Well here it is Ladies and Gentlemen. After a great deal of demand, here is my Bleach/Justice League Crossover! This is only a prologue, to explain how Ichigo gets to the JL World, so there are no JL members in it. I am posting this Christmas Day, so I apologize if there are any errors. So, without further ado, here is the first chapter of Guardian of the League...

-The Guardian-

Somehow or another, it always came back to Aizen. Seriously, the guy had his fingers in more pies then should be possible without someone noticing. Either their were more people backing Aizen then anyone thought, or Soul Society was the single most corrupt and incompetent organization in all of space-time.

Don't ask me how the bastard escaped his imprisonment, I don't know. Hat n' Clogs tried to explain it to me, but I was a little preoccupied with all of reality ending.

Turns out the Spirit King is kind of a pushover. Never expected anyone to be powerful enough (or insane enough) to kick down his front door and murder him. But as it turns out, there was a reason no one had ever tried this before. When you kill the ruler of all of the afterlife, the literal 'yang' of all existence, reality goes right down the crapper. It was through the Spirit King that the cycle of Rebirth flowed. With him gone, it stopped, then vanished. Billions of lives were snuffed out in an instant, never to be seen again.

From there, time and space began to unravel at the seams. Past, present, and future seemed to be happening simultaneously! I saw Muramasa and Jin Kariya locked in combat on a slab of earth that was floating through space. I saw the Vizards and Espada shift back and forth between their human and hollow forms at random, a process which appeared to be very painful. I myself had briefly reassumed the body of my eight year old self, before rapidly aging, stopping at each 'upgrade' my soul had gotten in its entire life, before eventually reaching its proper status.

Aizen tried to undo the damage, but it was clear he wasn't up to the task. He'd absorbed the power, but he had none of the control necessary to use it effectively. And the fact that after so much planning (apparently literally centuries worth), and sacrifice, he would die having not fulfilled his ambition drove him mad.

There wasn't much the Gotei 13 could do about it either. Aizen had apparently fused with his Zanpakto (which the bastard had dropped into his lap when time and space went pear shaped), which made looking at him difficult without falling pray to one of his illusions. Old man Yama, Shunsui, and Ukitake had been taken out first, destroyed in a flash of light.

Toshiro and Soifon had been crushed by his spiritual pressure, their bodies reduced to atoms. Mayuri, the coward, tried to flee (though where he thought he could go with all of existence ending was anybodies guess), but he'd been mobbed by the Espada and Xcution, who had fallen under Aizen's control.

Kenpachi, god bless him, had nearly succeeded in inuring Aizen, but at the last minute, Aizen focused his defense, and Kenpachi's blade shattered against his skin. Aizen had then proceeded to beat him to a pulp. Byakuya had tried to help, but sadly, the Vizards (now hollow-fied) stopped him.

I had spent most of the battle desperately trying to both kill Aizen and keep my friends safe and alive. I found this task to be impossible. Especially as more and more of my allies either vanished into nothing or turned against us. I was quickly finding myself overrun. My strength, my speed, my power, simply weren't going to be enough to overcome everyone. I had to end this quickly before…

And then it happened. A cry split the air and my soul like a knife. Turning, my eyes widened in horror as my friends; my wonderful, glorious, faithful friends, dropped to the ground, dead as stone. In a flash, the nothingness consumed their forms.

My restraint broke… and for once me and my Hollow were in total agreement. Death was going to take everyone here, one way, or another.

I throw myself at Aizen, my fury keeping me more focused then I've ever been in my my life. Yet despite my best efforts, he keeps up with me easily. We match each other blow for blow, our respective healing factors making any wound disappear moments after they are dealt.

With our near limitless energy, we could have possibly fought until the end of time.

But Aizen never fights fair. With my focus only on Aizen before me, I miss the enemies who flank me. In a flash I am dog piled by the Vizards and Xcution. I try to throw them off, but they slow me down for Aizen to hit me with numerous powerful blows.

But before any fatal blows are struck, my attackers are blown away by a blast of Crimson energy. Turning my head, what's left of my human consciousness takes in the sight of Hat N' Clogs, sword outstretched, crouching over the broken body of Yoruichi.

"So Kisuke, you are still alive… I am surprised." Aizen said, smug smile never leaving his face. The world around us shook as the nothing closed in, threatening to kill us all… though it would likely do that anyway.

Aizen sighed "And I had hoped to remake this world… I suppose this means I will have to find a new world and start over." he said, making Kisuke's eyes widen. When he had been the head of the 12th division, he had briefly theorized the possibility of parallel worlds, but had dismissed it. Not because it wasn't plausible, but because their was no known way to break the barriers that separated the worlds. Apparently, Aizen now had that kind of power.

Like an Espada tearing open a Garganta, Aizen tore open the fabric of time and space. But unlike a Garganta, the inside of the portal was not Black, but a blinding white.

Kisuke struggled to his feet "Ichigo… I'll take care of Aizen… " he said.

"What… about… you?" Ichigo asked, struggling not to lose himself again.

"Assuming Aizen's not bluffing, that portal's the only way you're going to make out of this fight alive." he said. Then, raising his sword, he uttered the one word Ichigo would have never expected "Bankai"

The explosion of power knocked everyone back, Aizen included This was good for me, as it put me closer to the portal then Aizen. This way, I could make sure he didn't use it before I killed him. I know Kisuke said to use it myself, but what was the point? All of my friends were dead, my family was dead, and my entire world was gone! What was the point in escaping to a new world? I had only ever strived to get stronger for the purpose of protecting those close to me, and now all those people were gone. I was perfectly fine with dying… so long as I took Aizen out with me.

'You may be fine with it, but we sure as shit aren't!' an obnoxious voice rang in the back of his head, just before his body froze. No! But how! His Inner Hollow wasn't suppose to be able to talk to him anymore!

'Forgive me Ichigo, but I cannot allow you to throw your life away' The voice of Zangetsu chimed in, just as Ichigo felt his body go slack for an instant. The next, he felt like he was trapped, as his body began to move without him willing it too!

"What are you doing?" He growled, desperately trying to regain control. His body was making a mad dash for the Portal, away from the bastard he wanted so badly to kill.

'Saving your life' Zangetsu responded

'And to a greater extent; our own.' The Hollow added, though there was no mirth in his tone.

Ichigo found his struggling useless, but a part of him had known it would be. When two of the three worked together, it was easy to suppress the third. He and Zangetsu had been doing to the Hollow for a long time. But now, the two aspects of his inner-world were working in tandem against him.

'We are not against you Ichigo!' Zangestu said, having heard Ichigo's thoughts and feeling somewhat offended. They were almost at the portal now, and they easily backhanded Aaroniero when he tried to get in their way.

"But Aizen is the other way! I have to avenge my friends! This isn't what I want!" Ichigo roared in anger and despair.

'No it isn't Kingy, but it's what you need.' the hollow said, using Ichigo's arm to fling a massive Getsuga Tenshou which cleared the path of Vizards. The few stranglers were blown away by Kisuke and Aizen's battle as the two flew past (well, it was more like Aizen was trying to get to the portal, and Kisuke wasn't going to let him).

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo asked, they were now yards from the Portal.

'You are, and will always be, a protector. You NEED to protect people. That is why you are so angry that your friends are gone… you feel you have failed to protect them.' Zangetsu said "But Ichigo THINK, your friends would never want you to throw away your life like were planning! What would Orihime, Chad, or Uryu say if they saw you do what was tantamount to giving up?'

'I wonder what your little sisters would say, seeing their big brother chose to sacrifice himself, when he could have lived, and kept on protecting'

"You leave my friends and family out of this!" Ichigo was now at the Portal, all he had to do was jump inside.

'We only want what is best for you, Ichigo. And so would they. They would not resent you for using this portal to make a new life for yourself in another world. Just think Ichigo, a whole new world is a new world of possibilities.' Zangetsu pleaded, hoping Ichigo wouldn't do something foolish (which was a big gambit).

Ichigo sighed, not sure what to do. While he would love to stay and fight Aizen to the death, is that what the others would want for him? To die when he didn't have to?

He looked into the swirling vortex and made his choice. It would be hard, but he would chose life. For his friends.

-The Guardian-

Aizen and Kisuke watched as Ichigo hurled himself into the Portal, which closed with a snap, sealing the exit. Kisuke heaved a sigh, he had done all he could to give Ichigo that chance. He had worried for a minute that the impulsive kid wasn't gonna go for it. But in the end, he had made the smart choice. Personally, he had little to no energy left to fight Aizen, and would likely be killed in the next blow or too, but it was worth it. Now he could die happy, knowing Aizen was going to…

Why was Aizen smiling like that?

"Well, I bet you think you've really won this haven't you Kisuke?" Aizen said, just as strong, familiar arms wrapped around Kisuke and held him in place. Kisuke looked over his shoulder and saw, to his shock "Yoruichi?" he gasped.

"That was very naughty thing for you to do Kisuke" Aizen continued, as though his old time foe hadn't said anything. "That portal took a lot of energy to open, especially when I'm channeling so much of my power into keeping reality from collapsing on us, amongst other things. It'll take me quite some time to build up that much power again." with a wave of his hand, Aizen created a thrown for himself to sit upon. Looks like he had grasped some control over his powers…

"Ah well… I guess I'll let Ichigo scout it out for me. After all he's been through, it'll be like a nice vacation for him." he chuckled at the thought "Oh course… I suppose that'll make the surprise of seeing us all alive all the greater."

"You might as well kill me Aizen, I have no intention of serving you!" Kisuke didn't care if he was reduced to nothingness, he wouldn't fight against Ichigo. But then… what about Yoruichi? Was this just a powerful illusion of Aizen's that was holding him?

Aizen chuckled softly "You lesser beings are all the same" he said, quite firm in his belief that he was above them all. "You all believe there is such a thing as 'choice'" he waved his hand, and Kisuke watched something horrible unfold.

Like a curtain falling, the nothingness around them fell away, revealing a terrible sight: A large structure floated below them, its design a mesh of Las Noches and The Soul Society. The nothingness which had encroached on them this whole time, while still prevalent, was much farther away then it had been. And surrounding Aizen, Kisuke, and Yoruichi, was the entirety of the Gotei 13, the Vizards, the Espada, the Bount, the Zanpakuto spirits, Xcution, and saddest of all: Ichigo's friends. All stared down at Kisuke with milky eyes, clearly under the sway of Aizen.

"How?" it was the only question worth asking.

Aizen stood, and walked towards him. He tried to struggle, but he was too weak from his battle "Does it really matter?" Aizen asked, placing his hand on Kisuke's head "You wouldn't remember the answer" Kisuke felt a tremendous pressure on his brain, and white started to creep in on the edges of his vision "Let's just say, having absorbed the power of the Spirit King does have some perks." and that was the last thing Kisuke Urahara heard as a free man.

Aizen released him and stepped back. Yoruichi released him, and Kisuke slumped forward, before standing under his own power; his eyes just as glassy as everyone else there. Aizen sighed, it wasn't perfect, and they certainly weren't conversationalists, but it would do.

He hadn't been kidding when he'd said it would take awhile to reopen the portal. If he tried to attempt it now, the consequences would be disastrous. He would simply have to make himself comfortable here until then. Who knows, maybe he could get the universe back in working order and he wouldn't even need it.

Ichigo Kurosaki had better hope that was the case. That boy had been a thorn in his side for far to long. And should the too of them ever meet again, he would be certain to show him that displeasure.

-The Guardian-

Ichigo couldn't tell if he'd been falling for seconds or centuries. His entire body was on fire, and he felt crushed so badly he could barely breath. He was starting to regret jumping into the portal, as death couldn't possibly be this bad.

And then it was over.

He hit the ground with a thud, the feel of cool grass under his skin and the chill night breeze rustling his orange hair. Ichigo rolled over, and looked up to see a full moon. The stars were so bright here… wherever here was. He really should try and figure out where he was, so he could get his bearings…

And yet the stress of inter-dimensional travel, combined with the emotional stress of the veritable Hell he'd just been through, convinced him to stay where he was. At least for the night.

And so, with a heavy heart, Ichigo Kurosaki fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

End of Prologue.

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