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Guardian of the League: Chapter 4: Ichigo and the Martian Invasion Part 3


Ichigo and the Justice League Kick Martian Ass!

Ichigo sped over the ground with ease as he kept pace with his two companions. They were headed where J'ohn had said there would be a large congregation of the White Martians. They would be guarding a device that would allow them to block the rays of the sun, allowing them to conquer and ravage without fear of its rays.

Superman and Hawkgirl had gone off to take care of one, while Batman, J'onzz, and Diana went after another. Flash was disappointed he wouldn't get to go with the amazonian, but it was decided it would be better for the mission if he wasn't so distracted. As such, he had to go with Ichigo and Lantern.

As they had flown towards their destination, Ichigo let Zangetsu dissipate into energy, his Bankai Form bleeding back into his normal Shikai robes. Noticing Lantern's raised eyebrow he gave a grunt and a shrug "Conserving energy" he said shortly, not feeling the need to elaborate, nor wanting to explain the rules of exactly how his power worked.

"So what's up with the weird devil mask?" Flash asked, apparently not able to stand the silence. "A bit much isn't it?"

Ichigo snorted "At least I'm not wearing bright red spandex." he replied. He had no control over how the mask looked when it manifested, it just appeared that way. So what were these guys' excuse?

Flash just gave a grin "Hey, chicks dig the suit. And the guns." he said proudly flexing his arm. Ichigo rolled his eyes. Was this guy for real?

"Yeah, I could tell by how you handled the greek girl." he said giving the Flash a deadpan stare.

Flash gave an indignant yelp "HEY! Give it time! She just hasn't been off her island long enough to know true awesomeness when she sees it."

"If you do two would pipe down for a second you'd notice we're nearly there." Lantern said, his face still looking like it was carved from stone. Geez, Ichigo was starting to find this guy's attitude very reminiscent of a certain Captain he once knew.

However, he was right; he could see where the white aliens had gathered up ahead. He and the Flash followed Lantern to a cliffside where they could observe without being seen.

Patrolling the parameter were three of the walkers Ichigo had encountered in New York. Milling about were foot-soldiers, each armed with a gun that wouldn't look out of place in a cheesy movie. And in the center of it, was a massive misshapen structure, where J'ohn had told them they would find a machine that allowed these creatures to manipulate the sky and blot out the sun. By shutting it down, they'd decrease the enemy forces significantly.

"Alright." GL said, his marine training kicking in as he turned tot he other two. "We're gonna need a plan."

Flash snorted "What plan? We're superheroes remember?" He suddenly stood, and both Ichigo and Lantern got the feeling that the red speedster was about to do something extremely foolish "Let's just get this over with!" he exclaimed before charging towards the base at top speed.

Stopping in front of one of the walkers he shouted at the top of his lungs "Hey! Lookin' for someone! Come an get me!" And took off.

It was official, Ichigo thought; either the Flash was completely insane, or he was a total moron.

And as Ichigo watched the Flash duck and weave through a hail of laser-fire, only to trigger a strange alien mine which not only knocked him off his feet, but bound him in green ooze,he started to lean heavily towards the latter.

As the Walker prepared to gun the speedster down, Ichigo got ready to move. But as he flew down, he saw a bolt of energy race down and surround the Flash in a protective dome. The Walker fired, only to have the energy dissipate harmlessly against the bubble's surface.

Seeing that Lantern had Flash well in hand, Ichigo took that as his signal to move in on the offensive. Appearing in front of the walker, he shifted into his Fullbringer form, the blade held in front of him like a shield. The next bolt from the Walker reflected off the shield and struck it in the 'face', staggering it. While it was off balance, he charged the blade with energy until it practically hummed with power. Then, hefting the blade, he hurled it like a spear.

The blade turned projectile flew true, piercing the Walker and blowing a hole out the other side! It even managed to continue on and hit the side of the base, blowing a hole in the wall. Ichigo felt the blade fade away, only to reappear back in his hand.

He then heard the sound he was coming to associate with the Lantern's ring, and saw a large hand form to grab another Walker. Slamming it to the ground, the hand turned into a hammer, and smashed the rotten creature into paste. Turning, Ichigo just gave a nod ring-bearer, receiving on in return.

This left one walker and a bunch of pissed off soldiers guarding the weather machine. The soldiers had started firing into the air, which wasn't that much of a threat in an of itself, but given the large number of white martians, there was a veritable wall of death coming at them.

A green wall formed in front of him, taking the brunt of the damage. But Ichigo could tell from the look on Lantern's face that this much maintained fire was stressing his defense. He was about to start charging a Cero, when he suddenly felt he wind pick up. Looking down, he immediately located the source.

To be honest, he'd nearly forgotten about the Flash. But the Fastest Man Alive was back on his feet and not about to let himself get shown up. Running in a tight circle, he had formed a rather sizable tornado that he was steering towards the martians; taking care to not get shot or stuck this time.

Eventually the whirlwind got so large that Flash was able to simply disengaged himself from it without worry of it vanishing. But with no one to control it, the tornado careened through the martian troops, hurling them about hither and yon, just like he planned (hey, he didn't need to be Batman to come up with a cool plan ya know!).

With the troops in disarray, Ichigo went to take on the last Walker while Lantern started assaulting the machine. Landing atop it he quickly slashed at the top of its head, leaving a deep, yet nonlethal, wound. Then, drawing on his reishi, he grabbed each side and pulled, widening the injury. From the way the beast squirmed, he imagined this was quite painful. Lucky for it, its suffering was about to end. Charging a Cero between his horns, Ichigo fired the high powered destruction energy into the creature's brain, and felt the entire lower half of the creature just explode from the sheer force. Jumping away, Ichigo watched what was left of the beast slump to the ground.

With the Walkers dead, most of the troops taken care of, and the whole machine in utter ruin, there wasn't much left but to retrieve the 'central battery' at the heart of the device. J'ohn had given them a picture in their minds what it looked like, so with the Flash's speed finding it would be easy.

Landing on the ground, he walked over to see Lantern piling the defeated soldiers up in once place, likely to make detaining them later easier. With the sound of displaced air, Flash was standing between the two of them with a grin holding the power cell that ran the machine.

"What took you guys so long?" he asked, tossing the alien artifact from one hand to the other.

GL gave the speedster an annoyed look. "We were cleaning up. Get's kinda messy when you barrel in without a plan!" he snapped.

Flash's attitude didn't fade in the slightest "Hey, I totally did have a plan" he replied, catching the cell.

Under his mask, Ichigo raised an eyebrow "Getting stuck in mud and nearly shot is a plan?"

Flash's grin dropped as he stuttered "Uh… well, you see…" then he was back "Of course. I was luring them into a false sense of security." he said, nodding like it was the smartest thing in the world. Lantern and Ichigo just exchanged a look.

GL's face finally broke into a small grin "Alright, we're done here. Let's go meet up with the others." and with that, he took off, Flash and Ichigo right behind him.

-The Guardian-

Diana had never felt worse as she stood atop one of the giant buildings that dominated this strange world. Her first mission off the island was going terribly. They had been so close to taking the power cell from the invaders, and rendering their strange weapon useless. But they had been overwhelmed by sheer force of numbers, and had been forced to flee like cowards. Worse still, one of her new allies, the one called 'Batman' had perished in the escape. Though her warrior training allowed her to rationalize that their was little she could have done, she could not help but feel a deep sadness in her heart, despite having only known the strange man a few hours.

Worse still, J'ohn had informed her that one of the other teams, Superman and Hawkgirl, had also failed. It appeared as though their quest to protect the earth from subjugation would not end in their favor.

Below, she heard the cries of frantic people, and the wail of what J'ohn called 'Sirens' (which were not at all like the creatures she knew, but apparently something used by authorities). She was not impressed much by what she had seen. Though man had built sprawling cities, the people ran about like untamed savages.

She had said as much to J'ohn, but he had quickly admonished her (all without ever changing the tone of his voice). He pointed out that what the people below did, they did out of fear. She had wondered what she and her sisters would be doing, if it were her world that was being laid to waste… Amazons were warriors, true, but against such monsters, might they too feel afraid?

"Hey! Somebody help! There's kids trapped in here!" her eyes snapped to the call for aid's origin, and found two men desperately trying to move some debris. Though it was obvious they would not be strong enough to move it, they were trying anyway, desperate to help those that could not help themselves.

Diana realized at that moment that she had been too quick to judge this world. While it may have dark spots in it, the same was true of all places… even her own home. And perhaps, if she possessed a little more compassion…

Before she could descend to the street below to aid the two, the rocks were encompassed in a familiar green glow. Diana watched as the one called Lantern lifted the rubble away, freeing two small children. The men quickly scooped the frightened young ones up, and after thanking the hero, took off; hopefully for someplace safer.

The Lantern descended to the rooftop with J'ohn and herself, and was soon joined by the one called Flash, and the Reaper. She noticed something clutched in the dark heroes hand, and immediately recognized it for what it was.

"It would seem you, at least, were successful." J'ohn spoke, his lips twitching just slightly to form a smile.

GL frowned "I take it you didn't manage to get yours?" he asked, and Diana couldn't help but think he was judging her, and blaming her for the failure of the mission.

Flash just shrugged "Eh, no biggy, we got one at least. How did Supes and the weird bird girl do? And where's Bats? Sulking in some dark corner?" Diana felt her heart ache as she watched the grinning speedster look about for his friends.

J'ohn sighed, and Ichigo knew that something was wrong. Superman was supposed to be one of the most powerful people on the planet. He should have been one of the first ones back…

"I am afraid that they, too, have failed. Worse still, Superman and Hawkgirl have been taken prisoner." the martian explained. GL's face looked grim, while the smile melted off of Flash's. Only Ichigo was able to ask the question that he knew was in the back of all their minds…

"And where is Batman?" he asked, his tone clipped and sharp, made worse by the effects the mask had on his voice.

The silence J'ohn and Diana gave them was all they needed to know.

Flash fell to his knees, shock and sadness playing across his face "No way…" he muttered weakly. There was no way Bats could be dead. He was sure that the grouch couldn't even BE killed! And yet…

Ichigo shook his head. He hadn't even known them a day, and yet he still considered these people his comrades. And already one of them was dead. War was hell, and had a way of breaking people apart. He thought he'd gotten away from all of that when he came here, but clearly not. Still…

"What now?" he asked. He would not let Batman's death be a vain one, and besides "Superman and Hawkgirl still need us. Where are they? How do we put these freaks down for good?" he asked, his spiritual pressure barely held back at all as his grip tightened on his sword.

GL, his eyes hard, stepped forward "The kid's right. We've got the power cell you asked for, is there anything you can do with it?" he asked, his ring glowing with power.

The Martian looked at the four heroes before him, each willing to lay down their lives for the world, and for their friends. Despite how bleak things looked, he knew victory could be achieved. He nodded at the Lantern.

"Good" the marine said "Now, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do this right. We need a plan."

-The Guardian-

Explosions rocked the air as the wall to the alien base was blown from to rubble. Through the smoke they came, fire in their eyes and a battle cry on their lips. Well… Ichigo's and Diana's anyway. Flash was oddly quiet this time around.

The plan was simple enough: He, Diana, and Flash would cause a major distraction by laying waste to as much of the fortified compound as they could, while GL and J'ohn worked to sabotage the main generator. After analyzing the power cell they'd retrieved, J'ohn was confident he understood it enough to control the machine. Hopefully, J'ohn would be able to reverse the damage done to the sky, allowing sunlight to shine down and burn away these invaders.

But there was no time to think about them, it was time to focus on the job at hand. With a wave of his sword, a Getsuga Tenshou sliced three of the white blobs in half, and the resulting explosion sent several more rocketing into the air. Those he caught with a well aimed Cero which resulted in another hole in the wall.

The others weren't doing so bad either. He'd watched the princess punch a guy so hard he'd turned into a small rain shower of white goo. And their attempts to fight back were proving fruitless, as all their laser beams merely bounced off her bracelets.

Flash wasn't doing so bad either. With nothing to trip him up, he quickly built up some impressive momentum. He zigged and zagged around the white martians, moving out of the way of their shots long before they ever had the chance to get near him. Ichigo smirked; were she still around, he was sure Yoruichi would have very much liked to race the red speedster.

A bolt of energy came so close it nearly clipped one of his horns. No time for remembering, time for fighting. He zipped in close, looking for some close quarters combat. He sliced the guns they held in half, with a second swing taking their arms. They tried to surround him, some managing to morph their arms into blades, but they weren't nearly fast enough. Soon their bodies fell in a heap of jumbled parts. Ichigo had to admit, it was oddly satisfying.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of all to human screams. Jerking his head in the direction of the noise so fast he thought his neck might break, he felt his breath die in his throat. A tentacle had buried itself in the Flash's back, and a burst of electricity had rendered him unconscious, White Martian Invaders quickly moving to overtake the body.

Ichigo made to help his speedster friend, only for a sharp pain to lance through his own back. Before he could swing his sword, a million volts seemed to dance their way through is system, make him spasm in ways the human body was not meant to bend. From the corner of his eye, what little part of him could maintain focus saw Diana was suffering a similar fate.

Sadly, his body could not take this level of agony for long, and he quickly slipped into blissful unconsciousness…

-The Guardian-

Ichigo groaned as he slowly regained consciousness, a sound echoed to his immediate left and right. His whole body felt heavy, and he soon realized he was suspended in the air, his body bound to something he could not fully see.

'What… happened?' he thought, blinking the fuzziness from his eyes.

'You got your ass knocked out, that's what happened.' he heard his inner hollow shout, amusement evident in his voice, despite their situation. 'Me and the old fart over here managed to keep your disguise up though. I wanted to tear these freaks a new one, but old man kill-joy over here wouldn't let me.'

'Yes, I did not feel that your brand heroics would make a bad situation any better. If anything, it would have gotten us all killed. I made a judgement call, and it turned out to be right didn't it?' Zangetsu replied, not even phased by his cohort's language. He did, however, take some small satisfaction in Hichigo's grumbling and barely audible agreement.

While his inner voices argued with themselves, Ichigo took the chance to survey his surroundings. He was in a large, almost amphitheater like room. It was multi-leveled, with what looked like hundreds of invaders just milling around, all armed, just waiting for something to happen.

As for him and his new teammates, they were bound to a large wall, with tentacles around every limb and throat. Some good news though was that everyone seemed to be alive, just groggy. Ichigo's chest felt a weight lift off of it when he saw that Superman and Hawkgirl were still okay.

He'd been disarmed, he briefly noted, as he couldn't see his sword anywhere in the room. That wasn't really a problem though, given that it was made of his spiritual energy and he could form it in his hand at any time.

"You shouldn't have risked your lives for us…" he heard a voice mutter weakly. Turning his head, he saw a visibly drained Supeman looking at him and the others sadly.

Before he could respond, J'ohn replied "As though you would not do the same for any of us.." he gave a weak smile.

Before anyone else could toss in their two cents, a deep chuckle echoed through the room "Well well, 'Earth's mightiest heroes' " from a raised platform, several of the invaders stood at attention as one (clearly the leader) stepped forward. Then, before their eyes, his body shifted into that of a human man. Ichigo could have sworn he recognized him from somewhere…

"Senator Carter" Superman said, glaring at the pseudo statesmen. Ah, that would explain it then, Ichigo thought. He'd never been good with putting names to faces.

The false senator, his voice now sounding perfectly human, gave a vicious smirk "Unfortunately, the real Carter never made it back from Mars." he said.

Superman seemed to visible flex against his bonds "And you used me to weaken Earth's defenses." he growled.

'Carter' grinned "You were so eager to help. Thanks to you the humans were practically helpless when we arrived."

"This isn't over" Superman promised, which only made the alien senator chuckle.

"Wrong again." he replied, as the ceiling opened and lightning seemed to crackle in the sky.

From out of the dark stormy sky a ship descended, landing behind the group of white martians. All but Carter quickly bowed before the ship. Clearly, whatever cargo it bore was important.

Carter's grin threatened to split his face, proclaiming "All hail… The Imperium!" as the leader of the invading race descended from its ship.

"Their leader is a space jellyfish?" Hichigo chuckled in the back of Ichigo's head. And it was true; floating nearly ten feet off the ground was a massive purple and black jellyfish like creature. Normally such a thing would be comical, but judging by the way J'ohn's body went rigid at the sight of it, now was not the time for jokes.

The creature… the 'Imperium' apparently recognized J'ohn as well, because it floated towards him, psychic lightning crackling across the surface of its 'skin'.

"J'ohn J'onzz… It has been a long time, hasn't it?" With a wave of one of its tentacles, the fleshy mass that held J'ohn rose up towards the abomination, depositing him in front of it. J'ohn stood tall, unwilling to give this beast any satisfaction.

That apparently didn't sit well with the invaders, as two of them quickly brought out sticks, their tips sparking and fizzing to his flesh. With a flash they electrocuted the martian, bringing him first to his knees, then causing him to collapse with his face to the floor. The pain must have been intense, because his form shifted, returning him to his natural martian state as smoke rose from his body.

Ichigo and the others tried to break free from their bonds, but their efforts proved no more successful then Superman's.

The Imperium floated right above J'ohn "Much better. You have defied us for centuries…" the creature trailed off as J'ohn forced himself to his feet.

"And I will never bow before you or any of your kind!" he shot back. Ichigo heard the words, but not with his ears. It looked like J'ohn was back to speaking telepathically.

As much was possible given its body shape, the Imperium shrugged "Then I shall personally finish what was started so long ago…" it's tentacles reached out for J'ohn "The elimination of the last martian!"

Ichigo and the others watched in horror as the tentacles slid under J'ohn's skin, something that clearly caused him great pain. Then, before their shocked eyes, it dragged him beneath the Imperium's jelly like mass.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. His hands may be tied, but he still had… yes! With an explosive spark, a Cero ignited between his horns. He fired off a beam of death right at the Imperium, but one of the Invaders threw itself in the way. The beam vaporized the monster to ash, and alerted the others to the fact that one of the prisoners was not quite as contained as he appeared. He saw them line up, rifles drawn, ready to end his life right there.

But before they had a chance, a thin line of red light sliced across their guns and bodies. A mere instant later the invaders that had been about to shoot him were on fire. Turning his head, he saw Superman give him a tired nod. He clearly hadn't had much energy, and heat vision in a weakened state had taken it out of him.

"Destroy them!" The Imperium gave a gurgling shout which sent its soldiers into a frenzy of movement as they practically tripped over themselves to fulfill its will.

Diana gave a frustrated growl. All her strength was useless if she couldn't get her arms free. Hera help her…

Suddenly, a buzzing noise got her attention, and she turned her head so see that the one called Flash was vibrating like mad. His whole body was practically a blur, when he suddenly pulled his limbs free from their restraint, phasing through them like some kind of ghost.

Turning to face her, he gave her a cocky grin, before his fists suddenly went to work on her own restraints. While he may not have been as strong as some of the other heroes, he could build up enough momentum and repetitive force to wear away at the flesh holding her. When it started to crack, Diana flexed with all her might, before with a sudden burst, she freed one arm. With it she was able to smash the rest of her limbs free.

Thanking him, she went to free Green Lantern while he went to Hawkgirl. The Guardian and Superman were holding off the invaders with blasts of energy, and were soon aided in their efforts by Lantern.

While the heroes struggled to free each other and hold back the invading forces, the Imperium was still torturing J'ohn. It could sense… something in him, but was not sure what "You are hiding something… tell me…" it demanded.

With great difficulty, J'ohn responded "Do I detect… a hint of… fear?"

The Imperium redoubled its efforts, making the martian's body spasm so hard it looked like his back might snap "Tell me!" it roared in his mind.

"NOW!" J'ohn hollered mentally, his voice echoing through the minds of all present.

At first what he meant was not readily apparent. That is, until from the shadows moved a figure. They ran quickly towards one of the many machines in the room, leaping over any obstacle, their cape flowing behind them. It was.. .it was…

"What the hell! I thought he was supposed to be dead!" Hichigo decried this sudden turn of events.

Yes, it was true! Moving with speed and precision that would have made most martial artists green with envy, Batman batted aside each obstacle, ducking and weaving around each attack, to the point where it almost looked like the invaders were trying to strike a living shadow.

"I mentally protected him…" J'ohn explained, his body shifting back into 'superhero mode' "So that he would not be detected!"

Once all deterrents were removed, he unleashed his grappling hook, pulling himself higher up in the structure. Arriving at what looked like a large red bulb in the side of the room, he quickly blew a hole in it with a handful of capsules. Then, extracting a rather familiar looking device (a power core similar to the one Ichigo, Lantern, and Flash had recovered from the other alien machine) he plunged it into the center of the red bulb. With a pulse, the bulb-node alien thingy (Ichigo didn't claim to know nearly enough about science to even fathom what it might be) began to freeze over, to the abject horror of all present invaders.

The false senator screamed "What have you done!"

Batman didn't seem at all phased by the man's change in demeanor "I've reversed the ion charge." he stated simply as the layer of frost spread through the various walls and pillars in the room.

The Imperium tried to maintain order "The Crystal! Destroy it!" The invaders opened fire, with Batman only just grappling out of the way. However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't so much as scratch the paint.

And with a great moan and groan, the machine began to fully succumb to whatever Batman had done to it. With a great bang like a rocket leaving earth, a beam of blue energy fired into the sky, impacting the clouds which blotted out the sun. The clouds parted in great dark tidal waves across the sky, dissipating the farther away they got from the beam. Soon, only clear sky remained, allowing beautiful sunlight to shine through.

And while the natives that bore witness to this were filled with gladness and hope, the Invaders did not share their sentiments. Like roaches they ducked and scrambled for cover from the hated light. Their skin smoking and bubbling like disgusting tar pits. Those that could not find shelter quick enough evaporated leaving nothing but echos of their final screams behind.

The Imperium though, it seemed, was made of slightly stronger stuff. For though it bubbled and boiled, it had not yet died. But from its depth, J'ohn burst through, the Imperium's tentacles still wrapped around him. The Imperium tried to disengage itself but the furious martian would not have it. With his superior strength, he tugged the Imperium away from the shadows it sought to hide in, and forced it to hover in the light.

"You cower in the darkness, and shun the light of day! Why? Does it burn your pale putrid skin?" J'ohn asked rhetorically as he and the Imperium staged a tug-of-war upon the platform. None of the invaders were able to help their master, either fleeing for their lives, or avoiding a similar fate as the recently freed heroes came from down below to voice their displeasure at their captors.

"Ew…" Flash commented, socking an invader in the chin "That is one nasty sunburn…"

Batman landed beside him "Ultraviolet rays" he explained to the other heroes "Coming from the depths of space the invaders have no resistance to our sun's radiation."

Superman found this amusing, as the moment the sun's rays touched him he began to grow in strength, his full power returning quickly.

Wonder Woman just nodded, not really understanding everything Batman had said, but getting the basics "So you did find their weakness after all" she commented, grabbing Batman's shoulder and pulling him out of the path of a energy blast meant for his head, reflecting it back at its sender.

Back with J'ohn, the Imperium gurgled out what may have been 'Shoot him', which signaled the few remaining invaders to focus on J'ohn in the hopes of saving their master, even as their skin boiled away.

But with their focus on J'ohn, the other heroes had a chance to move about without getting shot at; an opportunity they used to defend J'ohn. Superman displayed his impressive strength by grabbing the floor and bending it up in the path of the lasers, forming a makeshift wall. Hawkgirl, flying in from above, used her mace to smash the guns (and more often then not, arms and hands) of those unfortunate enough to be in her way.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern quickly began blowing holes in the roof, allowing more daylight to filter in, burning the invaders where they stood. Wonder Woman and Superman quickly aided him in his task, putting their powers to use tearing the building apart.

Ichigo though figured that Someone should probably help out J'ohn and not leave him to just fend for himself. As he saw the Imperium's tentacles dig their way into the martian's brain, he brought his Katana down on the jellyfish's back, scoring a deep cut in its flesh.

This proved to much for the creature, with the pain of the sunlight eating away at it, and now a giant gash in its back, it couldn't focus enough to even speak a final quip, let alone launch an attack. Collapsing to the ground, it's body quickly became a black and gooey puddle on the ground.

With their leader dead, the remaining invaders made to flee in the Imperium's ship. However, they didn't get far, with Wonder Woman tethering them with her lasso, and Hawkgirl treating the ship like her personal Piñata. Before it ever had the chance to get more then a few miles high, it was already being sent crashing to earth, crushing much of what was left of the Invader base.

As Ichigo and Batman made to move a heavily injured J'ohn to safety, he saw Superman using his heat vision to cut down what appeared to be several red cocoons. From them came several slimy and confused humans. Ichigo couldn't really tell what their purpose here was, and frankly he wasn't sure he wanted to know. God knows what sort of freaky crap the white martian invaders had put them through.

With the whole place ready to blow from all the damage done to it, Green Lantern called for them to group together. He enveloped all of them in a powerful green forcefield, and flew them all away from the facility just as it finally blew apart.

Standing atop a nearby building (the Daily Planet Ichigo thought) the heroes watched as the dark clouds dissipated, while overhead, various ships took off back into the void of space. Without their darkness to protect them, the invaders could not survive here, and would have to seek comfort in the dark of space…

-The Guardian-

Some Time Later:

Ichgio could only stare, his wide eyes visible even through his mask. He had seen a lot of strange, wonderful, and horrible things as a Soul Reaper but this… this was just…

He Was In Space!

A few weeks after the battle with the White Martians, Ichigo had assumed everything was going to go back to normal. The people of Earth were already repairing the damage the invaders had done, celebrating the heroism that had been done that day (not just by those in costumes) as well as mourning those that were lost.

Of course, there had been some pockets of resistance left, and for several days afterwards Superman had led them on various missions to secure the freedom of the planet. But recently, everything had been quieting down, and Ichigo wondered if he'd go back to his own routine in New York.

But then, quite unexpectedly, he received a psychic call from J'ohn, telling him to get in costume and get to the top of the Empire State building. Fearing another emergency, he'd been there in under a minute; only to find he was the only one there.

Then, in a flash of light, the skies of New York were replaced with slick shiny metal and multiple button panels. Where in the hell was he? He'd summoned Zangetsu, expecting some sort of attack-

"Easy there kid, put that thing away before you put someones eye out." he heard a familiar voice call out, its tone dripping with bemusement.

Turning, he saw Green Lantern, J'ohn Jonzz, and Batman standing behind a control panel. The Caped Crusader was working the apparent teleporter, while the other two stood by to catch his reaction. GL had a smirk on his lips, while even the martian was barely hiding a grin at Ichigo's sudden reaction to begin transported several hundred miles instantly.

From there, he was given a tour of what was revealed to be a massive space station, which hovered in orbit above the earth. Damn, not even the Soul Reapers had been to space!

According to Batman, the place had been funded by a place called Wayne Tech, which Ichigo briefly recalled was some big shot tech company. Though the Dark Knight's stoic face betrayed nothing, he guessed Batman knew more then he was telling, but Ichigo doubted he'd ever understand the dark hero.

Once all eight were gathered in the large conference room (which had a wide window with a stunning view of the planet below) Superman explained why he had called them there. A lot of good had been done by them, and the Earth was always in need of good heroes that could be counted on in a crisis. He suggested that by working together, they could keep the Earth much safer then they ever could separately. They'd still work on their own of course (Ichigo got the feeling he said that for Batman's benefit more then anything else), but if the world needed them, he wanted to know if he could count on them to answer the call.

Ichigo knew his answer long before Superman even finished his speech. He could use his powers to protect so many; he had an obligation. He had failed his last world, but now he had a chance to make it right. He could make new friends with these teammates, and together they would prevent this world from suffering a fate like his old one.

So he would do it. He would join, whether it was as the Reaper or the Guardian; for truth, justice, and the safety of all mankind.

And with one simple response, Ichigo Kurosaki, Substitute Soul Reaper, joined the Justice League.

End Chapter 4

-The Guardian-

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