anima legata-soul bound

A/N: This came to me and I thought I would write. I don't know how many chapters this will be.

Summary: Lucius Malfoy was extremely happy that the war was finally over, his manipulative wife was dead and the mark was fading, however his soul was not complete.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the Harry potter realm but the plot to this story.

Warning: This is Slash(Male/Male) and will be Mpreg. If you do not like please do not read. Thank you.


Lucius Malfoy was a man of high society, he came from a long line of pure-blooded wizards and was happy about that. He was however unhappy about having creature blood in his line also. Somewhere alone the line one of his family members had married a soul creature. They never even knew the true name of the creature, but knew that they would never be complete until they found their soul mate.

When Lucius was younger his father had sat him down and explained everything to him, in which he told his son, Draco. He also knew that his mate was no where to be found, or was somewhere he had yet to travel, or had not hit puberty yet when he was around them. He did the only thing he knew back then, and he married the one woman his parents approved of, Narcissa Black.

She was a manipulative bitch, but once his father had an idea in his head there was no way to get out of hit. Since he had yet found his mate by the age of seventeen he was to wed the damn woman and have an heir. The moment Draco was born he never touched the woman again, it made him feel dirty and unclean.

She was the one that had blackmailed him into becoming a Death Eater, told him everyone would know about his creature side if he did not join her lord. His family had never let anyone know about there inheritance, it would make everyone look down upon them, and the Malfoy's would not have that.

So he joined the one man he never wanted to join and quickly became a spy for Dumbledore. He was immensely happy when he found out his best friend, brother, Severus was also a spy. He knew he would never have been able to do all the things required with out having someone else there.

As the years past he had become more and more depressed. He tried to stay in his house for as long as he could and tried to stay away from other people. His soul was hurting and it felt like it was tearing him apart. Not having found his mate was killing him, slowly.

He was rather Happy when his son came home after hitting puberty and telling him that he found his mate. He was surprised to say the least that it was a Gryffindor and a Weasley at that, but you can't keep your soul from it's other half. He also knew his son could never be with his mate until the war was over or he would put his mate in danger.

Once the war was over and he saw that his son was happy with his mate, Lucius decided it was time to completely seclude himself into his home. He knew he didn't look like the once radiate man he was and he knew he would die soon. He didn't want anyone else to see how he was, and the glamor charms took a lot of his magic to keep up every day.

His son was getting married in the next couple of weeks and he decided after that one last event he would not show his face to the world again.