Secret Admirer

The car pulled up outside Greg's flat and disappeared as soon as he stepped out. It was snowing and Greg spent a minute gazing up at the sky, grinning and just thinking about the weirdness that had been his day. He hugged his arms close against the cold and raced up the stairs when he started shivering.

His heart was thumping painfully fast as he stuck the key into his door... only to find the door open already.

Swallowing, Greg stepped into his flat.

He was assaulted by the nicest thing he had smelled in months. On his kitchen table were two plates. There were thick, juicy steaks, cooked vegetables, mash potato, gravy, bread rolls, and salad. Two glasses of wine sat on either side of the plates along with napkins, forks and sharp steak knives.

Greg shed his coat and jacket, untucking and unbuttoning his shirt as he approached. He managed to kick his shoes off and leaned over to sniff the food.

'I trust you have had an interesting day.'

Greg turned at the sound of the voice, smirking as he did. Mycroft Holmes was leaning against the front door, arms folded over his expensive silk shirt. Lestrade noted that his coat, jacket, waistcoat and tie were all folded on his couch. The man was, much to Greg's astonishment, wearing red-and-green striped socks.

'Mycroft,' Greg said, feeling his stomach twist. It always did when he was around the elder Holmes. 'How are you?'

'Quite alright,' the politician answered, not moving from against the door.

'My day's been... interesting, yeah,' Greg said and smiled.

Mycroft smiled back. 'Really? How so?'

'Well, I got all these weird notes,' Greg said, taking one of the glasses and sipping the wine.

'Oh?' Mycroft murmured, eyes widening like he was surprised by the news.

'Yeah,' Greg nodded. 'First this criminal I was chasing was delivered to me by a strange woman in a car.'

'You know women,' Mycroft said. 'They're full of secrets.'

Greg snorted. 'Then there was a box of chocolates left on my desk. Expensive ones.'

'Expensive ones are the best.'

The DI took another sip of wine. 'Then there were raspberries left on my car, roasted peanuts in my office, and a note that said I was welcome.'

'Really? How odd.'

Greg shook his head. 'We got a new coffee machine from places unknown... fantastic coffee.' Mycroft looked smug at that. 'I got some delicious food delivered, again by an unknown source. Then someone played all my favourite records to the whole Yard, someone did my paperwork, we had a weird blackout, someone decorated my office, apologised for all the mystery, and then gave me a lift home.'

Mycroft raised a well-manicured eyebrow, arms still folded. 'And you believe that the same person is responsible for all this?'

'I kept the notes,' Greg said and fished the notes from his pocket. When he had them he looked up to see that Mycroft was standing right in front of him. 'Erm...'

'Gregory,' Mycroft said softly, slowly, eyes roaming over the DI's chest.


'Did you like the gifts?'

'So they were from you?'

'I refuse to confirm or deny that until you tell me if you liked them.'

Greg smiled. 'I liked them.'

'Really? How marvellous.'

'They were annoying at first but now... well, it was all very romantic.'

Mycroft's eyes slid to lock onto Greg's, a smile pulling at his lips. God, he had such soft looking lips. Greg had lost count of the amount of times he imagined kissing Mycroft's lips.


'Yeah?' he mumbled.

'Do you realise what the notes meant?'

Greg frowned. 'Huh?'

Mycroft smiled and stepped back. Greg frowned; he wanted Mycroft as close as possible. The politician smiled, as though he knew exactly what Greg was thinking (he probably did).

'Gregory, lay all the notes on the table in order,' he said and moved the plates and wine aside, 'one below the other.'

Raising an eyebrow, Greg did as asked, placing the notes on the wood.

'Add this one,' Mycroft said, handing Greg one last, final note.

It had two simple words that sent Greg's heart fluttering. He also realised he'd missed the obvious clue that they were all written in Mycroft's handwriting.

Secret admirer.

Smiling, Greg added the final note.

'The first letter of the first word is in bold,' Mycroft murmured, sliding up closer behind Greg. His warm front pressed into the DI's back, his cologne washing over Greg and making him gulp. 'Look closely at the first letter of every note,' he whispered into Greg's ear.

Greg managed a nod and looked down at his table, at the notes;

Murderers are easy to catch.

Everybody likes chocolate.

Raspberries are your favourite.

Roasted peanuts are a lovely snack.

You're welcome.

Coffee just for you.

Hamburgers are proper food, Detective.


I hate paperwork too.

System crash.

Tasteful decorations.

My apologies for the mystery.

A relaxing ride.

Secret admirer.

Greg focused on the first letter of every note, like Mycroft had said, and found himself giggling. The notes spelled out 'Merry Christmas.'

Warm hands slid around his waist and Greg turned.

'Merry Christmas, Gregory.'

Greg smiled. 'Is this your way of wooing me?'

Mycroft chuckled. 'Wooing, Gregory, really?' He paused, lips tugged up in a smile as he ran his eyes along Greg's face. 'Perhaps,' he finally admitted. 'Has it worked?'

Rather than answer, Greg did something he'd wanted to do for months; he placed a soft kiss on Mycroft's lips. The government official hummed and when Lestrade pulled back he was grinning.

'Yes, I suppose it did,' Greg said. 'But next time just ask me out.'

Mycroft smiled wickedly. 'Where would be the fun in that?' Greg kissed him again, lips and tongues pressing together softly. They finally had to break away for air and Mycroft chuckled.

'What?' Lestrade asked.

'You should see what I have planned for New Year's.'

Greg looked up at him and couldn't help but laugh. Mycroft smiled.

'Merry Christmas, Gregory.'

'Merry Christmas, Mycroft.'


¹ Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

² This Is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance

Author's Note: Christmas is officially over in Sydney but I'm sure it's still going for some of you. This is just my own little Christmas fic. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I really do love some Mystrade.

I apologise for any mistakes. It was written at 2am on Boxing Day.

Merry Christmas and cheers.

I live to entertain.

And, most importantly,