grinning. Jasmin had her dark brown hair tucked away behind her ear. Shanwy had her black hair with red streaks straightened. Missy had straight blonde hair with black tips. Thy looked at the dogs and grinned devishly. Sure they wanted to relax, watch movies, but first they walked into the kitchen before coming back with a pot.

"Missy, do the honors!" Topanga shouted clapping her hands excitedly.

Missy obeyed and threw the water from the pot on the dogs. Five seconds later there was puff sound and smoke filled the room. When it cleared it revealed a very real, and very naked Akatsuki. Now even if it wasn't ovbious for Jasmin, Shanwy, Maranda, and Missy, they all watched Naruto and the moment they saw naked akatsuki they screamed.

"My virgin eyes~!" Maranda screamed diving for the couch.

"I-I feel mind raped" Topanga screamed turning a fleeing to the kitchen.

Shanwy ran out to the backyard screaming. "This is so damn insane."

Jasmin turned around screaming. "My eye will never stop twitching!"

Missy fell on the floor covering her eyes screaming, "The mental images are forever burned into my brain!"

Konan screamed and ran for Maranda's room knowing it was safe there. For she was also naked, and the guys were too. She would be scarred for life, which was bad because she worked with them. The akatsuki quickly found towels, and Pein told Konan to come out. She did, but was blushing ever so slightly. The girls had been forced onto the couch and just sat there twitching, the mental images burning in their minds. Topanga saw Konan avoiding eye contact with the guys. She also noticed she had dressed in some of Maranda's clothing.

"I don't blame ya" Topanga muttered, then turned to Maranda. "Where the hell is the draino"

Maranda had calmed down and shrugged. "I would love to use it if you find it."

Their friends on the other hand were sitting there twitching, muttering, and well they seemed completely scarred. Topanga tried to help by piping in. "We have seen worse at Disney World" Though they only screamed the mental images. "Opps"

Maranda looked over a Pein. "Gomen, for our reactions, but as virgins we are not use to that. Also, when anime characters randomly appear you tend to scream, and freak out like a murder is fucking killing you."

Pein nodded. "Do you have any clothing for us?"

Maranda sat looking at her hands, before 'hn-ing'. Itachi blinked, after the week they had been here they learned that they were from an anime called Naruto, though they didn't know much about it. Though in this world they were only fictional characters. Finally she relized they were staring at her. "In my father's room." With the time they were here they already learned the rooms, and quickly went to the room.

Once they came back the girls were eating some popcorn and talking. Konan was eating some, but not really talking, more like listening to understand these girls. Deidara was then surprised to hear Jasmin say to Maranda. "You are a true idiot. Art is eternal."

Maranda's eye twitched. "No. Art is fleeting. For if art was eternal then," She stopped stared at the akatsuki for a quick second. "peoples wouldn't have died."

"Hai, but that has nothing to do with art."


"What are you Hidan?" Topanga asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hidan raised his head, and looked at Maranda who twitched. "Hell to the no! I am closer to Deidara!"

Pein would not tolorate this annoience any longer. "Silence or you all will die."

The girls meeped and looked down at their hands, death was not something they wanted. Though Missy was only hiding a blush, which caused Shawny to nodge her and wriggle her eyebrows. Missy almost died of embressment. Then they were interigated. Though whenever they asked a question the girls made comments.

Sasori narrowed his eyes at Maranda. "What makes you think you are so tough?"

Maranda pretended to ponder on this, then smirked. "Because a blonde fur ball isn't my bitch."

Topanga screamed in horror. "Don't get us killed!"

Ignoring her sister she narrowed her eyes. "Besides I am not afraid of anything."

Missy quickly piped in. "Bullshit! You are horrified o" Maranda slapped her hand over her friends mouth.

"hehe No need for that Missy-san" She said, then muttered. "Shut up now and my Pein plushie is all yours."

Missy almost squealed with delight, at the fact of having a plusie. Now everyone stared at her like she had lost her mind. Pein stared to ask question and the girls answered with hardly any trouble. Then he asked how much they knew on them and the girls froze. Looking around, messing with the hems of their shirts, and humming they tried to answer several times. None of them seemed able to get anywords out of their mouths. Pein asked again, but with an edge is his tune. Shawny took a deep breath.

"We don't know alot about you only your names, ablities, and where you came from."

After saying that the akatsuki seemed to decuiss this and heard Maranda mutter. "If that's not alot then my Chucky doll is Sasori's son."

Hidan, Deidara, and Kisame all looked at the girl, and raaised eyebrows. Sasori was glaring at her. Tobi popped up, and asked. "Who is Chucky?"

Missy replied calmly. "A doll from a horror movie. And if you have been in her room you would have seen it."

They all shook their heads, then Jasmin looked at Maranda with a raised eyebrow. Maranda grinned and said. "I think he is in the attic, because I had a fight with sissy-chan!"

Her friends and sister fell over anime style, and glared at her from the floor. Why the hell would she just leave it in there? Topanga then glard at her, and grumbled about crazy sisters. Shanwy sighed and asked "Why?"

The grin fell from the teens face. "Uh, well you see, I can't find him."

The girls who just stood up fell again anime style. The Akatsuki stood back watching. Maranda glanced up, and gave a small smile. Topanga stood up, and narrowed her eyes at her sister. "YOU ARE FREAKEN INSANE! WHO LOSES A KILLER DOLL! ?" The Akatsuki then raised eyebrows at this statement. Topanga noticed this and felt a blush spread across her face, she then started stuttering excuses.

Tobi walked over and patted her head. "It's okay Tobi still loves Topanga-chan!"

Topanga either passed out from shock and annoince or fainted, it was hard to tell. Tobi screamed and started apoligizing. While Maranda and others, fell on the floor dying of laughter. Finally Shawny sat up, and nodged Topanga with her foot. "Come on T don't die. I have dango." As soon as the words left her mouth she screamed because Topanga shot up and screamed really. Rolling her eyes Shawny looked at Maranda. "What are you going to feed usd, and um, them." All five girls stood up and looked at the Akatsuki.

Missy asked. "So what do you like to eat?"

Itachi answered. "We are sure the food we eat in our world is not avilable here."

Maranda thought for a second stroking her imaginary beard. "Well, I could order five large pizzas. Cause I am hungery, and it is easy, well easier!"

She looked at her friends who nodded in agreement. Pizza it was. Maranda took the phone and dailed Pizza Hut. After ordering the pizzas they decided to ask how the akatsuki got here. Pein told them about the ambush, and Topanga fell on the floor laughing. When question she answered shinobi suck at fighting, never let your enemy cast a jutsu. Though she was question how she knew that because her and her friends lived in a world of no shinobi. She then replied, I watch as hell of alot of naruto!

Once the pizza came they ate in silence, it was akward for the girls. Though they hoped it would become better with time. They all wondered though when would they go back to their own world.

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