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Chapter 7:

Lucius awoke that morning feeling better than he had in years, to be exact in his calculations the last time would have been right before his seventeenth birthday. Opening his eyes slowly he tried to remember what would make him feel so alive again. As he began to move his arm, he felt something very warm and very solid underneath it. He ripped his arm back in a panic and his eyes opened wide. He saw Harry laying there beside him, fully clothed, with the exception of his shirt, and asleep.

Thanking Merlin that the other man was still clothed he sprang from the bed and made a hasty retreat into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror he saw that he looked a little better, nothing to drastic yet, but he could tell just one night of sleeping next to the other man had great effect to him.

He had known the minute that he found out Harry was his bonded that he should have said something, but his Malfoy pride got in the way, not wanting the other man to take pity on him. Looking down at himself he realized he was only dressed in a dressing gown and boxers. He quickly and quietly left the bathroom to find proper clothing.

As his hand landed on his wardrobe he heard Harry shifting on the bed. He tried in earnest to grab his clothes before the other man fully awoke but alas it didn't work.

"Lucius?" He heard Harry whisper, making him turn around and lock his eyes with the sleepy green ones looking at him.

"Go back to sleep Harry, I'll leave you alone." Lucius replied as he took his clothes and began to walk towards the bathroom.

"Wait, I don't want you to leave me alone. Please sit. We need to talk." Harry stated as he sat up in the bed, looking down and blushing seeing he had no shirt on.

Lucius stopped mid step and turned around to see his mate sitting on his bed, staring at him with such a appealing blush to his cheeks. It took everything within Lucius not to pounce on the other man. Shacking his head from those thoughts he gently placed his clothing onto a nearby chair and sat on the very edge of the bed. He continued to look anywhere but at Harry. He suddenly jumped when he felt a warm hand on the small of his back and turned his head a little to see Harry was now right next to him.

" I still don't understand why you didn't tell me. I though being a Malfoy you would want to preserve your life?" Harry asked as he ran a hand in gently circles on Lucius lower back, soaking in the low moans coming from the man.

"My pride got the better of me. I don't like pity and that was the last thing I wanted from you. I didn't want you to feel obliged to having to be with me." Lucius hung his head low and refused to look at Harry, remembering the kiss they shared the night before and not wanting to push anything else on the other man.

"I don't pity you. I never have and don't think I ever could. If I had known I would have had any sort of chance with you before I would have made a move. God when ever I was around you it drove me crazy, the feelings I had. I never once thought to think we were bonded, even after finding out about Draco and Ron." Harry lifted his other hand up to cup Lucius' face and bring the other mans face around to look at him.

Harry's heart almost stopped when he saw the uncertainty and fear behind the blue eyes looking at him. He slowly moved and pressed his lips to the others, just as he had the night before and loved the very feel of the velvety flesh beneath his.

Something took over in Lucius' mind and he knew it was the creature blood. His mind was screaming at him to mark his mate and make sure he never would loose him. He wrapped one arm around Harry's back and lifted him slightly off the bed to move him back against the pillows. He gently moved his body above the others and moaned at the feel of their naked chests touching.

His cock immediately became hard as he gently thrust down into Harry. He growled out the moment he felt Harry's hardened cock touch his and moved his mouth down to nibble and lick at Harry's neck. Harry instinctively moved his head to the side to give Lucius better access, moaning out loud as the other man bit hard down on his neck.

Harry knew Lucius just marked him and that sent blood streaming down to his aching cock. He was having a hard time restraining himself but he remembered what Draco told him. The creature has to be in control, at least for the first time, when they bonded. So Harry felt his body relax as he let Lucius continue to have his way with him.

Lucius licked and kissed the bite mark he had just put onto Harry's neck and moved his exploits lower, nipping and licking his way down Harry's body. He loved the way Harry arched his back up when he played with each of his nipples and the moans of pleasure he ground out as he came closer and closer to Harry's cock.

When Lucius made it to Harry's pants he took no time to get the offending article of clothing off, along with the boxers underneath. He practically growled when he saw his mates cock spring from the confines and stare directly at his face.

He slowly and teasingly ran his tongue along the vein on the underside of Harry's cock, making the other man reach out a hand and tangle it in Lucius' blond locks. Lucius ran his tongue around the tip and dipped it in to the opening, loving the sound of Harry's frustrated screams. He proceeded to take the appendage all the way to the hilt into his mouth and sucked and licked for all he was worth.

As he was enjoying that he stuck two of his fingers in to his mouth, along side Harry's cock, to get them lubed up with his spit. When they were to his liking he reached around and placed his fingers along the opening of Harry's arse and slowly placed them both in, gently scissoring them before thrusting up and automatically hitting Harry's prostate.

Harry screamed out in ecstasy and arched off of the bed. Lucius placed his other hand on Harry's hip to hold the man down as he continued to suck and probe at Harry's two most sensitive spots.

"God, If…you keep…that up…I'm not going…Ahhhhhh… To last." Lucius let go of Harry's cock with a loud pop as soon as the words left his mates mouth. With a sly smile he removed his fingers and aligned his body up with Harry's

He slowly kissed the other man as he lined his cock up with the waiting ass below him. Slowly, inch for inch, he pushed into Harry's opening. Listening to the gasps of pain mixed with pleasure coming from his lover. Harry dug his nails into Lucius' hips as he felt the other man entering him. He had sex with Marcus many times but Lucius was by far bigger and longer than his only other lover.

Once Lucius was fully sheathed he waited for Harry to tell him to continue. When he felt the hips below him buck up in frustration he knew that was his sign. Lucius too great pleasure in ramming into Harry's willing arse.

"Lucius, Faster…Harder.. Please." Harry screamed out as he dug his nails down Lucius back, trying to get him to pound into him.

Lucius lost all control after that and rammed mercifully in and out of Harry's body. He wrapped a hand around Harry's cock, pumping him in time with every single one of his thrusts. Moments later he felt Harry's balls tighten and heard the scream of his name as Harry came all over his hand.

It only took a couple more pumps for Lucius to loose himself within Harry. As he came he bit down on the mark he already had left, laying his everlasting claim on his mate. A low green glow surrounded them right before Lucius pulled out of his lover. The bonding was complete.

Lucius collapsed to the side of Harry, pulling the other man close to his chest and kissing him. He couldn't believe he was actually with his mate and it felt amazing.

"Lucius, that was amazing. I think I am going to go to sleep now." Harry smiled up at him before closing his eyes.

Lucius knew it must have taken a lot out of his mate. His creature was by far from gentle once he started pounding into Harry. He was just glad his little lover was able to handle it. Looking down he saw his mark and couldn't resist to nip and kiss it one last time before he too fell asleep.

Several months later Lucius found himself standing in the Master bedroom, once again with his son. Both men were wearing suits and standing in front of the mirror.

"Are you nervous father?" Draco asked.

"A little son yes. I'm afraid Harry will come to his senses and run off before the day is over." Lucius stated as he adjusted his tie.

"You know he won't do that. You know he loves you like you love him. He is your bonded and soon to be your husband." Draco replied with a smile on his face. He couldn't be happier for his father.

"It wasn't long ago we stood in this room worrying about my heath as you were married." Lucius replied.

"Yes but now you are fully healthy and nothing is going to change that. Now let's get you out there." Draco smiled as he pushed his father out of the door.

"I now introduce Lucius and Harry Malfoy." Was heard around the room several minutes later. The two men kissed and smiled out at all their friends. At the reception the toasts were full of fun and laughter as each member of the family stood in front of the room. Harry's turn came around and he just hoped his husband would be happy with what he has to say.

"I'm so glad to be standing here tonight. It was a little rocky in the beginning but we found our way. Lucius I love you, and I wish I had known sooner everything we know now. I have missed so much of our life together and I swear everyday from now on I will make it up ten fold. I also wanted to tell you something, and I hope you don't kill me for saying it here." Harry smiled at his husband as Lucius' face paled a little. "I'm pregnant." He smiled as he heard cheers and clapping coming from around the room.

His eyes stayed on his husband as Lucius looked between his eyes and his stomach. Lucius' face paled a little more before he stood up and embraced Harry.

"You little shit. I love you." Lucius kissed Harry's mouth first and then his stomach, showing his happiness at the news. They left later that night to celebrate both their union and the child, knowing they would have a full life of happiness ahead of them.

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